Choosing Man’s Way Over God’s Way


Many people of the world today have chosen man’s way over thus sayeth the Lord. Everything God says is the right way, man is saying it’s the wrong way. Everything God says is the wrong way, man is saying it’s the right way. What’s even sadder is people don’t fear or respect God. They are boldly doing what they want to do! This world has adopted the “Burger King” concept of “have it your way.” There will be repercussions and consequences for all things against the Son and the Father!

Jesus died for our sins, so we don’t have to die for them. God could have easily brought him down from the cross. He stayed there for you, you, you, and I. Yet, this world is right back in the same predicament of the Bible days. People are doing whatever, whenever, and wherever. They have no shame about anything they do or say! To put icing on the cake, many of these people profess Christ as their Lord and Savior! Lies, lies, lies and people who do this know they are telling lies, lies, lies! I’m not trying to spiritually shame anyone, I’m trying to help you realize you need to get it right before it’s too late!

Time is moving right along, it waits for no man. However the most beautiful thing is even though time is moving quickly, everyday we get to see is a day given for us to change our ways and come to the Lord. It is time given to stop mocking God and playing church. People mock God and play church to please man. They go to church out of tradition, but also out of dedication to man, yet they have no commitment or dedication to Jesus. No one can know the Father if they have no relationship with the Son!

Many people don’t want to give up this world; they think they’ll miss something if they do. They are very correct, they will miss something detrimental to them, which is Heaven trying to live for this world! Many people have and are falling away, because they have no roots. Many people want to straddle a fence that doesn’t exist.

I don’t care who YOU think you are or what pedal stool you’ve been put on. All of our knees will someday bow. No one is above the Master! We will all give an account of what we’ve done against God. There are only 2 roads to take; the right one or the wrong one. Many willfully choose the wrong road, because they don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. They don’t want to let go of things of this world.

You can’t take with you your old ways on a new journey with the Lord, you have to put them down. You must let them completely go and not turn back to pick them up. If a person truly wants to serve God they can and they will give up this world. To love Him, you must live for Him, period! Those who don’t want to give up their old ways are the first ones to say you’re judging them. They are the first ones who will say no one is perfect. These are old, old, excuses to stay where you are in the world.

I will not tell you a lie, not one time have I desired to go back to my old ways. When I came up out of my mess, I was thankful how God kept me safe from all dangers seen and unseen, natural and supernatural. I went through some stuff, but He kept me. It could have been me many times, but yet He kept me. I wouldn’t turn back for nothing or no one! God has been too good to me! When I was in the world I thought I was having fun, I did what I wanted to do. However, when I developed my relationship with Jesus, I realized all the things I had done against Him. It made me weep, I still weep when I think about where He brought me from! I can’t turn back, nothing is back there for me. I know for a fact 100% people can live Holy lives if they choose.

The devil has his agenda and has had it from the start. He makes things appealing to the eyes, he tickles the ears, he gives people this and that and sadly some think what the devil gave them is from the Lord, and he makes things glitter to look like gold when it isn’t. He is doing his job of lying and deceiving people. He pulls all types of arsenals out of his bag of tricks to make people think the world is a better option. Nothing a person gains in this world has value in Heaven or hell. We will take nothing with us when we leave this world. How we chose to live determines our eternal home. Yet, people are still choosing this world as if they will be here forever. No, we all will someday depart this world! People must get ready for this transition. We all have a chance right now to get it right while the blood is running warm through our veins.


Holding on to the Past Affects Your Present


Too many people do this! Many people focus on what has happened. Many people live this way entertaining a life long pity party. They can’t move forward, because they are stuck in the past. A past that no longer exists! It’s true! I’m not ever going to say the past didn’t exist or people didn’t go through what they’ve gone through. What I’m saying is the past itself is just that! It is gone! People must learn to stop giving power to the memories of their pasts. The more power you give to anything it controls you!

Many adults don’t give themselves chances to have the happy and fulfilled lives they should have, because they are fixated on what was! They’ve allowed the memories of their past experiences to control their possibilities for wonderful lives. They ruin their lives by their wrong ways of thinking. They are mad and angry over things that are long over. Hanging on to such junk is like drinking a bottle of liquid self destruction and expecting not to be affected by it.

It’s time people learn to let go of negative things. No matter who HAVE hurt you in the past, it’s you whose now hurting yourself. Your life is your life! All of us can choose to stay stuck or move on. Bitterness destroys!! The more power you give to negative thoughts the more they control you and keep you stuck in negative states of mind.

