Sex Offenders Have Faces Like Yours and Mine

I know I recently wrote a post on sexual predators, but due to the fact I’ve heard a lot of it in the news this very week, I wanted to write another post on it. People have the tendency to shy away from subjects such as this. Go ahead and do whatever you please, but this is a very real problem in our world today. I am going to talk and write about it. Our children should be, must be, have to be protected. Child molesters/predators/offenders/rapist/ etc they look like you and I. It’s scary!

First of all let me make it known not everyone who is labeled a sex offender is one. People lie, that’s a fact! However, fact remains any adult who decides to have sex with a minor is WRONG. I don’t care if the minor looks like an adult in every way, they are NOT adults! Now that is out of the way, let me proceed.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit across from many sexual predators. So far I can say everyone of them had a story of once being victims. Remember the saying “hurt people hurt people?” Not all do, but many has in some form or another. It is NO EXCUSE! I have absolutely no sympathy for a person committing any form of sex act towards a child.

Babies are being raped. Babies! I’m talking infants. This is sick!!!! I just saw this week where 2 males raped a 9 month old. They don’t need any time wasting tax payers dollars. They need to be put in cages without a key. Toddlers and teenagers are being raped, molested, and acts of incest committed against them. This is sad! A man or woman who does this do not deserve to see the light of day, ever! There is no excuse for it, none!! I don’t care if they were once a victim. It should be reason enough you would never want to hurt someone else. However, many have, and many will continue to do so.

To be straight up honest, there seems to be a commodity for rape and molestation of infants and young children. Many people in this world are sick, sick, sick! If a person took the time to devise a plan to victimize, they had time to think about NOT doing it! They always, always try to manipulate a way to be around who they want to victimize. If you have the sense to think to commit such an act, you have time to think about not doing it.

Sex offenders/sexual predators are everywhere. They are in every position, status, etc. Some are rich and famous. It doesn’t matter the color of the skin, the position, the status, etc what’s in a person is coming out.

I’ve seen General’s in the Army caught up in child porn triangles. People of all calibers and walks of life are caught up in child porn. They prey on the innocent helpless little ones who can’t defend themselves.

Those who are into Satanism thinks preying on infants and children is great way to become powerful. They do rituals where they sacrifice little ones either through eating or sexual contact. It’s crazy, but research it for yourself. Their mindsets and agendas are different than the normal sexual predator, although they are still are sexual predators.

Please protect the children. People living amongst you are preying on your children. Make your life about your children until they are able to protect themselves. Don’t think someone won’t do it, because of who they are, sometimes they are the mains one who will do it.

Children are afraid to tell for many reasons. Guess what? They are children and it’s understandable, but remember you must develop a relationship with your child that enables them the courage to tell you what’s really going on. Many children grow into adults who are affected by their pasts because they never dealt with what they’ve gone through. Many grow into adults with very negative attitudes and maladaptive behaviors.

Our world is filled with people who are affected by their pasts because they never developed appropriately during their stages of development. They remained stuck in whatever stage they were affected and although they got older they still kept the same mindset. This destroys many lives. If people don’t heal from their past issues it will be reflected in how they live their lives. It will show in their decisions and choices they make throughout their lifetime.

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