Being Grateful


I know sometimes it’s hard for people to be grateful. You must understand the impact of being grateful, thankful, and showing gratitude have on your lives. I didn’t always understand, but thank God for opened eyes!

As I looked back over my life, it makes me completely and totally grateful for every situation whether good or bad. It fills me with an abundance of joy. People won’t ever understand it when they are looking through the eyes of pain. When a person continues to live their lives looking through eyes of pain they keep themselves stuck in place. They are giving power to their situations and it prevents them from moving forward in life.

Nothing can tear us down ripping through to our souls if we don’t give it permission and power to do so. It may sounds outlandish, but I assure you it’s true. People must get better perspectives on things. You control how things affect you. What happens or has happened just simply happens. Some of it we can control while a lot of it we can’t. Regardless, how we allow it to affect our lives determines how it will affect our lives (get it)!

Through every obstacle, trial-error-tribulation, hard times, the good, the bad, and the ugly OR whatever you choose to label it, be grateful!

I promise you the tough lessons in life is what gives you what you need to grow and flourish. It gives you what you need to mature. It teaches you who you really are. It shows you how strong you are. It teaches you what you will or will not allow. It teaches you what you like and dislike. It teaches you the difference between wants and needs. It teaches you everything that looks good isn’t good for you. It teaches you nothing holds a relationship together other than effective communication and true love. It teaches you what others say to you or about you has no affect unless you choose for it too. It teaches you that you can choose to change or remain the same. it teaches you that in order to know how to love anyone and be happy, you must first love yourself and be happy with yourself. I can go on and on about what life lessons can teach us. Bottom line is if a person does not accept it within self for self they will continue to repeat the same things in life.

I know for a fact and without a shadow of a doubt it doesn’t just work for me, it works for anyone who believes. The only way in this life a person will live with peace within self is by not allowing the world (people and things) to control who they are, how they think, and how they feel. We must first love our self, forgive self, and re-gain power to free self from self.

If I acted like what I’ve gone through in this world I would be a complete mess. I chose to love me through it all. I chose to grow through it all. I chose to NOT give my power to people or things. I knew at an early age people will hurt you, but I also grew into the knowledge that they can only hurt you to the degree you allow.

People must learn anything and everything begins and ends with self. I’m speaking in terms of us living in this world as human beings. Reading my blogs you all know God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are above everything to me, but next to it is myself. Every fiber in my being belongs to me and no one else. I may have came from someone else, but I am my own person. That is what I’m trying to convey here.

Individuals have for far too long given all of their power to others and to things (relationships, family, friends, material things, money, individuals, fame, fortune, statuses, titles, substances, alcohol, etc)when they have a choice not to. We teach others how to treat us! We give power to things to control us.

Whatever your experience has been, is, or will be always be grateful, because I promise you it is teaching you something for the better if you look at in differently. Most people look at it as bad, take it in as bad, and react badly to it, when we always have a choice to do otherwise.

You are wonderfully and uniquely made. What you possess only bellows to you, because it was only intended for you. I pray you decide for yourself to love you and become the best you, that you can be!


Do You Choose A Breakthrough or Breakdown


The choice is always yours! We will always go through something for as long as we all live. Our lives have constant peaks and valleys that we must endure. No one on earth is exempt! It’s the way it is. However, how were perceive and receive things determines how we choose to go through them. Our trials and tribulations can make us stronger or break us down. I believe they are meant to make us strong, but people choose to breakdown.

I say choose, because it is a choice. How we handle our adversities can brighten our days or darken our days. In the midst of dark times Jesus is still the light! People want to pull away from others when they are going through. They want to dismiss all encouragement offered, because they choose to embrace their pains of what they are going through. People are oftentimes angry with God, what they fail to realize is God didn’t do it. Yes, you’re allowed to go through things because this world is full of the good, bad, and the ugly, but breaking down as you go through is a choice.

People are already dealing with things in their lives they’ve never resolved. They carry those things with them every where they go. During their journey of life they allow other things to compile on what’s already hindering them. Then when the storm comes they often drown because they can’t tread water to stay afloat. This is when the breakdown occurs.

