Good Or Bad The Past Shapes Us


Ok, in saying that, I do NOT mean it dictates our future or present. It should not! However, what I am saying is exactly what I wrote “good or bad the past shapes us.” What I mean by this is what a person has endured in their past can have a grave affect on their rest of their lives depending on how it was perceived. A person can make good out of the bad or they can choose a life sentence of bad/negativity. We see it every single day! Many people don’t know how to cope so instead they lash out and project their pain on others through some form of abuse. Not all abuse is physical or sexual. Mental and emotional abuse can be just as devastating and debilitating.

There are a lot of good stories, but there are also a lot of bad stories. Anyone who chooses can make good from any bad situation. My focus is on helping people to overcome the negativity. Everything is based upon the mindset. How people think always affect how they feel and act. No one can change this but the individual.

I would be lying if I said the past doesn’t affect us, it does, but it doesn’t have to be in a negative way regardless of the negativity a person went through. The problem here is many people choose to hang on to the negativity versus moving on away from it. Everything each of us has gone through or will go through is a learning experience. I’ve always told you this! It teaches us what to do or what not to do! Experience is the greatest teacher IF people would choose to learn from it instead of using it as a life sentence of pain and negativity.

If you went through something painful as a child that’s very unfortunate, but my prayer is as a adult you understand you’re no longer a child. What started may have been bad, but through it a lesson is to be learned. If nothing else it is a lesson about people and how they can mistreat you. Just because a person is your mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, cousin, grandparents, etc doesn’t mean they mean well by you. We assume so and we hope so, but it doesn’t mean they do or will. People regardless of who they are have their own demons and because they don’t deal with those demons they project their issues onto other people. They were probably victims at some point. Most times people who allow their pasts to wreak havoc in their lives will wreak havoc in the lives of other people. Sadly those other people are often family members sometimes not.

Any person who doesn’t deal with their past issues will live a life of lies and pretense. They will hide the truth because they know the truth is unacceptable and ugly. They KNOW IT! Therefore, they pretend to be something they are not this causes further dsyfunction. As long as a person does this they will never seek change as an option. They will always think as long as their pulling the wool over the eyes of people they are okay. No, this isn’t true! As long as a person pretend they will always live in negativity. It pools onto their children, family, friends, and others.

It is very sad when adults have children they bring into their cesspools ways of living, thinking, feeling, and acting. They taint their children with their toxicity often causing them mental, emotional, and physical harm. No child deserves this! That’s why this world is filled with broken people. People don’t choose to deal with their brokenness. Some people have the victim mentality for all of their lives. The cycle repeats itself.

This is why we see so much hatred, anger, homicide, suicide, depression, etc in this world, People have deep seated issues they refuse to deal with. Then on top of it they are searching for what’s lacking in their lives often latching on to someone as broken as they are. There are plenty people who are NOT coping well at all. Sometimes they end up murdering innocent people, killing themselves, committing road rage, fighting over significant others, cheating, being abusive, and a whole bunch of nonsense. They do these things, because they don’t know how to cope with the dysfunction in their lives. They keep on living and repeating the same cycles not even trying to change. It’s very sad!

Many people will say “you think I choose to be this way!” I will say absolutely yes! Why? It’s because it’s the truth. No one has to accept negativity in their lives. No one has to continue to cause chaos in their lives. No has to be filled with hate and anger. I can list a whole page of things. The moral is no one has to continue a life of negative ways of thinking, acting, and feeling. All of it comes from what lies within you! No matter who help plant the seeds it is the individual who cultivates them to go. Until individuals deal with the root of their problems those problems will continue to exist. Individuals often have their own problems and at the same time will try to deal with the dysfunction of the people they allow into their lives. It never works!

