Author of Destruction


I wanted to write about what is going on in the minds of people. Many people in this world are under the influence of the devil and they don’t know it. Too much evil is going on and societies are chalking it up as mental illness when it’s not. I heard on the news yesterday a woman stabbed her four children and their father to death. Tell me that’s not pure evil????????????

The devil is busy killing, stealing, and destroying. Those who haven’t uncovered the truth of what is going on with self will continue lives of dysfunction. They will continue on paths of destruction until they discover who they can be and stop embracing what they are. They then can recover and live the lives God intended.

People succumb too easily to the trick of the devil because they don’t really understand they are under his influence. When you’re not connected to Jesus you are capable of doing anything. People who aren’t in tune with self certainly aren’t in tune with God the Father and Jesus the Son.

The reason the devil is getting into the minds of people is because they are living by the flesh alone. They are in the world doing all the worldly things. They have focus on all of the wrong things. They are self absorbed and selfish; making things all about self.

Those who aren’t in tune with self are led by their negative ways of thinking. They get something into their heads/minds and although technically they know what they’re thinking isn’t right, they will continuously ponder over it until they develop feelings behind the thoughts; leading to negative actions behind the feelings. This is how people end up making bad choices and decisions; they are led by their negative and distorted ways of thinking. When you ponder long enough over negative thoughts you will more than likely act on those thoughts. People are giving power to the negativity until it takes over. This is a form of possession.

It’s nothing but the devil. He already know the minds of many people are weak. These people already have many unresolved issues they haven’t let go; which has already caused them to lead chaotic lives. It’s all destruction and the devil is the father of destruction. When you let him drive he takes over and control. This is what’s happening in the world many are under the influence of the devil and moving at his command without any resistant. This leads people to making some of the worst decisions and choices of their lives.

The powers of good and evil are in full effect. What we choose is what we choose. The devil don’t tight anyone up to serve him, he enters in through all of the avenues people make available. The devil doesn’t fight against those who are on his side; he simply leads them into further destruction and ultimately death. People must wake up!


Words Sweet as a Honeycomb


Don’t be fooled by sweet and or slick talk. Too many are quickly deceived by the words that comes out of the mouth of people. A person’s words can sound real good, but aren’t worth a thing and doesn’t mean a thing, because the intentions behind the words are bogus.

When people haven’t matured they have the tendency to grasp on to whatever is said, because they are being led by their emotions and feelings. Later down the road they realize they bought “wolf tickets” that weren’t worth a thing.

A person can talk a good talk knowing the whole time they don’t intend to do what they say. They don’t mean what they say, they say it because they know it sounds good to the ears and they know you believe it. Remember I always say “we teach people how to treat us.”

You must learn to see the actions behinds a person’s words. When you see the actions it means those words has substance. The truth will always surface in some form if we are open to the truth. The problem is many are in too deep in their feelings and emotions, they overlook the truth.

There are many who are in relationships because the words spoken by their significant others sounded very good. We have heard forever “if it sounds too good to be true, it’s not true). Why is it that when it comes to relationships people completely forget about this cliché? People are too immersed in their feelings until they are oblivious to the actions of those they are with or perhaps want to be with. It is why many find themselves in unhealthy relationships. Their eyes are wide open but they fail to see a thing!

When I always say or write people are this way due to immaturity, I’m not trying to put anyone down at all. We all have been immature at some point in life. A person will mature by the aging process, but it doesn’t mean they are a mature adult, it ONLY means they have gotten older in age. People who are still being led by their emotions haven’t matured. Many people go through things, but they don’t learn from their experiences and oftentimes find themselves in and out of the same types of relationships with similar acting people. It’s because they having matured. Unfortunately some will die immature. Some people live, but never grow. They go through things, but don’t necessarily learn  which is how we grow and mature.

To really mature you must first know thyself. You must know who you are, by accepting all flaws and facing any issues you have inside to get to the point of loving thyself. You will learn from every experience and you will not allow what you’ve gone through to keep you in a stagnant state of mind. When you love yourself you will “guard your hearts.” You will no longer allow feelings and emotions to cause you to make the wrong decisions and choices. You will be able to see and enjoy the forest although it’s full of trees “so to speak.” You can see further than the end of your noses because your eyes are open and you can see the truth for the truth; beyond the smooth, sweet words. You will accept no matter how good something looks, sounds, feels, if it’s not good for you you’re not interested. Most importantly you will know the difference between wanting and needing something. or someone.

