Millionaire Appetite on Dollar Tree Budget


Flat out if the shoe fits wear it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreams and goals, but those are things you work towards to obtain. Right? Until then, stop trying to live above your means. It has gotten you nowhere and it will get you nowhere! Stop pretending to be something you’re not. Stop trying to please other people by fronting as if you got something you know you don’t have or as if you’re someone you know you are not. It’s complete foolishness to live your life this way, yet many people do. This leads to unnecessary stress.

Go back to the basics and learn to love yourself. One thing I know for sure is if you learn to love yourself it changes your ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, especially when it comes to other people. There are many people who live their lives wishing they were someone else. The whole time the person they wish they were are wishing they were someone else. It’s sad!

There are a lot of people who spend their lives trying to keep up with other people when they don’t know how some of those people got what they have. All money isn’t good money and everything glittering isn’t gold. Facts!

If you’re not happy with yourself do not let it be because you’re unhappy you don’t have what the next person has. Don’t allow what others have to cause you to hate yourself. Truth is it’s not the other person it’s you, period! Many people blame how they are on others when they are their own problem. No one can change what’s holding you back, because it’s you! You’re the only one who can change you!

Many individuals are stressed out; they are in debt or jail, because they have tried to live a lifestyle they know they can’t afford. They are busy trying to portray themselves as something they know they are not. It leads to destruction, which could be emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

Get yourself together and then pray for financial wisdom. There are plenty of people who are constantly in the hole, because every time they get a dime they are spending a quarter. They don’t attempt to budget. They spend everything they get and most times their money is gone before they get it. Get financial wisdom it will change your circumstances! There are many people with an abundance of money, yet they don’t have financial wisdom. It causes them many problems. They too try to keep up with those who they think has something they don’t. People must change their mindsets, period!

If you want to spend every penny you get you won’t ever have anything. If you are trying to keep up with the Joneses it won’t work, you will fail! Live within your means and grow from there. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel you have to pretend when you don’t! Everything you, me, or anyone else acquire on this earth will remain when we leave this earth. We can’t carry one single thing with us, not one!

No one can change your situation but you! If you don’t change your mindset/ways of thinking it hinders and affects everything else. It’s like a person who is on a diet. If they are restricting what they eat to lose weight as soon as they begin to eat again they will gain the weight back and some. It won’t work or last until the mindset has changed, which will change the lifestyle. If the mindset changes then so does everything else! There are far too many people worried about the next person and not enough about self. It goes back to the mindset. If the mindset changes then so will the life of the individual!