God Loves You, You Love The World


I am not the judge of anyone, but I won’t be a party to the shenanigans or foolishness of anyone. I don’t care who it is! Just because a person doesn’t want to do right doesn’t mean I will go along with their wrong. People need to stop playing church and stop playing with God.

It really saddens me when people don’t realize how they are risking their souls by the lifestyles they are living. People are too busy worrying about what their leaders and other people think of them when half of those people need to be working on self as well. They worry about shining so man can see when man has to stand before God too!

The world is full of people pretending to love the Lord. What people fail to understand is if you love Him you will live for Him, period! There is absolutely no way you can love Him and live any kind of way. You can’t love Him and live a lifestyle against Him. There is no way you can live for Him and be the same! No way, no way, no way! When you live for the Lord everything about you changes. You don’t think, feel, or act the same about anything!

The problem with many people is they do a lot of lip service, but as the Bible say their hearts are far from Him. It shows in their ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. How people choose to live shows who they are really serving.

You can not live a life doing things that are against God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and think you’re serving God. You are serving god, but it’s the other one you’ve made your master and not the Master Himself! People have fooled themselves into thinking their wrongs are right. Your wrongs will never be right in the sight of God! I don’t care if man follow you; your wrongs are wrong! They will always be wrong until you decide to choose right over wrong!

I will never stand for, support, or follow anyone who professes Christ yet live a life against Him. I will not condone your wrong in no shape, form, or fashion. I can love you, but I will never love your wrongdoings and I will not support what you do.

If you’re going to live for Jesus; live for Him! If you’re not then don’t, it is your choice, but stop acting as if you’re living for Him to please man, because God sees and knows what you’re doing. He’s the Author and Finisher of your fate. He wishes for you to live for Him and so do I, however, the decision is yours. Just because you preach or teach about Him doesn’t mean you’re living for Him. Just because you sing about Him or talk about Him doesn’t mean you’re living for Him. To serve Jesus is a lifestyle change and it’s 24 hours a day. It’s not a part time or sometime thing, it’s a 24 hour thing. You know why? If you’re doing it sometime then you’re against Him and not for Him. Living this way puts you at risk of losing your soul. He’s “coming in the twinkling of an eye and like a thief in the night.” If you’re caught in your state of pretense you will have lost your soul to the world. Nothing or no one in this world is worth it!

A lot of what people do is out of a learnt behavior. They mock God when He is not to be mocked and they mimic the true Saints. They learn how a true Saint conduct His or Herself and they mimic it. They mimic the spirit in all types of ways. They do what they think is pleasing in the eyes of man. Problem for these types of people is God sees it all and it’s not pleasing to Him. He’s weeping at the falling away of people who claim to be servers of Him. No matter how bad things in this world has become, people are still choosing the world.

I pray people turn their lives over before it’s too late. Stand up and on the Word of God without fear and with honesty and truth! I don’t care what it looks like or feels like God is still in control and in charge. The road isn’t always easy nor is it always rough. We are never alone! The Bible says “for the race isn’t given to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end.” You can’t stay in a race you’re not in! All of the picking Him up and putting Him down don’t work and won’t work! All of the sometimes serving Him don’t work and won’t work!

You can’t be double minded, or lukewarm; either getting your ears tickled or tickling the ears of others. You only fool yourself NEVER the Father, Son, or the Holy Spirit. We can’t be just hearers of the Word, but we MUST be hearers and doers of the Word. Stop being brainwashed and bamboozled into serving man, because every man’s knee must someday bow.

If you’re trying to straddle a fence then you’re being lukewarm. If you try to live for both the world and Jesus; truth is you’re only living for the world! I’m telling you without regret or doubt you can’t love the Lord and serve the Lord if you’re still a part of what the world has to offer. In your mind you may think you, but in reality you can’t! You’re fooling yourself! Sometimes people will not tell you about yourself. They will talk about you behind your back. I am telling you and the world if you are living this lie that is exactly what it is; a lie! You’re lying to yourself! God is not pleased with lukewarm people. He’s already told us He will “sprew” you from His mouth.

Please don’t be one He turns away and tell you to “depart from me you worker of iniquity for I know you not!’ This moment right here may be your last chance to get it right! Get it right with Jesus, get a daily prayer life, get a personal relationship with Him, love Him above all, and most importantly live for Him; in Jesus name I pray! You can’t get to the Father unless you go through the Son. You can’t get to the Son if you don’t have a personal relationship with Him. Romans 10:9 is only the first step, but it’s the most important first step!


Worshipping Man Disappoints You Every Time


I was listening to someone pretty well known as a gospel singer and used to be pastor. She was ranting angrily about church folks. She was cursing and acting completely out of control. In the comments some people were saying God is speaking through her, she’s telling the truth, woman of God speak, etc while others were against the delivery. God had nothing to do with it. It’s foolish to think God would speak through ANYONE in that way. Truth is it was all her, she was speaking out of the flesh! Although she spoke truth how she did it was wrong. Cause she’s mad now she wants to talk against people and the church; when she knew from the start those people were EXACTLY the way they were. She remained a part of it until the well ran dry. Don’t blame no one but yourself. I’m always good with the truth and she told the truth, but lowered herself to tell it.

