The Skin Isn’t the Problem You Are


It is almost 2018 and people are still racist. There are Blacks who are racist against their own race of people and it’s because of the ignorance learned. There are other races racist against their own and it too is because of the ignorance learned. I don’t care who it pertains to; ALL of it comes from unhealthy and wrong ways of thinking leading to bad learned behaviors.

To dislike or hate some one on the basis of their skin color is beyond ignorant. People who do this need to look in the mirror at the person staring back at them. A person who have hate for others have hate for his or herself. Why do you think you have the right to do this? Who made you superior? Why do you think you’re better than anyone else? The answers are you’re don’t, absolutely no one, and you aren’t!!

People who dislike or hate people on the basis of skin color got the mindset from somewhere. They either learned the behavior as a child or they became a part of a group who think this way. It doesn’t matter where it came from it is plain ignorant. One thing for certain is no one was born with this way of thinking. It is a learned behavior that becomes habitual.

Why is the Black race the most hated? If Blacks were supposedly so oppressed and misused, then why are they still hated to this day by many? If you’re oppressing a person in everyway possible, why is the question? It is very sad that some people think their race is superior. IT IS NOT! No one race is superior to another. We all are born into skins we didn’t choose. We all have to eat and drink to live, we all experience troubles in this life, and we all die! Period!! No race is exempt from ANY of it. If there were such a superior race they would be EXEMPT. New flash, there is NO superior race of people, they DO NOT exist!

Many hate dark skin, but millions on top of millions tan in the sun, go to a tanning booths, or spray tan for color. Why if you are one who hates the dark skinned people? It makes NO sense at all!!

Skin color isn’t the problem, the problem is those who are prejudice against people with skin different from their own. It’s a shallow, immature, and ignorant way of thinking. It’s a mindset people need to get over. These types of people have deep seated issues and self hate. To hate anyone because they are different than you clearly shows you’re a person who have issues.

I guarantee you there is absolutely NO pure race. Many people who hate Blacks will probably fall out dead if they knew their true origin of where they actually came from. We all got a little of something else in us and it DID NOT originate from a White race. I know this simply by the origin of the Bible. No one can change it. You may not accept it, but you sure can’t change it. The ONLY superior is God the Father and Jesus the Son. They are the ONLY superior.

There are a lot more important things to worry about in this life then to care about the skin color of another person. ANYONE who dislikes or hates on the basis of skin color are unhappy and sad people. There’s no way they can be happy, because they have too much hatred inside. It’s much harder to hold on to hatred than it is to let it go. It ages you and it causes stress in the body to hold on to garbage and unhealthy things.

A lot of people who do this type of hating call themselves Saints of God. They are liars and that’s the bonafide truth! Like it or not! God and His Son Jesus are pure love, NOTHING else! Hatred, jealousy, malice, strife, none of it dwells in them. People who harbor these ugly things DO NOT have the Spirit of God within them. If you think you do you are sadly mistaken.

Skin is skin, it will burn, it gets dry, etc, and it will all someday rot away. No one of any race is exempt. Skin is an organ that covers and protects the body’s internal organs and structure etc. We all bleed red blood, NO ONE is exempt!! If God meant for it to be any other way, He would have made it so, but He didn’t.

I know God is VERY sad when He looks at people and the hatred they carry inside for others. This entire world has people who dislike and hate people due to the color of their skin. It’s not the skin baby, it’s you; the one who has this wrong way of thinking.

Whoever you are you need to change! I know I’m a true Saint of God and I’m still no special than anyone else. He has no respect of persons. He care less the color of skin, His face is pure light shining like a diamond. Anyone looked at a diamond? If it’s a good quality diamond all you see is a prism of colors. God is like this diamond. We are all a part of Him, but sadly we aren’t all God’s children, because many haven’t chosen to be. Still the fact remains we all came from Him and His descendants.

