Loving You and Your Flaws


Unfortunately a lot of people hate how they look, however the problem is deeper than that! I think we all have something we may want to improve, but this post is referring to people who don’t like what they see to a point of surgery, etc. This goes deeper than just wanting to lose fat or tighten up an area.

It doesn’t matter how pretty, not so pretty, famous, non famous, rich, not rich, titles, positions, statuses, etc, concerning a person; none of it will make a person love self. That is what it boils down to; self love. I can’t make you love yourself and neither can anyone else. It’s all on you, the individual. I do pray that I can help you to see things differently in how you see yourselves.

No one is perfect in how they look, we all have flaws, we all have something we would like to be different. However, when people go to the extreme of getting their faces cut on, implants in their faces/butts/chest/breast/eyes, etc then something is going on inside. Something is wrong on the inside that needs to be resolved. Until people deal with the inner parts of them they will remain unhappy and without the ability to love self.

I’ve seen many good looking people go under the knife and mess themselves up completely and sometimes it’s to a point of being irreversible. People hate themselves so much they would rather try to look like someone else then self. They hate self so much they’d rather add something or cut something off to look what they think is more appealing. This is a huge red flag something is wrong within.

People get boob jobs, breast implants for men to get bigger pecs, butt implants, face implants to plump up their cheeks, stomach implants for six packs, etc. Okay, you do what you want, but remember foreign things in your body in places it shouldn’t be in is never a good thing. Oftentimes later in life people start having affects from those things. There have been some cases where individuals have gotten infections and died or they died during surgeries.

People are now going to the extreme of getting their eye color changed. It’s crazy and all of its a risk, but people do anything in the name of what they think is beauty or in the name of what they think society says is beautiful. Sad, sad, sad!

People who are risking their lives doing these types of things need to look at who’s facing them in the mirror and deal with that person. Guess what? You can have all the nips, tucks, lifts, implants, etc that you want to have; it WILL NOT change what’s inside. It changes the appearance, but the junk inside will remain. Sometimes people end up hating themselves even more because they hate the results.

I feel sorry for people who feel they need plastic surgery to feel good about self. It’s a figment of their imaginations. Anyone who does this is most often concerned with what the world thinks of them. They are concerned with what other people see when they look at them.

You can change the outer appearance it won’t change what’s inside of you. It may make you feel good about how you look, but it won’t change why you don’t like yourself in the first place. To love yourself means accepting yourself with all of your flaws and imperfections. If you have a flat butt so what? If your face isn’t full as you want so what? If your chest is flat, so what? So on and so on, it is who you are! Adding things or taking things away doesn’t make you who you are unless you’re defined by it and if you are there is something wrong with that!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may be good looking to one person and not to another. You may be good looking on the outside, but because you’re so ugly inside it makes you appear not so good looking. None of it matters you be your own beholder of your beauty and that starts with you! To do all of the things people are doing to their bodies is crazy. People have lost their lives going under the knife. Remember, anything foreign in your body can eventually start causing you problems. Another thought to ponder is, you’re not authentic when you do it. What you’re presenting once the procedure/s is/are done is still something fake. Afterwards, you may feel good about it or you may not. Regardless of which it’s still not the true you! I know some people have to be disappointed afterwards, because some people look absolutely ridiculous.

In case you didn’t know; even if you’re a model your body doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t define you unless you’re fixated on it. People are fixated on their bodies due to inner issues. They try to fix the outside when it’s the inside they should be working on.

Do what you want if you think it will make you happy. Let me tell you this; happiness isn’t in the butt, chest, pecs, boobs, face, eyes, etc. It’s within you. You either have it or not! It can not be bought or made. People have life so misconstrued. Most people so worried about how they look to the world they will do anything for the world to look at them. Clear to me they are unhappy people. Drama, chaos, and dysfunction always follow them due to their unhappiness. Most people who are this way always are trying to remain relevant, become relevant, or to be or stay in the spot light at all cost. They may pretend to be happy, but the truth is the truth and it shows in what they do!

Love you for you and NOT for what the world thinks of you! Stop allowing the world to decide for you how you should look. If people don’t like how you look they don’t have to look at you. If you don’t love yourself you will NEVER be able to accept your flaws and imperfections! When you learn to love yourself you will also learn to accept your flaws and imperfections. No one is perfect. I don’t care what you get done to yourself you will never be perfect. Learn to love yourself regardless of what or who! When you love you what others think will NOT matter!