Our World Need Parents to Parent


There is too much going on in this world with children. Parents must be parents to their child/children. This means you should put being their friend on the back burner. This also means parents need to remember who is parent.

It’s okay to be cool with your child and for your child to know they can come to you with anything. However, there should be an unmistaken line that shouldn’t be crossed. The child should always know their role. No parent on this earth should be afraid of their child.

Many parents are afraid of their child/children because they have set the standards for the child to have control they shouldn’t have. They haven’t set any boundaries. When you give them the wheel they will drive! If you lose control for long enough it’s very hard to re-gain if at all. When they are toddlers etc it’s easier to get it together, however, when they become teenagers it’s much harder to re-gain the control.

Too many people are having children who shouldn’t have them. They aren’t mature enough or financially ready, yet they are having them. The kids don’t get what they need and many are neglected and abused because of it. I’m not saying all, but many are.

Too many parents are more focused on their own lives and not enough on the lives of their children. They are too busy with work and other things. This leaves room for television, the streets, video games, internet, and social media to influence their children in many negative ways. If you’re an active parent who is indeed parenting you can be a filter and you can set guidelines and rules for your child to follow.

Too many parents are failing to sit down and talk with their children to see what is going on in their lives. They allow them to do what they want. Parents aren’t allowed in their children rooms (really? please!) Parents don’t check on what their children are watching or listening too. They don’t know what their children are doing on social media. Kids are meeting men and women and running away to meet them, oftentimes they end up dead. They are social media posting pictures they should post and getting involved with radical groups or groups that influence them to partake in the evil things. Learn to communicate with your child and be active in their lives. Always be vigilant and mindful of what they are doing.

Some people don’t discipline their children then they send them to school and have attitudes when the teachers discipline them. The nerves!!!! Stop sending out of control kids to schools; then trying to tie the teachers hand in how they control their classrooms. A teacher have every right to maintain control in their classroom and if they can’t because of out of control students, don’t blame the teacher for disciplining your child. Children are only in school about 8 hours a day, they should know how to go to school and act. No teacher should lay hands on a child, but they certainly should be able to discipline and maintain control in their classrooms.

Children need structure and discipline. If parent’s don’t really know how to handle their children, then they should seek help through counseling and/or parenting classes. Stop allowing your children to raise themselves, stop allowing everything and everyone but you to raise your children, and stop allowing them to run amok! Parents should be their children’s hero’s and greatest influencers. Set your children up for the future!

When parents are more worried about being their child’s friend then being parents; something is wrong! Parent’s should be parents #1! Some relationships people have with their children are unhealthy. Anytime a child is allowed to do whatever they want it’s not a good thing.

Many things children learn can impact them for their lifetime. Behaviors are learned (good or bad). How can you expect a child to learn something positive if they weren’t ever taught? It is the parents responsibility to teach their children so they grow into productive mature adults. Letting children have it their way enables them and it can also cripple and stunt their growth. Parents who are afraid of their children teaches some of them how to be bullies and manipulative without meaning to do so. If a child gets away with it at home they think they can anywhere else.

One sad and major problem is too many people are becoming parents who have major issues and who don’t love self. They have all types of issues, yet they willfully choose to bring children into this world. This leaves room for much negativity. Kids are abused in all types of ways by their parents, people in the lives of their parents, and others. It’s because when a person is dealing with many issues, they aren’t in the right mindset to be a parent to anyone, because they will teach their children their ways which will more than likely be negative. Then the children grow into negative adults riddled with all types of issues. This is a lot of the problems going on in our world. Adults with all kinds of issues raising children to be like them with all types of issues who turn into adults with all types of issues. The cycle continues.

Children need parents who will parent. Parents need to stop making excuses and be parents! No one on earth asked to be born. The parent nor the child. However, the parent most times willfully choose to become parents. If you are going to be a parent, then you must be a responsible one. Take responsibility of raising your child. This world is full of people and things (streets, social media, etc. etc), who will raise your child and instill negative things if you do not do your job as a parent. We are seeing products of this every single day. You can’t know what is going on in your child’s life if you’re not an active part of it! You can not parent if you have given control to your child! If you don’t have control, get it before it’s too late!!!!!