A Woman Can Definitely Raise A Son To Be A Man


Throughout my life I’ve heard woman can’t raise boys to be men. This is a LIE! People have no clue what they are talking about. When you raise a child it’s not about raising a boy to become a man or raising a girl to become a woman. It’s about raising a child to be able to survive in this world and stand on their own two feet.

Think about this for a second. Who can teach a man how to treat, love, and care for a woman better than a woman? A woman knows what a woman needs. She can teach this better than a man through affection, love, and nuturing. As women this is what we do! Who can teach a boy how to protect his family better than a woman? As women we will fight tooth and nail to protect our young ones, this happens even in the animal kingdom. Who can teach a boy to provide better than a woman? It’s all she does, because if she works outside the house her work is never done even when she gets home. Who can teach a boy to be self sufficient in cleaning and cooking for self than a mother? Yes, I know a dad can too, but I’m trying to make a point. A woman can teach a son to pee, I know, because I taught my grandson. She can teach a son about sex and anything it takes to be a man. It’s not about feminity or masulinity, it’s about universal things we all need to live and be productive members of society with goals, positive attitudes, and mindsets. At least it’s what I believe.

I’m not saying a woman is naturally physically stronger than a man, although some are because of training. What I’m saying is not only can a man teach his son how to be strong, independent, a protector, a provider, survivor, how to treat a women and other people, but so can a woman. Dad’s who take part in raising their son’s it’s awesome, but stop selling the women short and acting as if they give less than, because she’s a woman. That’s ludicrous!

It sickens me to hear society blaming things on one household parenting. “Oh if he had his dad at home he wouldn’t of done this or that!” Bull crap!! I’ve seen two parent households many times raising undisciplined children who by the way are controlling both parents. I’ve seen two parent households who do nothing but fight causing discord in their children’s lives. I’ve seen two parent households who neglect, do not nuture, or show affection to their children. However, I’ve seen many two parent households who are doing and have done excellent jobs in raising their children. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one or two parent household. What matters is a child gets what they need to survive as adults in this world. What matters is a child is nutured, loved, and shown affection and taught respect to self and others.

The things a child needs in order to grow into a productive adult whether male or female can be taught by one parent or both parents. It can be taught by the male or the female. It doesn’t matter as long as the parent or parents are mature enough to give a child what they need in all areas of life.

We all know normally men and women act differently, however, this doesn’t mean a woman will teach her son to be feminine or that a man will teach his daughter to be masculine. Society has it all wrong. Everything is stereotypic along with the house and white picket fence. Lies!!

It reminds me of a time I was providing mental health therapy to someone who had been in the combat zone. He told me I didn’t understand what he’d gone through. I said of course not and I’m not sitting here trying to say I do. However what I fully understand is the affects of pain, suffering, mental instability, things causing a person to be suicidal, homicidal, depressed etc. My goal is to teach you coping mechanisms and the ability to function normally day to day in society whether it’s due to you being down range or due to other underlying issues compacted along with you going down range. After that, he got it!

The moral of it all is a woman can indeed raise a son to be a strong independent and loving man who is empowered to stand up on his own two feet and face the world coming at him. It’s taking nothing away from men at all. I’ve seen it done over and over. My mom did it as well! I’m just saying!!