Some of you may say I don’t know or understand what you’ve gone through. You are correct, I don’t know! However, I know we all have a story we can tell. I do know and understand hurt, disappointment, unfairness, suffering, rejection, abuse, and many things that affects us. Although things may hurt us or even scar us, life goes on. Wounds heal if you stop picking at it! Pain subsides if you stop giving it power! Memories fade if you stop giving them life by constantly reliving them!

Feelings of hurt, pain, and suffering are universal. No one is exempt! People learn to move on by letting go. It’s 100% okay to feel the pain, however; when it defines you and controls your life it’s no longer okay. People who hurt people; are hurt people. Get it? It’s a vicious cycle!

It’s easier for people to believe they have to remain the way they are then for them to believe they can change. No matter the chaos people get content in their old ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. They know change means having to do something different. It means putting forth intentional efforts to be better! If you don’t choose change the only option is to remain the same. No matter who a person blames; the way an individual chooses to be is the individual’s choice.

Choosing to move on doesn’t negate the fact things happened. What it does is it puts the power back where it belongs; in your hands! Never allow someone or something power over you! Learn and gain strength from everything you go through, don’t let it render you powerless. The ONLY power anyone or anything has over you is the power you give!

Salvation is Free Take it or Leave it


It is every individual’s choice to either believe it and receive it or deny and ignore. Every last one of us on earth has the right to choose whom we will serve. When Jesus died on the cross He paid the price for you, you, and I. He didn’t die for anyone in particular, He died for each and everyone of us. Salvation is free for anyone who chooses to accept it. Jesus dying on the cross gave us all the same opportunity to live for Him. He died for our sins making it possible for us to not have to live sinful lives only to gain eternal damnation.

Although salvation is free, it doesn’t mean a person can accept salvation and live any kind of way. No, you can’t, no I can’t! We are given the most valuable gift offered which is salvation and if a person doesn’t feel it’s good enough to make them want to give up this world, then that choice is theirs to make.

Too many people are caught up in pleasing man and making sure man sees them playing church. It’s important to some people they are seen as Saints of God, when they know they aren’t. They want the status, but not the lifestyle. They know they are playing the role and that is it! Sad, because the one’s they’re pretending for are pretending too. “How can the blind lead the blind, lest they both fall in the ditch?” That is straight from the Word of God!

Not for one second will I say as flesh and bone we won’t or don’t sin. What I am saying is “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This let’s us no we can live holy lives if we choose. We must choose too! As a person matures in Christ they are no longer babes in Christ. A person who have given up this world for Christ becomes a new creature. Everything about this new creature is new, the old ways should be no more. When people refuse to give up their olds ways they fail to mature and grow spiritually. They continue to crawl and stay on milk when they should be walking and eating meat. There’s no way possible to live for Christ and remain the same!

The problem arises for many, because although they claim to be new creatures living for the Lord, they are only delivering “lip service.” They speak it and act it, but they don’t live it. They are speaking, acting, and living in vain. In this race, your talk and walk must align. If it doesn’t what you’re doing is all in vain.

With all the signs and wonders we are seeing in this world I pray people wake up before it’s too late. God is definitely showing us some things. People are going along their merry ways ignoring all of the signs. The Bible say “God wishes for none of us to perish.” However, the decision is ours to make. How we live now determines our eternal home. Looking and acting the part will help you in a movie, but this is real life; and therefore it won’t help you at all. Man can put you on a pedal stool, but God can put you in Hell. The only thing will help you is when your talk aligns with your walk!

To live for God and His Son Jesus is to gain eternal life. To live for the world is to gain the world at the cost of losing your soul. It’s definitely not worth it when Jesus paid the price long ago and made salvation free.

Mixing and Mingling


I know lately I’ve been writing a lot about choosing death or hell as our eternal home. The reason I am constantly writing about this is because it is a personal choice and many people freely are choosing their eternal home as hell. No one has to make this choice yet millions are when they choose NOT to stop doing what they are doing.

As always many of my posts are about people who are professing to be true Saints of Gods and those who really are. If you don’t believe it is your choice, I’m really not here to convince anyone otherwise. I’m only trying to remind people of the way to the Father is through the Son. Those who are sincere in their walks understands the many posts I’ve been writing, because as a Saint of God it is our duty to keep trying to reach as many people who will receive. It is our duty to play our parts.

