Praying the Least When it Should be the Most


There are a lot of people who get discouraged and want to give up on God, because they don’t see their prayers being manifested. When some people can’t see a breakthrough they become discouraged. Jesus knows what’ best for you and I assure you, He may not come when we want Him, but He’s always on time! His time isn’t ours, His ways isn’t our ways, and His will for us is different from what we want for ourselves. He knows what’s best for us, because He knows what we need! He knows most of us are led by the flesh, (because many speak of Him, yet hearts are far from Him), therefore they seek after the flesh, versus the Spirit of God. People declare they are strong, yet they are week, because they aren’t walking by Faith. We must walk by Faith and not by Sight! We must love Jesus more than the world!

Most people want things to happen right away; it’s the human part of us. However when you’re a Saint of God, you must know “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; evidence of things not see.” No matter what; we must believe deliverance and breakthrough will happen.

The Bible tells us to “pray without cease.” When some people are going through they become more overwhelmed by their situations. They become consumed by their problems allowing doubt to set in. This is only a trick of the enemy whose job is to kill, steal, and destroy. As a Saint of God we should never doubt God; for He’s a God who can’t lie!

As Saints of God we must hold on, because the Word says “the race isn’t give to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end.” We must stay in the race. We should always pray (morning, noon, and night). I believe through the tough times we should pray even more, because the devil knows when we are struggling and he’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to mess up your mind. If you let him in, he will definitely try to take over.

Personally I know the struggle is real. It gets hard sometimes on this journey, because it can be lonely. Remember, when friends and family walk away, Jesus the Son and our Father God will never leave or forsake us. Keep pushing towards the prize!

I can truly say when I feel some kind of way, I start praying in the Spirit and not once have the Holy Spirit forsaken me. Every single time the Holy Spirit shows up and make me feel better. We have to trust Jesus and God to be who they are!

The devil don’t want us to feel peace, because we are against him. He wants to attack us left and right, because he’s the author of confusion. It’s alright, because whatever he does to us, God has us through it all. We all will go through, but remember our struggles come to make us, not to break us! We must stand firmly on the Word of God. Don’t give in to the enemy. Trust Jesus. Pray, pray, and then pray some more! Tell yourself it will be alright, “this too shall pass!” The trying times makes us stronger and stronger if we don’t give in to the struggle.


Stop Walking Away During Your Storm


Over the years I’ve known many people who want to give up when they are going through trials and tribulations (their storms). They get offended and upset when you say you’re praying for them or if you try to give them words of encouragement. Oftentimes they seem angry and withdrawn from people who are trying to support them. These people are those who need to go back and check where their faith and beliefs lie. They want to give up in the midst of their storms. This isn’t appropriate actions of a true believer.

I know all about storms and weathering storms. I’ve been there time and time again, but never once did I want to give up or not want encouragement. People get caught up in self and trying to solve problems on their own. They lose focus and therefore get lost in their problems. They don’t act on their faith, they basically go in shutdown mode.

When you’re going through your storms, it isn’t the time to get angry at God or to give up. Instead it is when a person should pray without cease and trust Jesus to be who He say He is. Let your faith be unshakable. Things doesn’t always turn out the way we want, but God is always in the midst of it all. Activate the power Jesus gave you and cast your mountain into the sea!

God always answer prayers! He may not answer them the way we hope, but He always answers them. Many times we think we know best, however; it is Jesus who always knows best. We simply have to believe it.

Each time we hold steadfast and weather our storms it makes us stronger and stronger. As we go through it strengthens us and give us testimonies. Our testimonies are reminders of our endurance and strength, but they also help others through their storms. It teaches others what God has done for one, He can do for all; if we believe!

He’s Still in the Healing Business


Hello everyone, I’m on 2 weeks vacation, I hope all is well with everyone. Today I want to remind you that God the Father and His Son Jesus are still in the healing business. I was flabbergasted when someone told me that God doesn’t heal today like He did in the Bible days. They said sometimes we get our healing in Heaven and not on earth. I flat out told this person, he was a liar and obviously don’t believe like he claimed, if he did he would have never mouthed those words.

