Making Your Pastor Your Master


Yes, I’m on this again! Too many people in today’s churches have made their pastors/leaders their Master. They have put them on pedal’s acting as if they are God. Stop praising and worshipping the creature and start praising and worshipping the Creator! Your pastor’s knees has to bend like yours, they are servants just like you; NOT the Savior! They may be some of your god’s, but they aren’t the God Almighty, the Master, the Great I am, the Savior, at all!

Those pedal stools some people have put them on will cause them to tumble right into the pits of hell. The reason why is these leaders act like they are God. They are not!!! They act the way they do, because this is how hey are treated. Many have become puffed up and vain.

God isn’t pleased with what is going on in the churches today. Some things are completely out of order and totally against God. If your pastor is doing the right thing they would not allow any ole thing in the church. The stuff going on in some of the churches are the same things going on in the world.

Some pastors are ruling and controlling their member’s lives. They are telling them what they can and can’t do. They are telling them where they can and can’t go and who to socialize with. When pastor’s are controlling the lives of their members they have been allowed to go to far. People are brainwashed by their pastors. People need to read the Bible and seek understanding for themselves.

Most pastors are living way above their members. Some member’s are struggling giving their last while their pastors are living good lives. Something is wrong with that picture. Many of the churches don’t help their members when they need it and really don’t do anything for the community if they can’t make a profit. This isn’t the way the church should be.

Although they go to church faithfully, many members are still babes in Christ. They haven’t grown since accepting the Lord as their Savior. Most people in today’s church are still on milk. They haven’t grown because they aren’t seeking the Lord for themselves, instead they are seeking it all from their pastors. The meat they are being fed isn’t to help their spiritual growth, but instead it’s to edify their Pastor’s because it’s coming from them and NOT the Word of God. Therefore it can’t be ingested into their spirits, because they are still babes. How can a Shepherd lead his Sheep, when He isn’t truly a Shepherd of God? It’s impossible when God’s not in it! The Bible says ” the blind can’t lead the blind, less they both fall in the ditch.” People really need to seek God’s face for themselves if they TRULY want to make it to Heaven.

It’s disgusting and sickening to see how most of the pastors are being praised and worshipped. People are too busy trying to please their pastors until they can’t focus on God, because it’s NOT what they are being taught. They aren’t being taught how to live holy, how to activate the powers within them that God has given to us all, they don’t know demons and the supernatural is real, because they aren’t being taught any of this in today’s churches. God is still in the healing business and He’s still a miracle worker, the problem is people don’t believe, because people are walking by sight and NOT faith. Their eyes are on their pastors and what they can see with the natural eye, because it is what they are being taught.

Pastor’s today are too busy building up what they have made their kingdoms which are their churches/sanctuaries. Churches are trying to out do one another. They are too busy preaching material prosperity, but not at all focused on seeking souls for the Kingdom of God. They are too worried about their kingdoms down here on earth.

When you go to a church and they have ATM’s in the church, they are asking for bank statements and check stubs, they are blasting you for the amount of tithes you pay, they are charging you to sit in particular places during service, etc THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE SENSE ENOUGH TO KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG! THIS ISN’T ABOUT GOD’S BUSINESS, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHURCH BUSINESS OF MATERIAL PROSPERITY. Pastor’s have made it all about money.

Jesus is coming back and He’s going to charge Pastor’s many times over for leading their flock astray, but He’s also going to charge the people for praising and worshipping their Pastors as if they are God. If someone doesn’t make it in it’s no one’s fault, but their own. It is up to each and every last one of us to get to know Jesus for ourselves, develop a daily relationship with him, and to live according to His Word. The same Pastors being praised and worshipped have to live according to His Word like us all. As I’ve said before and it is from the Bible “we can’t get to the Father unless we go through the Son.” The Son isn’t your Pastor, He’s the Son of God!


Are you Serving Your Pastor or Jesus


I wanted to write about this, I experienced an incident this weekend where someone I know needed someone to talk to. I was flabbergasted at what I heard. I believe her story, because I see this very thing going on in churches today.

I know some people will get mad about this post. Good!!!! If you’re mad then it means it sparked something within. All I pray is people wake up before it’s too late. People must stop worshipping their leaders. I believe you give honor where it is due, but I don’t believe in worshipping no man.

The Pastor of this particular church has instructed his congregation not to speak to or be involved with this person for any reason and he openly talked about her during service. What? This is ridiculous and what is even more ridiculous is people are obliging this Pastor. It stemmed from the fact she didn’t make it from out of town in time enough to do a church chore, she was running late. The Pastor and his crew called her in and gave her the fifth degree about it. She was very hurt by the things they said to her.

