Going Against the Grain Despite the Signs


Many people get into relationships knowing full well they see the signs present. Problem is they choose to ignore the signs until they are overwhelmed, overtaken, and consumed emotionally. People willfully put themselves in bad situations expecting good results. It doesn’t work! They go into relationships blindly allowing emotions and feelings to lead.

People who do this has issues they need to resolve. No one can see clearly when they are blind by their feelings and emotions. People who do this oftentimes find themselves in situations they didn’t imagine being in.

Significant others know exactly how to treat the people they are with, because they are taught by those individuals. Significant others who haven’t overcome their own issues will bring their issues into the relationship. Then you have two individuals who are both blind by their feelings and emotions. This leads to destruction. There’s no true ability to communicate when communication is the key to any relationship.

It’s hard to understand what you need when you’re hell bound on getting what you want. Many times people get what they wanted only to find out they don’t want it at all.

I can’t tell people enough the importance of knowing and loving yourself. It’s very important in relationships. A true healthy relationship starts with self. Knowing who you are, being self aware, and loving self helps keep you focused and smart about what you really need. You learn to see beyond emotions and feelings. When you figure you out, people will then sometimes have a problem with you, because they have problems with self. They expect for you to be the way you used to be.

My suggestion to people is to figure self out. Learn to love yourself before you try to commit to and love someone else. Take time to enjoy you. Some people jump from relationship to relationship, because they don’t know how to be alone. I’ve seen it time and time again. People from all walks and caliber of life do this. A lot of times people think folks with a lot of money do things differently. This may be true as for buying things, going places, etc, but as for relationships, many are dealing with the same types of issues. Nothing changes what’s inside, but change itself. Money, fame, fortunate, titles, will not do it. What’s inside is always shown through bad choices and decisions and it doesn’t matter who the individual is or what they have. What a person thinks and feels about self is shown through their choices and decisions. In life they will go against the grain, because they think it’s best for them when it’s not!

Some people don’t care how plain the writing is on the wall to others because they can’t see the writing on the wall for self. They go against the grain out of the love they think they feel. For many it has caused great stress and for some their lives. The signs do not lie! They will present every time, but people ignore them due to their feelings. They think they love the person and they feel they got to have the person. Then they begin to see the chaos and drama in their lives.

Some people don’t attempt to get out of unhealthy relationships, because they are afraid. They are afraid to stand on their own two feet. They are afraid of the person. They are afraid of how they will make it. If you’re afraid for any reason you’re in the WRONG relationship!

No one can give what a relationship deserves when they haven’t yet learned to love self and are not self aware. They will always be led by how they feel, because it will over power everything else making them look at things in a distorted view. People will use and abuse you, because they know you will take it. You teach your significant other exactly how to treat you! If you keep making the same types of decisions and choices it’s a clear sign you’re not learning from your experiences!


To Love Him Is To Live For Him


Point blank and the bottom line! People are full excuses and they are quickly offended at the truth! Although many proclaim Him, they are offended at the Word of God. Lies!!! There is no way a person who say they love the Lord and are truly about His business will be offended at the Word. People are falling away left and right, because they never had any roots. They are about lip service, but no service to Jesus.

How can a person who profess Christ in their life always defend someone who willfully go against the Word of God. This type of person is fooling his or herself. No way it should be happening. People who are always at the defense of those who are doing things clearly against the Word of God are NOT on the side of Jesus.

People have the right to do what they want to do. However, when you try to convince me it’s right when I know it’s against the Word of God, you’re wrong! I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, debate, or judge; I’m only standing for what is right and for the Word of God! Those who are offended need to check self, because you’re not serving who you say you are. If you’re agreeing with something against God’s Word, then you’re against God, period!

Many folks want to claim Him, but live any kind of way. They want to claim Him, yet follow up behind things that are against God. They are ONLY damning and fooling self! You can NOT say you love Him, yet go against Him. Well you can say it, but you would be lying if you’re defending wrong! To love Him is to live for Him. There’s no other way. It’s either this OR that! Those are the ONLY two options. It’s your choice!

I don’t care who you are or anything else, if what you do is against Jesus the Son it’s against God the Father. You can’t bypass Jesus, because through Him is the ONLY way to the Father. Yes, people have the right to live how they choose. To stand on the Word of God isn’t condemning or judging, it’s faithfully and firmly standing on the truth of God’s Word.

