Doing the Unthinkable for Fame


Yes and it’s so very sad! Many people are desperately chasing fame and will do ANYTHING to get and keep it. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with doing something in your life, to set and achieve goals, and to seek after being the best you can be. However, when it’s an obsession after money and fame then you are treading on dangerous grounds.

A lot of people have forgotten where they have come from. Many came from nothing, but they get a little something and they completely change. They THINK they are better because they can afford better. NO they are not better! They lose humility and they become quite vain.

This world is full of vultures who are preying everyday on desperate people who are seeking fame and fortune or power in general. They are preying everyday on those who are craving to stay famous. The most saddest part is they use children in the midst of it all. Children are a commodity in this world. This is why they are constantly coming up missing. They are used by those who are seeking fame and fortune. They are used by those who are seeking to stay on top. Children are either bred specifically, kidnapped, or given freely by their loved ones to be groomed as high priest or sacrifices. They are abused on the highest levels. Children are born into or brought into generational Satanism. Please do your research. The only people who don’t want to face this truth is those who are doing it and those who choose to turn a deaf ear (heads in the sand). Please, please, protect the children.

People think doing the unthinkable to children gives them immortality and power to stay on top, etc. It goes to show you how little people know. They will serve the devil, yet won’t believe in God the Father or Jesus. We ALL are immortal! Why? It’s because we ALL will live eternally. Once our spirit leave the body its housed in we will continue to live eternal in spirit form. All of the things people choose to do while they are living in their physical bodies is sealing their fate. They are choosing hell while they are living in their physical bodies. If they don’t change and stop what they are doing they WILL live eternal, but it will be in hell.

Many people in the world are put on pedal stools by other people and they will do whatever it takes to stay there. This is why many end up killing themselves, getting strung out on drugs and alcohol, getting caught up in the dark side worshipping idols and false gods, etc. They are trying to do whatever they can to chase or keep the mighty buck. This is why the Bible says “for the love of money is the root to all evil.” For as long as can be people have been the same way doing any and everything to gain status and to keep it.

Souls are completely lost in this world! This world is a dark, dark, place with people who have cold hearts. This world is full of those who are worshipping the devil. I mean physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc just as some of us worship God the Father and Jesus the Son. They are so focused on gaining the world they willfully sell their soul’s to the devil. They do all types of satanic rituals to get famous and to stay famous. They are in elite clubs doing the unthinkable! It’s sad. Parents are selling their children to gain fame. They forget they are supposed to love and protect their children, instead they end up the perpetrators handing their children off to people who are worst then they are. They are doing any and everything you can think up for fame and fortune (money).

Many people are per se doing things they don’t want to do. If a person REALLY didn’t want to do something then they wouldn’t do it. Their greed supersedes what is right and moral. All money isn’t good money and IF it’s not good money it’s not worth it! Many people have lost their way and their peace trying to stay on the pedal stools they are put on. They end up sex craved, addicted to you name it, depressed, full of anxiety, suicidal, homicidal, and a host of other behavioral health issues because they have willfully driven self to it. Many mental health conditions are caused as a direct result of a loss of peace of mind.

When people have sold their souls they are the true walking dead! Without change they have sealed their fate and put the nail in their coffins while they have blood running through their veins. Having money to do what you need to do or even want to do is great, but if the love for it has you obsessed then your are a lost soul! If you will do anything to get money then you are a lost soul! If you think being on top makes you special or makes you exempt from death then you are sadly mistaken. It does make you exempt, but NOT how you think. It exempts you from Heaven! As sure as you live your body will one day die! You will have gained the whole world only to die and can’t take ANYTHING with you. Even if they buried you with all of your possessions they would ONLY rot! They will be of NO use to you!

I feel VERY sad for people who are obsessed with money, fame, fortune, etc. These types of individuals NEVER have enough money and they are NEVER famous enough they constantly seek more and more. It drives them mad! They have unhealthy relationships, they are in and out of relationships, they are worshipping satan, they are addicts on all levels, many are unhealthy because they don’t get enough rest and they are doing anything and everything under the sun. No matter what they do it’s NEVER enough. They have no peace of mind.

