Through it all Praise and Worship


I wanted to write a few words of encouragement for someone. Whenever you are going through; no matter what it is, the best way to go through it and to get through it is by stop focusing on self and simply give God the praise.

Sometimes we forget how to be thankful for all things and in all times. Some people have the tendency of taking their focus off of the King and putting it on self. When we do this, we lose focus altogether and then we are dwelling into the devil’s playground. The devil wants us to stop giving God the praise when we are going through, because then he gets the power you’ve given him and the victory. We must continue to give him praise and worship even when we feel we have no strength to do so, because our strength comes from Him.

There are oftentimes when people want to throw in the towel. They want to give up, because they have started putting all of the focus on self. They can’t see past their situations and it blinds them. Through it all give him praise and worship. When we take the focus off of our problems and start believing Jesus to be who He say He is we can begin to see through our storms.

I know it’s hard to do, but as Saints of God we must continue to trust Jesus and believe His Word is true. He left us the Holy Spirit to comfort, lead, and guide; and therefore we are never alone. We will have our share of problems, because no one is exempt, but if we keep our eyes on the King, they too shall pass. We have the victory in Jesus!

I felt this in my spirit and I wanted to share with someone who may be going through or someone who have gone through and forgot to stay focused on the King. I too at a point in my life became lost in my pity party (whoa it’s me). However, I began to realize and understand through the midst of it all I have to trust Jesus. I learnt to give Him praise in the good times as well as the bad. I realized the more I stop being selfish in my thinking it strengthened me when I gave Him worship.

The next time you’re going through or if you are currently going through don’t make it about you. When we get lost in our feelings it sometimes pull us away from Jesus and He doesn’t ever want this to happen. The devil rejoices, but remember the devil is a defeated foe under our feet. It’s easy to get lost in what’s happening and lose focus because people want to worry about what they are going through, they get lost in their thoughts and feelings, then other things start happening (depression, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, addictions), etc, it’s not of the King. It’s all because of losing focus.

Through your sorrows, troubles, trials, tribulations, confusion, hurt, and pain continue to keep calling, praising, and worshipping the King.

Blessing to you, you, and you!!

His Purpose was Specific


I wanted to address something I’ve seen over and over. I have written on it a little in the past. One thing some people do really irritates me is when they use their talent for singing on platforms for the world in a worldly way then think it’s okay when they switch it up and throw in a gospel song during their concerts. God has NO part in that mess! I don’t care how good you sound God still isn’t in the midst of that mess. To know Him is to love Him and keep His commandments.

Some people think because they sound good and they are very emotional when they sing they are anointed. NOT so! You can’t have it both ways. You’re either for Him or against Him. You can’t love the world and love Him too! You will love one more than the other and the one you love the most is who you will serve! If it’s not Jesus, then you’re against Him.

I’ve seen people do this time and time again. They want to in their words “go to church” while they are doing concerts for the people of the world. Lie, lies, lies! Jesus has no part in that mess! This is how people of the world think. They think they can switch it up when they sing. Well, you can’t! You can’t be double minded in ways of doing and thinking. One minute you’re worshipping the devil, then you want to stop and worship the Lord. Get out of here! I don’t care who you are what you’re doing is a mockery in the face of the Lord. He isn’t pleased or impressed.

Many people honestly think they can do anything or live any kind of way and it is alright with God. It isn’t! He has given us guidelines for living. He didn’t say we can have it our way. We must live a particular way, no other way will work. I didn’t say it or make it up, it’s in the Word of God!

People get caught up in their talents and their emotions and start to believe they are anointed. No sir, no ma’am! It is NOT the anointing. I don’t care how good you feel or how good you make other people feel, it is NOT the anointing. As I’ve said, when Jesus went out amongst the people he did it for a specific purpose. He didn’t do it to partake in what the people were doing. He did it to minister every single time. His heart and mind was always on God and nothing He saw or heard made Him waver.

These people I’m referencing in this post are people who intentions are to party it up and enjoy the world and NOT to bring people to Christ. However, because they can sing and get very emotional while singing they always have the tendency to use Jesus name in vain during their performances. You CAN’T serve both Jesus and the world! Period, point blank! Stop thinking because you call His name or you sound “churchy” it’s about Jesus. It is NOT! Stop all of the faking and pretense, because if you were about our Father’s business you wouldn’t be singing in the devil’s house for those who aren’t on the Lord’s side. Stop fooling yourselves and stop letting people fool you to believe you’re anointed. The thing is; we can do what we want to do, we can surely have it our way, but we certainly have a price to pay for it!

Stop playing with God! A few months ago a very young man I knew of (32) died during a concert. He was singing at a gospel concert and died right there on stage. When I heard about it all I could say is I pray he was living what he always sung about. He’s coming back for us all, He didn’t say how or when. If we are about His business we have to live it and not just talk about it. We can’t be double minded in our doings. People must get right with God before it’s too late. Time is running out! Many call on His name so the ears of others can hear and their eyes can see, yet; they aren’t living for Him. Guess what? It’s all in vain. It will be too sad, if He catches you with your work undone!

