Truth of Who You Are is Always Shown


People live most of their lives trying to pretend, fake, disguise, please, appease, and live for others. It doesn’t matter how much you give, how much you love, or anything else; how you allow people to treat you is on you! People have the tendency to blame others for how they are treated. Truth is what you accept and allow from others teaches them how to treat you. You signed off with your stamp of approval by your acceptance and allowance of negative and bad attitudes and behaviors.

The reason I wrote what I did above is because it’s an opener to what this post is about. Most people parade around acting as if all is well when it isn’t and as I’ve always stated the truth is forever shown in what people let others do to them and what people do to themselves. Choosing to stay the same means you’re choosing to remain stuck mentally. You can maneuver and progress through life, but it doesn’t mean you’ve matured mentally gaining a more stable and healthy state of mind.

Most people seek many things not knowing what they need. They accept anything and everything in order to receive love, friendship, security, success, acceptance, validation, etc. The main thing most people seek is love. It’s sought after in the wrong ways and with the wrong people. People who do this are individuals who obviously have unresolved issues. If they didn’t the last thing a person would do to self is seek love from undeserving and wrong individuals. Yet, many people do! They get into unhealthy relationships and many go through hell and high water to stay in them without caring how bad they are until it’s unbearable.

People are not only this way in their relationships, they are this way in all aspects of their lives, because dysfunction begat dysfunction. I don’t care how together people appear to be most are far from it. People can’t become better, because they are used to their dysfunction even though it’s causing drama in their lives. They are led by what they want, desire, feel, and see. This is the thought processes of immature people.

Plain truth is until people mature mentally they will not grow in the way they are meant to grow. Although people are getting older, they aren’t maturing, because they can’t. You can’t mature until you’ve dealt with things causing you stagnation. People are stuck in their wrong ways of thinking. No one can progress forward by being this way. Many people become successful and things of that nature, but it doesn’t mean they are mature. Many people are still riddled with dysfunction causing them to make bad choices and decisions in their lives. Unresolved issues follow you, because you’re the only person you can’t get away from. It doesn’t matter where you go, what you do, who you become, or who you are with. Dysfunction will always come to the surface, because it lies beneath the surface unresolved.

We look at the things some people do and we are surprised or shocked. All individuals know what their tendencies are. You may not know, but each individual does. Every day people live their lives pretending, faking, and disguising the truth. Yet, no matter what they do, the truth somehow always presents itself through the choices and decisions people make.

What you are truly about shows in the choices and decisions you make. I don’t care what people say or how they look, the truth is always shown. Most people don’t understand this reality.

Think about it. If you truly loved you then it means you have learned to by getting pass past and present issues that may have caused you negative ways of thinking about yourself and other people, which often led to dysfunction. Unfortunately many people haven’t yet reached this level in life, because they make everything and everyone more important than self. They want what they want no matter what or who. They are comfortable and complacent! These people are from all walks of life. When a person has reached this level the things they accept and allow are different from what they once accepted and allowed in their lives. Choices and decisions become different, because they come from more mature and wise individuals who no longer see the way they’ve once seen. As I’ve always stated; change the way you think, it changes your life!

Poisoned Mind


In life we all know things are thrown at us which are out of our control. However, even then it’s up to us how we choose to handle those things. Many people handle them badly because of where they are mentally. Other than those unexpected things that happens to us all. People willfully pick their poison. Instead of it killing them physically, it kills their souls and prevents them from choosing to become better. It keeps them in bondage and slaves to their ways of thinking. This poison is harmful to them mind, body, and soul. Most continue to drink it up!

I’ve described it in a metaphoric way, but it is still the truth! If people only understood how they cause their own dysfunction and if they made decisions to change lives could be much better. The blame is always put on everyone else. People don’t want to take ownership and responsibility of the behaviors they’ve chosen. Lives are destroyed, sabotaged, ruined, full of blame, anger, hurt, and pain. That’s just a few of the many things I could list. This is the main reason millions find/found it difficult to stay home during this pandemic. This is why many can’t deal with their own children or significant others. It’s all about what’s stewing inside. This stew isn’t nourishing for the body it’s damaging! People embrace this slave mentality for a lifetime. It’s total poison.