Isn’t it a sad way to be? When you sell your soul then you are controlled by someone OR something else. One thing about God the Father and Jesus the Son is those choosing to serve are NEVER forced to stay on the Lord’s side once they choose to be there. They always have freewill. Selling your soul or when you’re obsessed with fame and fortune you lose all control, because you’ve given it up to something or someone to get what you THINK you want. Then once you get it you realize the high price you paid for it.


No Relationship No Power


A lot of people talk about loving Jesus the Son and God the Father, yet they have no relationship or real connection to the source. How do people think they will have the power given unto us without a real relationship with the Creator? It’s not possible!

There are plenty of people in this world who profess Jesus and the Father from their lips, yet they are living something else! Talking just to talk won’t get it. Doing things or speaking just to be seen and heard won’t get it. No one can have the power God has given us if they don’t have a relationship with Him.

Many people are missing out on their God given power and gifts, because they choose to gamble with their lives. You can go to church, read the Bible, be nice to people, love folks, tithe, give, go to Bible study, sing in the choir, etc, etc NONE of it will get you into Heaven! You can’t get to the Father without going through to the Son and you can’t get to either if you don’t have the necessary relationship.

Learning to mimic and mock won’t work! Matter of fact it is wrong to mock God. The very people you’re fronting/faking for has to stand before the Father on that Great Day just as you and I! The Bible says “every knee say bow to Jesus and every tongue shall confess to the Father.” That means no soul is exempt.

We are living in a satanic, demon, evil infested world. I don’t know why people still want to gamble with their souls. This world has nothing to offer but death.

Too many people are too busy trying to pretend to be something they know they are not. Sad part is the same people you’re faking in front of they are faking in front of someone else. Senseless! People are too busy trying to please man when man has no Heaven or hell to put them in. Yet, people still try to act one way in front of certain people when they know they are something else.

Time is winding up. It’s winding up for you, me, and everyone else. Every day we live to see we die a little bit. I mean physically! Everyday we are a step closer to death. We may transgress back to acting like children, but these bodies don’t go backwards they progress forward.

What do people need to gain from the world before they are ready to go all the way for the Father and the Son? Seeking after everything or anything else other than God leaves you with nothing, but being a lost soul.

Many people get emotions confused with the anointing when they are completely different. Many people get gifts and talents confused. Gifts are from God, talent is a whole other story (something innate or learned). Many people are led astray by their churches, leaders, and others; because they don’t have that personal relationship for self. They are too busy following everyone and everything other than God the Father and His Son Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is here to lead and guide, but it can’t when people aren’t willing vessels. You can’t walk in the Spirit with the Spirit when you don’t acknowledge the Father and Son. People must be all the way in; if not then they are out. Plain, simple, and to the point!

Smiling Outside Broken Inside


Many people walk around with big smiles on their faces, but they are broken inside. They muster enough strength to make it from day to day; yet they live dysfunctional lives. What’s inside is coming out one way or another and no amount of fake smiles will stop it. Most of these types of people don’t understand how they willfully hold themselves in negative states of mind.

Think about this; the only reason people are sad, hurt, angry, bitter, full of hate, pain, sorrow, etc, etc is because of something they haven’t let go! It always goes back to something! People need to figure out what their something is so they can leave all of the negativity behind them once and for all. People are burdened down because they hold on to stuff they should of let go.

Believe it or not, people get comfortable feeling the way they feel no matter how depressing it is. They are familiar with their pain. What they don’t understand is they have the power to control their own lives and stop giving power to the memories of their pasts and their thoughts. It is always what’s holding individuals back.

A lot of people would rather fake their way through life then to deal with what is really bothering them. Smiling on the outside when you’re hurting inside does nothing to help a person deal with their issues. It keeps people stuck right where they are. Many people think they are alone when it is furthest from the truth. No one in this world is going through a brand new situation someone somewhere hasn’t already dealt with or is dealing with. I know it doesn’t change the fact you may be going through, but it does mean you’re not alone.

We all have gone through things and will continue to go through our peaks and valleys for a lifetime. If a person doesn’t deal with what they have suppressed or pretend doesn’t exist it makes it harder to deal with those other things life unexpectedly throws at you.