Individuals are VERY quick to say you’re judging and no one’s perfect. Excuses, excuses, excuses, which gets you nowhere! You can’t grow if you keep making excuses to remain where you are. You can’t be Team Jesus if you’re “professing Him with your lips, but hearts are far from Him.” It’s NOT possible. People are doing it, but the reality of it is even if you gained the whole world you STILL lose!

People must STOP being wishy washy and doubled minded. People must stand on God’s Word if you love Him, no matter what or who! A lot of people say what they think others want to hear (tickling the ears). No, if you’re a true believer than you should be upholding the Word of God and NOT going along to get along. That will get you nowhere, but in hell!

Can’t Sugarcoat an Abomination


I am not trying to bash anyone, that isn’t who I am or what I do, but I will slap you with the truth. The truth only hurt people, because it is the truth! I’m trying to help people who claim to be Saints of God to open their eyes to the truth. If you’re not a true Saint of God, in your heart you know you’re not! You’re NOT fooling Jesus the Son or God the Father, you’re only fooling yourself out of a seat in the Kingdom. Man’s ways are more important to many. Jesus says “if you love me, you will keep my commandments!”

I saw a picture of two women “pastors” getting married and another picture of two men “pastors” getting married. Listen up, I don’t care what you say; the Bible they’re reading they’ve taken from it and added to it. There is no way under the sun they can decipher anywhere in the Bible it says it is okay to be with or wed the same sex. Now, as I’ve always said I expect unbelievers to do anything they please, but for so called believers, no way! These people aren’t true believers, they aren’t true “pastors” of God, and they certainly aren’t doers of the Word. They obviously don’t know the Word! The relationship they have is with their god, but not God the Father or Jesus the Son.

I’m not judging anyone! I’m writing about what is written in the Word of God, and it says it’s an abomination. The Bible does specifically name things which are an abomination to God and this is one. I’m not judging I’m only repeating what the Word itself says. People are dismissing the Word of God due to feelings of their hearts. They are allowing their hearts to lead them into places they shouldn’t be.

I feel it’s time to speak the unadulterated truth! Two men laying with each other is pure filth and so is two women laying with each other. Think about what comes from the orifices of our bodies in which these people partake in for pleasure. It’s a place of bacteria and filth. Those orifices release bacteria and toxins from our body, they weren’t meant to partake in for pleasure. This is why so many disease are prominent in our world. It is acts of sodomy. It is clear many so called Saints are living as if in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. I tell you; God isn’t pleased!

I can’t tell anyone who to love, but I can tell you if it’s wrong in the sight of God. According to the Word of God it is wrong! There is no way to sugarcoat it, water it down, or make it right. It may feel good to a person, but it is STILL wrong! If it were right God wouldn’t have said it was wrong!!! He also would have made a way for the same sex to be able to procreate. It is impossible for two of the same sex species to reproduce (humans or animals). Don’t you think God made it this way for a reason????????

People are more caught up in their feelings, (their significant other) rather then their feelings for God. They don’t want to call out what they know is wrong, but they want to water down the Word of God. I’m here to say, it doesn’t work! God’s Word will stand when we’re all dead and gone. God doesn’t change His Words to please or appease us. He doesn’t change to conform to us. As children of God we are to conform to Him to become pleasing in His sight! No one can make such a transformation if they are caught up in self. Many of so called Saints ways of thinking are wrong and against God; which produces those feelings, desires, and wants that are against God.

God still loves us, we are all His children, He created us all, but we’re NOT all Children of God. It’s a personal choice! God still loves the people who choose this way of life, but he despises and hate the acts being committed. I have nothing against the individuals, I have them in my family, I love them, but I don’t condone their ways of living. Each day you’re blessed to live is a chance to change your ways and get right with God. Know that the act is against God. I don’t care how people have fooled themselves into believing otherwise; the act is wrong and against God. No way a person is called by God as a pastor and living this way. God DO NOT dwell in ANY form of ungodliness or wickedness. No way, no how! It is not of God! It is ALL about the gratifications of the heart and flesh. Deny yourselves and pick up the cross and follow Jesus! It’s the only way to eternal life with the King! Repent while you can!!!

People wonder why so much disaster is happening in this world. READ the WORD! It tells you of all the disasters; plain and clear. Things aren’t happening by chance. Nothing happens by chance! You haven’t seen the disasters that’s coming, because people of this world needs to repent. People must turn from their wicked ways and seek His face, while they can! The next second may be too late and tomorrow isn’t promised to no one. The time is now!!!