Relationships With Everyone Other Than Jesus


People make every relationship they are involved with more important than having one with Jesus. Every day people are getting into relationships with individuals many of which aren’t good for them. They go above and beyond for their relationships, yet they have no relationship with Jesus. People are concerned about relationships with their bosses, co-workers, creditors, significant others, family, friends, and others in general. Yet they have no concern about having a real relationships with Jesus.

There are many people who have lived this way for so long until it’s habitual. They focus on their relationships with everyone else, but don’t give time or thought about having one with Jesus. Sadly many of those who say they are Saints of God are guilty of this! They don’t know Jesus, they don’t have prayer lives, and they don’t give Jesus any of their time.

Many people go to church faithfully. Matter of fact I’ve heard many say how guilty they feel if they miss church. It’s sad how concerned people are with what others say about them missing church, yet have no concern about their relationships with God.

People go faithfully to church Sunday after Sunday without ever developing a relationship with God. Many don’t even know Him. A lot of people think because they go to church that’s all it takes. They are very wrong! Before anything at all a person has to accept the Lord as their personal Savior (Romans 10:9). No man or woman on earth can save a soul. They can usher those who choose to Christ, but Jesus does the saving.

We all must read the Word for self. The Bible doesn’t say try the spirit by the spirit. It says “try the spirit to see if it’s of God.” Those who don’t know Jesus or have a relationship with Him won’t understand this, because their eyes are on the creature and NOT the Creator. Many are being deceived, because they lack a relationship with Jesus the Son and God the Father. Instead of the Holy Spirit leading; people are being led by the word of man and NOT the Word of God. They are led by the feelings of their hearts. They are moving on emotions.

There’s nothing wrong with having a good relationship with the other people. However, when individuals are living to please others and are worshipping them they are wrong. It’s more important for many people to have these relationships then for them to have one with Jesus.

Nothing a pastor, boss, friend, significant other, family, or anyone else do or say will stand. The ONLY thing that will last and stand is the Word of God. If people don’t understand then they are liable to fall for anything and many have, because their eyes are closed. There’s no greater relationship then having a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Selling Your Soul for Hell


We’ve all heard about celebrities selling their souls for fame and fortune. I want to tell you about people who are selling their soul’s for the world, period; celebrity and non-celebrity! It doesn’t matter the status, many have sold out to the world. As always this post is about those who claim to love Jesus. If you truly love Him you will keep His Commandments. There are no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it!

Many people spend all of their time trying to become famous and successful or trying to stay famous and successful. They make it all about material prosperity, trying to get the best and biggest this or that they can. They want to be on top. They love being honored and worshipped by others. They seek satisfaction of their flesh. They have a never ending love for money. We see this in many who are considered “somebody” in the churches, especially mega churches. Many have all of the acronyms by their names and get offended if you fail to address them as such.

The Bible say’s “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all things will be added unto you.” There are people who want the title, but they don’t want to live the lifestyle. Having the title is nothing to Jesus. People’s concern should be living what they profess. People are quick to profess by mouth, but it’s only to appease and please man. The same man who too will someday be bowing down to the Father.

My prayer is people wake up! Wake up before it’s too late. Selling your soul for this world assures you a one way ticket to hell. I’m not writing it to make anyone mad, I’m writing it because it’s the truth. The ways of the world are getting more defiled and nasty. People of the world are becoming uglier and doing things completely unthinkable. Anything goes, and it’s because of who they serve.

When we say we love Jesus the Son and God the Father to look or sound good to man; it’s only idle words if it’s not from the heart. If it were from the heart many people would live differently. No one on earth can get away with speaking it and not living it. I’ve always written and said “how we live here on earth determines our eternal home.”

Once a person sell their soul to the devil for the ways of the world unless they get it right with God they have sealed their fate. People think it’s a good thing when they are doing it, but it’s not! Everything we gain here on earth will be left right here when we die. We can’t take nothing with us when we die. People spend a lifetime trying to get this and that only to leave it behind when they die. They “gained the whole world only to lose their souls.”

Each and every one of us will have to deal with the choice we make. Once it’s over here on earth so are our ability to choose. This is why we must choose while we yet live. Playing church and pretending to be something you’re not benefits you none! However, if you die in your sins you forfeit your seat in the Kingdom. People do it by choice and freewill.

When a person sell their soul some actually get into rituals and a lot of dark things, because they are conjuring up old spirits and things of that nature. They are messing with the dark side and supernatural. They get into this mess and then their behaviors change. They get into this stuff then most lose control. They worship in some facet those things they’ve made their gods. They do all of this for notoriety, fame, and fortune (some form of success). Sadly many of the people who claim to love Jesus are doing it too!
It’s not only celebrities; other people are doing it too.

Anyone who living for the world/devil they have soul their soul.

People don’t get it! It doesn’t matter what you worship, it doesn’t matter who you worship, it doesn’t matter who you try to impress, it doesn’t matter how high you become in man’s eyesight; if you’re not living for Jesus it’s all vain living. If you’re not truly worshipping Jesus, then the benefit is none and people will find out the hard way. “For the wages of sin is death.”