I believe every single thing we go through is meant for a lesson, even when we make not so smart decisions. If people learn from those things they will grow during their lessons. It will open their eyes, it gives them strength to tackle the next storm. The problem is, so many are led by the flesh (money, sex, love, material things, the many things important to man = titles, positions, fame, fortune etc, some people get obsessed with these things and will do anything to get them). It can all inhibit their ability to see, because they allow their flesh to lead. They want what they want right now. When the flesh leads it causes chaos. People who allow their flesh to lead have a daily struggle with making the right choices and decisions. It’s because they have a lot of things going on inside that are unresolved while they are trying to get whatever it is they want. This can lead to breakdown. The ONLY way a person can grow is first by dealing with the things that have them stuck in their wrong ways of thinking. During this process they learn to love self. They then begin to see that everything else is no longer as important as they once thought it was. They are able to handle things thrown at them, because they understand the difference between what they can control versus what they can’t. If they can’t control it, they know how to deal with it accordingly and keep it moving.

With every single storm sunshine is soon to follow. People don’t have patience, they want to get through their storm. Honestly some people don’t want to go through anything. When people feel this way they oftentimes become burdened. Some people can’t deal with their storms because they are already dealing with unresolved things. They feel overwhelmed. This can lead to stress overload, depression, anxiety, and suicidal and homicidal thoughts. No one situation caused these feelings, they were caused by a plethora of things compiled over the years.

A breakthrough is always at the end of a storm if people learn to weather their storms and not breakdown. Some people feel they constantly live in storms and in a sense it’s true, because they are at odds with self. When people don’t deal with their inner issues it is a constant steady storm. When they have life to happen then it presses them down even further. The only way people can stay afloat is by learning to relieve themselves of those things that are hindering and binding them up in negativity states of mind. No one can move forward if they are always looking behind. No one can move forward with the load they are trying to carry, it’s way too much!

People have to decide the life they were given is theirs and regardless what they must embrace it. It doesn’t belong to another soul. I don’t care what happened or who did it, NO ONE or NOTHING can control your life if you don’t give it to them to control! Over years of experience I’ve found the biggest factor is self love! I believe with everything in me if a person love self they are very aware and careful of who or what they allow into their life. A person who loves self will learn you can’t control what other people do or say, but you can control the stress you allow them to cause in your personal life. You know people will be people. They will smile in your face and stab you in the back at the same time. They will envy, despise, hate, wish they were you, etc. They will manipulate, control, coerce, demand, possess, and obsess. It doesn’t matter what they do, what matters is how you allow it to affect you! You must learn how not to be affected by everything you encounter. If you don’t give your power it can’t be taken! End of story!

Forgiveness is important, it’s most important to you and for you. People must learn to let go of their past pains, because there’s absolutely no benefit of holding on to it. It hinders you for a lifetime. It keeps you stuck in a negative mindset. It keeps you from loving self. It makes you breakdown preventing you from getting your breakthrough. Most importantly it keeps you from growing, if you don’t grow, it means you don’t mentally or spiritually mature. You stay the same! It’s a choice, I pray you choose growth. Storms will come, but surely as they come they will go. People always tend to put more on themselves then they can bear. Don’t let a breakdown be an option!

Going Against the Grain Despite the Signs


Many people get into relationships knowing full well they see the signs present. Problem is they choose to ignore the signs until they are overwhelmed, overtaken, and consumed emotionally. People willfully put themselves in bad situations expecting good results. It doesn’t work! They go into relationships blindly allowing emotions and feelings to lead.

People who do this has issues they need to resolve. No one can see clearly when they are blind by their feelings and emotions. People who do this oftentimes find themselves in situations they didn’t imagine being in.

Significant others know exactly how to treat the people they are with, because they are taught by those individuals. Significant others who haven’t overcome their own issues will bring their issues into the relationship. Then you have two individuals who are both blind by their feelings and emotions. This leads to destruction. There’s no true ability to communicate when communication is the key to any relationship.

It’s hard to understand what you need when you’re hell bound on getting what you want. Many times people get what they wanted only to find out they don’t want it at all.