When Your Heart is Wrong Nothing is Right


It doesn’t matter if a person does good if their hearts are wrong. Many people put on false persona’s every day. They pretend to care and they pretend to do good when it’s a lie all along. People do this, because they are pretending for some type of gratification.

As I wrote in an earlier post, the Bible says “God knows your heart.” Many people misconstrue this in thinking no matter what they do even if it’s wrong God knows their hearts. He does; which means you can’t fool Him with anything! People seem to think by doing good they can get away with stuff or that by doing good it makes things okay. No it doesn’t at all. If your heart is wrong behind your good actions, it’s wrong period! That’s why just because a person does good doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good person. Many individuals are very deceitful and they do things to look a certain way to others. They have different no good agendas long before they commit the act of good deeds.

I write about fake people all of the time. The reason I do is because I want people to understand they are setting themselves up for failure by lying and pretending they are Holy versus truly being Holy. People are fake and put on facades for many reasons. They present themselves as good people, but in their hearts they are full of anger, envy, jealousy, malice, strife, and a host of other things. These are  people we hear who are caught on cameras doing the unthinkable. They get arrested for various reasons. They use foul language. They act and dress inappropriate. They are drug addicted, sex addicted,  and alcoholics. They are people we see or hear about who get caught up in scams and all types of busts. They are so called friends, neighbors, some family members, and other people. They come from all walks of life and they are from all races. No race is exempt! Every race has every type of bad influence you can name, just as they have every type of good influence you can name. This is why there is absolutely no superior race of people. Many of them are so called Saints. They said on podiums and pulpits, they sing in the choir, they direct the choirs, they are on usher and deacon boards, they are church musicians, they are on the finance committee, and they are a part of every possible position a church has to offer.  These people go through a lot of shenanigans trying to prevent being seen by the wrong person when all along they are seen by the right one; Jesus. How foolish are they?

People have to understand when they need to implement change in their lives. However, this can’t ever happen if people don’t first admit they have a problem/s. If people don’t embrace the fact that something is wrong they won’t ever change. This is why so many people think when they are doing wrong it is secret. There are no SECRETS in the eyesight of God the Father and His Son Jesus. It’s why many people will not see the Kingdom of God. They are too busy trying to fake and pretend rather that give up this world and get right with God the Father. People all over the world pretend to live holy lives, but they aren’t the truth. They live lies! Sadly many are those who lead their flocks.

It doesn’t matter if a person is a so called Saint if they are faking and pretending they are someone with  deep seated issues they need to face and work on. When people fake and pretend the truth comes out sooner or later. No one can live their life this way without ever being found out. The truth eventually prevails in some form or another. Their walk doesn’t line up with their talk. It is what it is, but they must know they aren’t fooling God. As the Bible says and as I have repeated over and over “you’re either for or against Him. There are no in between.” Pretending in any essence of the word plainly means you’re not for Him. People don’t want to accept it, but it’s the truth.

Many people are adamant in thinking they are for Jesus. They think because they go to church every Sunday or whatever they are doing in relations to Jesus; they are on His side. No it’s not the truth! They don’t want to hear the truth, because they feel they are serving Him when they show up for church or when in church they are performing in whatever position they hold. No, it doesn’t matter! If you’re not living what you speak and you’re doing things against the Word of God then it’s against God Himself and it means you are against Him. It may hurt to read the truth, but the truth is what it is!

You can’t be on His side when you are doing things you know are wrong. You just can’t do it. When you choose God the Father and His Son Jesus together they make one. Whatever you do against the Son you do against the Father. You can’t live a Holy life being a hypocrite, it’s impossible! I don’t care what a person think they are, if you’re not living what you speak then you’re against Him.

I’m trying to make people realize they must take responsibility of how they are living. There is no way on earth a person can live Holy with a hypocritical lifestyle. So called Saints must understand there is consequences for their actions. “To gain the whole world is to lose your soul.” If the ways of the world (fornicating, lying, cheating, committing adultery, stealing (can be done more than by taking material things), killing (can be done in more ways than taking a life) are more important; then people must be prepared to face the repercussions and consequences of their choices and decisions. The decision is made while we yet live. We get no do overs!

If it’s Against God it’s Wrong


I know many people who are doing things against God, but they don’t want to acknowledge it’s against God, because it feels good to them. If you’re reading this post and you’re one of those people; you are wrong! Too many people have a pick me up put me down relationship with Jesus. They pick Him up when they’re trying to showboat for man or when they’re going through something. They put Him down or dismiss Him when they’re doing things they know aren’t pleasing in His sight.