The past is exactly that! You can’t go back to it, but you can relive it in your memories. Our thoughts are formed by memories of something. The power you give them is how they are bound to control your life. A lot of people live as if they are still going through it. They are mad, angry, spiteful, filled with hatred, bitter, full of malice, holding grudges, etc for a life time when the experience is over. They have given complete power and control to their memories allowing their thoughts/ways of thinking to keep them held captive. They are held captive to their ways of thinking. They have formed completely negative mindsets which has affected all parts of their lives. No one on earth has to live in such a negative mindset. It’s up to you, the individual to decide you need to change.

Back to the title at hand. I believe without a doubt good or bad our pasts shape our lives. There’s not one person alive who live a negative dysfunctional life or a life of pretense who hasn’t been affected in a negative way by what they have gone through. They do not have to accept this negativity! Your life, my life, our lives are ours to live. In the beginning many others were involved in some way, regardless of what or who, the individual (you) has the power to overcome and be who you choose to become. Whether good or bad, that choice is the individual’s to make. Unfortunately, many choose a life time of discord when they don’t have to!

My prayer is people stop using their pasts as a crutch. Stop making excuses and stop holding on to negativity. Decide to live a beautiful peaceful life. Troubles will come and go for us all at some point, but nothing is to break us. If we learn from our experiences it will make us into stronger better people. It’s a choice. Even more importantly learn to love self. You can’t be of any good to anyone else in your life until you first learn to love self. Negativity has no benefit for the mind, body, or soul!

God Loves You, You Love The World


I am not the judge of anyone, but I won’t be a party to the shenanigans or foolishness of anyone. I don’t care who it is! Just because a person doesn’t want to do right doesn’t mean I will go along with their wrong. People need to stop playing church and stop playing with God.

It really saddens me when people don’t realize how they are risking their souls by the lifestyles they are living. People are too busy worrying about what their leaders and other people think of them when half of those people need to be working on self as well. They worry about shining so man can see when man has to stand before God too!

The world is full of people pretending to love the Lord. What people fail to understand is if you love Him you will live for Him, period! There is absolutely no way you can love Him and live any kind of way. You can’t love Him and live a lifestyle against Him. There is no way you can live for Him and be the same! No way, no way, no way! When you live for the Lord everything about you changes. You don’t think, feel, or act the same about anything!

The problem with many people is they do a lot of lip service, but as the Bible say their hearts are far from Him. It shows in their ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. How people choose to live shows who they are really serving.

You can not live a life doing things that are against God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and think you’re serving God. You are serving god, but it’s the other one you’ve made your master and not the Master Himself! People have fooled themselves into thinking their wrongs are right. Your wrongs will never be right in the sight of God! I don’t care if man follow you; your wrongs are wrong! They will always be wrong until you decide to choose right over wrong!

I will never stand for, support, or follow anyone who professes Christ yet live a life against Him. I will not condone your wrong in no shape, form, or fashion. I can love you, but I will never love your wrongdoings and I will not support what you do.

If you’re going to live for Jesus; live for Him! If you’re not then don’t, it is your choice, but stop acting as if you’re living for Him to please man, because God sees and knows what you’re doing. He’s the Author and Finisher of your fate. He wishes for you to live for Him and so do I, however, the decision is yours. Just because you preach or teach about Him doesn’t mean you’re living for Him. Just because you sing about Him or talk about Him doesn’t mean you’re living for Him. To serve Jesus is a lifestyle change and it’s 24 hours a day. It’s not a part time or sometime thing, it’s a 24 hour thing. You know why? If you’re doing it sometime then you’re against Him and not for Him. Living this way puts you at risk of losing your soul. He’s “coming in the twinkling of an eye and like a thief in the night.” If you’re caught in your state of pretense you will have lost your soul to the world. Nothing or no one in this world is worth it!

A lot of what people do is out of a learnt behavior. They mock God when He is not to be mocked and they mimic the true Saints. They learn how a true Saint conduct His or Herself and they mimic it. They mimic the spirit in all types of ways. They do what they think is pleasing in the eyes of man. Problem for these types of people is God sees it all and it’s not pleasing to Him. He’s weeping at the falling away of people who claim to be servers of Him. No matter how bad things in this world has become, people are still choosing the world.

