What you Allow Tells the Truth About you


Although this can affect all facets of a person’s life, I am right back on the subject of people in abusive relationships. In the past two weeks I’ve heard of 2 women and 1 man dying at the hands of their significant others.

I’ve said and written countless times if you’re too afraid to leave you’ve stayed too long. If you feel trapped, you’ve stayed too long. Too many people continue to get into abusive relationships.

I believe what people accept and allow in their lives indicates who they really are. It shows a lot about the individual. People can pretend all day the truth shows in the decisions and bad choices people make.

No one is exempt! This happens to rich and famous as well as all races and genders. The only exempt people are those who have matured to a point of understanding who they are and loving self. These people will NOT allow just any ole person into their lives. They want what is best for them. They do NOT allow their hearts to lead without using their brains at the same time. They know what feels good isn’t necessarily good for them. They know “everything glitters isn’t gold.” They know people say one thing, but will do another. They aren’t led or influenced into relationships by their feelings, because they have learned to walk away from anything that is potentially unhealthy for them. It’s something people learn to do when they learn from their past choices and decisions, when they figure out and work on self, and when they learn to love self enough to demand better for self.

Many people are full of baggage they’ve carried for years which has caused them insecurities to include low esteem and low self confidence. The problem is people are in denial. Most people think they have it together, but if they would step away from their feelings and look at the truth they will see they don’t. People need to step out of their feelings into the truth. The truth hurts, because it’s the truth. The truth shows us the real deal whether it’s accepted or not.

Many people choose to get into and stay into unhealthy relationships because they are looking for love. They think by being with someone they will have love and security. You can’t find something in someone you don’t have in yourself. When people do this they are left with more heartaches and pains then before they entered into their relationships. They are totally blind by their perceptions of the truth. Their self esteem and confidence is very low and they normally are full of self blame. They lie and try to hide the abuse they endure and the take the blame many times when they are publicly abused.

All of this allowance and acceptance is due to what people feel about self. They don’t think they deserve better. They accept the wrong people into their lives. They desperately want love, when they obviously don’t know what love is, and when they don’t even love self.

When entering into relationships people must know what they need above what they want and the difference between the two. If you don’t know the difference research it and then think about it. In relationships getting what you want is based mostly on feelings of the heart (sex, money, looks, statuses of people, material things). None of it will hold a relationship together and none of it makes a person into who you wish for them to be. People are led by their feelings and emotions. They want what makes them feel good instead of what is good for them. This has led many into abusive relationships with deadly consequences for many.

Stop thinking it’s love when a person wants constant controlling tabs on you, when they tell you what to wear, when they tell you where you can and can’t go, when they ostracize you from others, when they want to control your time, when you can’t do anything without them being present, when they (push, spit on, hit you in any form) you, when they are very disrespectful in how they speak to you while alone or in public, or when they have total control over the relationship. There are many other things abusive people will do, NONE of it is love. They are displaying dangerous warning signs.

There is a difference between loving and caring for a person’s well being versus trying to control a person in obsessive and possessive ways. It is NOT love! People who do this has deep seated issues. Those who accept and allow it also has their own deep seated issues. There are ALWAYS signs, I don’t care if they’re subtle or not, they are always present. Love isn’t blind, people are blind in what they think is love.

Many people get caught up in their feelings. They think what they feel is real. They think what they feel is good for them. How do you know what’s good for you when you don’t know what love is and you don’t love yourself enough to adhere to what’s NOT good for you? People who are searching for love grab and hold on to anything making them feel good, even when it’s not good. They are blind by those feelings and emotions. They oftentimes make excuses for their abusers. They don’t understand this is enabling and giving their abusers the green light to continue abusing them. It has NOTHING to do with love.

When a person doesn’t know their worth outwardly they make act differently, but inside they are full of insecurities coming to the surface. It shows through the allowances and acceptances in their lives. A person can fake and pretend all day, but the truth shows. As I stated earlier NO ONE is exempt. Until people wake up they will continue to get into and stay in abusive relationships. Unfortunately many will continue to die at their hands of their significant others.


If you Accept it you Chose it


The post is written about people who are in relationships and accepting whatever in the name of what they think is love. Many people are in relationships never meant for them to be in. I’m currently working on a book about this. I know many before me have written on the topic and many will write about it when I’m long gone. I feel it’s time I put my opinion about it in writing. I pray someone somewhere will learn something.