It’s heartbreaking to see how people give everything to try an please or appease others. They seek love in others, but not self. They do any and everthing in the name of their perceptions of love. They work hard trying to make sure others are happy, while they are hurting inside. All of us are affected by something or another. The difference is how we allow things to hinder our lives. The majority don’t handle things well. Most people don’t cope in a healthy manner. People get comfortable in their ways of living due to their ways of thinking. Regardless of how stuck most people are they don’t think they need to change. They live each day, week, month, and year thinking, feeling, and acting the same way. This is being complacent and comfortable. When a person is this way they can’t see the truth of what they are willfully doing to self. Instead they blame and/or complain, but they don’t try changing. Anyone can become better if better is what they choose. It’s up to the individual.

Although spiritually our lives are not our own. In the natural how we choose to live is what we choose. People drastically fail self each day they live when they never chose the option to become better. The option is always there. Instead most people are on autopilot. They go about life thinking, feeling, and acting the same. Despite the dysfunction the headache, heartache, and pain; most people do not and will not choose change. Going through this pandemic has most definitely shown this is true. People don’t value their lives all they want is their outlets and they’ve proven it’s not being home. If you don’t know how to accept and love yourself you can’t be happy anywhere. When people had to face self while in isolation (whether alone or with family) most couldn’t deal with it, because they had too many overwhelming issues that are unresolved. If people don’t deal with their issues, they will always pool out. The depth of dysfunction is always shown in the choices and decisions people make.

As humans we have the free will to change anything in our lives, but the sad truth is most won’t. Most people are too busy worrying about other people (loving someone, wanting to be someone else or be like them, concerned with what others have, worshipping others, being a part of other’s lives, etc). Yet, they are never concerned enough about self triggering a need to deal with what ails them and cause them to live dysfunctional lives. This is very sad! Most don’t possess a healthy balance between selfishness and selflessness. They allow other people and things to control them or they are people who are trying to control others and things. There will never be a healthy balance until people learn who they are and learn to love self. This is an absolute must in
all of our lives! Love yourself enough to let go of the dysfunction! You deserve better!

When you learn to love self, you grow and mature! Once this happens everything else falls into place, because scales falls off of the blind eyes. People will no longer seek to have their ears tickled with those words sweet like a honeycomb. The lack of validation, acceptance, or support is no longer crippling. They will see the truth for what it is no matter the truth! This is a level many will never reach. Sad, but unfortunately it’s true! Many are their own worst enemy and are in their own way. It will never change until individuals choose change for self! People have embraced their slavery mentalities because it’s the poison they’ve chosen. If you live to see another day, it’s never too late to change! A new day is always a new chance! As always the only person stopping or blocking you is you. Not the past, not those who’ve hurt you (past or present), you and only you is stopping and blocking you! Get out of your way!

The Affects of the Invisible Monster Inside


The invisible monster lies within, but it always comes out to cause chaos in the lives of millions. Until people deal with what causes them dysfunction lives will remain the same. Many people live life unhappy, because they are doing what others want them to do, being controlled by others, believing they are what others say they are, defined by their pasts, fearful, and many other things. Most people are mentally incapacitated, because of being trapped and held in captivity by their own states of mind. People are not aware of the power they willfully give to others.

The lives of many people could be different and would be different if they understood what they are doing to sabotage their own ability to grow. We all only get one life to live. Sadly many people willfully choose to stay where they are mentally, because it’s what they’ve become accustomed to. They’ve settled into their modes of being comfortable. They don’t seek to become better despite of the constant troubles they face and the repeated cycles they live.

People are filled with hatred, anger, bitterness, pain, sorrow, hurt, pain, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, sadness, and many other negative things. It is because it’s what people have embraced for many reasons. None is beneficial. The lives of most people could be much better if people would choose to change.

The way we think holds us down and back from being able to move forward. People give way too much power to other people to dictate their lives. They look to others for love, happiness, security, validation, support, recognition, and many other things. With this type of mindset it causes people to end up being used, abused, mistreated, disrespected, taken for granted and many other things.

