Start Looking at Yourself


Many people in this world completely give their power to the one’s they are in relationships with. Unless a person has matured and become wiser they will put their feelings for who they are with above what’s good for self.

Have you ever seen a show called “Hustle and Soul” it’s about the Brooklyn Pink Tea Cup restaurant. Fake or real this is a perfect example of how a person completely gives away their power. It was so ridiculous to me I couldn’t watch it. Sadly there are many in this world in these types of relationships. You are treated exactly how you allow!

No matter how much a person says they love you, their actions will speak volumes. Sometimes people fake it to get what they want out of you. When in relationships with people who really don’t want you they will oftentimes be in a relationship with someone else (married or causal relationship). They will tell you they love or care about you while telling the other person the same thing. You end up acting foolish over someone who isn’t worth your time. Yet, people stay in these unhealthy relationships. Those who do, it clearly shows they have things they definitely need to change about self.

If a person is constantly taking from you, something is up. If a person is always MIA (missing in action), something is up. If a person can’t spend time with you, because they always have to do something; something is up. When a person is always on their phone even when you’re around, something is up. When a person never does anything for you; something is up. If a person never invites you over to their place, but they are always at yours; something is up. If a person never invites you to meet friends or family; something is up. If a person enjoys you while you’re on the inside, but never wants to be seen with you on the outside; something is up. If a person is available in the daytime, but at night they can’t communicate; something is up. If a person sit back and wait for you to come to their beckoning call; something is up and it’s a set up. They are showing you exactly how they will treat you. If a person has someone else and is trying to get with you too; you should love yourself enough not to get into this type of relationship. This person is showing you what they are about. This is going to bring nothing other than drama into your life. I can go on and on and on, because there are many signs people fail to acknowledge.

In some relationships people are very blind by their feelings to the point of being abused by the ones’ they love because they accept any and everything from those individuals. Many people don’t nip things in the bud; and before they know it they are in deep. They are afraid to leave for many reasons; the most poplar are (fearful of physical abuse or fearful of losing whatever security they think they have). First of all you should never allow abuse in any form and you shouldn’t ever stay, period! It is not cute, love, or a game! Second, you should obtain your own security so you never fear losing someone else’s. There’s nothing a person can offer that is worth your peace of mind.

You will do either bad or good by yourself. It all depends on how you feel about yourself as to what you will and won’t accept in your life. You definitely don’t need anyone adding to problems you may already have. If a person can’t bring to the table, then it means they are taking away. Therefore, you will have their issues to deal with along with your own. No one can complete you, they either add to or take away. A person who loves his or herself will never allow anyone to bring distress into their lives. You have to stand and be complete on your own to have something happy and healthy with someone else.

When you give up your power you make it much easier for the other person to take advantage of you. Some people give too much too quickly. They think it will keep the other person around, instead most times it drives them away. Some will stick around to get whatever they can out of you, in the meantime they still don’t want to be with you. If you’re lost in your feelings you won’t be able to see it.

Most people want to hang on to someone who isn’t remotely worth hanging on to. For you it’s all about them and for them it’s all about them! Sad, but true! Still many people don’t get it or won’t get it! When you’re dealing with a lot of issues it interferes with the ability to think rationally or logically. People are blind by their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. People are seeking things they know nothing about. You can’t expect to find happiness or love in someone else when you’re unhappy with yourself and when you don’t love yourself. Normally it will not work!