My greatest sorrow is to know people are losing their souls to gain the world when it has nothing to offer other than death. I know it seems fun and full of glitz and glamour, but at the end of the road there isn’t a rainbow; instead death awaits. Everyone chose what they choose, but most don’t understand the detrimental consequences of their choices. I’m not trying to frightened anyone, I’m simply telling you the truth according to the Word of God.

People constantly talk of being judged and of not being perfect, yet in the end neither will be used as a get out of hell free card. No sir, no madam; it doesn’t work that way. Every opportunity we get to live is another beautiful day to choose eternal life!

As true Saints of God we unequivocally can’t mix and mingle with the ways of the world and think it’s okay, it is NOT! The Bible tells us we must separate ourselves. All of this bringing the world into the churches of today to reach youngsters is a crock of lies! You talking about excuses that’s all it is, no way in the world is the mess going on in churches today alright or right period!! People are falling for any and everything, because they aren’t standing for nothing! They are as I always say; like leaves in the wind. They go with whatever sounds or feels right to them at the time.

There is so much mess in churches today, people aren’t understanding, because instead of seeking understanding they are too busy being a part of the mess going on! They would rather be a party to the mess rather than to stand against it. This is why it’s very important people read, know, understand, and live by the Word of God for self! People aren’t getting what they need in churches today, because too many of the churches have brought the world to their sanctuaries. People aren’t seeing any difference between the world and the churches. This isn’t the will of God. Jesus doesn’t conform to the ways of the world or to people. We are to conform to Jesus and His ways! No matter how much people proclaim Jesus or put His name to a song, in their sermons, etc, if you’re doing things against Him, then you’re against the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

I don’t care how double minded a person is ANY day someone gets to see is a day to straighten up and get it right! If they continue to do what they do, they may very well lose their soul. This would be very sad!

We must be different, no way on this earth can we choose Jesus and live for Him yet be the same! No way, it’s impossible! We should become peculiar people, because we are supposed to be new creatures. When people willfully want to mix and mingle with the world it’s clear they aren’t sincere in their walk. They are strong in their talk, but weak in their walk! I don’t care how much they proclaim to be sincere they aren’t. People must want to change, when a person really wants to change they will. When a person really changes, their ways will change. Once you’re truly living for Jesus you don’t want any parts of the world any longer. If you do you must check yourself!!

Please stop playing games with your lives before it’s too late!!

Repent While You Can


God put it on my heart to tell people to repent before it’s too late. I know many people don’t believe it, because they’ve heard it for so long. There are many others who don’t believe it because they don’t believe, period! It doesn’t matter which category people fall in they will get the same out come if they don’t repent and change; which is a place in hell.

Many people think they can do what they do then repent and it will be okay. This is a lie. People who are sinning then repenting only to do the same sin again are securing themselves a sure seat in hell. That isn’t how it works. God said repent and sin no more, He wants us to turn from sin.

You can’t keep going back to your same sin; you must be willing to change. You have to get a mind set of not sinning. A person has to have no desire to sin. This is why the Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee.” You have to resist temptation. If you have a mind set focused on Jesus you aren’t going to want to sin.

People may not believe what I’m writing, but I’m here to tell you it’s true. Repenting your sins isn’t going to get you into Heaven and neither will accepting the Lord as your Savior (believing Jesus died on the cross for our sins). None of it will get you into Heaven.

The Bible says we must be born again. Being saved is the first step, which means you are accepting Jesus died on the cross for your sins. If a person doesn’t do anything beyond being saved then they won’t grow in Christ. Once being saved a person must be born again in order to live for Jesus. Born again means turning away from sin. It means changing from the old to the new. Most people are saved at early ages; to include myself. However, it was many years later that I was born again and living for Him. Thank God I had sense enough to rededicate myself to Him and be truly born again.

Far too many spend time faking and pretending to be Holy rather than being truly born again and living Holy. They are all about how they look to other people. Faking and pretending gets a person no where but to hell if they don’t change their ways. We are all given many chances to repent and change, but unfortunately many won’t do it. People are so comfortable and happy with how they are they refuse to change. They are complacent in how they are. They lie and hide what they are doing as if God doesn’t already know.