This post can relate to any facet of your lives. Stop going solely by what is said and start looking at the actions behind the words. If people do this a lot of  lives would be different. In my opinion a person’s words are only worth the actions behind them. A person can talk all day, yet do something totally different. They can speak a bunch of sweet nothings. Words can sound good, but hold no merit, because of the lack of actions behind them. When people get pass being led by their emotions and feelings they will understand this concept.





Relationships Normally End How They Begin


I’ve written on this subject before, however I thought I would refresh some memories. Most relationships end according to how they begin. Many people get into relationship by cheating with someone who is already in a relationship. Oftentimes these are married people cheating on their mates.

It doesn’t matter if your the cheater or the one the cheater is cheating with, you’re both immature and wrong. A lot of times the cheater and the one he or she cheated with end up married. To no surprise they end up divorced later down the road, because of the same reasons they got together. Someone else came along (just as they did) and cheated with their spouse (or girlfriend/boyfriend). What do people think? They think they can wreck homes and all kinds of mess and then live in marital bliss? No it doesn’t work like that and Karma will bite them dead in the butt. You can do wrong and get by, but you won’t get away! It’s coming right back to you. Crazy to me how some people are so devastated when they’re on the receiving, but when they were cheating with the married individual they didn’t care the individual was married. It all seems to matter when they’re being cheated on.

The moral to this post is if you meet someone and you find yourself attracted to someone else’s man or woman, GET AWAY from them. If they are in a relationship of ANY kind, please don’t make an immature decision to pursue this relationship. If you do I promise you will suffer the consequences of your actions. What you do to others will come back to you! Think about what you’re doing. We all have the control as to who we fall in love with or who we choose to be with. When people choose other people’s significant others they’ve crossed the line. Nothing good will come to them! It may seem to work out, but it doesn’t last and you will find yourself in the same position you put someone else in (cheated on).

People who cheat and those who get into relationships with them are people who have no morals or values, they lack integrity, they are immature, they lack honesty, and they don’t know have a clue about commitment. What they give they will  eventually get! That’s how life works. If you start out wrong, it will end wrong. This doesn’t only pertain to cheating, it pertains to anything. If people get into relationships for all of the wrong reasons, whatever reason they got into the relationship will most likely be the very reason they want to leave it.

People are blind by their thoughts and feelings. They are led blindly and foolishly into relationships which are clearly not good for them. They always end up suffering the consequences of their actions. Sadly this means death for many (literally) whether physically, mentally, or emotionally). It is ALWAYS a personal choice to cheat, to be with a married individual, or to stay with a cheater. It’s always a personal choice as to the individual we become involved with. People see signs, but they ignore them. People are led by their emotions and because of it will ALWAYS suffer the consequences of their actions.


The Enemy Dwelling Within


For as long as I  can post I will hit on subjects such as domestic abuse. There are many campaigns against domestic abuse this is my thoughts on that. I believe it’s always a wonderful and excellent  thing to educate the public about the topic, but the truth of the matter is society can’t stop it, it starts with the individual. Unfortunately I believe society goes by it the wrong way. I believe in society if we talk about subjects that helps shape character, morals, and values, there would be hope for a greater tomorrow.

Domestic abuse/violence is an issue that affects all races, genders, ages, populations, nationalities, and cultures. It starts with the individual self. Those who inflict the abuse are people who are suffering from issues they need to deal with. Those who accept abuse are people who also have issues they need to deal with. All of it comes from what lies within. What lies within each of us can be our own worst enemy.

A person who haven’t come to the realization of who they really are,  deal with whatever issues they have, and grown to become better individuals will forever be individuals who will either give crap or take it, point blank! Once a person accept and deal with their demons they can grow into a much better individual. No one can change if they don’t first accept they have issues that need to be faced and dealt with.