It’s terrible to see people in bad relationships. Unfortunately and sadly it is a personal choice of freewill. Many people choose bad relationships due to their own insecurities derived from a host of unresolved issues. If an issue isn’t resolved it leads to other problems.

In my opinion and without a doubt people get into relationships and miss all of the important signs telling them to proceed with cautious or RUN! They think they have the power to change the other person when they can’t even change self. Does it make any sense???? First of all, if you feel it’s necessary to change someone else, then you’re at least somewhat aware there is potential for a problem to occur. Why move forward???? This is a sign straight from the start. Sadly many continue in their relationships knowing full well something isn’t right.

Sometimes I look at people and literally want to shake them to wake them up. They are caught up in their feelings about the other person and it has them totally blind. Many are disrespected, neglected, rejected, disconnected, and subjected to all kinds of things. They take and accept things from the ones they love that they themselves would never do to them.

Some people feel the person they’re with deserves the best from them, therefore they do any and everything to please the individual. However, in the midst of it they receive the worst from the individual. It makes no sense at all. Never choose to be mistreated. If you accept it, you chose it! There are no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it!

The best recommendation I can give in this situation is to STOP it before it STARTS! Too many find themselves in loveless, unhappy, and unhealthy relationships because they failed to adhere to the many signs in the beginning. Instead of treading the water they jumped right into the deep end without a clue how to swim. Later feeling pulled under and drowning due to their bad choices and decisions.

When you meet someone you’re interested in, before losing your mind, use your brain! How you start any relationship is indicative to how it will end. If you get with a person who is abusive they will certainly eventually beat you whether mentally, emotionally, or physically. If you get with a person who is already in a relationship with someone else he or she is a cheater and eventually they will cheat on you. If you get with a person who has no ambition or goals don’t expect for him or her to change, so don’t make it a problem later. If you get with a person who is into immoral things, when it becomes a problem later, remember you chose it. If you get with someone who’s beliefs are different from yours, it’s what you chose. You can’t save no one, but yourself. You can’t change no one but yourself. I can go on for days with examples.

Bottom line and the moral to it all is you can’t change ANYONE else. You may inspire someone to want to change, but the individual is the one who makes the change happen, NOT YOU! Many people have changed temporarily to get what they wanted and then reverted back to who they really are. Why? It’s because they aren’t ready for real change. It can’t be forced. If you’re struggling with trying to change someone else, the real struggle should be with changing yourself.

If you get into a relationship being led solely by what you’re thinking and feelings about the person and not looking at the big picture, I guarantee you that you will later regret it. Get out of your feelings and see the truth for what it is. Most times people are stuck on how they are feeling about the other person; dismissing what the other person’s actions are saying how they feel about them.

You Created a Monster


Many people are in unhealthy relationships due to starting out in ways and accepting things they shouldn’t have. They did everything under the sun to get who they are with and even more to keep them. I’ve said it a million times, “no matter what you do you can’t make who you love, love you back.” If you have to work hard to make a person love you, then you’re obviously with the wrong person. It’s a clear sign many ignore!

Too many individuals are in relationships where one or both involved are doing their own things. What type of relationship is it when you’re supposedly together, but doing your things separately as if single? Seriously, how you start a relationship is most often how it will end. Too many accept things they know aren’t good for them and they do things they know aren’t good for them in the name of what they think is love.

If you are giving into immoral sex acts to please your significant other, sooner or later you will be completely disgusted and grow tired of what you’re doing. Another issue here is people sometimes agree to involve other people, but later realize it was a bad idea. However, truth is you willfully created that monster. You were too wrapped up into pleasing the other person you made it all about the him or her and what would please them. How you truly felt was put on the back burner, because you made it completely about the one you were with. Yes, you created the monster! This is no way to build a healthy relationship.

I’ve mentioned in many posts the fact that if you start out by buying him or her material things to please them or to get them, you’re only “creating a monster.” People will take from you as long as you give. If you start your relationships off by trying to buy his or her love, that is what they will know you by best. They will expect those things to keep coming and as soon as you stop doing it, you will see the truth of what your relationships are built on. It’s the same with money period! If every time you have to give them money for this and that; “you’re creating a monster.” You started it and it will be expected. You have set yourself up as Mr. or Ms. “Savings and Loan.” Yes you did it to yourself!