No matter how a person pretends to be; God knows how you really are. He’s the ONLY one who can put you in Heaven or Hell. He’s the ONLY one who all man will bow to. Too many people are bowing down to Man dismissing God the Father all together. Man can put you in the grave, but they CAN’T place you in Heaven or hell nor can they harm your soul. We choose where we will go by how we live right now.

Times are becoming very unpredictable and chaotic. This very moment is realistically the only time we have to decide. The next second isn’t promised. God says He’s coming like a twinkling of an eye, He’s coming swiftly. Now is time to repent and turn away from the world.

The Choice is Yours and Yours Alone


Why is it so hard for people to believe a person can be sincere about Jesus? I gave my life to Christ when I was 12, but I didn’t start developing a personal relationship with Him until many years later. I got saved because at the time it was the right thing to do, but honestly I didn’t know what it all really meant.

I have done everything I wanted to do and I’m not proud of some of it, but I thank God through the mist of it all He kept His hands on me. I was nothing but a filthy rag, but still He kept His hands on me. I didn’t realize He was covering me even through my mess. He loves us despite of, but if we choose to not change our ways He will turn us over to a reprobate mind. I chose to change which meant giving up things I thought I loved which were the things of this world and the ways of this world. I thought like most people that nothing else mattered other than what I wanted.

Jesus and God’s precious Angels have spared my life several times. I remember one time I could have been shot by my grandson, but God woke me up in the nick of time. I remember another incident where I foolishly forgot an electric soap dispenser was plugged in the wall socket and I cut the cord, because it wasn’t working properly I thought I would use it manually (so I cut the cord). Oh my goodness, I never heard such a loud pop in my life. I threw the scissors and ran. After being completely shaken up and then able to calm down I went back to look at the scissors there was a hole completely through the medal of both blades. The handles weren’t rubber, why I didn’t get electrocuted is beyond me, but again He had his hands on me. I could tell you a few stories, but the thing I want you, the reader to understand is it could have been me, but He said otherwise. He’s done it for me time and time again, and I’m sure He’s spared you many times as well.

When I look back over my life and think of all the foolishness I done, it makes me weep and cry out to Jesus for how He was there when I didn’t even know He was there. I cry out when I think of how so many things could have happened to me that I saw happen to other people. I’ve never done drugs of any type, but I did other things that I am not proud of, but THANK GOD for change.

I thank God for His Son Jesus! I begin to look at my life and I didn’t like what I seen. I started to seek this Jesus I heard so much about throughout my life. I developed a personal relationship with Him. I surrendered and submitted my life, my everything to Him. Since that day my life have never been the same. I have crossed paths with so many people who profess Him, but are living something else.

I am not trying to condemn, because God knows at one point in life I too had scales on my eyes and couldn’t see. However, when my life changed my eyes were completely opened. I do nothing I once done. I don’t dress the same, I don’t hang with the same people, I don’t do the same things or go the same places, I don’t think or speak the same. Everything about me changed and what I thought was important I realized wasn’t important at all.

My life is all about Jesus. I’m not a person who goes around saying I’m blessed and highly favor and all of the jargon you hear people saying everything you ask them how they are. I don’t have to do all of the showboating. I am exactly what I say I am. I serve exactly who I say I serve. There’s nothing I do behind closed doors that I would be ashamed of before God. There’s nothing we do that’s a secret to God. I live my life every single moment as if God and His Son Jesus are watching me. It is possible, I am a living witness, but the problem with most people is they don’t want to give up their ways. They want to stay in the world doing worldly things.

In His sight I am perfect though I will never be in the sight of man. I don’t care what man thinks of me. I don’t care if they believe me or not. My life shines and I’m not ashamed or afraid to profess my love for Jesus. I know who hav carried me through my storms. He didn’t move my obstacles but He gave me the strength to climb them or to go around them. I’ve become so much stronger in my faith. I have gone through things which many wouldn’t believe or could have withstood, but because of my faith in Him and not in man, I made it and I can tell the story.

I don’t allow my heart to lead me without thinking and seeing the truth like I once did. I am not lead by my flesh. Jesus is the most important being in my life no one comes before the “Master.” Men and women can’t understand me and oftentimes say to me “no one is that holy.” Well I’m here to say that I am. Living Holy is a requirement for Heaven. Our bodies are temples of God. I’m not caught up in the flesh, because I know lust is of the devil. Sins of the flesh isn’t just sex, it’s all kinds of things (addictions, greed, materialistic, fame, fortune, etc,. Anything that has control over you is a sin. I choose Jesus, Heaven will be my home. I’m living now so I can live eternally with Jesus and our Father God. I choose Jesus point blank and I am very happy with my choice. I wouldn’t turn back for nothing.