As I’ve always stated; many are in this world full of negativity then they make decisions to bring children into the world raising them to be exactly like them. It is a sad thing and it is why many of the children grow up to be dysfunctional adults. People need to deal with their issues and make conscious decisions to break the negative cycles in their lives. If they don’t they will continue to go through life exactly the same way. It’s like a hamster on wheel; spinning fast yet going absolutely no where! Stuck!

To change starts with you the individual. You can blame all day, you can point the finger all day, and you can complain all day. At the end of the day the decision to change falls on you the individual. A smiling face is a beautiful sight, but it’s a super sad situation when it’s on the face of a person who is broken inside. Pretense does nothing at all to help a person heal and move on from their pains. Stop giving power to your negative ways of thinking and choose to break chains and cycles. It’s something a person has to do for self and it can only be done by the individual who needs it.

Choosing to be a Slave to Sin


Romans 6 1-8 please read it. People who claim to love Jesus must take a stand. You can’t continue to willfully sin and say you love Jesus. No none of us are perfect. However, we should live in a way pleasing to the Lord. He dwells in those who receive Him and live for Him and because of it if we choose we can gain a perfected holy way of living.

We all fall short, we all go through, etc. It doesn’t mean you’re choosing sinful ways. If you truly love Him you will live for Him. When a person truly fall in love with Jesus and choose to live for Him they don’t want to do what they once did. If a person doesn’t change then something is wrong. There is no way you can remain the same!

Too many people fall because they are already trying to stand on an unstable foundation. Foundations are unstable, because people are trying to have it both ways when it’s impossible. Folks don’t want to truly give up this world. When you choose Jesus there’s no way you can continue to live the same IF you do then you’re not truthfully living what you profess.

It’s not hard serving the Lord. Matter of fact the more you do the more you want to. What’s hard in the minds of many is giving up this world. You can’t give up your old ways without giving up this world.

The sad part is many people think they are fooling God, duh, NO you’re not! You may fool some people, but you sure aren’t fooling Jesus the Son nor God the Father. If you want to stay in the world, it’s your choice, but to pretend you love the Lord yet you are still in the world it gets you nowhere other than closer to hell! Playing games with your soul is very dangerous, because you don’t know the day nor the hour your time will be up. Don’t mess around and be out of chances to get it right the Creator.

People willfully choose their slavery mentalities. They are slaves to sin and they do it of free will. They are completely led by the lusts of their flesh seeking self gratification in many ways (sex, money, love, material things, etc, etc). People are more and more offended with the truth. If you’re offended with the Word of God, it only means in some way the truth affects you. It cuts like a knife. It resonates within! Many people feel this, but they continue to remain in the world.

Most times the only reason people are pretending to love the Lord is to please man. They try to make man think they are on the Lord’s side. They learn how to mock and mimic. Yet in their hearts and behind closed doors they are doing any and everything they want to even thought it’s against the Lord.

Remember anytime you’re not all in for Jesus it means you’re out! Period!

Make American Great Again Insinuates What


Listen, you, you, and you! This message is ONLY for people who hate on people of color because of their skin. People have taken this too far! No place on earth can be great if hatred is involved. American IS great, people are making it a NOT so great by the hatred, anger, and racism. Individuals who hate other races are individuals who don’t love self. People are full of anger and hatred, because this is how they were taught or they grew to be this way out of some bad experiences. Either way or however it came about any learnt behavior can be unlearned.

This racism must stop! To look at anyone with hate because of their skin color shows exactly how ignorant people can be. Who are you to hate on anyone because of their skin color? Who are you to think you’re better than someone due to skin color? No race is superior! I won’t even apologize for the truth!

We all are connected in some way or another, there’s no pure race. I challenge anyone to take a DNA test to see the truth. Not one single person on earth was asked to be born into the skin they are in. Not one!!!!!!!!! Not even you!!! To hate anyone due to their skin color is complete ignorance. Any person who does have obvious issues they haven’t dealt with. How would you like it if people hated you because of how ugly you are? Yes you are UGLY because the hatred you project makes you ugly.

Stop pointing fingers at others and take a good look at yourself. You have issues to deal with that you have not dealt with. Instead people like you do nothing but point the finger and blame others for how you’ve chosen to become. You don’t have to be ugly and full of hate toward people because of their skin color. It is what you choose to do!

