Blind to Your sins


If you’re reading the Bible any at all you know if you’re living for or against God. Although some people think their sins are hidden they are not and therefore those people are fooling themselves. They are too caught up in what they want to do; they are double minded and living ways which are displeasing to Jesus.

Despite of what many have said, there is only ONE way to the Father (God) which is through His Son Jesus. We can’t live any kind of way and think we’re Heaven bound. It doesn’t work that way! The Bible says “strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Life may have crooks and bends, but the “Way” doesn’t have crooks and bends. There is only ONE way! A person is either for Him or against Him. I don’t care who you are, what your title is, or your position it applies to all. There are no big I’s or little you’s in the Kingdom of God and His ways are not man’s ways.

People are sold out to man. Their biggest concerns are appearing righteous in the eyesight of man. They care about what man has to say. They want to be pumped up in the eyesight of man. God sees everything we do whether good or bad. He knows all of the wolves in sheep’s clothing and He knows they come in all forms and fashions. Putting on a show in front of man may get you “accolades” in man’s eyesight, but in the sight of God you’re getting a foot closer to hell if you don’t repent and change.

It never ceases to amaze me how motivated people pretend to be for Jesus only to please man. They go through the motions of trying to present themselves as if they’re holy only to please man. As soon as man’s head is turned they are turning up doing whatever they want to do. It’s foolish, because the same man they are pretending for will someday bow to the Father just as they will someday bow! No one is exempt. One day “EVERY knee shall bow and heart confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of the Father.”

For those who are living double lives God has His eyes on them? People are living for who they love the most. IF it were Jesus people wouldn’t be double minded in their ways, period! The Son and the Father sees all! I don’t care how much a person look or acts the part; if they’re not living for Jesus they’re serving the devil and are a part of darkness.

You’re outside of His will when you’re doing things your way! People are quick to say a person is anointed. How can a person be anointed when they aren’t even serving God! People continue to get the anointing mixed up with emotions. When a person is truly serving the true and living God they will know and understand the difference.

People are completely blind to their sins. Why do you think this is so? It is because they are in love with what they do, want, and desire. They are in bondage and don’t realize it. They are captivated by the ways of the world and it’s why they go along with anything to get along. They conform to the ways of the world.

I’ve long come to realize people don’t like the truth. I’m not here to water down anything. The truth is the truth like it or not. Too many people who are professing Christ are tiptoeing around the truth. Not me!! It is what it is and it goes for me, you, and everyone else.

Doing Right Amongst the Do Wrongs


I found out when you have given your life to Christ and you are for real about your walk with the Lord people can’t deal with the new you. It’s very sad to me how people don’t want to associate with you if you’re not sinning with them the way you used to.

Some people claim they love Jesus, but when they find out your walk is serious knowing they are faking, they don’t want anything to do with you. They treat you like you’re doing something wrong. The only words I have for those people are ” I’m praying for you and so long.” I’m not turning back for no one or nothing. People make this journey way more difficult then it should be and I believe it’s because those people don’t want to give up their old ways. They think their joy is in the world, when the world has nothing to offer any of us, other than death if people don’t come up out of it.

The Bible mentions how people will be offended concerning the Word of God. It is so true! There are a lot of people who have an issue with you when you start talking about the goodness of the Lord. They don’t want to see you or hear you. Isn’t it sad? If you want to do something displeasing to God then they are all for it, but want to do right; then they have issues with you!

It’s very unimaginable for some people to believe anyone can live a Holy life. If a person doesn’t believe it, then they don’t truly believe in the Word. Jesus wouldn’t have said it were so if it weren’t possible. Anyone who chooses to walk the straight and narrow for Jesus can do so, if they choose.

Doing right is just as easy to do as doing wrong. There are rewards for both which will either be Hell or Heaven. A lot of people simply do not want to give up their old ways. They think they have it going on in this world doing what the world loves doing which is sinning.

The Bible says “people will love the world more than they love Jesus.” It is very true! It is seen every single day. It is very sad to see how the people of the world are right back in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. People are blind by their sins. They don’t realize time is at hand. No one is here to stay.

No matter what or who, don’t allow anything thrown at you to shake your faith. If people don’t want to be around you because your life has changed, then oh well. Keep it moving! We are supposed to be changed! If people don’t like who you have become in Christ, it’s their problem not yours. Keep going and growing in Christ!

Sometimes people will test you just to see are you who you proclaim to be. Be that light in this dark world. Regardless of what you used to do remember you’re not the person you once were. When people come at you with the old mess stand firmly on the Word of God. Tell them boldly; no way, not me! Let them know you’re not what you used to be! You are now a part of the Royal Family with the greatest King on High sitting on the Throne.

I thank Him everyday for taking a wretched soul like mine cleaning it up. I thank Him for giving me the desire to truly serve Him. When people shun me, it is alright; they can’t take my joy, because they didn’t give it.

