You Choose To Be Who You Are


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Many people worry about the lives of others
but don’t make anything happen in their own lives.
When its their own lives they talk about
it, complain about it, and are mad about it.
However, they’re not mad enough to make a
positive change in their own lives. They are
confined by the way they think. They get mad at
other people, because they are mad and unhappy
with self. They can’t support others because they
are unhappy with self. They are jealous and envious
of others because they are unhappy with self. No one
can fix, save, or change you unless you choose
change for yourself. That’s how it is! Many people
hold on to their pasts and/or bad experiences
which doesn’t allow them the ability to grow and
mature. They become defined by their negative ways
of thinking. They are comfortable with the dysfunction
no matter how bad. They cause their own drama by
their unwillingness to change.

To change a person must want to change! Sadly many
people choose to blame and be angry. They live
their lives in misery constantly compiling more
problems on top of what’s already present in their
lives. Life doesn’t have to be continuous drama for
anyone. Unfortunately, many people choose for it to
be, because the chaos is all they know. People
become so familiar with the dysfunction they think
it’s the only way they have to live. “You’re the
creator of change in your life.” It’s up to you
how you choose to live. Remaining stuck shouldn’t
be an option for anyone! Yet, it’s what many choose.

People sabotage any possibilities for growth.
There are a lot of things that can cause people
to adopt negative ways of thinking, feeling,
and acting. However, who a person choose to become
is up to the individual. Many people spend more
time blaming, complaining, and being angry and
not enough being committed to change.

You can’t mature and become better if you don’t
choose change. You can’t move forward if you’re
stuck by your negative mindset. Many people
aren’t allowing themselves the chance for better
lives, because they are too fixated on negativity.
Sadly, many people project their negativity onto
their children keeping the cycles of dysfunction
going. There’s always a choice to take a different
road. You don’t have to settle for what you’ve
grown accustomed, especially when its been a life of
drama and dysfunction. It’s up to you, the
individual. You deserve better! Better starts with
being aware and accepting change needs to occur.
Better starts with better choices and decisions.
Better starts with forgiving and loving yourself!

Jesus Loves Us Despite Our Sins


This is true, but He doesn’t love our sins. People will do everything and anything and think because God loves us He will look over or dismiss our sins. Wrong! That isn’t the way it works. If you don’t believe in Jesus, God, or the Holy Ghost then living a controversial lifestyle is expected. However, when you are supposedly living for the Lord your lifestyle shouldn’t be controversial. The problem is way too many live controversial lifestyles and are offended when you tell them about themselves. It’s because they are for the world and not Jesus!

If a person thinks being loved by God means they aren’t held accountable for their sins they are dead wrong! Although He loves us He doesn’t give us a pass on our sins. We are expected to be peculiar people who live a certain type of way. We can’t say we love Him while living any kind of way. We can’t say we love Him and continue to live sin filled lives. If we Love God then we will live for Him. Our lives will change completely and totally! We won’t do what we used to do, we won’t think how we used to think, we won’t speak how we used to speak, the places we go and people we hang out with changes, etc, etc! We become new creatures in Christ. The best part about it is we don’t want any parts of the world! If as a Saint of God, a true Christian you are not a new creature; then you’re not a true Saint or true Christian. Period! There’s no in between!

Living for God means we should be walking by Faith and not by sight! It means we are both hearers and doers of the Word. We will live Holy lives. We are saved, born again, and Holy Ghosted filled. Many claim it but it’s not the truth and the lifestyles people live tells the truth of who side they are really on. Those who are pretending are imposters and their eyes are on man/their gods; NOT God the Father and His Son Jesus!

Many people lie about it, because they are man pleasers. They do what they do and speak as they do to please man. They mock and mimic God. They don’t understand the true meaning of serving the Lord; they are too busy serving man. They do many things that are not pleasing to the Lord and they make excuses for it. They are easily offended and always feel they’re being judged when you give them scripture. They often ask “who do you think you are to judge me or anyone? How is it judging when the Word of God (Bible) tells us exactly how we should live? It’s not according to the word of man, but the Word of God. A big issue is man is always trying to change God’s Word to make what they do okay. It’s never okay in the eyesight of God.

