Your Struggle Don’t Have to Consume You


Listen, I’ll be the first to say the “struggle is real!” My struggles aren’t your struggles, but we all have our own individually. We all are going through something and will do so until the day we die. Unfortunately it’s a part of life. We have to take the good with the bad, there is no escaping it. Despite the struggle it doesn’t have to control you!

I believe many people succumb to their struggles because they think it’s easier to give in then it is to fight. This isn’t true! I know I’m not going through your struggles, I have my own. However, I do know no matter the struggle it can’t consume and control you unless you choose for it to by giving in.

Every person alive will have their struggles. Struggles comes in many forms such as sickness, addictions, mental and physical struggles, finances, resources for living (home, etc), relationships, jobs or the lack of, and the list goes on.

Many people allow what they are going through to break them. It doesn’t have to! Until a person come to the understanding of who they are, they will always allow people and things to bring them down. None of us benefit from simply going through things. We all should grow as we go through things in life. Simply going through doesn’t help you to grow IF you don’t learn from it. We can all always get some good out of a bad situation. It depends on the individual and their state of mind. I believe it begins by loving self through the “good, bad, and the ugly.” When we love self we tend to see things differently. One thing for sure is when you love yourself you give nothing or no one your power. This mindset saves a person from unnecessary drama!

Troubles don’t last always, they all have a time of expiration. It may feel as if they do while you’re going through, but in reality they don’t. They come and they go. It would be a wonderful thing if we never had any trials or tribulations. Unfortunately we have, we do, and we will. As I’ve written many times before, no one is exempt!

People want to give up on self when they’re going through something difficult. Don’t do it! Hang in there it too shall pass! Something else may be around the corner, but it will pass too! No matter what we go through someone else is or has gone through worse. I know people don’t care or even want to hear it, because all their doing is worrying about what they’re going through. That’s because people are very inclined to be led by their feelings and emotions. Stop buckling under every situation! You’ll never grow this way!

One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting on facade’s. They pretend to be something they are not! They allow society to put them on pedal stools they aren’t capable of staying on. They play roles not really meant for them to play. They do and act how they believe people think they should; which isn’t who they really are. They allow themselves to be put on certain levels they aren’t able to maintain. They cause themselves unnecessary stress! These added pressures bogs them down mentally, physically, and spiritually.

People “bite off way more than they can chew” in life; only to end up choking. They can’t handle the pressure which by the way are pressures most willfully allowed. If the load is too heavy lighten it! If the pressure is too much, say so! Stop trying to be something you’re not! Stop trying to be everything to everybody. It never works out! When people do this they cause themselves much more drama; more than they already have in life. Everything teaches us to deal with the next phase in life. The problem is many people don’t learn the lessons being taught and it’s why they keep going through the same things or similar things. Don’t let your struggles consume you!!