Your Fears Are Limiting You


Many people find themselves stuck due to their own fears. Granted this came from something they’ve gone through, but the fact remains fear will stagnate you! Many people won’t take a chance on anything due to fear. Your mind can be your worst enemy and unfortunately it is just that for many people. Fear can be crippling emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Some people have the desire to move forward, but their states of mind keeps them stuck without the ability to move forward. They are afraid of change. They live their lives without ever living. They are merely existing. They have no time to do anything other than work. When a person don’t work, they get stuck in that mode and they don’t try to become dependent. They get comfortable asking others for whatever they need. Then when become are tired of them they are upset. I say get upset at yourself, then forgive yourself and move forward.

No one is throwing any money at you unless you’re on a stripper pole. Other than that forget it! You have to get out there and work for what you need. The Bible says “a man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat!” I blame a lot of the mindset on how people give power to their pasts. I realize the past can influence us, however, we don’t have to allow it to define or dictate who we become. We all have the ability to change negative mindsets.

Many people are held prisoner to their own ways of thinking. They can’t get past how they think, feel, and act. They allow their negative mindsets to sabotage their lives. They choose life sentences due their pasts. They allow negativity as a way to live in this society. It won’t work! It doesn’t work! This negative mindset does nothing other than cause dsyfunction in the lives of many.

People are stuck for many reasons, but the bottom line of it all points at the individual. If you make your past your life sentence, then it is exactly what it will become. If you allow your fears to cripple and stagnate you they will do just that!

If people spent as much time dwelling on the here and now versus the once was their lives would be much better. People waste most of their lives hating self. They waste all of their time unable to move from point A to B. They give their power to everything and everyone! They lack self love, confidence, and esteem. They blame it all on something or someone from their pasts. It makes no sense, especially when some of the people are dead and gone.

Let me share something with you. Coming up my mom didn’t teach me about succeeding, wanting more, setting goals, college, etc. She taught me what she knew about. She taught me self respect, confidence, respect for others, self love, etc. Everything I learnt about moving forward I learned on my own through watching others achieve. I knew even as a young child without my mom instilling it that I wanted more. Despite things I’ve gone through I never allowed it to hinder my growth. You know why? It’s because there’s something positive to come out of any situation. Every single thing we experience holds something to learn.
I realized if I chose unhappiness and the lack of motivation it was all on me. Therefore I made the conscious decision early in life to do things differently and I did. We all can do it, it’s up to each person individually.

We can blame everything on our pasts if we choose. It will do nothing to help us to move forward in life. It doesn’t do a thing to pull you out of where you are. A negative mindset will keep you in a dark cold place. It will keep you stuck going nowhere fast! If you don’t believe you can; then you won’t! If you give power to your fears, they will cripple you and keep you right where you are! You can only fly as high as you limit yourself. Your fears limit you, period! Start speaking to your negative thoughts and replacing that junk with positive ones. When your conscious mind says one thing you tell it another. We are programmed to take in way more negative than positive. You must change this. Start seeing the good in all things, but above all please start with yourself!