Through it all Praise and Worship

I wanted to write a few words of encouragement for someone. Whenever you are going through; no matter what it is, the best way to go through it and to get through it is by stop focusing on self and simply give God the praise. Sometimes we forget how to be thankful for all thingsContinue reading “Through it all Praise and Worship”

Relationships With Everyone Other Than Jesus

People make every relationship they are involved with more important than having one with Jesus. Every day people are getting into relationships with individuals many of which aren’t good for them. They go above and beyond for their relationships, yet they have no relationship with Jesus. People are concerned about relationships with their bosses, co-workers,Continue reading “Relationships With Everyone Other Than Jesus”

Selling Your Soul for Hell

We’ve all heard about celebrities selling their souls for fame and fortune. I want to tell you about people who are selling their soul’s for the world, period; celebrity and non-celebrity! It doesn’t matter the status, many have sold out to the world. As always this post is about those who claim to love Jesus.Continue reading “Selling Your Soul for Hell”

If Loving Someone is Wrong, Then why do it

My belief is why do it if you KNOW it’s wrong? People put themselves in a lot of bad situations by their own freewill. They meet someone and instead of looking at the big picture (the entire situation) they are blind by their feelings. If you start out a relationship the wrong way most timesContinue reading “If Loving Someone is Wrong, Then why do it”

There is a Price for Going Along With Wrong

This message is for anyone who is going along with wrong. One thing about me is you can’t convince me to do wrong or to go along with wrong. You can count me out!! If a person don’t have ethics, morals, values, or integrity they are liable to do anything. It is very sad toContinue reading “There is a Price for Going Along With Wrong”

Traditions Can Lead You Straight to Hell

I’ve written many times about people doing things out of tradition. I believe more people than not are operating this way when it comes to serving Jesus and going to church. They go to church strictly out of tradition and familiarity. It’s what they’ve known since childhood. Yet as adults many still to this dayContinue reading “Traditions Can Lead You Straight to Hell”