He told his congregation don’t speak on anyone lives unless he judge it then they can or can’t. He told his congregation working for this church is their entire life, they don’t do anything or go anywhere else unless preapproved. Who does he think he is? He’s a modern day Jim Jones.

People better wake up to this nonsense. Pastor’s are leaders of their churches. They are over the church and are to set examples for their congregations, but they aren’t there to command and control them. These types of Pastor’s are out of line. They are completely out of order.

Who does a Pastor thinks he is telling people they don’t have the gift to prophesy, he’s the one doing that and no one else better do it unless it is first judged through him? Who is a Pastor to tell his congregation they bring everything to him and then he will pray about it and let them know the result? God gave us all gifts and the ability to pray for ourselves and over other people. He gives power to us all to work and walk in the anointing, it doesn’t come from man! People aren’t supposed to praise and worship their Pastors. They are supposed to praise and worship God the Father and His Son Jesus.

The problem with the churches today many leaders are abusers. They groom their congregations setting them up to be brainwashed. They are taking advantage of their congregations. They are preying on their congregations and they are brainwashing them into treating them like they are God. Well, they aren’t!!! People need to wake up and realize their Pastor’s knees will bow and their tongues will confess too! Stop making these Pastor’s your god’s and stop exalting them as if they are God. It’s a form of idolatry they are being idolized. These Pastor’s know exactly what they are doing. They know they’re being put on pedal stools. They know they are being praised, worshipped, and exalted. They love it. They love the power and control. Sadly their flock don’t get it. You worship no man, you ONLY worship the Father and His Son Jesus!

People who allow Pastor’s to control their everyday lives are people who aren’t connected to Jesus. I don’t care how much they think they are, they are NOT! Stop allowing your church Leaders to control your life, it is NOT theirs to control. People need to get their relationships with God and start worshipping the Creator and stop worshipping the creature! Time is running out.

Gaining Bodies, but not Souls


I already know some people won’t like this post, that’s good! If you don’t like it then it means it’s touching you for some reason. I’m going to tell the truth, period!

I’ve seen it over and over again in today’s churches. Leaders of SOME churches of today are not trying to win souls for the Kingdom. They are trying to win souls for self gain. It’s the truth! I rarely hear leaders of churches invite people to be saved. Being saved is the first step. You can’t move forward without being saved. Romans 10:9 tell you what you need to do in order to be saved. A person doesn’t have to go to any church to receive Jesus! This is why it’s extremely important to read the Bible for yourself.

In today’s churches the problem with many people is they are following their leaders and not the Word of God. They are focusing on the person rendering the message and NOT the actual Word of God. Too many people are caught up in pleasing and satisfying their leaders at all cost. The Bible does speak of taking care of our leaders. However, to the extent church members are taking care them are way beyond what is required. Sadly many churches are ran strictly as businesses and not for winning souls.

In churches of the day it’s like the world; anything goes! People are walking in with anything on, these women and men don’t have a real connection with God therefore their hearts are not convicted enough for them to see they are inappropriately dressed. In a post last year I wrote “come as you are” doesn’t mean with boobs out, dresses jacked up high, see through clothes, tight revealing clothes, sagging pants, etc. etc. It means broken hearted, down, depressed, sad, or whatever is ailing you; bring it to the alter and leave it there.

The leaders of today’s churches are selling things in their churches when clearly in the Bible Jesus said this was forbidden. Jesus Himself went in and turned over tables when people were selling, etc in the church. Leaders are allowing all kinds of foolishness to gain money and more money. This isn’t of God.

I’ve even noticed that leaders rarely ask do people want to join the church. They don’t care whether you join or not, they just want your money. It’s not about winning souls for the Kingdom or making sure people have a church home, it’s about if you like it keep coming and bringing your money. Jesus isn’t pleased with this!

I believe this is why people are falling for everything and standing for nothing, because they aren’t being lead according to God’s Word. From what I’ve seen, leaders teach what they want from the Bible and the rest comes from them. They always bring tithing from the same Book (Malachi), which is under the law of the Old Testament and not applicable today. People are too brainwashed to know what the truth is concerning tithing. They believe what they are told, because they don’t read for themselves or have a personal relationships with Jesus the Son or God the Father.

Every leader isn’t from God and I would go out on limb and say most leaders of today aren’t called from God. You can tell by how they lead their flock. You can tell by how they accept anything in their churches. You can tell by how things are ran in such a business like manner with all of the bells and whistles in place. Today, the smaller churches want to be affiliated with the mega churches to some degree and many are. People are going to church for notoriety and being a part of the click; not to be a part of the Kingdom. How foolish is this! The clicks will go away the Kingdom is forever!