If you were better than the person you hate due to their skin color than you would act better! If you were better you would show love NOT hate! If you were better or superior something about you would be different from other humans. You are NOT better nor are you superior! Is that what you’re mad about? The fact you REALLY know you’re not superior?

The foolishness needs to stop. It makes people look so immature and ignorant when they are giving energy and time to hate others. You are giving power to those people you hate because you obviously are spending a lot of time thinking about them in order to muster up the energy to hate them. It’s sad! Get a life!

How are you going to make anything great by hating? It’s ignorant to think it’s possible! People are so stoked on this hate thing and racism when everybody here is an immigrant. The Indians were the first in America NOT anyone else. Why are you mad???? Those people who are hating they don’t even know why they are hating. They are simply living the same way with the same negative and distorted mindsets from generation to generation. You’re keeping the cycle going instead of trying to break it!

Why do so many hate people of color when people of color were the slaves, when they were raped, beat, and murdered as slaves, when they were ripped from families, when some of the women were forced to care for and feed from their breast children while they neglected their own, when they were forced to take care of the fields and build things, when they were kept from learning, etc?

Wouldn’t you think the people of color should be the one’s with all of the hate? I’m simply asking why do you hate? Is it because everything they were prohibited from doing many eventually mastered? It only taught mental toughness and how to deal with your storms. Is it because of the resiliency, though they were beaten, murdered, raped, many still survived? You don’t even know why you hate, you just do, because it’s what you were taught and embraced! Do you have your own mind to think on your own or will you be a follower all your life? The racism needs to stop!

If you found out Jesus was of color would you say Lord I don’t want to go to Heaven? Never mind you will seal your fate right now if you keep living with the hate. You won’t have to worry about Heaven!

In today’s world most of the people who hate on skin color knows NOTHING about slavery at all. Yet, they have the audacity to hate because someone they know or knew hates. It’s ignorant, shallow, and VERY sad we are living in 2019 with this crap still going on. Learn to love yourself! I sure hope you don’t think you love yourself if you’re hating anyone. It’s hard to love other people when you don’t love yourself. It starts with you! Stop the hate and learn how to love, because you definitely are NOT superior. If you TRULY thought you were you would act it! Instead of being a part of the problem which is making American not so great, be a part of the solution to make it great as it can be! The answer isn’t in hate or thinking you’re superior!

I have a side bar for any Blacks who hate on Blacks, you are ridiculous and ignorant too! Don’t say Black lives matter when you’re killing your own everyday. Don’t say Black lives matter when you’re fighting in the streets acting like you don’t have any sense. Those of you who don’t like the skin you’re in shame on you! Something is wrong with you as well and you need to get your lives together and stop with the foolishness! Learn to love yourselves and the skin you’re in; you can’t love one without loving the other!

When People Owe You Money


When people owe you money and don’t pay you don’t fight with them, don’t be angry, don’t lose friendship, etc. etc. I know for some of you it’s hard not to do those things. However, don’t let the actions of others cause you to get out of character. You hold your own button for which you allow others to push!

I’ve been there more than once, but it has taught me a great lesson. I don’t care who it is you won’t get me twice! That goes for anyone! I will not allow a person to come back to me and sucker me again!

Some people have the audacity to treat you as if you’ve done something to them. Every time you see them they have an attitude. They act that way because they know they owe and they feel guilty, but instead of doing the right thing of paying you back, they cop an attitude.

You have people who will avoid you like the plague knowing full well they owe you money. Then when you finally ask them they are mad at you for asking. They act as if “the nerve of you to ask me for your money.” It’s a shame isn’t it?

Then there are those who will tell you a million times, I’m going to pay you, I need more time. You’re still waiting days, weeks, months, and years later! You see them buying things, etc, but not trying to pay you back.

What about those who stop communicating with you all because they owe you money. They act as if you have wronged them! Terrible isn’t it?

Nowadays it doesn’t matter to me. It “rolls off of my shoulders like a wet duck.” I figure the person know they owe me, if they act as if they don’t owe me it’s on them. Trust and believe they will get what’s coming. Some will have the gall to come back and ask for more money. That’s when you laugh in their face and send them down the road. Tell them to use the money they already owe you! Sounds harsh, hey maybe so, but you have to let people know you’re not their personal financial institution.