If you think you’re special, superior, and exempt; you may as well catch a rocket to the moon. You’re in the wrong universe! Get mad if you want to, the truth is the truth!! I pray people with this mindset embrace a new mindset in the upcoming year. It’s time to stop being and thinking foolishly. Learn how to love people no matter the skin color, because remember, it’s NOT the skin color, the problem is YOU, the one who hates. Skin can’t do anything other than rest on the body, that’s it! It’s people who are displaying the dislike and hate and those who do are the problem!! Many of you don’t believe in God and Heaven, but some of you claim that you do. I pity for you, because no way you will EVER get to see Heaven with a mindset filled with hate.

I challenge you to sit down and think about why you hate. Think about real legitimate reasons you hate. I’m talking about going way beyond the fact it is a learned behavior and a habitual way of thinking. Think about your personal experience of why you hate. Did someone do something to you personally? People of ALL races do stupid things, they do the unthinkable things, etc. No one can blame problems of any sort on one race, because every race existing on this earth do the same types of things. In saying that, please I challenge people to search their hearts and minds and figure out why they feel as they do. People will be amazed of all the time and effort they’ve put into hating when they CAN’T come up with reasons why they do! People are doing it because their friends or family has done it or do it. Trust and believe those you follow have no reasons as to why either. It’s truly sad!!

Taking Credit That’s due to God


A lot of people who profess Christ have gotten too big headed and high. They are always doing things to be praised and glorified by people. When you do things for folks stop broadcasting for the world to praise you. If you’re not doing it from your heart it may matter to the people you’re doing it for, but it’s vain in the eyesight of God, because he Knows the true intentions behind your giving. He knows you’re not doing it out of love, you’re doing it to get recognition and praise from people. It’s all about you.

The same goes for people with certain gifts, they lose focus and start allowing it to be about them and not God. They start to love the recognition more than the gift itself or Who gave them the Gift. This is one reason why people fall away, they begin to see themselves as God, because they have been elevated and pumped up by man. They begin to believe they are doing things on their own. They lose sight of God and ultimately losing their way.

Saints of God you must be humble! Nothing you do is about you. All you do should be about the business of the King. Always give honor to the Creator for all things He’s blessed you with. Our work isn’t about us. Some people get caught up in the accolades instead of being humble. When people begin to think they are doing things on their own; they have made it about them. God can’t use anyone who has begun to act this way.

Stay humble! No matter what God has blessed you with, stay humble! We can’t ever get the increase if we don’t decrease and allow Him to use us the way He wants to. If you ever begin to feel you’re something, you’re nothing!!!! It’s not about you, it’s all about the work for the Kingdom. Don’t lose your way trying to chase fame and fortune or feening for recognition from man/the world. When it’s all over nothing gained here on earth is worth a thing. This is why we must be about our Father’s business. There’s no greater reward than Heaven!

Free Untouched Gifts


It saddens me how people get extremely caught up in the Christmas holiday and make it all about giving and receiving gifts. Most people don’t even know where the idea of Christmas came from. Nowhere in the Bible does it says Christ was born on Christmas day. It gave a time reference to the approximate season of the year, but not the actual date. Most people never acknowledge it as His birth anyways.

Christmas is actually a pagan celebration, which has nothing to do with God. In Jeremiah 10: 3-4 is talking about idolatry. Sounds familiar doesn’t it (decorating the tree, etc)? Although the season is supposed to be about Jesus, why do people make it about everything else, other than, Jesus?

I can’t lie or deny; for many years I celebrated Christmas, but when I knew better I did better. I still enjoy the season, because a lot of people seem to be better people doing this time of the year. They turn into people they should be all year long.

I think about the hustle and bustle of people and how they are willing to go into debt or at least extend their budgets to purchase gifts. I want to remind all of the people who profess Christ in their lives the most important Gifts they could possess they can’t be bought with a price. In fact they are free, because Jesus paved the way and paid the price so that we may have these beautiful Gifts.