I can’t tell people enough the importance of knowing and loving yourself. It’s very important in relationships. A true healthy relationship starts with self. Knowing who you are, being self aware, and loving self helps keep you focused and smart about what you really need. You learn to see beyond emotions and feelings. When you figure you out, people will then sometimes have a problem with you, because they have problems with self. They expect for you to be the way you used to be.

My suggestion to people is to figure self out. Learn to love yourself before you try to commit to and love someone else. Take time to enjoy you. Some people jump from relationship to relationship, because they don’t know how to be alone. I’ve seen it time and time again. People from all walks and caliber of life do this. A lot of times people think folks with a lot of money do things differently. This may be true as for buying things, going places, etc, but as for relationships, many are dealing with the same types of issues. Nothing changes what’s inside, but change itself. Money, fame, fortunate, titles, will not do it. What’s inside is always shown through bad choices and decisions and it doesn’t matter who the individual is or what they have. What a person thinks and feels about self is shown through their choices and decisions. In life they will go against the grain, because they think it’s best for them when it’s not!

Some people don’t care how plain the writing is on the wall to others because they can’t see the writing on the wall for self. They go against the grain out of the love they think they feel. For many it has caused great stress and for some their lives. The signs do not lie! They will present every time, but people ignore them due to their feelings. They think they love the person and they feel they got to have the person. Then they begin to see the chaos and drama in their lives.

Some people don’t attempt to get out of unhealthy relationships, because they are afraid. They are afraid to stand on their own two feet. They are afraid of the person. They are afraid of how they will make it. If you’re afraid for any reason you’re in the WRONG relationship!

No one can give what a relationship deserves when they haven’t yet learned to love self and are not self aware. They will always be led by how they feel, because it will over power everything else making them look at things in a distorted view. People will use and abuse you, because they know you will take it. You teach your significant other exactly how to treat you! If you keep making the same types of decisions and choices it’s a clear sign you’re not learning from your experiences!

Celibacy is Very Much Doable


It’s foreign to most. Many can’t fathom the thought of being celibate. Could you do it? Celibacy is a choice and state of mind. Most are led by the desires of their flesh trying to satisfy it at all costs. My thought is any person who is truly changed in Christ are considered as “new creatures.” It’s not my words, it’s straight from the Bible. Therefore in my opinion if you’re really concerned about your soul and Heaven then celibacy will be a choice you would consider. The problem is many are bind and bound by the lust of their flesh. It controls a lot of people.

For those driven by the lusts of their flesh, to most sex is high on their list of important things. I personally believe anyone who feels this way has some maturing to do. It’s a shallow way of thinking. I know, because I was once there myself. I’ve confessed and repented, but it still shames me when I think of it. I thank the Son and Father for changing me!! I’m thankful for my eyes becoming opened and for accepting the change.

In society sex actually comes before most marriages. I would be a hypocrite if I say I didn’t indulge in sex before marriage, but it’s because I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. I was brought up in church and saved at an early age, but I didn’t develop a personal relationship for many years afterwards. After truly developing a personal relationship with Him, I’m no longer my own or the same. When you know better you should do better. Most won’t because they’re too caught up in the desires of their flesh and this world.

Every time I see social media all I see is butts, muscles, skimpy clothes, and boobs. No one or man has to expose his or her body the way many choose to. No matter what people think or feel about self, it shows a lack of respect. These people are seeking some type of gratification many don’t understand a lot of it is due to insecurities or the lack of something. Society is sexually hypnotized and mesmerized, it’s all many think about. People are risking health, lives, and relationships over sex. I saw a documentary about Atlanta, GA concerning the AIDS epidemic. What I saw and heard was horrific. It’s very sad and it’s scary so many are walking around with AIDS and some are still having unprotected sex. What’s even sadder is a lot of people don’t know they have HIV or AIDS.

Whatever your lifestyle it’s a personal choice, but if people are going to have sex they need to protect themselves as best as possible. The only full proof protection is abstinence. In my opinion any person who can’t go without sex is a person with a lot more growing to do. Sex isn’t everything and a person won’t die if they don’t have sex. People are simply very infatuated by it.