I pray people turn their lives over before it’s too late. Stand up and on the Word of God without fear and with honesty and truth! I don’t care what it looks like or feels like God is still in control and in charge. The road isn’t always easy nor is it always rough. We are never alone! The Bible says “for the race isn’t given to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end.” You can’t stay in a race you’re not in! All of the picking Him up and putting Him down don’t work and won’t work! All of the sometimes serving Him don’t work and won’t work!

You can’t be double minded, or lukewarm; either getting your ears tickled or tickling the ears of others. You only fool yourself NEVER the Father, Son, or the Holy Spirit. We can’t be just hearers of the Word, but we MUST be hearers and doers of the Word. Stop being brainwashed and bamboozled into serving man, because every man’s knee must someday bow.

If you’re trying to straddle a fence then you’re being lukewarm. If you try to live for both the world and Jesus; truth is you’re only living for the world! I’m telling you without regret or doubt you can’t love the Lord and serve the Lord if you’re still a part of what the world has to offer. In your mind you may think you, but in reality you can’t! You’re fooling yourself! Sometimes people will not tell you about yourself. They will talk about you behind your back. I am telling you and the world if you are living this lie that is exactly what it is; a lie! You’re lying to yourself! God is not pleased with lukewarm people. He’s already told us He will “sprew” you from His mouth.

Please don’t be one He turns away and tell you to “depart from me you worker of iniquity for I know you not!’ This moment right here may be your last chance to get it right! Get it right with Jesus, get a daily prayer life, get a personal relationship with Him, love Him above all, and most importantly live for Him; in Jesus name I pray! You can’t get to the Father unless you go through the Son. You can’t get to the Son if you don’t have a personal relationship with Him. Romans 10:9 is only the first step, but it’s the most important first step!

Relationships Built on Unstable Foundations


Some people are straight delusional. They know they are in rocky relationships yet some choose to go on to marry. It’s an immature move! Some of these people get on social media and tell all of their business. They start off talking about their relationships in positive ways, then a short time later they are talking about their relationships very negatively. I don’t know what people expect. If you start a relationship off in the wrong way, wrong it what it will be! People aren’t getting it because they simply don’t understand.

Individuals get mad when others have opinions of their relationships when they are the ones who put it on social media for the world to see. Even if you don’t necessarily want a comment if you put your business out there people will have something to say. Sometimes people know what the end will be before the individual because they saw the drama the individual chose to ignore.

Many people are getting into relationships trying to find love when they don’t love self. No other person can make you happy when you’re miserable inside. There are many people easily sucked into relationships with the wrong individuals because they can’t see past their feelings and what they want and desire. Oftentimes the individuals they want to be with have just as many issues, which leads to more chaos. They can’t see it because they are blind to the truth.

People will always overlook the truth to satisfy their desires, because to them their feelings and what they want matter more. It’s due to their wrong ways of thinking. They will always seek what they lack in others. No matter how bad it is many of them will fight to stay in their unhealthy relationships. All this does is add to their issues and pain. Yet, these types of people can’t see it until something is so bad they are forced to open their eyes to the truth. Usually it’s way past bad by then.

Sharing love with someone is great, but never if it’s unhealthy. There are many people who are in love with the idea of being in love. Problem is these individuals don’t know or understand what love is. They seek it in others when they actually don’t love self, therefore it’s difficult for them to process the truth even when it’s staring them in the face.

When a person is in tune with self they’ve learned to love self. They become aware of how they think, feel, and act. They become aware of the company they keep and who and what they allow in their lives. This is when a person can see past their feelings to the truth. The signs they see will be accepted as signs and they will adhere to those signs. When a person learns to love self it changes how they see self, people, and the world. It teaches them how to move past anyone who means them no good. They see past looks, titles, statuses, money, and material things, etc, because they know none of it teaches a person to love self and they realize none of it builds a healthy relationship or keep one together.