I believe a very high percentage of things derives from a person’s past in some form in and in some degree. Those issues more than likely began early in life through one’s environments and social circles; which creates our experiences and ultimately dictates behaviors. People can always chose to not allow negative experiences ruin the rest of their lives or  choose to accept they are broken due to those experiences and events but want to stop allowing it to ruin their lives . If they fail to acknowledge something is wrong they will always live a lie. They will portray themselves as one thing and live another. They will either do unacceptable things or get unacceptable things done to them.

No one is exempt from troubles in life but how we deal with them makes the difference. Many are crippled by their pasts. They allow what has happened or didn’t happen to them ruin their entire lives. So you know what I mean I will give a few examples ( a person raised without their father, a person abused for years = verbally  mentally . physically. sexually, abandoned as a child, neglected as a child, etc etc, received no nurturing, no structure or discipline coming up, etc). No matter what; how a person allowed things to affect them will affect the rest of their lives, but it’s still a personal choice. It may sound cruel but I’m here as a witness it’s the truth. The enemy lies within and it will always surface to the top when people do not deal with what’s causing them dysfunction.

We’ve seen the fall of people from all walks of life; they do things such as commit rape, engage in child porn, molest, form immoral sex acts, kill, cheat, steal, commit suicide, and other terrible things. The reason they do these things is because although they were products of their environments they allowed it to completely affect and taint them. As they grow up and age these people either become the ones who victimize or they live their lives as victims.

These types of people fall in love in all of the wrong ways with all of the wrong people. They have low self esteem, issues with co-dependency, depressed, unhappy with life, they bully people,  they are suicidal, homicidal, no confidence, trust issues, hold on too tight, weak minded and easily persuaded, allow all types of nonsense in their lives, they are either abusive or abused which includes controlling tendencies, and the list goes on. As I’ve said many times before, these types of people are embedded all throughout the world in statuses high and low. Some of them have hidden their demons so long they’ve become quite good at it, but eventually the truth reveals. It always amazes me at how surprised people act when people are revealed to the world.

Some think they have it all under control, but the truth of who they really are always shows up in their decisions, actions, and behaviors (it never fails). They pretend to be this when they are really that. It’s a fact of life! However, when a person deals with the core of who they are and stop pretending and trying to hide their demons; they can then fix what’s wrong. A million like Dr. Phil, Oprah, Ayanla, Dr. Drew, myself, and many more can’t change someone who isn’t acknowledging change needs to occur. We can encourage, enlighten, inspire, motivate, etc, but true change comes from the individual who is willing to change.

Stop being a victim and or stop victimizing. No other human may know what you’re doing, but YOU do! You live with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thirty or thirty one days a month, and three hundred and sixty five days a year. You deal with you every single second of your life, it’s time to stop pretending to be what you know you are not and start dealing with who you are. Pretending does nothing but eventually get you revealed. It also keeps you in your own self made trap. Regardless of what happened to you or what you done, you can change your ways and your lives on today. Stop giving your power to your past, stop giving your power to people and things! Today is a new day, a new beginning; embrace it and  use it for your good.

Society do psych tests, background checks, etc. Truth is although to a degree it shows some tendencies, etc ; it will NEVER be 100 proof, because people know how to hide their demons. They are good at showing what they want you to know. This why people get into positions and they molest,  get caught in child porn, or rape children. This is why people commit work-place violence (they blow up while at work or get fired and go back to their jobs and kill). This is why healthcare providers are drugged up on the drugs they provide (psych meds and pain killers). This is why people get into jobs and they completely use it as a source of power and authority over others – they are individuals who are internally broken, but are pretending to be strong. There are correctional officers sleeping with inmates or doing things for them, this why you see police officers misusing their power. I can go on and on and on. Bottom line these are people that are hired on jobs. The test they took to get those jobs didn’t reveal the truth of who they were.

