Is Your Living in Vain


Many people are claiming to love Jesus so much, yet clearly don’t have their priorities straight. As I’ve mentioned many times before, there is nothing wrong with material possessions as long as you’re not possessed and obsessed by those things. There is nothing wrong with material prosperity as long as your main focus is spiritual prosperity! Everything you obtain will mean nothing in the end. All of the treasures we lay up on this earth will be left and used by someone else.

People are so into trying to obtain fame and fortune, they forget the most important thing, which is putting God first. They are puffed up by their accomplishments. They get big headed and begin to make things about self. They become their own gods and gods to people.

God nor His Son Jesus are impressed by what you have, because if your life isn’t first about Jesus, nothing you have is worth a thing. You can have what the world considers as “having it all.” Yet, truth is you have nothing if you don’t have Jesus and are living for Him! There’s way more to the process of being a Saint of God than to simply say you have Jesus in your life. It’s vain talk if you’re not living it! Too many proudly talk it, but don’t walk it. Your living is in vain!

People foolishly seek after the worldly possessions, gaining the whole world ONLY to lose their souls in the end. They strive to be all of that in the eyes of man. The same people you’re trying to stand on a pedal stool for will be on bending knees same as you some day!

God surely isn’t pleased or impressed by what you have obtained. It’s great in the eyes of man and it’s great to you, but He’s not impressed! The Bible says ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” We seek after things of the flesh, (those things pleasing in the eye sight of man), but God knows exactly what we need.

We are all getting older, no one is getting younger. People of the world are running amok. They are scattered about like leaves in the wind doing everything unpleasing in the sight of Jesus the Son and God the Father. The Holy Spirit can’t lead them, because they only proclaim Jesus from their lips, but as the Bible says “their hearts are from them.”

People must turn to Jesus before it’s too late! Time is running out!