The Gifts I’m referencing are the Gifts of the Spirit. If you don’t know what they are, please take some time and study this for yourself and get in down in your hearts. These gifts are priceless. Many haven’t even attempted to tap into these Gifts. Therefore they are untouched. This is one reason people possess no spiritual power! They haven’t tapped into their Spiritual Gifts through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus gave us power of the Holy Spirit which is for all who believe and choose Him. We must pray and activate the gifts within us through the Holy Spirit. Tap into your Gifts of the spirit, unwrap them, and then activate the power Jesus has given you! People can’t do the work of God if they don’t possess the power they need. It is why we don’t see healings, rebuking of demons, working of miracles, etc. etc. Many don’t believe they can do these things when Jesus says we can.

This is simply a little food for thought. Be Blessed, keep on the complete Armor, keep your hearts and minds on Jesus, always be a Warrior for Christ, “walk by faith and NOT by sight,” and remember “faith without works is d-e-a-d.” Love ya!

Sexual Misconduct


There is so much attention on this topic lately, I wanted to chime in. This post is referencing adults who goes along with it. Shame on them! As a female I’ve had my share of episodes dealing with sexual misconduct, sexual innuendo’s, or whatever you want to call it. Personally for me, I don’t take it lightly and I will handle someone quickly, firmly, and with no remorse.

I salute anyone (male or female) who speaks up about this, however, I feel people need to nip it in the bud right away. Never, ever be afraid to put someone in their place; I don’t care who it is or their position or status (from who is considered the highest on the totem pole to the lowest). Nip it in the bud right away!

Some people may not agree with what I am about to write, but it won’t be the first time. It still doesn’t stop me from writing what I know to be true. My problem with some people is this! Many people have gone along with this mess for years, long enough to get what they want out of it, then they cry wolf later. Many have gotten jobs, promotions on the jobs, material possessions, and many other things, then once they’ve used the user, they want to cry wolf. This isn’t fair and this is my problem with of lot of it. Many people have put themselves in bad situations from the start. They agreed to rendezvous with certain people as if they don’t know what they’re expecting or at least hoping for. If a person ask you over to their hotel or home, that’s your first red flag; do not entertain them and nip it in the bud! If a person is saying something out of line, don’t make them think it’s okay. Put them in check on the spot, period! If a person touches you or does something inappropriate don’t make them think it was okay. Check them on the spot, period! I know what I’m writing is true. I’ve seen it happen countless times over the years in the civilian sector, the military, and the federal government! So there, that is my issue with people who go along then cry about it later.

An individual will do to you exactly what you allow them to do. We all know the difference between a compliment and someone who is completely out of line! Many people go along with things because of who they are. The individual’s who show sexual misconduct in anyway have their issues, but people who go along with it are dealing with their own as well.

I do realize there are people who are afraid to speak up. However, this too is a major sign something is going on within this type of person. Look inward and figure out why you would allow someone to do something out of line or inappropriate to you. Don’t spare anyone’s feelings, because they didn’t spare yours. You can’t allow a person to disrespect you and then turn around and feel obligated to protect them or spare their feelings. No; you put them in their place wherever they get out of line! I know many people are not like me (direct, etc). Still in my opinion it’s because something is going on inside which have given individual’s the mindset that others can do whatever they want to do to them. I’m just not that person and I’ve never been that type of person.

I’ve forever written and talked about how people with inappropriate behaviors are embedded in every single profession there is in this world. Many specifically chose certain professions to become a part of so they can get to certain targets or act a certain way (the way they really are). They get into positions of power and authority in thinking it will give them the ability to use this power and authority to get who and what they want. What they fail to understand is it isn’t about the power and authority they have, what they are being led by is their tainted hearts and distorted and wrong ways of thinking and doing. You can put a person in the highest possible position and if he or she is a fool, they will simply be a fool in that position. If they do inappropriate things he or she will still do so. It doesn’t matter how much or how little a person has, what’s in their hearts will come out!