To me those are words of an unbeliever. I said there is NO sickness in Heaven, therefore a person doesn’t have to go to Heaven to be healed. God is doing today what He done way back when. He is an unchanging God who is still working miracles. It is people who aren’t believing in the power of healing and they definitely aren’t walking by faith.

Jesus gave those who chooses to believe in Him the power to speak healing over their own bodies and to lay healing hands on others. The problem is people are NOT activating their powers, because they don’t believe like they say they believe. People are running to their church leaders asking for prayer and healings when they have the power to pray and heal self.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t ask for prayer or healings, I’m saying be careful who you ask. People must understand “faith without works is dead.” A lot of people are running to pastors, evangelists, prophets, bishops, apostles etc. etc. when many of those people need someone praying for them, because they aren’t living the life they profess. You shouldn’t be so quick to let any and everyone to lay hands on you or to pray for you. The Bible says “try the spirit by the spirit.”

Start stepping out and walking by faith. Know that God the Father and Jesus His Son are always with you. Activate and operate by the power given unto you as a child of God.

Jesus is still working miracles, the problem is those who claim to believe aren’t really believing. You can’t get a breakthrough if you don’t believe you have the power to get one.

If you’re a true believer my prayer is that from this day forth you will walk by faith and the power given unto you. Start speaking healing in your own lives. Jesus took sickness with Him in death. People have to believe it. Troubles will come and they will go, through it all no matter what the troubles may be, we must stand on the Word of God and believe as people we have the power to speak over our lives. Trust and believe the Word of God!

You Are What You Believe


Many people are living day to day with negative thoughts of who they are. This negative way of thinking about yourselves was planted as seeds long ago and individuals have cultivated those seeds throughout their lives.

There are people who are suffering day to day. They can’t live a life of peace, because they can’t get pass all of the negative talk planted into them years ago. You’re not anything other than what you believe you are.

Remember I’ve said “hurt people, hurt people.” This is true! Most times people don’t understand why they do what they do. No one can move forward until they deal with their old issues. Most will continue to carry the same baggage throughout a lifetime.

You may be your mothers and fathers children, but you are NOT them. No matter what anyone have said you are not your parents. No matter what your parents have said to you, you are NOT them. No matter if you look like them or even if you have some of their characteristics (it’s normal you’re their offspring), YOU ARE NOT THEM! Stop allowing people to speak negativity into your lives and MOST of all STOP believing it.

A person can’t EVER acquire peace by constantly embracing negativity. You have the amazing ability inside of you to be whatever you choose to be. In order to the best you possible you must learn how to love yourself DESPITE what anyone has said negatively about or against you.

It is very sad that many people are walking around dysfunctional and not loving themselves because they believe the negative talk planted by others and the negative talk they continuously speak to themselves. Think of it metaphorically. Think of it as a person trying to find a priceless coin (signifying your life)in a closet piled to the ceiling with clothes (the clutter is the issues in your life that has caused you to become dysfunctional). It’s impossible to find the valuable coin UNTIL you de-clutter the closet by cleaning it out.

This is the way millions of people are living. They’re constantly piling problems and issues on top on one another and it’s wreaking havoc in their lives.

Not one single person living asked to be here, but guess what; here we are! We are given our lives and it’s up to each of us individually to decide how we will live it. I do understand as a child we don’t have a choice we survive according to what we are given. However, as we grow up into adults it’s up to us to learn another way. We can continue to embrace the way it was and what has caused us the pain and suffering or we can deal with the negativity and accept that it is what it is or was what it was and move on.

I can talk about it all, because I’ve been there. My adversities have truly made me stronger. Not only those that were put upon me by others, but also those that I put on myself. For me, all I can do is thank God Almighty for keeping me through it all and helping me to truly understand just how strong it made me and how it helped me to see clearly the things I missed before.

Things people do and say does hurt but how we allow those things to affect us is what’s most important. If you give people your power they will take it. If you allow what people say and do affect how you feel about yourself then it means you’re already not feeling good about yourself. This is something you need to work on, because it means there’s something you haven’t dealt with and is still holding on to.