There are many women who are in relationships with guys who could not rub two pennies together, but they allow how he looks or how he makes them feel to dictate how they feel about him. She has no support from him, but she doesn’t seem to mind, until “ding” a light comes on. She then realizes how ridiculous it is to take care of a grown man who doesn’t want to work , because he’s pure lazy. She begins to realize how draining it is and grows tired of clothing, sheltering, and feeding him; then she wants something different. Well, the truth is these women “created that monster.” Men do it too! They fall for women who they are trying to save. They get with low esteemed women who have a lot of issues, no drive or ambition. These men are like some women, they’re blind by their emotions. I know the Bible says the man is the head of the house, but it doesn’t mean he is a slave for his wife, no more than it does she’s a slave to him. We all create many of the monsters in our lives.

I must also talk about women who get with men who pretend to be into them, but  are really into their children. Yes, you read it correctly. If you don’t believe me, please research it for yourselves. We are now into 2016 and it’s time people start making better decisions for themselves and their children. Stop trusting people with your children that you don’t even know. It’s tough enough trusting anyone, but to trust these men you just met can turn horrific. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read on last week on the subject of men raping and molesting infants and children. A lot of people are into child porn, their main interest are children so they get with women they know are gullible and eager for someone to love them in order to get next to their children.  These men are embedded through societies all over the world. Some women know their histories, but they still make the terrible decisions to be with these men. Again, if you think I’m fabricating anything research it. It is time these types of women make better choices. The same logic goes for people who continue in relationships with any type of  an abuser. They created their own monsters.

People; it’s no big secret at all. A person will treat you exactly how you allow. Millions in this world are in terrible relationships. There are many who’ve had to deal with the consequences of their bad decisions. The reason people are stuck in these types of relationships is because they allowed their hearts to lead them into their relationships without using their brains. If people could and would only accept this concept their lives could be different. I know I can talk about it and write about it until I die, people still will be led by how they feel about someone versus reality of what’s happening right in their faces.

These monsters come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. They are from all walks of life, populations, and cultures.  They are lurking and seeking whom they can devour. They are waiting on the right person to come along so they can get them where they want them in order  to do what they do. No one have to fall into their traps! Stop thinking you can save someone unless they want to be saved. Stop giving your hearts to people who don’t even have one. Stop seeking love when you don’t even love yourself or know what love is. Stop wearing your hearts on your sleeves like a neon light, making yourselves vulnerable targets for those seeking to devour you. Stop allowing your pasts to dictate your futures because of your inability to let go of something that’s already gone. Stop allowing your feelings about someone to lead you astray.

I can go on and on, but the bottom line is stop giving power to others. I guarantee you if you stop, the monsters lying dormant waiting will never have the opportunity to pounce on you. You do this by loving you first and by not allowing your hearts to lead you into places you shouldn’t ever be.

Read carefully, if you don’t allow your hearts to lead, you will not get all caught up in your feelings over the other person. You will be able to see right past your emotions to the truth that’s staring you right in the face.  Whenever you’re feeling all caught up in your feelings about your significant other that is the time to step back and reassess yourself and the relationship. If you don’t learn to put what you’re feeling aside and focus on the big picture,  it will be like seeing through a cotton ball (impossible). You will miss or rather dismiss all of the signs that have been right in your faces. It’s a  New Year and today is another chance to get it right and do better!!!! I pray that you make the right choices and decisions in 2016. Peace and love!!





You Think If You Change They Will Love You


Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! People must stop giving all of their power and responsibility for their lives to the ones they love. Why? First of all; some significant others are people who sometimes don’t want to be with who they are with. Second, the person you’re with isn’t necessarily the one meant for you. Third, it’s your life and you have the control to decide who you allow in and out of it. Fourth, everything you want isn’t always good for you; people need to stop trying to hold on to people who don’t want to be held on to. If you give up your power, it’s a bad decision you’ve made and sooner or later you will realize it.

Too many people put the blame on themselves when it’s the other person. Grant it, you do have some fault in it as well, because you’ve freely given your power to someone to determine the outcome of your life. You basically let them decide whether you’re happy or not.

Many people in this world fall in love or in what they assume is love and in doing so want desperately for the other person to love them back and will do anything to receive this love. People who do this are those dealing with insecurities from past pains. These people blame themselves for why their significant others act the way they act. They feel if they can only change this or that about themselves their relationships would be better. It’s not the truth!