To be celibate is indeed special and it’s 100% doable if you commit yourself. Is sex worth losing your soul, that is the question one must ask his or herself? Personally I say NO! The Bible says the Spirit is willing, but the Flesh is weak. This means you do not have to fall into your temptations. You must pray and have a daily renewal of your mind. Seek Jesus first in all you do, if you do your ways and thoughts will no longer be your own.

I’ve lived celibate for many years, most don’t have any idea. I haven’t lost the desire, but it no longer controls me, I control it. When the urge comes I pray and ask the Lord to take it away, because I know it’s nothing but the devil. It goes away just as quick as it comes. My main focus in life is Jesus. He keeps me grounded, He keeps me focused on doing what’s right not SOME of the time, but all of the time. There are a lot of people to include so called Saints who claim to be Holy who are single but aren’t celibate. They are liars! Yes, I mean it! If you’re still controlled by your flesh then you’re doing something against God.

Anyone can do whatever they set their mind to do. When I chose Jesus and gave up all of the other mess my walk became completely different. To most it’s rubbish, they don’t believe me, because they can’t do it or should I say WON’T do it. They see me as attractive and fairly young so I must be having sex. Lies, lies, lies!!!!! I don’t care what anyone believes about me. I know what’s going on in my life. When you truly choose Jesus you have to give up this world and by doing that you learn that you are no longer controlled by your fleshly desires. Heaven and eternal life in Heaven NOT hell is my goal! I don’t seek fame and fortune, because whatever God has for me is mine. For the rest of my life my journey is about serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and God the Father. You can’t get to the Father unless through the Son.n

We’re all his Children, yet not all Children of God


God wishes for none of us to perish. We are all His children, but we aren’t all children of God, because we all don’t believe. He doesn’t wish for one single soul to be lost. There are so many things that happens to us which we consider as unfortunate. However, many times God allow things to happen to get our attention. Many times we go through things and don’t learn anything. God allows us to do it our way. He isn’t a God who throws Himself on us, but He does sometimes do things to try and get our attention.

There are many people who refuse to listen to Jesus speaking to them, because they want to do things their way. They don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. They want to use the bits and pieces of the Bible when feasible for them. He speaks to us, but many won’t listen, because they are too busy doing what they do. Sometimes God throws something at us to knock us down and into reality. Some people stop and listen for a moment, but soon as their crisis is over they go right back to doing what they used to do. He doesn’t force Himself into our lives. He’s standing and waiting for all of His children, but many won’t answer the call.

I have a friend who just got out of ICU, he fell and cracked his skull causing bleeding on the brain. He told me God spoke to Him and now he’s running for Jesus. It made me cry, because I know the type of person he once was. He acknowledged Jesus and God the Father, but He wasn’t running the race. He had a clear revelation and now he is a messenger. He said falling busting his skull was the best thing ever happened to him. He had an unfortunate thing to happen to get his attention, the fortunate part it all is it worked. He is now on Jesus’s side spreading the good news!! I’m ecstatic!

I’ve known plenty of people who had accidents, but they weren’t granted the opportunity to live and tell it. It’s sad, but it happens. That’s why it’s important to stop playing with God, stop mocking God, stop mimicking the Holy Spirit, and so forth, because we don’t know when He’s to return. People don’t know if they will have a chance to repent or not. Me, personally I wouldn’t EVER risk the chance of losing my soul. Nothing or no one is more important to me than Jesus my Lord and Savior and our Father God.

Salvation is free bought with a price which was the crucifixion of Jesus for our sins. We don’t have to live in sin, people choose too! Living right is as easy as living wrong. It’s all about choices! I have gone through a lot, but I’ve learned from it all. When Jesus removed the scales from my eyes I never missed what I gave up, not one single bit. I don’t play church nor do I play with God. I live for Him daily!!

No one knows what the next second will bring or if there will be time for repentance. He’s standing at the door of all hearts knocking ready to come in. Many are constantly risking their souls because they want to live how they want to live and not according to the Word of God the Father and His Son Jesus. Some people’s attention He will get others He won’t. It depends on what the individual chooses.