Shall A Man Rob God


Malachi 3:8 in all of my years of going to church, this is the verse most church’s go to when it comes to tithing. What I don’t understand is this; church leaders are VERY adamant about tithing, but they don’t stress something even greater; which is how to accept Jesus as a personal Savior and how one can live holy.

They preach and teach damnation, curses, and bondage due to a individual NOT tithing or NOT tithing what they think they should. It’s out of control in today’s churches. Churches has gone as far as having ATM’s and online tithing capabilities. Some churches asks for your bank statements etc. It’s out of control! They are so focused on gaining the world while their flocks are losing their souls.

People must first understand they are the church, the church lives in you. If you have that personal relationship and daily walk with Jesus you will know that tithing is between you and God, NOT the church. The church shouldn’t treat you like a criminal or damn you if you don’t pay or if you don’t pay what they think you should. Let’s be real about it; no where in the Bible was tithing EVER ALL about money! No where!!!! For the churches of today it’s NOT about robbing God, it’s all about robbing the sanctuary and the preacher! I know what I’m saying is the truth, but I also know many won’t like it.

Shall a Man Rob God! Robbing God and His Son Jesus is what you’re doing when you’re serving man and brainwashed by him. Robbing Him is what you’re doing when your MAIN focus is tithing to the church because of your leaders, yet you’re not following God’s word. Robbing God is what leader’s do when they go one Sunday without telling someone what it takes to be saved and how to live holy. Robbing God is when they teach material prosperity over spiritual prosperity. Robbing God is when you live your life straddled the fence. Robbing God is when they focus on worldly possessions and laying up our treasures here on earth and NOT seeking ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Robbing God is when they don’t teach values and morals in the church. Robbing God is when church leaders (preacher, teacher, evangelist, bishop, apostle, rev, prophet, Dr. this or that or whatever you want to be called) don’t live what they teach or preach. Robbing God is when church leaders are allowing anything in their churches and they are keeping tight lipped about it, because they don’t want to lose their members (tithers).

I can go on and on, but my prayer is that you understand this message. Paying your tithes isn’t going to get you into heaven or keep you from heaven. You must be born again and you must live holy not some of the time but ALL of the time! Nothing matters when we close our eyes for the last time; other than how we chose to live while we yet lived. What side of the fence did you choose, because as I’ve said before straddling it just won’t do!

You can pay tithes to the church, but remember that it’s not all about money. Church’s of today have made it all about money and they are angry if anyone says otherwise. Sad part is people believe it. If leader’s say “shall a man rob God.” Then certainly one must have the sense to understand that Jesus Christ and His Son Jesus, goes beyond the walls of the church. People need to get it together and understand what’s going on. Wake up!! Learn what tithing is about, where it derived from, who it was first intended for and how they tithed back in the biblical days. It sure doesn’t fall in line with what they teach today in churches around the world.



I already know a lot of people will be mad about this, but I don’t apologize for the truth. I also know you will say I’m judging and although it’s not true, say what you want. When a person tells the truth it will affect people. When people feel the sting of the truth they will feel some kind of way about it and oftentimes they will say they’re being judged. I’m not the judge, but it is my duty to spread the truth, like it or not. IF NOT; I’m charged just like everyone else.

What I’m seeing in many of the churches today is mockery and shame in the eyes of God. The things some leaders are doing today is not in line with God. They have brainwashed their flocks. People of today are poisoned by the words of man and not equipped or empowered by the WORD of God. They’re in church CLEARLY praising and worshipping their leaders.

There are leaders up in the pulpits cursing, sexing members of their congregation, preaching everything about the world, but aren’t teaching or preaching the true Word of God. Instead they’re preaching watered down versions of what they want the people to know. People are lost and confused for several reasons the main one is because they’re straddling the fence. Many aren’t even on the fence; going to church is like going to the movies or a sporting event. They go for entertainment and they go faithfully! Most go out of pure tradition. Those that are straddling the fence are straddled for one reason only. THEY DO NOT FULLY BELIEVE IN THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. If they did their lives would be different and they definitely wouldn’t be straddled the fence.

They’re lost and confused because they do not know God and His Son Jesus for themselves. They only know what they’ve heard. When this is the case, a person is liable to follow anyone and fall for anything. You must get to know Him for yourselves and get into a daily walk with Him (the Word, prayer, praise, and worship). If you don’t know Him for yourself the world always seems to look more enticing than what it is, but it’s the trick of the enemy. To give it up seems like a tragedy, but what people don’t understand is to NOT give it up WILL be a tragedy.

