Stuck Is What You Choose


Unfortunately there are a lot of people in this world who are this way. They are in the same place year after year, because they choose to be. I think it’s ridiculous to see grown people who refuse to make a change, yet all they do is complain and look for handouts. Some people are mad over other people’s money. Some people want to spend your money while they sit on their butt’s. In other words, they always asking others for something, but aren’t attempting to do anything to change their situation. As long as you give they will take. When the well runs drive they are off to the next person. A lot of people are enabled by others, which becomes debilitating for the individual and oftentimes those around them.

Every person alive has the opportunity to move forward in life. It’s all about choices. If a person choose to waddle in self pity or believe they aren’t capable then they won’t be. Stop blaming your past; take ownership and responsibility for who you’ve allowed yourself to become. No one is obligated to take care of another grown person unless the individual is mentally and physically unfit to care for self.

Some job is better than no job at all. You can’t run if you can’t first stand up and walk. Too many people have life misconstrued. They want this and that, but are not doing anything to get a thing! Some people feel they are owed something. No one owes you anything! If you want something in life you must be willing to go after it in a positive way! Some people only want a hand out and they are comfortable with living that way. They don’t want to do anything to get what they need; all they want is to get what they can from who they can get it from. There’s no growth in this!

If you’re doing the same things year after year and getting the same exact results, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? If you don’t want to change, then stop complaining and for goodness sake, stop walking around with your hand out! Stop being mad at other people because they have gotten sick of you asking for a hand out. It’s different if a person is trying hard, but are struggling versus someone who hands are always out, but they are sitting on their stumps of do nothing doing absolutely nothing! If you change your mindset changes in your circumstances will follow.

A lot of behaviors and mindsets comes from a person’s upbringing. However, people can choose to change. No one has to continue traveling the same road for a lifetime. What I’ve seen are many unhappy people accepting negativity and never choosing to change. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have brokenness and negativity will follow you until you choose change. Brokenness has NOTHING to do with how much or how little a person has. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with skin color, titles, or positions. What’s inside will always manifest in some way. It’s the ugly truth!

People have chosen to allow their pasts to ruin their present affecting any chances of a future because they choose to remain stuck. People have chosen a lifetime of drugs and alcohol because of their unwillingness to change. People have chosen many negative things as a way to cope. They project many negative things on to others because it’s what they have been accustomed to all their lives. It’s easier for a person to hang on to what looks and feels familiar then to attempt to change. They recognize their vicious cycles, but many will not attempt to change. Instead they choose anger, bitterness, malice, unhappiness, and many negative things. The negativity follows them everywhere they go affecting everything they do. I’ve seen this sad truth over and over!

Most people don’t understand their ability and power to change. It’s in every single person if they choose! If you’re unhappy with who you are, you have the power to change! As I’ve always stated “change must start with you!”