Reaping What You Sow Has No Expiration


It’s coming back to you! You may seem to get by, you may even think you’re getting by, but you will NEVER get away! It’s coming back to you one way or another. Some people don’t believe it’s true, but it is. It’s very important to do right by people. Sometimes your wrong doings will not only come back to you, your loves ones can also suffer because of something you did.

It’s true; we should treat people how we want to be treated. Unfortunately many people fail to follow this saying. They do whatever they can to people in thinking it’s not going to come back around to them. Reaping what you sow has a boomerang affect with absolutely no expiration date. It comes back around and knock you upside the head and other times down and out. It also has a way of bringing to your remembrance why you’re getting it back.

There’s a lot of things people do to others. They think they’re getting away, but it’s not going to happen. Some people will step on you and knock you down to get what they want. They will scheme and do whatever to get the upper hand. Some do their dirt in what they think is secret. Just because you think it’s a secret or you think because you weren’t caught it’s all good; no way, you will reap what you sow! Getting it back has no time limit, it can be instant or it can be years down the road; either way, it’s coming back to you! We all pay for what we do!

I am the type of person who’s careful how I treat people. If a person tries to mistreat me, I think of how sad of a person they must be. I have a zero tolerance for shenanigans, but I’ll always treat people the way I want to be treated. We have to overlook ignorance from others and still be good to people. We shouldn’t play the get back game with anyone, because whatever you do is coming back. Payback is real, so don’t worry they will get theirs in due time one way or the other!

As mentioned earlier, sometimes it takes a while; other times it’s instant. Sometimes you get it, while other times someone you love gets it because of you. When we do things we know we shouldn’t do negative consequences are always to follow. They catch up to us at some point in one way or the other! It’s never good! When you do right by others; you’re doing the right thing for yourself! It’s wonderful to do the right thing by people no matter what they do to you.

Reaping what you sow has many meanings. It means what efforts you put into anything. Nothing in is nothing out! Biblically I am referencing reaping the good as well as the bad things sown. This post strictly means those things we know are wrong. One thing for sure you won’t get away with nothing you’ve done! It will come up again, when it does you’ll be the one getting it!