If our school systems would teach esteem, confidence, what abuse is and isn’t, and other things to build and develop a strong individual, I believe children would be better equipped and therefore more capable to deal with those things they deal with in and outside of their homes. Reality of it is most aren’t getting it at home, because many parents have their own issues, children learn from what they see and hear. They are our future, because children grow into the adults we see that has all of the issues I’m addressing in this post. It’s only my opinion but I believe I’ve seen enough travesty in this world to believe it’s true. What’s being taught in our schools today is good, but it teaches one to excel academically/ professionally but not necessarily how to deal with the world of today. Another thing is  many of the one’s who teaches are some of the very ones with issues. This is across the board with every profession on earth. We’ve seen it over and over once people are revealed.  I know there are many such as myself who learned early  in life to look beyond what they endured and realized no one dictate their lives unless they allowed them too.  As for me, no one gets to choose my happiness, only I get that privilege. I am one who went through a lot, but instead of being broken, I learned from every experience and it’s my duty and honor to share the fact that no matter what; people can choose better for themselves.

Nothing you do, think, or feel is something new or hidden. You may feel it’s just you; that you’re alone, but it’s not the truth. People across the world has done it, thought it, and experienced it in some way to some degree.  If  you want to change the choice is yours and you have to take one step at a time towards change, but it can’t happen if you’re standing in the same spot, thinking the same and doing the same things. My prayer is that you let go and give up your old ways of thinking. If you change how you think everything else will follow (how you feel and how you act). The way we think, feel, and act makes us who we are. Once people understand this, they can look at the man in the mirror and no matter how dark , broken, sad, etc of a person looking back at them; they can become a new creature and start living better lives in better ways. My prayer is that you do!


Head Over Heels for Someone Who Doesn’t Feel the Same About You


Why, why, why? Why do people subject themselves to this type of torment? Listen, it’s not the other person, it’s you! No matter how much you love him or her, if they don’t love you back you’re working with nothing. “Nothing from nothing, leaves nothing.”

Stop trying to force someone into loving you. It doesn’t work! It may work out for the other person, because during this escapade, they are normally getting things they want, while you’re getting nothing. Stop living in a fantasyland and step into reality. If a person doesn’t love you or truly want to be with you, there’s nothing you can do about it. You will end up hurt and resentful, but you will only have you to blame. People don’t want to hear about or read the truth.

Too many are in dead end relationships. Why? The reason is they were dead end from the start, but people try to fix and save individuals or they try to love them so hard in thinking the individual they love will come around. It doesn’t work!

You ever put on a shoe too small? Oh my goodness it’s torture right? They may be cute shoes, but they are bad for your feet. Same with many of the relationships in this world, people are trying to force themselves into the lives of the ones they love when it’s NOT the person meant for them in the first place. Get a grip on your emotions and STOP allowing them to get you into relationships that weren’t EVER destined for you. Don’t you know no matter what you’ve done or gone through you ARE worthy of true love and happiness. It can always be imitated, but never ever duplicated. When it’s an imitation of love along comes all of the unnecessary drama and all of the extra things you have to do and put up with it. This isn’t authentic genuine love.

Believe it or not, we CAN control who we fall in love with. It’s actually simple to do so, but people don’t want to do it. They are blind by their own emotions. They meet someone and fall into lust through the emotions of their hearts, losing focus and unable to see the real deal. If you try to buy your way into someone’s life, they will take from you as long as you give. If you try to sex them up, they will take it for as long as you give it up. You may break your back trying to please and satisfy them; they will take whatever you offer. However, NONE of it will cause them to truly love you. They will go along with whatever as long as you’re giving out freebies. Honestly, you’re your own problem!

Step back and reassess your life. Step back and reassess your relationship. If it’s all about you giving and doing for the other person getting nothing out of the relationship; something is wrong. Most think, because they’re giving all they can and doing all they can they have the other person locked down. NO!! The only one locked down is you, because you’re trapped by your OWN emotions. You believe something to be true when it isn’t. As I’ve always said, the truth is ALWAYS shown in how you’re being treated by the one you love. People fail to see it because they CAN’T see past what they think, feel, and want.

You’re constantly entertaining thoughts of someone who isn’t thinking of you. You’re constantly being discombobulated over feelings that ONLY exist to you. Many of you spend all your money and give your body to someone who doesn’t love you. You want to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same about you. Far too many people are in these types of relationships and it’s very sad.