I promise and guarantee if you learn how to love you your outlook on life will change. If you learn how to respect yourself it will teach you something about how you allow others to treat you. It equips you with a new confidence with self esteem and a power you’ve never known. People will look at you differently because you’re not the person you used to be. You will still have those who hate on you and hate you, THAT WON’T CHANGE. The reason this doesn’t change even though you have is because although you have a newness about you other people don’t, they are still embracing their pain and suffering. They will continue to be jealous, envious, and full of hatred.

You can’t fix other people, you can only fix you. You can pray for them (if you pray). You can provide them encouragement, knowledge, be a mentor, etc, but the bottom line of it all is the individual has to fix him or herself. They must want change in their lives.

People seek so much in life. They seek love, fame, fortune. They go through hell in order to get what they think they want until they get it; then they realize it may have been what they wanted, but not at all what they need.

This is a new day, which means it can be a new start for you. No longer give power to your negative self talk. No longer embrace the negative things you’ve been told by others (I don’t care who said it). No longer embrace the negative things that has happened to you. Embrace you and live!!! Too many are living true lives as the “walking dead.” They are alive, but dead spiritually, they don’t live, they’re unhappy. No one should be living this way! By becoming a stronger you, will be become a better you! This is what I pray you embrace.

If anyone reading don’t know God and His Son Jesus I recommend Him on today. The ways of the world are getting worse and worse. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything, you will be like a loose leaf in the wind, blowing any way the wind blows, because you’re not rooted in anything. I know many don’t believe in Jesus, but all I can say is this: I’m not forcing Him on you, but since you’ve tried everything, why not try Him on today? It’s up to you, it’s your decision. When you accept Him it doesn’t mean trouble won’t come, but what it means is He’s your Rock in the midst of any troubles and you won’t look at those troubles the same. You learn how to lean and depend on Him and everything else rolls off of your back like water on oiled skin. That may sounds corny, but I know it’s the truth, I’m a witness! I’m not trying to force Him on anyone, but I must recommend Him. Peace and love to all!!!

GOD the Father and His Son Jesus and then others


I already know millions don’t want to hear about or read about God, but one day you will reminisce the many times you were told, but you chose to dismiss and it will be too late for many. God is real and He’s showing us in so many ways. People are seeing miracles that they still characterize as luck. People are seeing signs on top of signs in the skies, that they have no understanding of what it means or why. People are seeing many things that represents God and his existence, but fail to accept it as such.

The way of the world had changed so much. Things that are against God are accepted as right and things that are for God are accepted as wrong. God specifically said there must be a separation of the right from the wrong. Many don’t accept this because they want to continue to do what they do.

People don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. They don’t want to give up the nasty filthy ways of this world. Most importantly; they don’t believe in God, but they eagerly and wholeheartedly believe in gods.

I can’t save anyone and I have no heaven or hell to put you in, but it is my duty to tell you about God. It’s my duty to show you the way. If you believe and accept wonderful, but I can’t make you, the decision is yours to make of your free will.

In today’s world almost anything goes. We’re living in a Burger King world (have it your way). People are getting slapped on the hands for doing unthinkable things. The reason for this is because many who are making the decisions are also living the ways of the world. They are serving gods and some of them are worshipped as gods. Therefore, they think they’re above God.

People are so busy serving and worshipping man as if they’re God that they don’t have the time to receive God and His Son Jesus. They aren’t willing to accept someone they think they can’t see. They’re blind to the truth. God is real and He shows Himself to us everyday in some way. When God shows Himself people accept His work as everything other than it being the work of God.

What’s sad is that people flock to individuals who they think are holy, because they can see them in the flesh. They flock to the Pope, self made prophets from all over the world, etc..etc. I’m not disputing who they are, but what I know is they aren’t God the Father. These individuals are being worshipped and when they are those who worship them are choosing to worship other gods and NOT God the Father.