Living for the Lord is easy IF it’s what a person chooses to do. People make it hard when they are like petals in the wind. They have no roots! They go along with whatever sounds and feels good. They are neither “hot nor cold” they are “lukewarm.” Millions of people live this way and they think it’s alright because at points in their lives they talk or sing about Jesus or god. I put god, because there are many gods, but only one God! Anytime these individuals mention god or Jesus it’s to please man in some form or another. These are the charcteristics and behaviors of many who claim to be Saints of God. Their talk don’t align with their walk, period! These types of people aren’t called by God nor are they following Christ. They are following after the world and man! They are easily offended. They always want to debate the Word of God with you! They want to implement their false doctrines. They are inappropriate and they do inappropriate things. They are worldly people and they always make excuses for it! Own whatever it is you choose! You can’t serve God and gods!

These people think no matter what they do it’s okay. They believe the lifestyle they lead is okay with God, because the Bible says “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Yes, we have sinned and fallen short, but that doesn’t mean we should keep living sinful lives. If it weren’t possible to live Holy God wouldn’t have made it a requirement. If it weren’t possible to live Holy Jesus dying on the cross would have been in vain. People choose to be lukewarm out of their desires to remain in the world. To them the world has more to offer them than God. They think they’re having too much fun in the world to give it up to serve the Lord. It’s a very sad state of mind for anyone to be in.

There are absolutely no passes on doing wrong. God doesn’t EVER like the sin. He loves each of us, but if a person doesn’t give up their sinful ways they “will gain the whole world only to lose their soul.” Bottom line if you love Him you will live for Him. You will without qualms “turn from your wicked ways and seek his face.” Many people seek Him ONLY when it’s feasible for them. Yet they are red hot mad when things go wrong for them or for others. They blame God when they don’t even serve Him. If people believed in God and read their Bibles they would know we will endure both good and the bad. Sometimes it’s God’s doing and sometimes it’s your own doing. He allows it when it’s what we choose. Sometimes He allows it when we didn’t choose it in order for us to learn and grow! We can’t blame everything on the devil either, because people have free will either way! People want their lives to be trouble less and trouble free! People who feel this way are living by fantasy and NOT by Faith!

People who claim to be on the Lord’s side yet continue to live any kind of way; risk the possibility of being turnt over to a reprobate mind. That means you are on your own, God has taken His hands off of you, because you’ve refused to do what’s right! You choose to be lukewarm and NOT give up your old ways! He doesn’t like your sin at all and He will chastise us for our sins! People are fooling themselves, but never Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit! If people want the world to be theirs it’s their choice! However, we all have to deal with the consequences of our choices!

The Beautiful Presence of The Holy Spirit


It dwells in all who believes. The Bible says “faith without works is dead!” People talk real good, but they don’t walk it. We can’t simply be hearers of the Word, we must be doers as well. This is why many don’t believe miracles are happening today. They ARE happening, people must believe! Many people haven’t activated the power given to them from the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is to teach and guide us, but many aren’t connected due to their lack of faith. They are walking by sight and not by faith, because their eyes are on the world! When eyes are on the world and man, expect to be bamboozled into believing things that aren’t true! You’re blind into believing what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong! The Bible says “faith without works is dead and faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.” The only way you can understand is by walking it out through faith. Keep your eyes on Jesus and take it off of the world!

Brainwashing is a big part of today’s societies. People are coerced and persuaded into believing it’s okay to mock God and mimic the Holy Spirit. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirt, Jesus, and God the Father! A lot of people fail to see it as such, because their eyes are on man. Jesus will not trick, coerce you, or persuade you to choose Him. He wants you to come to Him of freewill. In this world they trick, coerce, persuade, encourage, entice, force etc to get you to do what is against the Lord. They will make it appear good to you, when in reality it’s not good to you or for you!

When you give your life to Christ your life isn’t the same. There is no way you can be a “new creature” doing the same old things. No way! You realize your life is no longer your own. Unfortunately many don’t get pass the milk into being the “new creature.” They choose to not move forward, because they start following man and not the Creator! They lose focus before they ever get started good, because they place their eyes on man! This causes people to lose focus and then sight of the true and living God!

The Holy Spirit dwells in us all, but it can’t work until it’s activated! The only person who can activate it is you, the individual. The Bible says we will be living in times where people will love the world more than Jesus. I see it every day! People are choosing the world over Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.
You can’t have one without the other. People are choosing their gods over the true and living God. This is why they disbelieve and have no faith in the power of healing and working of miracles in these days and times.

Jesus took all sickness to the cross. We are already healed! You must command it to be so in your lives. Those who don’t believe must activate their power through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in the Bible “we will be able to do the works He’s done and greater.” That tells you there is awesome power given unto those who believe. Isn’t that wonderfully refreshing news!!