Too many people say they are this, but truth is they are that! Whatever that is!!! They profess Christ, they profess holiness, they profess having the Holy Spirit, they profess all of the right things, but in fact have none. Jesus doesn’t dwell in no type of mess and He cleans up whom he Elects. When you see pastors or any type of ministers (no matter what they are called) doing things wrong, they aren’t living what they profess. When you see them cursing and doing things against God, they aren’t living what they profess and they AREN’T called by God with the Big G. They are called by god with the little g. Many are serving gods, but not God the Father and His Son Jesus. The same goes for many who profess Him, it goes way beyond the pulpit.

If a person REALLY wants to change they will; anything else is lip service. You can’t be on God’s side and still doing what you been doing. You can’t be on His side if you’re still doing anything displeasing in His sight. You must without fail give up your old ways and the ways of this world. You can’t keep going back to it, if you do, it’s because you never left it.

To serve God with honesty and truth doesn’t mean you’re a prude. Not at all! You can still enjoy life to the fullest, but you do things differently and in doing those things you make sure they are pleasing in the sight of God. To simply put it you put Him first! Sometimes you will have to stand alone, but that’s okay, although no person may be by your side; in Christ you’re NEVER alone. This journey isn’t a group or couples journey, it is an individual journey and many times you will be alone. People will shun you and talk about you, but look what they did to Jesus someone who was without sin. No matter what; stand on the Word of God and don’t let anyone or anything shake your faith. It is possible  to live Holy, I promise you it is. The choice is yours!

Ye of Little or No Faith


Life isn’t meant to be a bed of roses. We have to take the good with the bad. We won’t always have it good; we will have tragedies, we will have storms. During those times we can’t blame God. God is there through it all (good and the bad). We will ALL have good days and bad days. We will ALL have bad things happen to us, but God is still standing by. He won’t EVER leave or forsake us. It is people who abandon God.

People rack my nerves when they want to blame God for bad things. Nothing is hunky-dory all of the time. Life is full of up’s and downs. It is full of good and bad. In the lives of many they have nothing to say when all is going well, but as soon as they hit that bump in the road, they want to blame God. They want to say “where was God.” I ask “where you seeking Him through your good times? If you have a real relationship with God then you know He’s right there through it all (good or bad).

People have tight lips when the sun is shining, but soon as their storms come they want to blame God. Many have lost faith or never had it in the first place. When troubles come it’s not the time to abandon ship, it’s the time to raise your sail and weather the storm. Too many who claim to be strong in faith or in fact faithless. They are easily deterred and persuaded. God needs warriors who will stand the test of times, not people who questions who He is or where He is.

I’ve seen people who claim to be strong in their faith withdraw from everyone to include God when they are going through. These are faithless people who are only speaking faith from their lips but not walking in it. The Bible says “for faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not see.” You have to believe it in order to receive it.

Those who talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk are the ones who are saying one thing, but doing another. They are like flower pedals in the wind, they blow whichever way the wind is blowing on any particular day; they have no roots. They conform to the world and they are easily brainwashed. Since they only claim to stand for Jesus they are subject to fall for anything.

To live for God and His Son Jesus is the best choice anyone can make. While living for Jesus on this earth there is a constant battle between good and evil. The devil is doing his job which is to kill, steal, and destroy as many as possible. We have to stay prayed up and watchful. We must understand that trials and tribulations will come, but they won’t last always.

Think about what they did to Jesus; they did everything to Him, but He stayed on the cross. God could have NOT given us His ONLY begotten Son, but He did. There was good and evil back then, I don’t know why people think there shouldn’t be any nowadays. God’s initial intention was for it all to be good, but we know the story of the Garden of Eden and what happened there. Eating from the tree of knowledge open our eyes to everything and because of it, we will forever experience trials and tribulations (good, bad, evil).

In these days and times, we must be anchored. There is always going to be things that happens to us, but we should stand on the Word of God and thank God as we endure our storms. Always pray that even though we must go through our storms that God keeps us as we endure them. It’s time people walk what they talk and stand on the Word of God. Stop blaming Him when you’re going through or questioning His existence when you’re going through. If you’re in the Word and spending time with Him on a daily basis, you should know He won’t EVER leave or forsake you, me, us!