The world is shocked when they see and hear all of the foolishness leaders all over the world are doing. It’s not shocking to me, but it is sad. Not only sad because they’re leading the people astray, but because they’re mocking God and condemning their lives to hell IF they don’t make a change.

Today it’s about power and greed; leader’s are lead by the mighty dollar! Churches have ATM’s, café’s, bookstores, and other things inside of the church. It may be in the foyer, but it’s still inside of the building. Don’t leaders know this is wrong? God Himself turned over tables and made a big deal over it when He saw people selling etc in the temple.  These leaders are making it all about money. They’ve lost sight of the truth and their good intentions have fallen by the wayside. Well, let me back up. Some NEVER had the right intentions from the start; because for them it started out being about money.

This is why you see many leaders doing things unbecoming of a men and women of God. They’re leading their flocks, but they don’t even know who they are or to whom they serve. They’re just as blind and lost as their flocks. The Bible says “how can the blind lead the blind, lest they both fall into the ditch.”

I’m not saying none of us are perfect, but what I am saying is IF you are TRULY a new creature everything about you will change (your spiritual walk, talk, thoughts, overall presentation, dress, etc). Why, because your heart and mind will become on one accord. You will not be the same, you can’t be the same, and you wouldn’t want to be the same. Will temptations come, YES it will. It is the devil’s job and desire to lead God’s people astray, but the more you grow the stronger you become and the more you will place God at the forefront of all you do. This makes you better equipped to resist the devil and make him flee. He will try and try, but if you stay strong and rooted in the Word of God and adopt that daily fellowship with Him, you will be able to stand any and all tests.

Many leaders don’t want to give up this world just like a lot of their flocks don’t want to give it up. So they stand in their pulpits preaching what they want to in order to keep their people in brainwashed states of minds and submission. They give just enough to make the people feel that they’re a part of something special. Many of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. People who don’t know God for themselves will and are falling for everything their leaders say and do.

Oftentimes the discretions of leaders are revealed to the public, but their congregations uphold their wrong. They’re not being held accountable and it’s why they go right on to do other things against God. They feel VERY powerful and untouchable. The part about this that breaks my heart is the fact how people persecuted, condemned, beat, and murdered Jesus for doing wonderful marvelous works, yet the world upholds all of the mess some of their leaders are doing today. It makes no sense. This is because people praise and worship man and not the Creator.

Leaders aren’t teaching about demonic spirits, spiritual attachments (which aren’t always demonic, but they can be aggravating to the physical body). They aren’t teaching hell damnation, soul salvation and living holy, or becoming and remaining a new creature. They’re teaching a lot of building up your material homes and possessions. When you die you take NOTHING with you. I don’t care what they put in the casket with you or on you; you can’t take it with you. “From dust you came and from it you will return.”

I believe the reason leader’s don’t teach these things is because they don’t believe in them no more than they believe in the existence of God or they’re afraid of it. They fear demons, etc, but don’t believe in God (makes no sense). If they believed they  would be doing, teaching, and preaching differently. It’s okay to teach your flock how to become the best individuals they can be in all areas of their lives. However, when how to prosper in a way to gain material possessions or worldly statuses is the ONLY thing or the MOST important things being taught, SOMETHING IS WRONG. The Bible says “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.”   But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth, nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.  (Matthews 6:19 & 20).

If you’re not doing the right thing here on earth. you’ll fail to set yourself up for these things in heaven, you CAN’T blame anyone but YOU! Following the leaders and being lead wrong is a decision made by YOU! People must pray for understanding, wisdom, and knowledge so the blinders can be removed from their eyes. A person has to have a sense of right and wrong, when they don’t they’re likely to be like a leaf in the wind, they will follow what sounds and looks good to them and not necessarily what is right or wrong according to the word of God.

I’m not perfect, but I NEVER use it as an excuse to do something I know isn’t right. I’m not that person I used to be. I don’t do those things I once done and have no desire to do so. I am aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I am also aware of those belonging to others. The Bible says “to try the spirit by the spirit.” If you’re truly on the Lord’s side and living holy, you don’t look at people totally with the nature eye, the spiritual eye is always seeing beyond the natural, because of the Holy Spirit that dwells within. It comes naturally.

I know people get sick of hearing or reading about me talking about Jesus. It is my duty and the duty of any person who claims to love the Lord and is on His side; to sow seeds. As seeds are planted, it’s each individual’s choice as to what they will do with those seeds. They can cultivate them and let them grow or they can let them wither up and die. The choice is always yours to make.