People will find a way to do what is in their hearts to do no matter how inappropriate. Instead of people dealing with what they know is wrong with them, they go through life trying to mask the truth until the truth overtakes them and they are then exposed for the world to see. All of this behavior comes from somewhere way back. Their behaviors come from things they’ve suppressed and haven’t dealt with. Nine out of ten times at some point in these types of individuals lives; they were victims who now victimize. They try hiding their behaviors, but it DOESN’T work. Soon they can’t control their demons! It’s a surprise to the world, but the individual know what they’ve been doing all along in the “dark.”

Bottom line of this post is, stand up to anyone who acts inappropriate with you. Don’t wait, don’t worry about who they are, just nip it in the bud right away! If you don’t it’s like pushing a green light for them to continue. Remember, people do to you ONLY what you allow and what you let them get away with! We all know when a person stands up they are considered the bad guy. Hey, whatever! People are going to label you anyways. If ANYONE has a problem with a person standing up for his or self then know without a doubt they too have issues and it’s NOT your problem. Do what you have to do to protect yourself and never give someone a second in thinking they can do to you whatever they want!

Immeasurable Peace


This is not for everyone to understand. The true understanding comes when you really have a everyday connection with Jesus the Son, God the Father, and the precious Holy Spirit. This peace is available to those who are about the Father’s business and not our own.

Personally the first thing I started noticing was how people no longer affected me negatively. It didn’t happen overnight; it happened over time. I didn’t stop loving them, I simply took back the power I gave them to hurt me or cause confusion in my life. Sometimes it means separating yourself and in the midst it definitely means putting up personal space, emotional, and mental boundaries against all others. When you stop making things about you or other people and focus on King Jesus, things begin to be quite different. I stopped allowing others to take from me first what they didn’t give and secondly what belongs to me; which is my peace, joy, and happiness.

To obtain this type of peace a person must be sincere, honest, and consistent in their walk. You may fool other people, but you will NEVER fool Jesus! Anything less is vain talking and walking. NO ONE can truly serve Jesus if they are double minded, wishy washy, lukewarm, or trying to straddle a fence that doesn’t exist!

You can not and will not grow spiritually if you have a relationship with Jesus when you feel like it or when it’s convenient. A person can’t ever receive what He has for him or her when they are living this way. People choose to live an on and off relationship with God when He’s forever unchanging with us! Every last one of us knows we do not like people who constantly flip flop. They are untrustworthy, inconsistent, and unstable when it comes to loyalty and commitment. What do you think God feel about people when they are constantly this way with Him? He leaves people to do their thing, my prayer is they don’t die in the midst of doing their thing!

We can’t be indecisive people when it comes to whom we choose to serve. We must be very decisive and consistent in our choice until it becomes a lifestyle. Too many want to pick and choose parts of the Bible to live by. You can’t, you must live by it all! People want to pick and choose when it’s feasible to act Holy. No, you must live the life 24/7, day in and day out! We must keep our hearts and mind stayed on Jesus. We also must keep on the full Armor of God.

People who don’t believe they can live a Holy life; won’t! As simple as that! I know without a doubt we can if it’s what we choose. In striving to make it to Heaven it’s not always easy, but I promise on this journey we become stronger and stronger. Our troubles will come, but they will also go. As we grow we become these new creatures in every way! Things begin to fall off, because we shed the old ways and thank God things become new! This is will we begin feeling this “peace surpassing all understanding.” When the people of the world seems to running amok we know God is still in control.

As people we bring a whole lot of our problems on ourselves by the choices and decisions we make. Although many claim to live for Jesus they are still being led by the flesh. You can’t have it your way and do it God’s way! It doesn’t work like this. None of us will EVER reach the potential He has for us until we surrender all! Then and only then can we experience this immeasurable peace! Love to all!!!