If Children Are Our Future Protect Them


Many people don’t want to address the elephant in the room. They want to tuck their heads in the sand despite the fact we see and hear about this everyday. Incest, rape, and molestation is happening too much all over the world to children. The most hurtful part is societies want to ignore the fact this problem exist when it’s prevalent all over the world. We all should do our parts to protect the children, when we don’t; then we too are a part of the problem. Are children really our future? If they are why are they being abused on every hand? Why aren’t they protected better? It is VERY sad grown folks are doing inappropriate things with children. There needs to be stricter laws concerning this. However, there aren’t because too many on top are a part of the problem. Laws are tougher on the abuse of animals than children. It’s sad!

Many people who are into child porn, molestation, incest, and child rape are people who were once victims. I want to direct this directly to them first. I am sorry you were once a victim. I feel because you were once a victim you should know better. Why are you victimizing innocent defenseless children? I’m sure as a victim in the beginning you hated what happened. At some point some of you as a child probably began to feel some type of way about it. As a child you don’t really understand what’s going on. You think it’s wrong, but at the same time it awakens something in you and this is where many of you remained fixated and stuck. You moved through your stages of development, but you didn’t mature mentally. What happened to you was wrong, but what you’re doing is just as wrong. The children you’re taking advantage of do NOT deserve to have you as an ADULT causing confusion and dysfunction in their lives. You didn’t deserve it and neither do other innocent children. You know exactly what you’re doing and there’s no excuse for it! Some offenders are also teenagers who developed the habit of what they are doing by what they’ve gone through. It doesn’t make what they do right. It’s still as wrong as ever! Stop blaming what happened to you as a reason to do what you’re doing. As for the many adults who do this you’re an adult stuck in a negative development mental state of mind. You’re older in age, but you’re still fixated due to earlier issues. It is NOT an excuse to do what you do! People think some of you offenders are okay, because you’re successful or appear to have it together. Wrong! Many of you are stuck in that early mental states of mind. You’re in denial and you can’t heal because you exert your energy in lying, hiding, pretending, etc. Wake up! You’re not that child you’re grown men and women. A young child has nothing you should want. They can’t offer you anything. They are unable to defend themselves just as you were as a young child. You are doing the same things to them that was once done to you. Some of you are billionaires, millionaires, or quite wealthy. Some of you are well known, have built empires, etc. Some are rich, poor, on top, on the bottom, etc. These abusers are people of all races, populations, genders, titles, status, positions etc. They are friends, family, neighbors, church members, politicians, police officers, Judges, lawyers, teachers, preachers, doctors, soldiers of all ranks, and the list goes on. Living behind your lies and disguises does nothing to help you deal with the demons inside of you. You need to face the truth and deal with the junk inside of you. To have any inappropriate thoughts about a child makes you a monster. You need to get help with your feelings because it is what you’re being led by. You may have been victimized as a child but as an adult you are now victimizing and there’s NO excuse for your behaviors! You’ve become the nasty perpetrator! The majority of you have more likely than not been doing it since you were young and have probably victimized many over your lifetime. You’ve become comfortable in the things you’ve been doing because you’ve been getting by with it. However, getting by doesn’t mean you’ll get away! You’re the problem and you will never change if you don’t choose change. Anyone can change anything they choose, but you must want to change. Give these toddlers, adolescents, and teenagers a chance to live healthy lives. Stop grooming them so you can violate them! Stop selling their pictures, stop kidnapping them holding them hostage, stop buying them things giving them the sense of what you’re doing is ok. It is NOT! You are adults who should be protecting children not violating them! Yes you’re stuck mentally in a past developmental stage, but the fact remains you’re grown. Most of you have made grown up decisions about everything else, but when it comes to offending innocent children. What you do is vile, evil, horrible, and wrong! Deal with what’s locked inside of you and has caused you to be the person you are. Sneaking, pretending, hiding, etc isn’t going to fix you. The only way to heal is to deal with your issues. I can’t stress how horrible it is what you do. Face your demons and the person staring back at you when you look in the mirror or can you even stomach looking at the monster staring back? If you can’t, that too is a problem!

To people who are sexually abusing babies you are sick. You may or may not have been abused. It doesn’t matter if you have been abused or not; to abuse a infant is beyond words. A lot of times you are displaying anger through such an hideous act. You are full of evil to perform such a horrendous act and your filth is on another level. You need help yesterday! Don’t blame anyone for the decisions you make, because you’re the one making them. Take ownership of what you are and who you’ve allowed yourself to become. Harming innocent babies who can’t do anything to protect themselves is an outrage! Shame on you! Jail is too good for your type!

Parents shame on you for selling your children for a dollar. Some of you give up your children in order to make a buck. Shame on you! You don’t deserve to have children. Some women let their male boyfriends abuse their children in order to keep the person around. Who by the way are worthless! Your mates don’t want you. They get with you in order to get close to your children. Wake up! Many of you parents don’t have love for your child or yourselves. Matter of fact you don’t know what love is at all! No man or woman is worth allowing your child or children to be abused. Parents you’re supposed to be protecting your children NOT causing them harm or putting them in harms way! Some women willfully and knowingly get with sex offenders. At that point it’s NOT about your children it’s all about what you want. You’re so broken you can’t see past your feelings. You need to seek help! It starts with learning to love yourself. If you can’t love, nurture, and protect your child give them to people who are capable of giving the child what they need in this life. Stop being selfish and making your life about you. It’s no longer all about you when you have children!

Parents and other family members; committing incest is wrong! To touch a child is absolutely wrong! To touch your flesh and blood is wrong, period! Get help with your issues. You can’t blame what you’re doing on anyone else, but yourself! Whatever happened to you happened, and I am sorry, but what you’re doing is all on you! Stop touching your children and/or family members. It’s filthy and vile! Then you want to keep it a secret, REALLY! Anyone who allows this mess to go on in their families are also a part of the problem. They may as well be touching the child too, because allowing it is as bad as doing it. Parents and other family members should be protecting children NOT violating them. You are wrong on all kinds of levels. Many of you have truly messed up the mental and emotional states of your children and/or other family members by what you do/done. Get help for your inner issues and stop the foolishness! You are weak individuals who prey on your helpless children. Get help for what you’ve allowed yourself to become! Your mind is warped and you need to face the demons in you! Deal with the man/woman in the mirror it’s the ONLY way possible change can occur!

In the lives of those with glamour and glitz children are used as sacrifices, self gratification on all levels by all levels of people. They are used for dark rituals for fame and fortune, and they are taken for sex salves for some nasty rich people who are involved in sadistic things. All of this madness comes from a place of darkness and demons. People are very broken and they have years of garbage inside. They are broken and have not tried to deal with their issues, they’ve only compiled mess on top of mess. They connect with people like them. They get into sex clubs etc and the victims range from infancy to teenagers. It’s horrible what people are doing all over the globe to children. These people are broken and filled with darkness. All they want is gratification of their flesh in some form or another. How gratifying can it be to take advantage of someone who can’t defend themselves? These people are constantly preying on children. People who do this are weak individuals. It’s disgusting and very sad! They are stuck mentally in distorted ways of thinking and distorted mental states. When people have money they think they can get away with anything and everything. They think they can do anything they want. These people need to seek help! Some people don’t change because they don’t want to, they get comfortable in their wrong doings until they are caught and displayed to the world. People want to keep their dirty little secrets when there are really no secrets. You can hide from everyone, but never yourself!

What type of future will they have if you’re messing up the minds of the children?