People are walking around with their eyes on man. In other words, their eyes are wide open, yet shut closed! Their hearts has indeed waxed cold. Love has diminished. Through it all; I believe it will all turn around sooner or later. No matter what we see or how we feel; we must stay encouraged. We must stand without wavering! We must believe and walk by faith; not by sight! Jesus has given us everything we need, but it’s our choice to whether we accept it into our lives or not.

Many people are constantly searching for something (love, peace, happiness, friendships, belonging, etc). Everything starts with self. That means we must get in tune with self and Jesus! His Spirit dwells within us, because we are a part of Him! All any of us has to do is tap into the power given to us! Allow the Holy Spirit to do what it is meant to do in your lives. It will turn you into the new creature you should be in Jesus! You won’t see the world or people the same! You will see through the spiritual eye rather than the natural. If you don’t know Him I encourage you to get to know Him. If you know Him, but aren’t living for Him the way you know you should, I encourage you to do so. There is only one way! Either you live for Him or you don’t; there are no in between. Knowing of him and knowing Him is a great difference. Go on, tap into what Jesus has given to you and watch your life change!

Stuck Is What You Choose


Unfortunately there are a lot of people in this world who are this way. They are in the same place year after year, because they choose to be. I think it’s ridiculous to see grown people who refuse to make a change, yet all they do is complain and look for handouts. Some people are mad over other people’s money. Some people want to spend your money while they sit on their butt’s. In other words, they always asking others for something, but aren’t attempting to do anything to change their situation. As long as you give they will take. When the well runs drive they are off to the next person. A lot of people are enabled by others, which becomes debilitating for the individual and oftentimes those around them.

Every person alive has the opportunity to move forward in life. It’s all about choices. If a person choose to waddle in self pity or believe they aren’t capable then they won’t be. Stop blaming your past; take ownership and responsibility for who you’ve allowed yourself to become. No one is obligated to take care of another grown person unless the individual is mentally and physically unfit to care for self.

Some job is better than no job at all. You can’t run if you can’t first stand up and walk. Too many people have life misconstrued. They want this and that, but are not doing anything to get a thing! Some people feel they are owed something. No one owes you anything! If you want something in life you must be willing to go after it in a positive way! Some people only want a hand out and they are comfortable with living that way. They don’t want to do anything to get what they need; all they want is to get what they can from who they can get it from. There’s no growth in this!

If you’re doing the same things year after year and getting the same exact results, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? If you don’t want to change, then stop complaining and for goodness sake, stop walking around with your hand out! Stop being mad at other people because they have gotten sick of you asking for a hand out. It’s different if a person is trying hard, but are struggling versus someone who hands are always out, but they are sitting on their stumps of do nothing doing absolutely nothing! If you change your mindset changes in your circumstances will follow.

A lot of behaviors and mindsets comes from a person’s upbringing. However, people can choose to change. No one has to continue traveling the same road for a lifetime. What I’ve seen are many unhappy people accepting negativity and never choosing to change. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have brokenness and negativity will follow you until you choose change. Brokenness has NOTHING to do with how much or how little a person has. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with skin color, titles, or positions. What’s inside will always manifest in some way. It’s the ugly truth!

People have chosen to allow their pasts to ruin their present affecting any chances of a future because they choose to remain stuck. People have chosen a lifetime of drugs and alcohol because of their unwillingness to change. People have chosen many negative things as a way to cope. They project many negative things on to others because it’s what they have been accustomed to all their lives. It’s easier for a person to hang on to what looks and feels familiar then to attempt to change. They recognize their vicious cycles, but many will not attempt to change. Instead they choose anger, bitterness, malice, unhappiness, and many negative things. The negativity follows them everywhere they go affecting everything they do. I’ve seen this sad truth over and over!

Most people don’t understand their ability and power to change. It’s in every single person if they choose! If you’re unhappy with who you are, you have the power to change! As I’ve always stated “change must start with you!”

Change Or Remain The Same It’s Up to You


In life many people settle. Some people make no efforts to change. They become content. They want to reap the benefits of others labor, while they stay in the same place OR they continue the old generational ways of doing things with no attempts to change. They envy other people because they don’t like who they are as individuals or they hate others, because in truth they hate self. I find if very sad!

Every one of us has our own individual lives to live. We can choose to waddle in pity, continue to carry the same torch, or we can choose to change the cards dealt to us. No matter the situation a person can change their life. It takes the need to change coupled with the desire to change. It takes willingness and consistency. It’s only as easy or hard as the individual choose to make it. Some people spend more time complaining and blaming others then they do putting forth effort to improve their own lives. Improvement can’t come unless change happens.