Sad to say people will continue to struggle with hurt and pain in their relationships as long as they are completely focused on what they’re feeling and not at all on how they’re being treated. Again, a person can tell you they love you all day long, but the truth lies in how they treat you. If he or she truly loves you, it will always be displayed in their actions towards you. A person can talk a good game, but do their actions line up with what they say? Most times they don’t. However, those who are on the receiving end aren’t focused on the truth nor are they willing to accept the truth. They’re still stuck on what they feel and what they want.

What I’m trying to convey is this; know what love is and what it isn’t. Other than God, love first starts with you. If you can’t love yourself, then you’re capable of accepting any and everything from someone else in the name of love; which by the way isn’t love at all.



Let me first say; whether you accept it for what it is or not, how a person feels about you will ALWAYS show in his or her actions towards you. Please make NO mistake about it and please stop accepting it! Stop going solely off of how you feel about someone; you must realize, accept and understand how the other person feels about you! No matter how you feel it won’t change how THEY feel. How they REALLY feel will always show in their actions towards you.

Too many people continue to get into and stay in BAD, UNHEALTHY relationships based on their own personal feelings. Too caught up in their own emotions to see the truth for what it is. This way of thinking will until the end of time lead people into making bad decisions. People must gain control over their emotions, which is what their being lead by. People get too overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings, and then they can’t see past it all to the truth.

If a person would take a moment and reflect; moments to examine their relationship or what they call a relationship they could see the truth. To examine the relationship you’re in you MUST get your emotions in check. I keep hampering on emotions and feelings, because they are what leads millions into very dangerous waters. However, if you step out of your own way, you will be able to see the real deal.

I don’t care how much you THINK you love someone if they don’t love you back, you need to wake up. If they talk to you any kind of way that is abuse and disrespect. If they abuse you in any way; one way is no greater or less than the other. Abuse is abuse; period! Stop trying to sugarcoat it and/or cover it up. Doing that NEVER fixes the situation. It only keeps you in that bad situation.

A real man or woman will NOT mistreat, disrespect, abuse, cheat on, hurt, harm, etc. etc.; the one they truly love. One who has the mind of an immature version will. I get sick, sick, sick of hearing “a man will be a man.” That’s ridiculous. What is even more ridiculous is many men and women believe what society says about men. Immature men want sex just like immature women, because it’s what they’re into. Both are also very focused on how someone looks, so they are fixated on the physical part of a person (booty, chest, boobs, eyes, hair, legs, etc. Grown and mature men and women understands this isn’t  the main focus of a healthy relationship.

Do you know when you’re in a relationship; it’s important to have your emotions in check, because you MUST be able to really understand how you’re treated? If you’re all caught up in your feelings, you’re going to be messed up and I guarantee you that more than likely you’ll end up hurt. I challenge any person on the face of the earth, to step back and think about their current relationship or any previous one. Think about how you’re treated or was treated. Focus on what you’re getting from the relationship, focus on the communication between the two of you, focus on their  interaction with you. If you accept it for what it is there you will find the truth!! You can deny it all day, but the truth will stare you in the face!

I am very sure of what I’ve written to be true. I’ve seen it over and over again. It’s always the same situations, but different people. I’ve been many places overseas and in country and I’m telling you, I’ve seen it over and over again.

People must wake up! Take responsibility of your own lives and STOP putting it in the hands of others who can’t figure their own lives out. If a person doesn’t know what they want for his or herself, you think they will be able to give you what you need? NO! They can manipulate you into believing that they can, but they can’t and it will eventually show. Sad part is they know you better than you know yourself, because they have figured out your weakness and insecurities and will play you to get what they want. Many people get bamboozled because they’re going solely off of what they’re feeling and completely ignoring how they’re being treated. It’s foolish and it’s time to wake up!!!

Stop blaming him or her; they’re doing what they do. It is YOU who need to work on you. You have to deal with why you are allowing yourself to get deeper into an unhealthy relationship or to remain in a relationship where you’re not receiving what you really need. A person can say they love you all day long, but the truth always shows in how they treat you. People can only pretend for so long before the truth is revealed. Please stop ignoring this truth and please stop allowing your emotions to keep you tied to someone who isn’t tied to you.



