Why Do You Allow Stagnation


Most people in the entire world need to ask self this question. People spend all of their lives stopped, blocked, and stumped by their past experiences, situations, and events. People spend most of their lives seeking in others the things they should, but don’t possess in self. All it does is plunge people deeper into their own problems. It causes people to remain stuck where they are mentally. It doesn’t allow them the ability to move forward in life.

When people don’t want to change they won’t. No depths of loving them will change this, because a person has to want and accept change for self. Sadly, many don’t and won’t, because they are too busy being angry, hating, sad, depressed, and so forth. They are too busy trying to find love not knowing what it is, acceptance when they don’t accept self, validation when all they’ve done is validated the unhealthy things in their lives allowing it to keep them in terrible mindsets, and many other things. They are too busy trying to figure out others when they haven’t figured out self. They live most of their lives pointing the finger at someone else blaming them for what they’ve chosen for self. You, no one else chooses for your life. It is you who chooses how you think, feel, and act. People contribute, but the choice to stay on the same path as what was taught, learned, etc is always up to the individual.

People allow dysfunctional people to influence them and cause them the inability to grow. They get with other dysfunctional people and then comes the complete train wreck. What do people expect when they haven’t resolved their own issues, but they continue to get involved with others who haven’t resolved theirs as well? You’re going to get a train wreck!

Life can be tough, but our storms come to help us see how strong we can be and are. People fall apart because they didn’t have it together in the first place. No one or nothing makes you feel a certain way unless you choose the feeling and/or emotion. People blame others too much and they give others way too much power over their lives.

If you want things to change in your life, it is you and only you who have to make the change. You can continue to go around in circles living the same cycles or you can choose to remain the same. Unfortunately even though it’s always an option to change, many won’t choose it! It says a lot about about the mindset.

Look in the mirror! What you actually see is determined by what’s in your head and heart. It’s not up to significant others, friends, family, or other people. It’s up to you and you alone! This is the main reason people can’t spend time alone. They don’t like who they are and they feel this way, because it’s what they’ve learned to believe about self. This is why some people find it difficult to deal with their children, because they are reflections of the parents and their dysfunctional ways. If you don’t choose change the dysfunction spreads.

If you’re still allowing all types of things (people and things) to affect your life, it alters what you see. Many people hate themselves, because of what they believe about self. People don’t give themselves the chances they deserve to be happy and better. Most have bought into what others have said about them. They’ve bought into the belief they don’t deserve better. If you don’t believe what I’m saying is true take a sit down right now and honestly assess your life. Where are you at this moment (happy, sad, depressed, abusive relationships, disrespected in your relationships, can’t manage your children, addicted to substances, no ambition-goals, money hungry, constantly seeking self gratification, suicidal, etc)? Whatever you feel has been YOUR choice and yours along. Whatever you continue to go through has been your choice.

Choosing to remain the same gives you NO wiggle room. If leaves you immobile. You want to know how to know this is true? Simply assess to see if you’re doing the same things you were last year, the year before, etc. If you’re still thinking the same, then you’re feeling and acting the same as well. Only you
can choose change.

I’m not trying to make you feel any worse about yourselves. I’m trying to give you a reason to look at your lives! You deserve better, but despite this fact many people still choose to remain the same. Changing is all up to you, the individual. You have to realize the need, accept it, and make a decision to change. Life is how you perceive and receive it! It’s what you make of it regardless if it’s of your doing or because of a curve ball thrown at you! Change how you think it changes everything about you and your lives!