Everything about us as individuals is determined by whether we love self. If we don’t it greatly affects how we think, feel, and behave. This comes from the invisible monster which fuels thoughts, feelings, and actions. The problem is many people think they love self, but in reality they don’t. The great test of knowing is by looking at what you allow and accept in your life. A person who really loves self is careful about what they allow and what they accept in life. They don’t allow others to rule or control their lives. They don’t give their power away and if people aren’t to them what they think they should be, they will not fall apart. They don’t allow the dysfunction of others to disrupt their lives. They see beyond their eyes, because most of what is seen is a lie.

Too many people haven’t healed from their issues and because of it find themselves in terrible relationships and bad situations. Wrong ways of thinking get you in wrong situations with the wrong people. People make bad choices and decisions because of their wrong ways of thinking. People subject themselves to things they shouldn’t. They are blind to the truth. Most people are led by their feelings, only seeing what they want and desire. They allow their eyes to get them into trouble. They can’t see past their feelings.

Life is what we make it. No matter the troubles life brings we can get through anything if we have the right mindset. Settling for dysfunction shouldn’t be an option for anyone. Staying in negative mindsets should never be an option. Not knowing your value shouldn’t ever be an option. Anyone who chooses can mature and grow into individuals with positive ways of thinking and better lives. It’s all about choices. If you don’t seek to become better you won’t! Ask yourself this question and answer honestly. How many people do you know who haven’t ever changed? They are still complaining about the same things yet are not trying to change. Instead they continue to settle and go through the same types of things. How many people you know who are still acting the same way? While asking this question don’t leave yourself out, because many of you are in this category with people you know.

Change starts with no one on this earth other than you! If you never choose to become better you won’t be better! If you don’t choose to see beyond your feelings, you’ll continue to seek out the same things and getting the same results in return. If you can’t learn to love yourself, you will always be unhappy because dysfunction will follow you all the days of your life! Defeat the monster don’t let it defeat you! Change starts with you!



What if they would make a law saying if you got sick, but haven’t been wearing a mask, you get no treatment? If they did this many people would be in an uproar, because if gravely sick you will get into the mindset of wanting to live. However, many people aren’t valuing their lives at such a crucial time. Many people are out and about as if there is no virus out there that could kill you. People are making getting out, hanging out, and doing stuff more important than the value of their own lives.

I’ve talked and written about the mindset forever. The reason I keep doing so is because it’s evident people are not getting it. If you don’t value your own life, then there’s not much else you will have the sense enough to value. Nothing is more valuable than your life, because you only get one to live! Many people think it won’t happen to them. For all you know you could be walking around with it. Just because you don’t have symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have it. At least have the sense to wear a mask to help protect other people. I’ve been completely appalled by what I’ve seen people do. States have lifted restrictions and people are acting as if there is nothing happening. They are acting as if the Coronal Virus is gone. It is not! It’s a sad shame!

People are running here and running there. They can’t stay home, because they don’t like having to deal with self up close and personal. They don’t like dealing with the children they can’t control or deal with their significant others. It all points back to self. If you can’t control your children, it’s not them it’s you, because they ONLY do what you allow. The same goes for your significant others. People only do to you what you allow. Many people are showing just how much they can’t deal with themselves.

I’ve mentioned on my podcast how the Corona Virus has changed many lives, but in the process many people haven’t changed; which is VERY profound. People have come out of their locking down in place the exact same ways they went in; selfish and dysfunctional. Some people are not trying to change in any way and they will go back to doing the exact same things they have always done. If this worldwide experience haven’t changed you, what will it take?

People are more concerned with running out to the stores to buy stuff, but if you get this virus and it kills you, all of the stuff you thought was worth risking your health/life to get will be left behind. It’s sad the priorities people have on things and other people, but no priority on their own lives! Although life is very delicate and precious people aren’t acting as if they value their lives at all.

If you can’t deal with yourself then no wonder you can’t enjoy being alone or enjoy being in the presence of your families. People want out and as soon as things were lifted in many places people ran out like animals. It’s crazy the things I’m seeing. It ONLY hits home when it hits home! It’s a risk many are obviously willing to take.