Karma Will Always Find You


I hope by everything we have seen in the media people believe the bad things they do will catch up to them. People do things and honestly think because they get by for a while they’ve gotten away. They get comfortable in their wrong doings to a point of no return. They continue doing their wrong doings in thinking they aren’t touchable. At some point any and everyone are touchable, no one is exempt. Karma can be instant or it may take awhile. When it takes awhile most times this is when people think they are getting away!

People who intentionally do wrong have unresolved issues. Those issues can end up causing an array of other problems, which oftentimes lead to legal issues and public humiliation. The sad part is instead of people taking responsibility for how they are all they do is blame others. They have wrong ways of thinking; they make bad choices and decisions fueled by pain, feelings, emotions. They don’t take the initiative to change. They start hurting people emotionally, physically, sexually, and mentally. They don’t only hurt others, they continue to hurt self the most. Many end up losing all they have because of their own doings.

People must realize they can’t resolve their own issues when continually allowing those issues to cause them to lead lives hiding behind their pain while inflicting pain upon others. No one can deal with who they really are if they are using the pain as fuel driving them to put time and energy into lying, hiding, faking, and pretending. This only influence them to stay the same with the distorted mind sets of thinking they are getting away with doing wrong.

Then, here comes Karma! It slaps the person upside the head and into reality. People have to understand they can never fix self by making their issues a reason to do wrong to others or for having bad behaviors. A person’s pain isn’t a free ticket to act inappropriately or to do wrong to others. Karma doesn’t care why you did it, only the fact you did it. You will eventually “pay the piper” so to speak.

I firmly believe a person should always think before they act or react. No matter how secret or hush hush people think things are if there is another person involved the truth is bound to come to the light. To continue the cycle of inflicting pain fixes nothing, instead it eventually causes other serious problems.

When someone do you wrong for no reason don’t allow it to stunt your growth by holding in anger, being revengeful, full of malice, or anything unhealthy. Don’t give your power to the person or the situation! Everything comes to the light at some point! Trials come and they go. If you hold on it lingers,when you don’t it has no power over you!