No one can build a healthy relationship with someone else when they haven’t dealt with their own issues. You can’t be in a healthy relationship when you’re an unhealthy person. Many people have built their relationships on unstable foundations. Then they wonder why they are struggling and going through hell. People will always be in this situation when they haven’t dealt with who they are and learn to love self. They will continue to get into bad relationships with the wrong people with bad outcomes.

When a person continues to go through the same things it’s time to take a look in the mirror. It’s time for s self assessment. Unfortunately many people would rather stay on their road of destruction lashing out and blaming then to embrace the possibility of change. They continue to make bad choices and decisions without realizing why they are doing what they do. It always goes back to the issues within. When people do not deal with their issues their issues will always deal with them by wreaking havoc in their lives.

No one can change you and you can’t change anyone. What I’ve seen in life is people focus hard on either trying to change the other person or trying to be someone they think the other person wants. Neither is a good thing! An unhealthy person is an unhappy person who will live a chaotic dysfunctional life unless they choose to change. No matter who you love or who loves you, no one changes you, but you and no one changes the other person, but the other person!

Toughest Battle Is Against Your Mind


Everyone of us have mental battles we fight. It DOES NOT mean you have a mental illness. Society always call every incident a mental illness episode when it’s farthest from the truth. When a person doesn’t heal from their past issues those things can lead to forms of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, ptsd, sleep disorder etc. These can lead to suicidal and homicidal ideations or completions.

Mental battles are completely different from mental illness. As stated in the beginning we all have our mental battles. We all fight mental warfare, but in doing so a person must know it’s mental warfare. Knowing thoughts will come means you have the control to dismiss it or accept it. A lot of people struggle between doing right and wrong. It’s because when broken people haven’t allowed themselves to heal they hold in negative things which completely affects their lives. Those things affect how people think, feel, and act.

The power of the mind is something! However, a thought is only as powerful as the power you give it. I’ve seen people sabotage their lives over and over, because they can’t get past things. They dwell on old things and they allow those things to hold them back mentally. They may grow old, they may become successful, or they may have no ambition at all, regardless of what they become the way they are because they’ve chosen to hold on to junk. You can fool others but you can’t fool yourself. These people often don’t want to change because they are familiar and comfortable with their pain despite the destruction it has caused.

Our mind is a powerful thing. Yet, in writing this, I must say thoughts only have the power we give to them. The refusal or inability to let go keeps people stuck in wrong mindsets. Those wrong mindsets may ultimately lead to mental issues. If you consistently hold negative thoughts those thoughts will take over your life. They will cause chaos and dysfunction in your life. Negativity leads to stress, which when unmanaged leads to other things. Whatever you give power to can control you!

Need Help And Don’t Know It


Sadly there are many people in this world who have fabricated stories to the point of believing them. Sometimes a person is so angry about things they’ve made up. All they want is to lash out and hurt others. The individual is the only person who believes their story/stories. Those around them know the truth. However, the individual thinks if they tell their lies long enough people will believe them. This is very sad.

There are people serving time in prison over the lies someone told. It’s very sad. When a person lies for so long, they will eventually believe their lies. People don’t understand they can seriously hurt someone with their lies. Unfortunately individuals don’t understand how they can affect the lives of others with their lies and antics.

People who does this need help, but the problem is they don’t realize the help they need. They have lied for so long the lies have caused them to become delusional. This is why I know a person’s mental battles can definitely turn into a self induced mental illness. People don’t understand this can happen, but it can.

When someone tries to help this type of individual the individual points the finger at everyone else. They refuse to take the blame or responsibility. What they now have is a self induced mental issue from years of lies that has turned into delusions.