People seek self gratification, recognition, approval, status, etc. etc. They don’t care what they have to do to get what they want. Many want to be considered as high society. I don’t care how high you think you are, you will never be high as Jesus the Son or God the Father. You’re not exempt from anything, your knees will someday bow and your tongue will confess He is Lord, and without a doubt someday you will die. If you don’t change your ways hell will be your home!

Your Dirty Secrets Aren’t Secret to God


Now let it soak in for a moment. If whatever you do isn’t secret to God why are you trying to hide them from man? Man by the way is anyone other than God and His Son Jesus. This goes for anyone, no one is exempt! However, this post is for those who claim Him by lip service only!

It’s my duty to keep telling people the truth. How a person choose to live is their right, however as a servant I am suppose to be messenger. I’m not trying to judge, but I know those who are guilty of this will feel as if they’re being judged. I’m trying to speak life into those who are the walking dead. You’re dead if you claim Him when you know you’re living something else.

No matter how much faith you claim to have, no matter how bold you pretend to be, no matter how much you profess Him from your lips, no matter the words you use or how you act around real Saints; no matter how good you sing or preach the gospel; none of it means a thing when your living is in vain. People such as this are truly the walking dead.

Too many claim Him, but can’t love their fellowman (family members, friends, or others) smile in your face, but don’t really like you. They claim Him, but living like hypocrites outside of the church walls, (some in church). They claim Him, yet they think, speak, and act worldly (act one way around Saints and another around worldly people). They claim Him yet are full of anger and malice from past issues because they won’t forgive (God doesn’t dwell in this behavior). They claim Him yet they are doing things they KNOW are against God (stop trying to change the Word to fit your ways)! They claim Him, but they don’t want to do anything to help anyone else (we must be of service to others). They claim Him, but they are on an imaginary fences (it doesn’t exist)! They mimic the ways, but don’t actually live it (living in vain). God sees it all!

People go out of their way to hide from man. People are doing nasty vile things that are against God. They tip, dip, dodge, and anything else to avoid being detected by man when God is looking right at you! You can’t hide dirty deeds from Him. He knows all! People still think they are getting away, because they don’t think no one knows what they are doing behind closed doors. All of the pretense and faking, it is not a secret go God. The disguises and mask, He sees through!

There is no such thing as a secret to God. He knows all of our doings. He know when a person is doing worldly things that are conflicting with the Word of God. He knows the very essence of our hearts!

Time is winding up for us all. There is absolutely no time to lose!

If Loving Someone is Wrong, Then why do it


My belief is why do it if you KNOW it’s wrong? People put themselves in a lot of bad situations by their own freewill. They meet someone and instead of looking at the big picture (the entire situation) they are blind by their feelings. If you start out a relationship the wrong way most times than not it is exactly the relationship will end. People don’t care they still will do it. They think they have the power to change the other person. They think they have the power to fix or save the other person. Wrong, wrong!

Men and women stop lowering yourselves to the ground by getting involved with someone who is already involved. Stop getting involved with people when you clearly see red flags. Stop getting involved with people who show you who they really are and you know it’s not right for you. Stop getting involved with people when they are cheating with you on someone one else. What does it say about him or her and what does it say about you to be involved with this type of person? It may seem great, but you will suffer the consequences of your actions sooner or later. There’s nothing great about it.

Millions get into bad relationships and because they are blind by their emotions and feelings they can’t see the truth. They see it, but they won’t acknowledge it until later when it’s clear things are wrong. As I’ve written many times, some people don’t get to leave because they die in their bad and unhealthy relationships. They are murdered by those they thought loved them.

Love is a lot of things to a lot of people. The sad truth is for many what they think is love it’s far from it. People have to look inside of self to understand why they choose the people they choose to become involved with when they know the relationship is not right for them. If it’s not right for you it means it’s not good for you! Run the other way before you’re in too deep!

People may appear the part (but you have to do more than look at the outside in order to see the inside, which also means looking past your feelings). Most people can’t get to that point, because they are stuck on the outer appearance or too wrapped up in THEIR feelings to see the truth when it is ALWAYS staring them in the face. I can’t even count the number of people who have told me “I did see signs of this and that, but I thought he or she would change.” The problem is people jump off into the deep based solely on how the other person is making them feel. Oftentimes people are deeply hurt by the one’s they think they want to become involved with, yet they look past it.

People have to grow up and realize when they allow their feelings to lead they will almost always end up crying about their relationships. There is absolutely no way to see the truth if you don’t use the brain inside of your head. When you use your brain, you don’t care how you feel; you will move on from the drama and shenanigans. You rather be alone and happy than to be with someone and feeling alone and unhappy. It’s a crock of bull when people say you can’t help who you fall in love with. I believe that’s a big fat lie! People can’t help it when they allow their feelings to lead. They become powerless because of their feelings and emotions. They can’t see the truth!

It’s no joke, the saying is very true “the same thing that made you laugh will make you cry!”