There are already life obstacles thrown in our way. People shouldn’t put added pressures on themselves or others due to their unwillingness to change. Too many people hold on to terrible things which keep them stuck and unable to move forward. In order to move forward, people must first deal with what’s causing stagnation in their lives. If you are filled with anger, rage, bitterness, envy, malice, hate, etc you’ve cause stagnation in your life. You can’t go through life weighed down if so it’s like trying to walk through quicksand. It’s impossible! People become stuck in one place.

One of the biggest problems I’ve found with a lot of people is they don’t even attempt to break their generational curses of wrong ways of thinking. You ever seen a supervisor or manager come on a job, instead of implementing change they get on the band wagon and carry on the same foolishness as the previous person in charge, it affects morale and work productivity. This is exactly how many choose to live their lives. They carry their wrong ways of thinking for a lifetime despite the pain it causes self and others. No matter how wrong, many people feel it’s easier to continue to be the way they’ve always been then to change. They become content and comfortable as the years roll by.

In reality it’s not easier, it’s harder and it’s evident by the chaos and destruction seen in their lives. I find selfishness and unwillingness to make an effort to change keep them bound in captivity by self. Many people don’t realize they’ve imprisoned themselves by their negative thought processes. People expect for you to put up with their foolishness. They think how they think, feel, and act is okay when it’s not. These types of people don’t realize they are their own problem and in their own way. They miss out on things in life, because they refuse to change their ways. Many continue to carry hatred, slothfulness, bitterness, envy, and many more negative ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. If they aren’t things passed down from generation to generation they are things individual’s encountered early in life. Either way it has made them embrace negatives ways of thinking. It has caused them chaos and negative states of mind. It all inhibits an individual’s ability to grow!

People of all walks of like are this way. It’s universal! No one can change a person but the individual. People can be influenced, inspired, or motivated by others, but the true decision to change lies with the individual.

The old saying “when you know better you do better.” It’s a lie!! There are plenty people who know better but do NOT choose to do better. This is extremely sad! These types of people continue through life the same. They inflict pain and suffering on others, because it’s what they have bottled up inside. You can’t teach or love it away. The person must choose change for self.

Excuses Won’t Matter or Work


This past weekend I was looking at some videos sent to me on some so called pastors. Yes, I will say so-called, they are the ones who call themselves pastors, but they aren’t called of God. How do I know? I know because when you’re living for the Lord and you’re called you won’t be doing what you once did and on top of it; making excuses for what you’re doing. Those who are on Jesus’s side are not trying to please man and they certainly don’t use excuses for why they are still doing worldly things. Only people who are still in the world display such behavior. It won’t get you off the hook. You will pay for the choices you make.

Judging, this normally comes out of the mouth of those who are still in the world, but always making excuse for self and those like them. When serving Jesus, you’re either in or out. There’s none of the other stuff. If people are trying to give people encouragement, enlightment, motivation, insight, etc to do a self examination it is not judging. It is not judging to call people out on their bull, especially in relation to the Word of God. Only those who are not doing what thus saith the Lord complains it’s judging. Those excuses will not give you a go for going to Heaven. It will give you an exit the other way!

He’s still a man. This irks me! It has nothing to do with a man being a man when serving God. Flesh is flesh, period, and it’s what most are led by. People want to make excuses for men and women who are still doing worldly things. Listen, if you’re on Jesus side and you really love Him the way you profess, then you will do what’s right when that ole devil try to make you do wrong. You will not be led by your flesh. Those who are easily led by their flesh makes excuses for what they do. Accept who you really are when you’re still doing worldly things. You do it because you’re still in the world, point blank! Those who are making excuses for people doing wrong by blaming they are still flesh and bone are people who are also in the world and doing worldly things. Children of God know better! They don’t allow the flesh to lead them. They know they have a certain criteria they must live by and they won’t allow anyone or anything to hinder their walk with the Lord. It’s sad when people make excuses for themselves or for others who are outwardly doing wrong with no regards of their salvation. You can’t serve God and do what the world does, you just can’t!

Another excuse will land many in hell is “no one’s perfect.” This is an excuse to keep doing wrong, but I tell you one thing it won’t work when standing before the Lord. We are made in His image, therefore we are capable of doing right, making right choices, and living holy lives. It’s not forced, but if you live for Him you must want it and you must take on the characteristics of a changed individual. There’s absolutely no other way! You have to be born again, you must be changed from the ways of the world (the ways you used to be). People can’t continue to use the crutch of not being perfect, they will find themselves hobbling and wobbling right on into hell (you and your crutch). This crutch will not save you from hell!

