When You Can’t See Your Own Issues


There are people who can see the fault in everyone other than self. When you can’t see you have issues you need to deal with it blinds you to the truth. Thinking or pretending you have it together when you don’t keeps people stuck in negative mindsets. Sometimes people are truly blind to the fact they have issues and no matter what you say to them they won’t believe you. They always feel you’re jealous, envious, a hater, etc. They always blame others.

This too is a reason many people are their own worst enemy and in their own way. They refuse to deal with self. They go through life with all of their problems in which many people project their inabilities to cope onto their significant others, family, friends, and other people. The truth of who they are always shows in their bad choices and decisions.

One reason many people get into unhealthy relationships is because they are unhealthy individual’s who most times will get into relationships with unhealthy people. When they do it all becomes a mess. There are many people who try their best to find what’s lacking in self in their significant others such as love, happiness, security, confidence, etc. Oftentimes they end up powerless and lost. They give their power away to significant others, because they think it’s the way they are supposed to love. Sadly before they realize or accept the fact it isn’t, they are in very unhealthy situations.

The reason many people can’t deal with their children and their significant others is because of self. The truth is always coming to the surface and manifest in unhealthy ways. I’ve always said if you want to know the real truth about yourself sit back and take note of how you act or react. Take note of what you allow or accept. Take note of what you do in the name of love. Take note of who you spend your time around and what you entertain in your lives. I could keep going, but I hope you get it.

The mindset is EVERYTHING! Many people walk around smiling, but in reality they are crying inside. This will never ever help a person to become a better individual with a positive way of thinking, feeling, and acting. It keeps people in negative states of mind.

In order for any of us to mature and grow into strong individuals we have to directly face and deal with what is causing dysfunction in our lives. Dysfunction presents itself in a person’s life long before significant others and children are present. The problem is when dysfunction isn’t dealt with it causes more dysfunction in the lives of all involved. It affects your ability to be a good significant other, family member, friend, parent, and other positions you may hold.

We all have flaws and short comings. The difference is owning up to them and working on those things causing dysfunction. Many people refuse to, therefore they are continually led by their feelings, wants, and desire, which lands them into many treacherous situations and relationships. This will never change until people face the man or woman in the mirror. It all starts with taking ownership and responsibility of who we’ve become. It means making adjustments and changes in order to become the best you can be. Dealing with self is the only way you will ever be able to affectively deal with anyone else. No one can make you better other than yourself! It starts with you! Many people go a lifetime thinking, feeling, and acting the same way despite the many problems it causes. Change the way you think it changes everything!

The Truth Shows by What You Allow and Accept


Believe it or not, the truth about your mental state shows in what you allow and accept in your lives. Most people don’t get the realization or profoundness of this statement! No matter how people try to hide the truth, pretend all is well, or how they fake, the truth shows in what people allow and accept in their lives. Most people do not understand they are their own worst problem, enemy, etc and in their own way!

As individual’s we teach others how to treat us. If you take crap it is what you will be given. Never accept from anyone something you don’t give! If you do it is showing you something about yourself. It is very ridiculous to get into a relationship taking all kinds of crap from someone when you don’t give all kinds of crap. A lot of people do it. They get into relationships and allow themselves to be mistreated, disrespected, beaten, abused in other forms, taken for granted, used, cheated on, and a plethora of other things in the name of what they think is love. Unhealthy love love is not love. It is simply an unhealthy relationship people shouldn’t allow themselves to be in.

The reason people do this is they are seeking things in others they don’t possess in self such as love, validation, security, happiness, and a host of other things. They do this because they have unresolved issues causing negative ways of thinking. No one can heal if they aren’t facing and dealing with their issues. Too many people act as if they don’t have any issues. You can’t heal by acting no issues exist.

On top of individual’s own problems they take on the problems of other people. They do this because they think it’s the proper way to love. They try to figure out their significant other’s when they can’t even figure out self. They spend so much time taking all kinds of unnecessary things and the shenanigans of others. They think in loving someone they should take crap. Not true! Many people lose themselves in trying to love their significant others. If a person is truly mature and have learned to love self they would never allow or accept the crap from others such as mistreatment, disrespect, abuse, etc from their significant others or anyone else.

People are more focused on loving their significant others than learning to love self. Many people are hurt mostly by those who claim to love them. It’s because many of your significant others haven’t dealt with what causes them dysfunction as well. It’s true hurt people hurt people. Whatever you allow is what you will get.

Most people are led by their negative ways of thinking, which directly impacts how they feel and act. It all comes from the negative cores which lies within. People hold in invisible things which affects them in visible ways. Until people deal with self their lives will always be affected. Due to dysfunction many people will continue to make bad choices and decisions.

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Do You Need to Talk


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Your Invisible Self Is The Real Problem


The core lies within us and it is where darkness lies. It is the invisible part of us that comes out in visible forms through how we think, feel, and act. It is developed through experiences which are often chaotic, traumatic, etc. People hold negativity inside never dealing with what causes their dysfunction. They live pretending things are one way when they are always another. They lie, hide, fake, and pretend as a way to cover up the truth. They either don’t want people to know what they are really about or they are so bound by anger and other debilitating things they don’t care who knows, because they are always the victim. Their dysfunction shows in all they do.

I don’t care who people are until a person deal with the true source of their issues they will continue to go through the same things in life. How they think, feel, and act is something familiar they’ve become comfortable with. A lot of times, people don’t realize they are their own problem. They keep going through the same things getting the same results, but they don’t figure out why. People stay the same and in the same places, because they don’t want to face the truth of who they’ve allowed themselves to become. They are comfortable and complacent in their ways never choosing change.

I’ve found many people go through life, but never learn from their experiences. Most people waste time blaming others. They also spend a lot of time trying to fix or save someone. The problem is many people find drama and chaos instead. Although the hope is to fix or save their significant others; they find it can’t be done. Many people settle for a bunch of unnecessary mess on their quests of trying to rescue who they love. The sad truth is many people focus more on their significant others than self! They end up in and out of relationships with the same negative ways, mindsets, and going down the same paths.

When a person recognizes a negative cycle you would think they should want to change from the norm, but unfortunately many don’t! Too many people become very complacent in who they’ve allowed themselves to become. They are normally not happy with who they are, but they do nothing about it other than to continue with the same negative ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

The lives of many could be better if people would love themselves as hard as they try to love other people. The problem is many don’t truly love self. They only think they do! If they did they wouldn’t allow the many negative things they accept in their lives. They wouldn’t be chasing after love only to get heartache and pain in return. Despite it all they continue to remain in unhealthy and unhappy relationships. They worry more about showing their love to the person they want to be with than loving self. You can’t do one effectively without doing the other. You can show love all day and every day, but it doesn’t mean you’re showing it in a healthy way. That is the situation for many.

I promise if you don’t deal with you, that which is visible inside will always pool to the surface and disrupt lives. It’s sad the many people who settle for being the same way forever. They go through life with the same mindsets and attitudes. They repeat the same cycles in life because they refuse to change. They deal with everything and everyone else other than self! Why would anyone settle for that type of life when they always have the opportunity to become the best they can be?