It’s Written and Already Finished


Many people are defensive when it comes to the Bible and living for God. They are very controversial and want to get mad or debate over it. The ONLY people who carry on this way are the ones who are trying to straddle the non-existing fence. I am appalled at how many of these church leaders are falsely teaching their members. They will do and say anything to please the people. They go along and conform to please man and the world. They are teaching their versions of the Word and NOT the Word of God. The are both adding to and taking away to suffice man. God said, don’t do it!

I don’t care how people try to twist it, the Word is the Word. When ALL else fails and pass away; the Word will yet stand! God said it and it is done! It is finished! You can drop the mic on that cause it is over!! People are too busy trying to manipulate, twist, and turn it to fit their lifestyles, but it is finished and it is UNCHANGING. Jesus taught the same way for everyone, He didn’t do anything special to fit in with no one. He didn’t call His disciples by titles or any of what we see going on today.

I have been viewing a lot of videos lately of pastor’s saying this and that. They are lying and are preaching totally against God’s Word. If you don’t know the Lord for yourself please get a personal relationship with Him and get into the Word daily, because these wolves are out in sheep’s clothing. They are professing one thing and living another. You must read and study it for yourself. If it’s more important to pastors to teach their version of the Bible versus the truth, then they aren’t called from God. No way, no how! I don’t care who they are!

I’m not judging anyone, I am telling the truth. Too much foolishness is going on and people are going right along with it, because they are too busy worshipping their pastors as their master. They are bowing down to man and they are man pleasers.

Many more concerned about being judged and not at all about getting their lives together and right with God. If a person wants hell to be their home, then hell is waiting for you!

When a person doesn’t have a true relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus, then they sure don’t have one with the Holy Spirit. Therefore they may do or say anything opposite of what is written in the Bible. That is how the devil operates; everything right he portrays as wrong and everything wrong he portrays as right. If you’re truly serving Jesus, then your lifestyle will be proof of it and NO MAN can fool you with his or her honeycomb ways of speaking. You will know the truth for yourself. Anyone who knows the truth, yet accepts the lies need to check his or herself. Never go against the Word of God for no man. It is written and it is finished! It’s as simple as that!!

Salvation is Free Take it or Leave it


It is every individual’s choice to either believe it and receive it or deny and ignore. Every last one of us on earth has the right to choose whom we will serve. When Jesus died on the cross He paid the price for you, you, and I. He didn’t die for anyone in particular, He died for each and everyone of us. Salvation is free for anyone who chooses to accept it. Jesus dying on the cross gave us all the same opportunity to live for Him. He died for our sins making it possible for us to not have to live sinful lives only to gain eternal damnation.

Although salvation is free, it doesn’t mean a person can accept salvation and live any kind of way. No, you can’t, no I can’t! We are given the most valuable gift offered which is salvation and if a person doesn’t feel it’s good enough to make them want to give up this world, then that choice is theirs to make.

Too many people are caught up in pleasing man and making sure man sees them playing church. It’s important to some people they are seen as Saints of God, when they know they aren’t. They want the status, but not the lifestyle. They know they are playing the role and that is it! Sad, because the one’s they’re pretending for are pretending too. “How can the blind lead the blind, lest they both fall in the ditch?” That is straight from the Word of God!

Not for one second will I say as flesh and bone we won’t or don’t sin. What I am saying is “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This let’s us no we can live holy lives if we choose. We must choose too! As a person matures in Christ they are no longer babes in Christ. A person who have given up this world for Christ becomes a new creature. Everything about this new creature is new, the old ways should be no more. When people refuse to give up their olds ways they fail to mature and grow spiritually. They continue to crawl and stay on milk when they should be walking and eating meat. There’s no way possible to live for Christ and remain the same!

The problem arises for many, because although they claim to be new creatures living for the Lord, they are only delivering “lip service.” They speak it and act it, but they don’t live it. They are speaking, acting, and living in vain. In this race, your talk and walk must align. If it doesn’t what you’re doing is all in vain.

With all the signs and wonders we are seeing in this world I pray people wake up before it’s too late. God is definitely showing us some things. People are going along their merry ways ignoring all of the signs. The Bible say “God wishes for none of us to perish.” However, the decision is ours to make. How we live now determines our eternal home. Looking and acting the part will help you in a movie, but this is real life; and therefore it won’t help you at all. Man can put you on a pedal stool, but God can put you in Hell. The only thing will help you is when your talk aligns with your walk!

To live for God and His Son Jesus is to gain eternal life. To live for the world is to gain the world at the cost of losing your soul. It’s definitely not worth it when Jesus paid the price long ago and made salvation free.