I don’t care what anyone says if you’ve made up your mind and you are on the Lord’s side than your life will be a reflection of it. No one or nothing will influence or coerce you into going against God the Father, His Son Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. ALL aspects of your walk will change. Honestly I don’t know what the problem is that prevents people from living right other than THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO! I’ve never ever once looked back into the world. I’ve never wanted to. I’ve had plenty of temptations, but I’ve never succumbed to any. I live to live again. I live to see my Jesus face and not just for when I stand before Him, but to reign with Him forever, that is my goal! I don’t give in to my flesh, because I know the tricks of the enemy. I call ole satan out for who he is, every single time! I don’t care how he comes, you have to put him in his place! The more you do this, the stronger you will become and the more power and anointing you will have in your life. You have power and authority by Jesus Christ, use it!

The Bible says “He’s coming in the twinkling of an eye.” We’ve seen it over and over in the lives of others, yet people are still acting as if it doesn’t apply to them. It applies to you, you, you, and me! No one is exempt. He’s coming back for each and every one of us. If your house isn’t in order then you’ve made your choice. If He catches you with your work undone, then you made your choice. If He comes and you’re still doing what the world does, then you’ve made your choice. If He comes and you’re still using people are judging you as an excuse, then you’ve made your choice. If He comes and you’re still using not being perfect as an excuse, then you’ve made your choice. If He comes and you haven’t chosen Him, then you’ve made your choice. The decision is up to each of us, it’s not forced. We have to want to serve him of free will! Remember, your excuses won’t matter or work!

Planted, Nurtured, Maintained


On this journey to Heaven it is all about choice. Jesus died for all of us. God made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live. When I look at the ways of the world today it saddens me. It’s really sad when people still don’t believe Jesus is real. They say awful things not realizing they are damning their souls. You can never get to the Father if you can’t acknowledge His Son. Many people don’t want to give up their old ways or the ways of this world. They come up with every excuse to hold on to the world and stay where they are. Many who claim they believe do everything to please man, yet nothing to please Jesus. They forget those people they’re worshipping will someday bow down to the Father!

On this journey the seeds are planted by different people, but only the individual can cultivate them to grow. I believe we initially get it from Jesus through the crucifixion, because everything He endured was for us. He showed us the way in which we should live. Then after that comes parents and other people who put in a little here and there. Individual’s can receive it or not! However, the only way to flourish and grow through the cultivation process is by nurturing.

As a child of God we must learn to nurture our walk by a constant relationship with Him, we must be connected to the source, we must have a daily prayer life, we must take on the mindset of a holy person, because if you change the mindset you change the behavior, and we must implement it in our lives daily. We can’t say we are one thing yet live another. It will never work! We must choose God over the world. If we do this we must give up the old ways. There is no other way! We can’t live holy by lip service and not walking it.

We can’t give our lives to Jesus and be on milk our entire lives. We must grow and get strong enough to digest the meat. It gives us nourishment and strength to become who we are ordained to become if we receive it and believe it. A lot of people are still babes in Christ, because they haven’t grown at all. Their eyes are on the world, therefore they are blind. They are unable to see and are still on milk. They are double minded and they go with whatever is tickling their ears the most at the time. They have no roots! They are people who are always trying to change Jesus to fit their situations, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings; when Jesus is unchanging! They are the people who are constantly trying to add to or take away from God’s Word! They are people who always try to make Jesus be what they want Him to be instead of accepting Him for who He is! They are the people who believe they have to do things in a worldly way in order to reach a certain group of people. Lies! Jesus never did it! They are people who says the world is changing, people do things differently than before. Okay, that may very well be true, however; the Word of God is still the same and it’s unchanging. I don’t care how people try to flip and flop it, the Word is the still Word. It is unchanging!

People who profess one thing and live another are stunting their growth in the spirit. They are their own inhibitors. The world is the world, but it’s up to the individual if the world is what they choose. To maintain on this journey to Heaven a person must nurture their walk in order to have something to maintain. Maintaining means we are in constant communication with the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. We must read and study the Word daily. We must do the works God has us to do with honesty and truth! We must stay prayed up, we must keep on the full armor, and we must live according to the Word of God and NOT the word of man! No matter what the world says we should do it’s about what God says. People can’t make Jesus their Master if they’ve reserved the position for their Pastors! We must maintain righteousness and holiness twenty four hours a day. We can’t pick it up and put it down. If you love Him you will serve Him, not some of the time, but ALL of the time!