If a person doesn’t love you it’s because of a few reasons. They  simply aren’t as into you as you are into them. They still want to sow their “wild oats.” They’re not finished doing what they want to do; they aren’t ready to grow up into mature adults, and commitment is the last thing they want. These types of people  will always shift the blame on you to make you feel guilty. Stop allowing a person to make you feel you’re the problem.

People shouldn’t love who they’re with more than they love his or herself. When people who aren’t truly ready to be in relationships know this they oftentimes take advantage of the ones they supposedly love. They manipulate, take advantage of, and take for granted the ones they supposedly love.

I keep telling people that a person shows you what you mean to them in how they treat you. Someone told me this wasn’t true, because the person they were with provided well for them and was always home. However, after really talking with this individual she told me how they were always in total separate parts of the house, they didn’t communicate, and barely had intimacy between the two of them. To me, that’s NOT a healthy relationship. The blame falls on both individuals, because at the end of the day each is accountable for their own individual lives. Millions stay together for the same reasons they got together; (all of the wrong reasons).

What I am trying to make people understand through this post is stop foolishly thinking that if you change; your significant others will want to be with you or that they will love you the way you love them. It doesn’t work! If a person doesn’t love you or doesn’t truly want to be with you, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You will do nothing but cause yourself pain by blaming yourself or doing things to try and make them love you. If you accept any type of treatment in the name of love, any type of treatment is exactly what you will receive.



If you read my posts, you know that I am always trying to provide words of encouragement, clarity, information, enlightenment, or simply to empower someone to think about their life and/or situation and consider change. None of us can move forward if we keep looking behind or if we continue to willfully choose to remain stuck. Too many people make bad choices but they expect good outcomes. Life doesn’t work that way.

No matter how much individuals read or hear they will continue to make bad choices/decisions in the name of love. People won’t accept the truth until they’re forced too. They’re forced to when their situations have gotten too bad for them to deal with and they finally see the truth and are willing to accept it. No one should have to be beat down (physically or emotionally). When you are it’s all a personal choice. Yes, you read it correctly; you’ve made a personal choice to be where you are.

Everything is about choices. Sometimes in life we’re put in situations beyond our control, but it’s still a personal choice as to how we deal with any situation. It’s also a personal choice to stay where we are. The sad truth is many people haven’t yet matured and don’t really have a clue who they are or what they need in their lives. Yet, they’re constantly making bad decisions concerning love when they don’t know what it is or know who they are as individuals. Most are still dealing with past issues that have them mentally imprisoned. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have if you haven’t dealt with your inner issues it ALWAYS shows in the decisions you make. We’ve see it in people of all statuses and positions (rich and poor).

So many in this world accept anything and give all of themselves in the name of love; even when it’s clear the love is one-sided. If you’re with someone who claims to love you, how they really feel will always show in their treatment towards you. I don’t know how many times I have to say it or how many times I have to write it, but I will continue to do so. When an individual ignore this, it means this is an individual who has insecurities they truly need to deal with. If a person doesn’t deal with those insecurities those things will affect their every decision in life.

Thoughts, feelings, actions is what controls us. Who we really are lies dormant until we’ve learned this is true about all of us and make decisions to change. We have to mature in all of our ways. We have to accept who we are and where we are in life. If it’s not a good place, we have to make conscious decisions to do something about it. The real problem is people don’t want to face who they really are; instead they continue to  hide, fake, and pretend in hopes no one finds out the truth. You cannot fix something about yourself if you don’t first face it. That’s the bottom line.

Instead of first working on the inner man, people seek out things in other people when they’re still screwed up inside. This is why millions are so unhappy in their relationships. Many simply settle just so they can say they have someone. The saying is a bold lie “someone is better than no one at all.” If you don’t deal with who you are so that someday you can present to the world the real you how do you think you can affectively develop a healthy relationship with someone else? You will only drag all of the same issues along with you from relationship to relationship. You will continue to accept anything and many of you will not find peace and happiness no matter who you’re with.

People are stuck and stagnant for many reasons and EVERY last one is an excuse to stay there AND a personal choice to stay there. All of the mess inside spills out and shows in the bad decisions people make. It shows in how people allow others to treat them, what they accept/allow, and how they treat themselves. Your lives will stay the same if you keep doing the same things. You may move from situation to situation or relationship to relationship, but you will always deal with the same issues if there’s no permanent change. The fixing starts with the individual; not anything or anyone else.