This post is for any and everyone. I based the title on the mind and how people allow their minds to leave them in broken states of mind. It doesn’t matter who a person is, most allow things from their pasts to stunt their growth in life. This post is to help people understand life doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter what a person goes through or have gone through there’s someone who has gone through or is going through worse. I know reading this doesn’t make a person feel any better, however the statement is still true. This means regardless of what a person is going through it’s NEVER as bad as they think it is. I understand it may be bad to the person going through it, but the truth is all things we go through are only as bad as we perceive them to be.

I’ve been encouraging people and providing some form of intervention for years. I truly understand how the mind can take a person on a trip. I’ve seen things and if I didn’t tell myself okay enough is enough, you’ve let it play over in your head long enough, my mind would keep replaying it. The reason most people continue to live in the same states of mind for years, is because they aren’t able to stop re-playing memories and thoughts of the things they’ve seen, heard, or have gone through. We’re all human and at some point it happens to us all, but when we can’t move on from things this is when dysfunction occurs.

The problem with most is they haven’t yet learned how to get past things that have caused negative  disturbances in their lives. This is why so many are constantly re-living the memories of their pasts. They are living the residual affects of the actual experiences. Their lives are in disarray  and many can’t seem to function without disorder and chaos. Most are living a lifelong pity party; not understanding or accepting the fact that no one has to live this way.

I don’t care what you go through. I don’t care how bad it was. I don’t care what you have done. I don’t care how bad it was, you can get past it. Most people stay in a darkened state of mind of their own freewill. They don’t want to let go of what their parents did or didn’t do. They don’t want to let go of what happened to them (regardless of what it was). Instead of moving on many choose to waddle in their situations and continue to allow the thoughts to play around in their heads. This leads to different forms and levels of self destruction.

People want to blame it on things such as their dads not being in their lives, others on their mom’s not being in their lives, and many on being past victims of all forms of sexual abuse or physical. It’s all an EXCUSE. I know this may upset people but it is still the truth. What you’ve gone through was a real event, but it’s over. People continue to re-play it in their heads and it causes them a life of pain and suffering.

Each of us were born in this world without knowledge or input. None of us got a chance to say whether we wanted to be born or who our parents would be. The fact is we’re here. When we allow what has been said and done to us by others to disrupt the rest of our lives it is no one’s fault but our own. Many give all power to the past and those who wronged them. Sad part about it is many of those people who wronged you are dead in the grave or have gone on with their lives. Yet many still live a life of self destruction over it, rendering themselves powerless.

I’m not being inconsiderate or insensitive. I’ve personally gone through MANY storms. However, I chose to NOT allow what I’ve gone through to cause me to want to give up on myself or life. People can be ruthless, heartless, and plain cruel. It goes for friends, family  relatives, and others. Many hurt others because of what they’ve gone through. People seem to forget how painful things were when they were going through hell. Far too many have gone on to do the same things to others.

No person has to subject his or herself to a lifetime of misery because of what they’ve gone through in life. You made it through right? If you made it through you can get past it. Too many are held captive not by their minds, but to their minds. It’s all about negative thinking. People hold on to negative memories. They hold those memories inside and allow them to take root in their lives. They water the roots when they continue to re-live the memories on a daily basis in their actions and behaviors.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life, today you can move forward from the negativity and stagnation you’ve allowed to overcome and envelop you. None of us can go back to live what we have already lived. Unfortunately many remain stagnant and stuck due to their unwillingness to let things go and move forward. Instead they re-live their painful memories over and over. They turn to lives of crimes, drugs, alcohol. self mutilation, suicidal and homicidal tendencies or the act itself, immortal sexual acts or sex addiction, abuse (giving or receiving), and the list goes on. It’s easier to live with the familiarity of misery then to move forward and make a lasting change, because change means putting in the time and effort to make it happen. Many do nothing but complain. They choose to continue living their lifelong pity party.

Many become content with their lives. Some will say “you think I want to be this way or I don’t want to be this way.” I say YES YOU DO. When you’re seriously tired of being the way you are you will make a change. Unfortunately many will continue to subject themselves to destructive ways of life. A lot of them blame EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, but fail to take ownership and responsibility of their own lives, actions, and behaviors.

A person who doesn’t choose to move towards change is a person who is content and comfortable with their life. If you’re comfortable don’t complain. You have a choice to change, question is will you?