No one can fool God you’re not that slick! He knows, sees, and hears it all. There are many people who are on a road of destruction to hell. I’m calling it like I see it. I’m not trying to put anybody down, I’m only trying to help someone. I’ve never been a person who sugarcoat anything to please people, the truth is the truth.

In today’s world people are doing any and everything. Men are sleeping with men, women sleeping with women, people sleeping with kids, and people sleeping with animals. There are all types of sexual immorality taking place. There are people who are addicted to all kinds of things (sex, other people, drugs, alcohol, food, sports, smoking, gambling, name brands, how they look, all types of material things, and you name it.) If anything has a hold on you, then it controls you, therefore you don’t have a hold on it.

People who claim to be about God’s business are caught up in all kinds of foolishness and nonsense. They are caught up in things they know are wrong and against God. Many have the audacity to reference Jesus when they want to pump themselves up in front of people. God is NOT in the midst of foolishness and wrong doing. Stop thinking just because you say something good about God He’s in the midst of what you’re doing. He’s not and you’re only fooling yourself!!

Many folks want to justify what they do by saying sin is sin. True it is, but in the Bible Jesus definitely does specify certain sins as abominations. He didn’t say all were , but He does say specific ones are. I’m not going to go into those, because if you don’t know them, then this will be a great time for you to study the Word for yourselves.

There are many people who want to pick and choose what is wrong or right. No, that’s not how it works! Wrong is wrong and right is right, period! When it feels good many want to believe it’s right while knowing it’s really wrong. Have you ever heard of a song that says “if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right?” This is the way a lot of people feel. As long as they feel good doing WHATEVER it is they’re doing, they try to justify it as right. Wrong!!!!

My prayer for people is they stop playing with and mocking God. Stop pretending to be holy when you know you’re shucking and jiving. Stop referencing God for show when you know you’re doing things that are totally against His Word. If you’re not for Him then you’re against Him. I don’t care how much you talk about Him for show, you are only showboating for man. If you’re picking Him up and putting Him down when you think it benefits you, you’re not on His side.

Point blank; many will lose their souls because they don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. The many things people are doing they want to believe it’s right or it’s okay because of how it makes them feel. It’s NEVER right when it’s wrong! People have to open their eyes, minds, and hearts to the truth. If people don’t lay down the things they are doing they will forfeit their places in Heaven. Despite of what some celebrities and others say, there is ONLY one way and that is through the Son. If you don’t have a personal relationship with the Son then you can’t get to the Father.

People can play and pretend all day, but if they’re doing things that are against God and His Word, then they aren’t on His side. They know of Him by hearsay and out of tradition, but they certainly don’t have a true relationship with Him. It’s a personal journey that each of us has to decide for ourselves we want to take. I wasn’t always the way I am now. I went through some stuff  to get to where I am now. I got some bumps and bruises along the way, but let me tell you; when I decided to give up things I know were against God; I NEVER turned back. I gave my life, my soul, my body, and my mind to Him.

The devil is busy doing His job. His job is to kill, steal, and destroy and he’s doing his job tenfold. He’s destroying families, all kinds of relationships, and individuals. As a follower of Jesus, I now see the devil for who and what he is. I know he will rear his ugly head by putting certain people in your way, thoughts in your head (out of the blue), or in some way trying to shake your faith. As a child of God you must pray for discernment so you can see the devil for what he is, because he will come in all kinds of ways, through all kinds of things and people. The Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee.” Many don’t resist, they let him have his way. There is an old gospel song that says “don’t let the devil ride, if you let him ride he will want to drive, don’t let him ride. Basically this is saying resist the devil, if you don’t he will take over. If you give him an inch, he will take a mile.

No matter what you’re doing today, if it’s against God it’s wrong and it’s enough evidence for you to know you’re NOT on His side. If you want to truly be on His side, you must be willing without apprehension to give up the wrong for the right. You must get a personal relationship with Him. You must put Him first above all else, which means you will not allow anyone or anything to take control of you nor will you obsess over anyone or anything. You will get into His Word on a daily basis and you will have a daily prayer life with Him. You will be a willing vessel for Him and you will understand your body is a temple of the Lord.