Walking Away From God is Your Choice


Many people blame God for bad things that goes wrong in their lives. I’ve seen it and heard it many times. People curse God because they are angry. People walk away from God, because they feel He’s not listening to their prayers or they feel He’s allowed something bad to happen. People are quick to walk away from God when things aren’t going their way or when tragedy strikes, yet they hang on for dear life to the significant others in their lives who disrespects and mistreat them. They hold on to people who have let them go long ago.

As long as we live in this dark world we will go through trials and tribulations. No one on earth is exempt from tragedies, trials, or tribulations. Troubles will come and they will most certainly go. The world we live in is full of darkness. If we say we love God the Father and his Son Jesus then we must be ready to withstand the tests. The tests are coming time and time again. Things are getting darker and therefore tougher, if people are not standing for Him, then they are standing against Him. We can’t call ourselves Saints of God and are unable to withstand when things get rough and rocky. Although we will go through the storms, He will always be our peace in the midst of whatever we are going through; if we believe it.

The Bible says there will be “a great falling away.” People will leave Jesus. This is a person’s individual choice. Jesus doesn’t force us to come, stay, or leave. It’s all a personal choice.

A lot of people want what they want right now. They don’t want to tarry about anything. They don’t want to be quiet and listen to hear God, they want things to work out or be fixed right now. They lose faith and trust in God, because to them He’s not tangible. The Bible says “for faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.” We are to “walk by faith and not by sight.”

Many will fall away and have fallen away, because they are/were walking by sight and NOT by faith. No matter what it looks like, God will “never leave or forsake us.” He’s an on time God! Not sometime, but all the time! Saints of God must remember there is both evil and good forces at work twenty four hours a day. God is always on the job, but so is the devil, but remember who has ALL power! The devil is limited!

His presence is forever shown to us if people see with their spiritual eyes and not their natural eyes. God is always showing up and showing us exactly who He is! People get discouraged because they continue to see through their natural eyes and not the spiritual eyes given to us when we serve Him. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and is that beacon flowing through us making us the light in this dark world.

Not one time is it written anywhere in the Bible when you give your life to Jesus and you live for Him your life would be trouble free. Nowhere in the Bible does it say a person’s life will be free of troubles in any form. That’s a misconception some people seem to have. The devil gets even busier trying to mess with you when you’re serving God. He’s trying to win you back on his team. He throws everything at you and on your path. As a child of the Most High we have to stand firmly on the Word of God. Keep on your full Armor of God. The devil is going to do his job of killing, stealing, and destroying. It is up to us individually to make sure through it all we still have trust, faith, and belief in Jesus the Son and God the Father.

Jesus loves us all and wishes for none of us to fall away. However, the decision is for each us to make on our own. Mom, dad, sister, brother, significant other, family, friend, or anyone else can’t make the ultimate decision. They can’t make the decision or walk the journey for us. People can plant the seeds, but we have to cultivate them and grow on our own. Coming to Jesus is your choice, staying is your choice, and leaving is your choice. I pray through it all you never allow anything or anyone to turn you away from the true and living God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

If it’s Unhealthy it’s not Love


First before anyone is able to love someone else in a healthy manner they must know what love is and what it isn’t and they must definitely know how to love self. The problem with most is they don’t know anything about love; they’ve never actually experienced it and because of it they don’t know how to love healthily. People get into relationships carrying along all of their excess drama. They think the only way to love is to control the person they are with. They think it’s normal to be obsessive or possessive over the person they are with. These types of individuals are very clingy in their relationships. They are often abusive in nature, because of the negativity pent up inside of them.

A lot of people seek love when in truth love should find the individual. Those who are eager to love oftentimes seek love in all of the wrong ways. They don’t understand what love is really about. They have their views and opinions, but they really don’t have a clue. Many are constantly in and out of unhealthy relationships. They are manipulative individuals who know how to play the game until get who or what they want. They are all over the place emotionally.

I wish people would wake up and do honest self assessments in their own lives, before they corrupt and disrupt the lives of others. Most people think their lives are so together when it’s furthest from the truth. Many people go through life the wreaking the same type havoc in the lives of others. They cause total discord in their lives and the lives of others, because they don’t understand how their issues are affecting them.

They are often the people who sometimes hurt or kill the one’s they are with. They are often the people who end up hurting themselves. They are the ones who run the one’s they are with away, because no one can stay with them for long. They are full of insecurities, yet they don’t realize it. Some of them think people respect them because they deserve it. Truth is some of their significant others are forced to show them respect out of fear or simply to keep peace. This is unhealthy!

People must wake up and realize if they can’t love self, they won’t be able to truly love someone else. Loving self means you care about your life and what you or who you allow in it. It also means you care about the life of who you’re involved with. You will want no hurt, harm, or danger to come to them in anyway and you will not cause any. If it is any other way something is wrong! Love is never unhealthy, those who think unhealthy love is real love should really re-examine their ways of thinking. Something is wrong!!