Remember people will always treat you how you allow them to treat you! If you’re always giving they will take and by the way some of them will go tell a friend “oh ask her/him they will let you borrow money.” Like my mom used to say “make a lie out of them.” You can’t lend to everyone who asks. When you give money on a borrow or loan you expect it back. Sadly you don’t always get it back. Stop giving your money to those types of people.

If it’s really important to get your money back then never give people money without some form of contract. I don’t care who the person is. This way if you have to go to court you will have proof they promised to pay you back a certain amount on a certain day. This will be your proof.

I barely give people money these days. I’ve been burnt many times in the past and I simply won’t allow it anymore. If I give something then I don’t expect it back. I don’t give large sums of money to anyone. If I did I would do a contract for sure. It’s up to you how you handle it. The most important thing is don’t lose control because someone doesn’t pay you what they owe you! Simply do not give it again. I know people want their money, but if you don’t get it don’t allow it to change you as a whole, just use it as a teaching tool and never do it again. Life is too short and it already comes with too many unexpected things to allow people to have you walking around all mad and bent out of shape over money owed to you. People have done foolish things because they didn’t get back money owed to them. It’s not worth the headache. Chalk it up as a loss and move on. Simply don’t do it again! I can say this, because I’ve been there and done that!

Giving Without Expecting Something


I had to learn this the hard way. Thank God for change! I realized I had to stop expecting people to say thank you or that they appreciate what you’ve done etc. You would think a person will have common decency to say thank you! It doesn’t always happen. Sometimes people will take from you as if you did nothing at all. Accept people for who they are, BUT learn from it. Don’t allow yourself to be used by anyone.

No we shouldn’t expect anything in return, that is true! However, just because you’re a giving person doesn’t mean the person you’re giving to is an appreciative person. Stop expecting it!

I’ve learned to give and keep it moving. Do it from a pure heart. Some people will take and take, because they are greedy. Don’t allow anyone to take advantage, but always help those who are less fortunate. That doesn’t mean those who are sitting on their stumps waiting on the benefits of your hard labor. If a person isn’t trying, then they don’t deserve it. At least that’s how I see it. If a person is mentally or physically unable that is another story, but to sit complacent because you’re lazy is also another story I don’t care to entertain people who refuse to help themselves. Some days I don’t want to roll out of bed. Therefore it’s foolish to give my hard earn to someone who isn’t remotely trying to do anything. These individuals you learn to tell them no!

A lot of people are stressed out, because all they do is give, give, give to undeserving people. Look inside of yourself and figure out why. I love people and have always tried to help as many as I could/can. However, I’ve learnt people will use you like an old dirty mop if you let them. Not me! Without batting an eyelid, I’ve learned to say NO!

I believe we are here to serve others, but not to be used by others. People will use you up if you let them. Don’t! If you do you’ll feel hurt, sad, disappointed, and stressed! Never let anyone make you feel this way. Learn to say no and don’t feel bad about it either! God wants us to serve, but not be used. People must be smart about it. You can’t give to everyone, but never fail to help people. Once you give something let it be done. If you never get anything in return it’s fine. If you give to a person and they don’t repay you don’t hate them, just never do it again. Don’t let it change you; continue doing what’s right! That’s what I had to learn!

You’ve heard the saying, “get me once shame on you, get me twice shame on me!” People are always burning their bridges knowing full well they will need to come back across the bridge again. Their problem! Those are the other types of people you learn to tell them no! There are plenty of people you have to tell no and you will figure it out, because they will be the same ones repeatedly asking for something. They want your benefits after they’ve spent theirs on foolishness or they don’t have any, because they are lazy and think you will continue to give to them. Even when a person hasn’t done either and they are simply having a hard time to make ends meet. You have to encourage them to do something different. No one can get to a better financial state if they are doing the same things. If something isn’t working, find something that works! Constantly bailing people out is a form of enabling. It keeps people stuck in their current predicaments, because they know you’re coming to the rescue.

Again, when you give, do it from a heart of love; looking for nothing in return, because most times nothing is what you will get. You will be blessed for it in some kind of way!

Last note, we often focus only on the less fortunate, however we should also remember those who maybe fortunate than others. They get burdened down and tired too. Sometimes they need support in other ways. There are trials and obstacles on both ends of the spectrum. No one in life is exempt!