Sexual Misconduct


There is so much attention on this topic lately, I wanted to chime in. This post is referencing adults who goes along with it. Shame on them! As a female I’ve had my share of episodes dealing with sexual misconduct, sexual innuendo’s, or whatever you want to call it. Personally for me, I don’t take it lightly and I will handle someone quickly, firmly, and with no remorse.

I salute anyone (male or female) who speaks up about this, however, I feel people need to nip it in the bud right away. Never, ever be afraid to put someone in their place; I don’t care who it is or their position or status (from who is considered the highest on the totem pole to the lowest). Nip it in the bud right away!

Some people may not agree with what I am about to write, but it won’t be the first time. It still doesn’t stop me from writing what I know to be true. My problem with some people is this! Many people have gone along with this mess for years, long enough to get what they want out of it, then they cry wolf later. Many have gotten jobs, promotions on the jobs, material possessions, and many other things, then once they’ve used the user, they want to cry wolf. This isn’t fair and this is my problem with of lot of it. Many people have put themselves in bad situations from the start. They agreed to rendezvous with certain people as if they don’t know what they’re expecting or at least hoping for. If a person ask you over to their hotel or home, that’s your first red flag; do not entertain them and nip it in the bud! If a person is saying something out of line, don’t make them think it’s okay. Put them in check on the spot, period! If a person touches you or does something inappropriate don’t make them think it was okay. Check them on the spot, period! I know what I’m writing is true. I’ve seen it happen countless times over the years in the civilian sector, the military, and the federal government! So there, that is my issue with people who go along then cry about it later.

An individual will do to you exactly what you allow them to do. We all know the difference between a compliment and someone who is completely out of line! Many people go along with things because of who they are. The individual’s who show sexual misconduct in anyway have their issues, but people who go along with it are dealing with their own as well.

I do realize there are people who are afraid to speak up. However, this too is a major sign something is going on within this type of person. Look inward and figure out why you would allow someone to do something out of line or inappropriate to you. Don’t spare anyone’s feelings, because they didn’t spare yours. You can’t allow a person to disrespect you and then turn around and feel obligated to protect them or spare their feelings. No; you put them in their place wherever they get out of line! I know many people are not like me (direct, etc). Still in my opinion it’s because something is going on inside which have given individual’s the mindset that others can do whatever they want to do to them. I’m just not that person and I’ve never been that type of person.

I’ve forever written and talked about how people with inappropriate behaviors are embedded in every single profession there is in this world. Many specifically chose certain professions to become a part of so they can get to certain targets or act a certain way (the way they really are). They get into positions of power and authority in thinking it will give them the ability to use this power and authority to get who and what they want. What they fail to understand is it isn’t about the power and authority they have, what they are being led by is their tainted hearts and distorted and wrong ways of thinking and doing. You can put a person in the highest possible position and if he or she is a fool, they will simply be a fool in that position. If they do inappropriate things he or she will still do so. It doesn’t matter how much or how little a person has, what’s in their hearts will come out!

People will find a way to do what is in their hearts to do no matter how inappropriate. Instead of people dealing with what they know is wrong with them, they go through life trying to mask the truth until the truth overtakes them and they are then exposed for the world to see. All of this behavior comes from somewhere way back. Their behaviors come from things they’ve suppressed and haven’t dealt with. Nine out of ten times at some point in these types of individuals lives; they were victims who now victimize. They try hiding their behaviors, but it DOESN’T work. Soon they can’t control their demons! It’s a surprise to the world, but the individual know what they’ve been doing all along in the “dark.”

Bottom line of this post is, stand up to anyone who acts inappropriate with you. Don’t wait, don’t worry about who they are, just nip it in the bud right away! If you don’t it’s like pushing a green light for them to continue. Remember, people do to you ONLY what you allow and what you let them get away with! We all know when a person stands up they are considered the bad guy. Hey, whatever! People are going to label you anyways. If ANYONE has a problem with a person standing up for his or self then know without a doubt they too have issues and it’s NOT your problem. Do what you have to do to protect yourself and never give someone a second in thinking they can do to you whatever they want!