Negative thoughts can come from a million things. I believe predominately it begins in childhood. When people don’t deal with their issues they grow older, but they don’t mature and develop healthily. They get older, but maturely they fail to progress. It’s why you see so many make the same mistakes over and over. It’s also why you see people make bad decisions or do the unthinkable. Their actions comes from the negativity they hold inside making them into who’ve they’ve become. IE: (angry, bitter, raged, desperate, evil, devious, malicious, depressed, suicidal, homicidal, plain confused about life, mean, seeking self gratification at any cost, manipulative, addicted to substances – sex- and other things, etc, etc) and a host of other things.

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts and I’ll mention it in this one. Every single thing we do starts with a thought. Although people may not talk about it, who they really are (yet try so hard to hide/contain) and what they feel is shown through their actions/decisions they make. Most people think they’re good at hiding it, but oftentimes then not it will show at some point in their bad decisions. You can pretend for only so long, before the truth shows up in some form or another.

People hold on to negative thoughts for years without understanding what they’re doing or without realizing how it is destroying their lives. They continue to go through the same things and make the same mistakes; with no understanding as to why they’re doing it.

These negative thoughts fester and lay dormant, the whole while people lives are being destroyed without individual’s understanding why. It’s because they hold on to things that have hurt them instead of learning something from their experiences and moving on. People are emotional because of the pains they’ve endured; which keeps them in unhealthy places in their lives (mentally, spiritually, and physically).

No matter how tragic a person’s life may have been life doesn’t stop for tragedy, it continues to move. People continue to drag  memories of those unfortunate events in their lives carrying the thoughts and feelings in and out of relationships and other situations. This behavior sabotages and destroy lives.

None of us can change what happened to us in our pasts, but we can change how we allow it to affect us in our here and now and ultimately our futures. Many continue to embrace the negativity as if they’re prospering from it. They don’t face their situations and they certainly don’t take into account where they are at in their lives. Instead they keep going in and out of bad situations; all because of what they’ve gone through and how they continue to let it affect them. If you’re an adult with these issues, what do you think you teach your children? The cycle begins all over again. As a parent you may not put our child through what you went through, but how you react to what you’ve gone through will show in your actions and therefore affect your children. This is why you see kids doing the unthinkable and making all types of bad decisions. It’s starts at home.

This doesn’t have to be you. It’s completely your choice to let go of the negativity that has kept you in such a bad place in your life. It’s all in your way of thinking and no one can make the decision to change it but you. In order for change to occur you must first realize that change needs to occur and then make the decision to change. People make life much harder than it has to be, because they continue to pile  junk on top of junk. They complain and cry woe it’s me, but never attempt to face the man in the mirror. Regardless of where it derives from, to live a life time holding on to unnecessary negativity fosters nothing but a life time of pain. No one has to live this way. Unwillingness to change will keep you trapped in the state of mind you’re in thus altering your life forever.

I wrote a poem once titled “Peace Starts Within.” This is true! Your peace belongs to you and it’s there for the taking, but if you give power to people or things it is those people and things that will rob you of your peace. We aren’t born this way, we learn these behaviors through the power we give others and the power we give to things over our lives. Individuals want to blame everyone else for the way they are. No matter how unfortunate it may have been you have the power to change. You can release those bad memories/thoughts and stop allowing them to cause you pain today. You’re still in it, because you keep it at the forefront of your mind. You’re holding the negativity near and dear to you when the benefit is absolutely NONE. You’ve learned to become this way. Anything you’ve learned; you can unlearn.

Blessing to each of you!



God is first in my life, but unfortunately many don’t believe in Him and unfortunately many claim they have a relationship with Him, yet the way they live their lives tells the true story. Because many don’t believe and because many are straddling the fence, it is the reason I am writing this post. It’s for anyone who can relate or no someone who can relate.

I don’t care what you say or do some people will not make a true change until they are ready. Sometimes it’s painstakingly disheartening when no matter what people learn they will go right out and step in the same pile or a different pile of poo (Metaphorically speaking). People want what they want regardless the pain and suffering it brings. This is the mind of an immature person (spiritually and mentally).