People in this type of person’s social circle are supposed to be friends, yet they won’t tell the individual the truth. You’re not a friend if you won’t tell your supposedly friend the truth. This happens a lot.

You can’t make a person get help, but I believe if enough people are honest with the person it may help them see what they are doing. Sometimes it doesn’t, but you won’t know until you try. Stop enabling individuals by making them think what they are doing is alright. People won’t say anything and they will normally talk about their supposed friend behind their back. This doesn’t help and it’s wrong.

Do what you can to help someone. Don’t enable or participate by not being honest with the person. Your honesty could lead the person to seek help and face what caused them to be the way they are. Do your part!

False Teachings and Part-time Relationships


I heard a very famous radio host talking last weekend and it sickened me the false information he was giving. One thing I have learnt is if you’re well known you can say “boo” and people will latch on, like it, love it, etc; all because the person is famous or well known. I think it’s the dumbest and most shallow thing people do. We see it all of the time. A well known person gets to speak at graduations, in the schools, on TV etc. They get all of these different platforms simply because they are well known. This doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. I’ve seen and heard it a million times.

Okay, back to the reason for this post. This radio host was telling the listening audience they need a relationship with God. He said it doesn’t matter what they are doing in their lives they need a relationship with God. He went on to say how he’s off the mark, etc, but he still has a relationship with God.

I don’t care who you are or who you think you are. You can’t do whatever you want and think God is okay with it. If you think because you reference God in your speaking or you say God every now and then it’s cool and you’re on His side you are dead wrong! Throwing God the Father and His Son Jesus in your conversations every now and then doesn’t mean you’re living for Him or that you have a relationship with Him.

If your relationship with Jesus isn’t personal and 24/7 then you don’t really have one. A relationship with Him should always be personal and constant. It means changed ways! If a person truly loves Him then the person will live for Him. You’re either in or out. I don’t care what you THINK; there are only 2 options (for Him or against Him). As Saints of God we MUST turn from our old ways. We can’t be a lukewarm, double minded person, thinking it’s all good with the Lord. We can’t serve Him when we want to be see by others yet lifestyles are against Him. As Saints it isn’t part time, it’s a full time position. Those who try to do it part time are only fooling self. Part time means you’re lukewarm. I won’t apologize for the truth!

People can follow up behind folks who are leading them wrong and find themselves in hell right along with those folks. You must have a relationship with Jesus, because you can’t get to the Father unless you go through His Son Jesus. Jesus made it possible for the Holy Spirit to be with us leading and guiding our steps. This can’t happen when people are choosing their own paths and aren’t willing to give up their old ways. Individuals who serve Him part time are at risk of losing their souls. They are at risk of hell!

Knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus are two different things. Many people know of him due to being taught by parents, friends, loved ones, and others, but to have a personal relationship is different. It means you know Him! A person MUST love Him and if you love Him you will live for Him, this nurtures the relationship daily. It helps a person to move from milk to meat!

A person can have a relationship with anyone, it doesn’t mean it’s personal and it doesn’t mean you love the individual. This is the relationship many have with Jesus; which isn’t truly a relationship. To have a true relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus it must be because of the love you have for them. It must be personal, constant, and intentional. To live for Him means you have become a new creature. Those who do it part time find they fall for anything and they are easily enticed, persuaded, brainwashed, etc to do as the world do. They conform easily to the ways of the world. They have their eyes on man and not on Jesus! They go along to get along and they shut up instead of standing up. This way of living puts people at risk for hell!

People live all of their lives in and out of relationships, yet they don’t try to truly develop that relationship with Jesus, because they don’t want to give up their old ways. They are people pleasers and are not trying to please the Father which art in Heaven!

What you do is up to you! What anyone does is up to the individual, however, as well known individuals or leaders in general please stop giving wrong information to others. If you don’t want to give up the world then that is on you, but don’t try to persuade others to be like you! There is absolutely no comprising when serving the Father and the Son!