Through it all Praise and Worship


I wanted to write a few words of encouragement for someone. Whenever you are going through; no matter what it is, the best way to go through it and to get through it is by stop focusing on self and simply give God the praise.

Sometimes we forget how to be thankful for all things and in all times. Some people have the tendency of taking their focus off of the King and putting it on self. When we do this, we lose focus altogether and then we are dwelling into the devil’s playground. The devil wants us to stop giving God the praise when we are going through, because then he gets the power you’ve given him and the victory. We must continue to give him praise and worship even when we feel we have no strength to do so, because our strength comes from Him.

There are oftentimes when people want to throw in the towel. They want to give up, because they have started putting all of the focus on self. They can’t see past their situations and it blinds them. Through it all give him praise and worship. When we take the focus off of our problems and start believing Jesus to be who He say He is we can begin to see through our storms.

I know it’s hard to do, but as Saints of God we must continue to trust Jesus and believe His Word is true. He left us the Holy Spirit to comfort, lead, and guide; and therefore we are never alone. We will have our share of problems, because no one is exempt, but if we keep our eyes on the King, they too shall pass. We have the victory in Jesus!

I felt this in my spirit and I wanted to share with someone who may be going through or someone who have gone through and forgot to stay focused on the King. I too at a point in my life became lost in my pity party (whoa it’s me). However, I began to realize and understand through the midst of it all I have to trust Jesus. I learnt to give Him praise in the good times as well as the bad. I realized the more I stop being selfish in my thinking it strengthened me when I gave Him worship.

The next time you’re going through or if you are currently going through don’t make it about you. When we get lost in our feelings it sometimes pull us away from Jesus and He doesn’t ever want this to happen. The devil rejoices, but remember the devil is a defeated foe under our feet. It’s easy to get lost in what’s happening and lose focus because people want to worry about what they are going through, they get lost in their thoughts and feelings, then other things start happening (depression, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, addictions), etc, it’s not of the King. It’s all because of losing focus.

Through your sorrows, troubles, trials, tribulations, confusion, hurt, and pain continue to keep calling, praising, and worshipping the King.

Blessing to you, you, and you!!