Many want to blame Him when things go wrong, but never acknowledged Him in the first place. People easily accepts good, but don’t want to accept evil. You can’t have one without the other. No matter what Jesus is there. If you give up on Him, you never REALLY had Him. If you don’t have Him, it’s because you don’t believe. If you don’t believe, it’s your personal choice! There’s only ONE way to the Father and it’s not through the universe, it’s through His Son Jesus! He loves you all and wishes for none of you to perish, but the choice to choose is yours!

Gone in an Instant


None of us knows how, when, or where! I lost an uncle and my grandson’s young father over the Thanksgiving holiday 2016. There are many of my posts about getting our lives together before it’s too late. DEATH is real and it’s coming for each of us. My uncle was quickly taken by cancer, my grandson’s dad quickly and tragically taken by being struck by 2 vehicles.

Life is far too short to not want to be the best we can be. Too many choose to live their lives as if they’re never going to die. NEWS FLASH, we will ALL someday die and unfortunately many lives will be gone in an instant without a chance to repent. If we die in our mess that’s it!! Eternal damnation will be the choice made. No one knows the day or the hour, this is why it’s so important to get your lives together while you’re able to repent and change your ways. Don’t be a person who God has turned over to a reprobated mind.

I’ve written many times and will continue to write; nothing in this world is worth losing your soul over. If we die in the midst of our sins we don’t get any do over’s. Right now is it! Right now is our opportunities to get it right and live a life that’s pleasing in the sight of Jesus. We can play too long until we’ve played out and it’s too late. Don’t let it be you!

Death is coming like a thief in the night and without warning. No matter the situation or circumstance no one knows exactly down to the sec when they will take their last breath and depart from this physical world to a spirit realm. As long as we have breath in our bodies and blood running warm in our veins it’s NOT too late to get it right.

People of today are out of control. Many are lost souls who has submitted to the works of the darkness. They are out to do harm to others for no legitimate reasons. Their minds are controlled by evil thoughts; with raw emotions and feelings behind those evil thoughts until they end up doing the unthinkable. People are doing all sorts of foolishness. It comes from what’s truly in the hearts of people. When they are full of darkness (envy, jealousy, anger, malice, strife for WHATEVER reason/s) they are overcome by this darkness and it shows in their actions. They do things, because those things are what they have been thinking about for a long while, those things are eventually put into actions. They are seeking to belong, to be loved, or something they lack. They are easily persuaded and manipulated into foolishness. This is the work of evil which is here to kill, steal, and destroy. Look around; no matter where you are, you will see and hear about the madness going on in this world. People are broken all over the world, they are lost. They are young and old. They are of all races!

People are committing all kinds of evil acts and many are killed in the midst of committing those acts. These people have chose eternal damnation when they didn’t have to. People must stop being so easily influenced, brainwashed, manipulated, and persuaded by others. We all have a brain to think on our own and for ourselves. Even if you had a twin one was born before the other, therefore we are all birthed into this world alone. It’s great to have people who love you and are there for you, but in case you don’t have this; we ALL must be able to stand alone and make the right decisions and choices for ourselves. People must stop being influenced by others to do the wrong things.

To kill or harm in the name of ANY form of religion or hate is ludicrous. To kill or harm in the name of what a person thinks is love is ludicrous. To kill or harm, because you can’t deal with who you are is ludicrous. To live a life full of balled up pain when you don’t have to is ludicrous, because it keeps you captive by your own mind and it causes nothing but havoc in your lives.

I still believe nothing but love conquers hate. Some people are full of hate for all kinds of reasons, but it does nothing but feed the darkness they hold inside. These people don’t have a chance for eternal life if they die in the midst of their sins and darkness. We don’t know where, how, or when it will be our time to leave this world. Right now is the chance for change, but it’s up to each individual what they choose. In one blink of an eye any one of us could be gone. Think about today, how you choose to continue to live; because your life can be gone in an instant. Today is all we have, tomorrow isn’t promised, and yesterday is gone forever!






You say it’s Them, I say it’s You


A question many should ask themselves is why do I settle for less???? Why do many of you feel you’re so undeserving???? If a person wants change they will make an effort to change. Change will only happen when a person has gotten to a point in life where they want change. Many people are merely existing. I think this is beyond sad. Way too many people have become content with life, they have gotten used to being the way they are they don’t realize they need to change. In order for something different to happen a person must do something different. Too many people settle, period! People settle in their jobs, relationships, mindsets, and most aspects of their lives. I believe in order to change any of it,  a person must first change their negative mindset. Most don’t understand by them being content and complacent it is something negative they need to change.