The people of this world are becoming more and more evil. The ways of the world is becoming more and more against God. People are going about their business as if there’s nothing going on. People don’t want to accept the truth about anything when it’s against what they think, feel, want, or believe. They can be in the lion’s den, but they will stay there because they want to do what they want to do and not what is best for them, people make these bad choices of free will. They don’t want to be told anything when they know it’s against the way they live their lives. They want to stay in the midst of their nasty ways committing fornication, adultery, immoral sex acts against one another – animals-children, idolizing people and things, serving false gods, and doing anything and everything against GOD and His WORD.

People are busybodies, they want this and that, they’re greedy for material things (money, shoes, clothes, cars, houses, , etc). They’re caught up in positions, titles, statuses, etc. They are addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, food, etc. They idolize and completely worship other people who has status, etc. They’re so focused on following and worshipping other people that they don’t have lives of their own. These things and people are their gods. Unbeknown to people, these things will past away. People are building their treasures on earth when they should be preparing for their treasures in Heaven.

We haven’t seen anything yet, there are things to come that people will be so fearful their hearts will fail them when they see these things (it’s in the Word). Things are coming that people will not know how to handle nor will they be able to handle. People have turned against God, but this is because they never fully received Him, while others never accepted Him at all.

There is evil lurking at every corner, but society want to call it mental illness versus calling it what it is 98% of the time which is evil. A mentally ill person isn’t mentally capable to devise elaborate plans to kill people or commit certain acts, but evil people are. There are entities around us that we can’t see (dark powers) that are at work. We constantly struggle with mental warfare. People don’t want to believe in this, they accept the term mental illness. One reason the world isn’t on top of this, is because they’re not accepting that evil exist. I know some people know it does, but those who are in positions to give it a name don’t want to deal with other possibilities.

When you talk of evil and dark powers people want to run and hide. Hilarious isn’t it? People want to run and hide from something that seems fearful, yet they don’t understand God has power over all things. These things exist and God exist whether you want to believe it or not. Your disbelief does nothing but hinder you. This is why people are falling into these episodes the world calls mental illness, because they don’t believe in God or these dark powers. Unfortunately millions aren’t in tune with their own bodies and when they’re attacked they don’t know what’s going on. They simply submit and do the unthinkable.

I can go on forever on this but I won’t. I pray that you get on  God the Father and His Son Jesus’s side before it’s too late. You’ve tried EVERYTHING else, why not try Him? You trusted and believed in EVERYONE else, why not trust and believe in Him. “He may not come when you want Him or think that He should, but He’s always on time.” I am a living witness!

The ways of the world may look good, but I promise you it isn’t good for you. The choice is yours to make. I know many don’t like this post, but it’s okay. I know people and I understand that when it comes to things that are good for you many will reject it, because they don’t want to give up their old ways. I’m sorry for you and I can’t do anything but love you and continue to pray for you. I pray that you receive God before it’s too late.



This post is to encourage someone on today. Many people are sad and broken hearted, feeling as if the sun won’t shine again in their lives. I’m here to tell you, no matter what you’re going through it’s only for a season. Sometimes our season may be for an hour, or a day, week, month, or years. It’s still ONLY for a season.

Some of us don’t want to go through anything. We don’t want to have to deal with any misfortunate events in our lives, but this is a distorted way of thinking. It’s not reality. We all have to go through something at some point.

You may fall down, it doesn’t mean your out. Don’t allow what you’re going through to beat you into submission. If you submit, you lose control of the situation and the situation  begins to control you. Most people want to give up by giving completely in when all troubles are only temporary. How do I know? It’s because I’ve been there many times. You must learn not to allow ANY situation to negatively take control of your life.

A lot of times people are so engrossed with what they’re feeling that they can’t see past those feelings. Their problems begin to affect them both physically and mentally; which causes total dysfunction in their lives. When all a person does is focus on what they’re going through they lose sight of the fact that troubles only last for a season. They make everything about them and their problems. It’s hard for them anyone to believe their problems are only for a season when they deal with things this way.

