When You Need a Break Take One


As I like to sometimes say Superman and Wonder Woman do not exist! None of us are exempt from stress overload. We must listen to what our bodies are telling us. Sometimes people try to push through only to find themselves on the brink of breakdown. No one is exempt!

Stress can cause a lot of things to go wrong within the body if left uncontrolled/managed. Uncontrolled stress will cause havoc in your life. It can mess with the entire body if not managed. If it’s not handled it will surely handle you. If it gets to this point, then it’s gone too long unmanaged.

I know some people think they can do it all. Let me tell you; no one can do it all! You may think you can, but it catches up to you. No one is exempt from experiencing stress. We all do! However, how much you have can become unhealthy. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through if you need a moment to breathe; take it! Sometimes people tend to go and go, because they think life stops if they stop. They think their homes, families, jobs, etc can’t function without them. I say, mess around and die and see what happens!! Life goes on! Stress is real and it can cause us harm if not managed.

We all deal with stress to some degree. A lot of it is unnecessary stress people do to self due to bad choices and decisions they make. Another reason for stress is the inability to say no! Some people run themselves raggedy day in with the hustles and bustles of life; until they run out of steam (mentally, emotionally, physically). There are many stressors in life which can be good or bad things (promotion or demotion, new job, marriage, relocation, divorce, medical issues, relationship issues, your environment, your social circle, etc). People have to alleviate those things which are causing them stress overloads. To help reduce or alleviate stress sometimes may mean walking away from people or things. It always means taking time for self. You must know when to re-charge!

There are many people who exist, but aren’t living. They don’t enjoy life. They work themselves to death never enjoying the fruits of their labor. It’s crazy! All they care about is work, work, work! They neglect their relationships with everyone to include self. They don’t take time to “pick or smell the roses.” If people aren’t working at a job, they are busy trying to take care of and please others in some facet. Bottom line they run themselves to points of exhaustion.

Take time for you! When things seem a little tough take a breather. Always take some time for yourself! Take a moment away from it all in whatever way you can. Start today by setting boundaries and allowing absolutely no one to cross them (family, friends, others). This could mean something simple as quiet time for you and only you (long hot bath, walk in the park, long drive, reading a book, personal get away or whatever you need to do to get time for self). It’s very important to do and for goodness sake don’t feel guilty about it! If you set boundaries and do not waver, people will respect them!

It doesn’t matter if you have children, husband, significant other, job, or whatever; you’re no good to them when you’re no good to yourself. Learn to take care of yourself! Learn to take the breather you need! You only have one life to live.