I have spoken to and know personally many people who are unhappy in their relationships. Who do you think has the power to change it? Only the individual who’s unhappy. A person’s happiness shouldn’t be based upon ANYONE else. If it is this is someone who has freely given their power to someone else and it’s a sign something is wrong that needs to be fixed within self. When you’re in a relationship and the other person isn’t really about you, they will show it in some way. They will talk negative, disrespect you, be oblivious of your feelings or concerns, take you for granted, defile your relationship by involving others, take all you have but give nothing in return, mooch off of you until you’re drained mentally-physically-and materially.  Although they obviously have their own issues, the real problem doesn’t lie with the other individual it lies with you; the one who allows it.

If people could only understand their value and worth. If they only knew they have the power to accept or NOT accept crap their significant others give them. I always say we teach people EXACTLY how to treat us. They figure it out quick, but the ones on the receiving in don’t get it. The reason people don’t get it because they haven’t yet dealt with their own issues which keep them trapped in wrong ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. People are so gullible and accepting when it comes to love. They “can’t see the forest from the trees.” They miss so much because they are blind and can only comprehend what they want even when it’s not good. In the meantime they’re missing the truth. They are led by emotions.

Do you know what you think is followed up by what you fee;, which pretty much determines how you will act? Most think one way and do another, who a person really is isn’t what they display, people lie about who they are, how they feel, etc.etc. It all comes from what’s really inside of us. If people haven’t dealt with their issues, etc those issues will be the driving force in all of the decisions they make in life (good or bad). You can do good, but have bad intentions behind what you did, which still is bad. Those issues will eventually deal with  them showing up throughout their lives and seen through bad choices and decisions. People are moved by emotions rather than reality. It’s their distorted view of the truth, because people seek self gratification at any and all cost.

We’ve all at some point made bad choices and decisions, but we must mature and unfortunately not everyone does. What a person has gone through in life no longer can hurt them, people are hurting themselves by hanging on to those things. The events are over, the memories are left. People must make conscious decisions to no longer give those memories power in their lives. Anything uncontrolled controls us. You never forget, but it doesn’t mean you have to give it power. When people grasp this concept their lives will change. When they don’t they are those people who continuously go in and out of relationships enduring the same things with the same types of people. They are treated exactly how they allow.

Not only that once a person really matures, they understand people have agendas (good and bad). A mature person accepts people for who they are (knowing that who they are isn’t necessarily who they are pretending to be). You learn all of this by not just going through things, but learning as you go. Learning from all you encounter is what strengthens and matures us. At least in my experience and opinion. Experiences teaches us what TO do next time and what NOT to do again. Many people choose to go through the same things over and over. They don’t learn they only experience. This is why so many are unhappy in their relationships and accept any and everything from people who claim to love them.

In an earlier post I mentioned that if a person learn to love his or herself, this will be an individual who will not allow any and everything in their lives. They will understand self worth and value. They will no longer seek love in all of the wrong ways, places, and from the wrong people. They will see the truth when it’s revealed and will not be blind by what they want due to emotions. They may feel with their hearts, but they will use their brains also to make better choices and decisions.  They will see the truth and when it’s revealed they won’t have any problems with moving on and away from mess. They will learn what love is and what love isn’t. Trust me, you can be this individual, but you must want to be. Stop allowing people to do what they want to you, no longer give away what belongs to you; your power!

Some people are completely miserable in their relationships, yet they stay. I say to these people take one moment and think about how your relationships started. Most times they end the way they begin or the same issues they started with will be the very ones plague them throughout their relationships. I don’t know why people think things will change, because most times they don’t. If you accept it in the beginning; expect it throughout the relationship, that’s just how it goes. Zebra’s don’t change their stripes! People can change, but oftentimes if you take any and everything to get or keep someone, you will have nothing but misery to pay for the consequences of your actions. The choice is ALWAYS yours!