If you stop praising Him from your lips while your hearts or far from Him and start living what you profess, I promise you your life will never ever be the same. I will not tell you that you won’t have troubles, because you will. I won’t tell you that the devil won’t mess with you, because he will. I won’t tell you that everyday will be a bed of roses, because it won’t. Unfortunately life is full of ups and downs whether you’re serving God or something else. It was destined this way since the Garden of Eden and it won’t ever change, but if you’re on God’s side, you don’t have to worry about anything. You have NOTHING to fear! If you stand on His Word and believe Him over man; everything will be alright. We will always go into our peaks and valleys, but we won’t stay there if we believe in God. We must through it all trust and stand on His Word. He never forsakes us and He’s always by our side. Hold on to His hand, He will NEVER let go of yours.



Today I am writing about each of us. I am writing to help someone understand something important. For those of you who believe in God, but know you’re not truly serving Him this is for you. Many in this world believe that because they go to church Sunday after Sunday, sing in the choir, work on the usher board, pay tithes, preacher, teachers, motivational speakers, bishops, are deacons in the church, holding different positions under different titles etc. etc it will help them to make it into the Kingdom. I’m here to tell you it won’t.

Stop believing you will get in because of what you do, because most people are doing it to be pleasing in the sight of man. Nothing matters if your heart and mind isn’t right. If your mind and heart isn’t changed nothing you do or have done will make a difference.

People must stop fooling themselves. Every single thing you do God knows. Everything you do in the dark or in what you think is secret; God knows. He knows your heart and He knows your thoughts. I don’t know why people continue to think they’re hiding. You’re not!

Your heart and mind must change. You can be saved all day, but if your heart and mind isn’t right, you being saved has no merit. I’m not trying to judge, and I didn’t make it up, God said it. He paved the way and He told us how to live. Many glorify man and they live to please him.

When your heart and mind has been renewed a change has taken place. You don’t desire to do the things you once did. The things you do will be from your heart and no longer to please man, they will be to please God. Your thoughts of everything will be different. You will constantly stay focused on being pleasing in the sight of God, it is what will keep you on track. You will be conscious and aware of your doings, sayings, comings, and goings. Until your heart and mind change you will profess Him from your lips but your hearts will be far from Him. It is why people will continue to live any kind of way and think they will have a seat in the Kingdom. To think this way is clear indication a person’s heart and mind aren’t right.

When your heart and mind is right your focus will always be on Jesus first. I’m not saying you will be reading the Word all day long, but you will be committed to reading it. I’m not saying you will be crying hallelujah all day and saying praise the Lord all day, but you will have a praise in your heart all of the time. I am saying there will be true conviction and true change. You won’t see or do things the same. There will be a change in you. You can’t do what you once did and you won’t have the desire to. You will understand everything against God will have to cease. You will look back and realize how God has kept you through your mess. You will cry out to Him, because although you didn’t realize it; He was there all the time. He protected you from dangers see and unseen when you know you were deep in your mess.

Too many want to do any and everything they choose, but they want to say they’re living for God. Lies! There’s no way. You can’t go to church on the Sunday and drunker than a dog on Monday through Saturday. You can’t continue to satisfy your fleshy desires (adultery, fornication, etc) or partying like a rock star up in the club and going to church on Sunday and say you’re dancing for Jesus. Some of you could get Emmys and Grammys for your church performances. You can’t be singing for Jesus and the devil both; that’s not serving the true and living God. Many of you claim you do it to reach the younger generation, etc. Lies! You do it because you’re straddling the fence. God isn’t listening to that excuse. It doesn’t work that way. You’re fooling yourselves. Not one time did God bow down and do what man did to get His point across. Not one time did He change to please man. Man do it, because they are straddling the fence.

God said “if you’re not for me, then you’re against me.” Point blank, there you have it! It’s in the Word, I didn’t make it up. You can keep fooling yourself if you want to. No way you can have a true personal relationship with the true living God and doing things against Him at the same time. You’re fooling yourself but when your heart and mind has changed you will see the light and you definitely will get understanding.

The bottom line of it all is I’m praying that you get it right and seek God while you can. Get on His side and stay there, because the ways of this world is going to become worse. Nothing but the Word of God will stand. If you don’t know if for yourself and have it in you, so sorry for you. If you read this and get mad, it only means I’m talking to you; about you. If it hurts, good! I’m trying to help somebody. I can’t save no one, but I can tell you about a Man who can save EVERYBODY. He doesn’t want anyone to perish.