People are constantly signing up for abusive relationships  and are ending up hurt or dead. Yes signing up means getting into them of freewill despite the signs of abuse. Then what gets me is if they survive but are maimed they’re considered as very strong and brave because they tell their stories. No, they should have been brave and told their stories long ago and got out. Senseless, because it NEVER had to get to that point. Love isn’t blind people are and because people are blind to the truth they endure things they never ever should have gone through. The signs are always present in some form or another. Over and over we all have seen both men and women killed by those they are in relationships with. The people who did the hurting or killing didn’t wake up one day and decided to kill or hurt their significant others they always had the tendencies to abuse, but their significant others because of the feelings of their hearts ignored them or simply let the signs pass them by. Instead of getting out before things get too far out of hand, they stay and not only put their own lives in jeopardy, they put others around them in jeopardy as well. We all have heard about other family members and friends being killed or hurt because they’re a part of the circle. Yet no matter how much people see it firsthand, hear about it, see it on TV, or read about in magazines; people are still getting into these types of relationships. (Young and old). Love isn’t abusive in any way.

People are constantly getting into marriages and ending up completely miserable and unhappy, because they didn’t want to get married in the first place. Stop marrying people for the wrong reasons. Stop marrying because of looks, material things, what a person have, because you’re being pressured by (the bride, groom, family, friends, etc), and stop marrying because of a baby. Stop this ignorance, nothing will keep you together but loving one another and being in love. Then you have those who marry knowing that the other person does things they don’t approve of, knowing they’re unevenly yoked, knowing the person is a player, knowing the person can’t stand their parents, knowing they don’t like kids (yet you have kids-what sense does it make), knowing the person love to party a lot but you don’t, knowing there’s plenty of momma and daddy drama, knowing there are all kinds of baggage coming with him or her, and all sorts of foolishness. You marry because you think they will change or you think you can change them. MOST TIMES THEY DON’T! You can’t change anyone but yourself. It’s foolish to think otherwise. Grow up, stop it! You’re causing your own unhappiness.

People are constantly getting into relationships with individuals who are already in relationships, thinking you’re special when in fact you are not that special. To the person you’re cheating with it’s all about him or her and not really about the one they’re cheating with or their significant other. It’s about the individual and what they want. As long as they can get what they want from the both of you they will. Stop allowing a person to play you for a fool. No matter what you’re told; when you know they’re already in a relationship that should be enough to send you on your way. It is plain irresponsible and stupid for you to go along with it. You will only end up in some drama. Stop this nonsense.

People are constantly getting into relationships trying to save people. You meet him or her and they have all kinds of issues such as past drama that has them dysfunctional, drug or alcohol issues, ex cons or those who are plain lazy and aren’t trying to do better, people who have a history of violence, sex offenders, etc. etc. You meet these people and then you fall in what you think is love; UNTIL you end up lost, confused, depressed, trapped, riddled with anxiety and depression, because of all the stress you’re surrounded by on a daily basis. Some people end up so lost they would rather die because they feel it’s their only way out. Why? It’s because they get into relationships trying to save the person they’re with. You can’t do it. I keep telling people a person will straighten up for a while to get you, once they have you if the change wasn’t sincere they will go back to who they really are. Back to the way they were when you met them and how you accepted them. No ones to blame but yourself. What I’m saying is you’re no super hero. You can’t save anyone but yourself, but you can definitely lose your peace of mind trying to save someone you think you love. When people change and it lasts they do it because they really wanted too.

People are still having unprotected sex despite the many venereal diseases are out there (genital warts, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, AIDS, HIV, etc. It’s no game but many are playing Russian roulette with their lives. They don’t take notice until they have something they can’t get rid of or a person they can’t get rid of. They want to kill the person who gave them the disease, but quickly forget they freely participated in the act. When you make these bad decisions unfortunately you get what you get and often it’s not what you really wanted. People are still jumping into bed with this and that person and then using abortions as a form of contraception when the woman becomes pregnant. Anytime you have sex you risk the possibility of anything too include soul tied attachments.

I am going to keep talking about these things and praying someone gets it. Too many put their happiness in the hands of already unhappy people, because they feel they love the person when in fact most times they don’t really know the person, know his or herself, or know anything about love. When individuals continue to do this, it’s a clear sign they too are unhappy.

This wasn’t written to spare feelings and thoughts. It’s written to share the truth. Everyday people are finding themselves in tough situations. Unfortunately they are situations they didn’t ever have to be in. Forget about the people you’re with (they’re only doing to you what you allow). Look at yourself and understand the problem starts with you. Why? Because of the decisions you continue to make. You can’t blame someone else for a decision you made (getting into mess or staying in mess). By continuing to get into the same type of situations with the same person or different people IT IS YOU that you must fix! It’s time to step back and work on you before you take another step forward. I pray blessings to you and you!!