I encourage you to take back control. Stop focusing on how bad you feel about what you’re going through. Believe that troubles don’t last always and know that someone else is worse off than you. You’re in it for only a season. If all you do is be negative, complain, and get down on yourself; your season will seem much longer than it is.

You’re not exempt from troubles in life, I’m not exempt, and neither is anyone else. They will come, but the good news is they will go. No matter what it is and no matter who is going through it, IT’S ONLY FOR A SEASON!

My prayer is that you understand that you’re not alone. Trust me! You’re not alone! You may feel it, but you’re not. It may be your situation, but I guarantee you that others are going through similar situations. People don’t want to hear these things, because they feel too much pain and it’s hard for them to believe things will get better. They can and they will, if you don’t give up! Get out of your feelings, because it’s why you can’t get past what you’re going through.



We’ve heard this question asked many times. What gets me is the fact that many of the people asking the question NEVER acknowledged God before tragedy struck. However, He’s the one they want to blame when it strikes. Their question is always “where was God?” Is this a fair question coming from people who don’t acknowledge Him? Is it a fair question coming from those who supposedly do acknowledge Him?

He’s there during all of our good times as well as the bad. God is still God; the one who sits high and looks down low. It baffles me when I hear so many people ask this question or when I hear people say they lost their faith, etc. Truth of the matter is you can’t lose something you never had. As people our faith can be tried, but if a person let go of their faith, it was never solid in the first place.

The ONLY trouble free people lie in the cemetery. They are no longer alive and apart of this world. For the rest of us, as long as we breathe we are sure to go in and out of the valleys of life. It’s all a part of life. It doesn’t mean God isn’t there or that He doesn’t care, because He is and He does.

If you believe in the Bible, then you know what changed and why there is both good and evil in this world. If you don’t I challenge you to at least read about it; starting with the first Book (Genesis), which wasn’t applicable to only Adam and Eve at that time, but to all generations to come. Trials and tribulations involves people, their behaviors, and the different tragedies we will at some point experience due to other things. How you perceive and accept any situation determines how you will go through it. It doesn’t matter how horrible it is.

God is there with us through all of our trials, but I personally believe one problem is that many say they believe, but their actions say otherwise. Think about it; if everyone who claimed to believe and love the Lord, truly believed and loved Him, they would lives their lives completely different and this world would be a better place. Unfortunately that’s not the case and in the midst of that there are nonbelievers. Too many are either living on both sides of the fence or they don’t believe at all.

We don’t only face tragedies, trials, and tribulations because of other people, but also due to unfortunate events (floods, earthquakes, etc). There will always be tragedies that happen to us for as long as we shall live, but God remains with us. Things happen that can shatter our lives, but God remains with us. Satan and his angels has their hands in many things. Satan oftentimes make things look good and other times bad. His job is to lie, manipulate, deceive, kill, steal, and destroy. His purpose is to roam the earth, seeking whom he can devour. We all deal with it. That’s just the way it is. Where our faith lies, our relationship with God and His Son Jesus; is what keeps us strong and able to endure our  storms. When people don’t have this, they lack the understanding as to why we have to deal with misfortune.

A lot of people flock to the church on Sunday, but live like hypocrites the rest of the week. Sadly this includes church Leaders and so on down the chain. Many don’t live as new creatures because they aren’t new creatures. It shows in their daily walk. When the connection is nonexistent or false; there’s no real understanding.

God yet lives, He loves each of us, and He’s right there all of the time. The many things we go through; we don’t have to go through alone nor do we have to allow them to break us down. God wants us to believe, have faith, and cast our cares on Him. You can’t do that if you don’t believe and you can’t do it if your profession is a lie!

Our lives weren’t meant to be trouble free. It would be wonderful if it was, but it isn’t. Trials come to make us strong, but sadly many people allow their trials to break them down.

How we go through anything is a personal decision. What we believe is a personal choice and how we live our lives is a personal choice. I pray that you allow God to heal your pains and that you’re no longer bitter or angry at God for things that has happened or will happen. No matter how it looks, He’s still in control.  No matter where we go or what we do, the world is full of good and evil. We will face something! God is right there waiting for us to lean and depend on Him.