I’ve told you all many, many times just because a person says they are a pastor doesn’t mean they are of God. A person can tell their story without acting out of control and cursing, disrespecting self. Don’t get mad THEN want to blast the church, those you were doing what you were doing with, regular church goers, etc. People know the folks they are dealing with and they know many in the church aren’t remotely trying to live what they are professing. As long as it’s working it is all good; when something goes wrong you’re mad at everyone to include God.

I don’t care how upset or disappointed a person gets you never let the devil win. You shouldn’t let the devil take you back to your old self. People do it because they’ve never truly became new creatures, therefore they never came out of their old ways. Trust me if you’re faking it will come to the light. Going on Facebook live only shows the entire world who and what you truly are. It’s no surprise to me! I’ve said more than I’ve written in some of my blogs many Gospel artists sing, but don’t live what they sing. I know; I’ve lived it and seen it. I’ve written many times how people are making their pastors their masters and how the churches of today are not churches of God, they are churches of the people. Churches of the people are straight business oriented. They reach people to keep their businesses afloat, but they aren’t trying to reach souls. This is why I always say get a relationship with God for yourselves and get into the Word for yourselves.

Listen, stop believing the myth. Everyone going to the church house isn’t a Saint of God. People get upset and want to cast God aside because they are mad at church folks when most of the church folks aren’t Saints of God. People go to church out of tradition. They go because to them it’s what they are accustomed to and they think it’s the right thing to do. It’s not because they love the Lord and have a relationship with Him. They have relationships with everyone but God. They are faithful to the pastor, choir, usher board, Bible study, and tithing; ALL to please man, but no relationship with Jesus Christ! Most still do the same things they’ve always done, they haven’t changed.

Many people are angry at church folks when most in the church aren’t Saints of God. People are confusing it, they have put all people going to church in the same category. It’s wrong and unfair, because some people who are going to church are in love with Jesus. They believe He is the Son of God who died for our sins. They worship Jesus and not their pastors. They are going out of a relationship with the Father and the Son, and Holy Spirit and not to please the pastors or people. These are the true Saints of God and they aren’t the same as regular “church folks.”

With regular church folks expect anything! Their walk, talk, goings, comings, ways of thinking, feeling, and acting hasn’t changed. They are still liars, cheating, boastful, prideful, they love money and things, and doing everything against God. Sad part many are the preachers, teachers, singers, choir directors, musicians, ushers, etc. They go to church, but it’s not in their hearts. When you’re a true Saint of God you carry the church inside of you 24/7, not just on Sundays or for Bible study. You live the church, because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit dwells in you. That is the difference between people just going and those who are Saints of God.

If you’re mad you should be mad at self. People put folks up on pedal stools, they praise and worship them, then they are mad when they are hurt and disappointed. It’s to be expected when you deal with folks who are going to the church house out of tradition. It’s to be expected when churches are ran strictly as businesses because the focus isn’t the soul for the Kingdom, the focus is the body to fill the seat. If a person is angry be angry at yourself for falling for it and going along with it trying to get what you want. Get mad at yourself for putting your pastors and your churches before God. Get mad at yourself for putting folks on pedal stools. Get mad at yourself for trying to do whatever to be a part of the click. Get mad at yourself for trying to embed yourself into the lives of people because of who the world say they are (they are known, have a title, have positions of power, etc, etc). Get mad at yourself for worshipping people, titles, positions and not worshipping God!

Jesus is exactly who He say He is; the First, the Last, the Beginning, the End, the Great I Am. He’s all of it and some. He’s not false of fake. He’s not a want to be He is the Great I Am. He’s no liar, He’s no people pleaser, He isn’t fixated on titles or statuses cause He’s the Great I am. He doesn’t have to show boat for anyone. If you get connected to Him you will understand the difference between church folks who go out of tradition and love for the people and those who go out of love for Jesus Christ. There’s no comparison! You will also know just because a person sings the gospel and may be a household name it doesn’t mean they are living what they sing. People are falling out over folks and worshipping individuals who are singing the gospel, yet the ones they worship don’t know Jesus! It’s a shame!

As long as people go with their eyes on man being led by the flesh they will continue to get the same results; disappointment! You follow what you love the most! Stop using the line people are judging and no one is perfect to stay the way you are. Stop serving the world and think you won’t get what it has to offer; disappointment! God is not mocked!

To Know of Him and to Know Him are Totally Different


Many people know of Him, but they don’t serve Him. Many claim to know Him, and love Him, yet are trying to serve two masters. If you know of Him, but don’t serve Him that is your choice. It is also your choice to claim to know Him, but still serve the world as well. In this case you still don’t know Him, you only know of Him.

To know of Him means you heard or read about Him (somehow you were told, normally it’s through traditional ways). To claim to know and love Him, yet still living for the world means you only know of Him. You can’t have it both ways!

To know Him and serve Him means you keep His commandments. It means for God and Jesus you live and are willing to die! It means you live for Him and you are only on ONE side and that’s the side of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. it means you have a daily prayer life and personal relationship with Him. You understand although you are in this world, you are not of this world. That’s the difference!

All of the people who are trying to intertwine the ways of the world with Jesus in ANY way are wrong and Jesus doesn’t dwell in them. No way possible! Too many are jumping on the band wagon to mix and mingle the world with the Word of God. All I have to say is this; you can do whatever it is you want to do, it won’t EVER work! God didn’t intend for it to be this way.

People are confused, therefore they fall for anything. Those in positions of power within the churches who are doing this are confused about their stance with Jesus Christ. They are telling people it’s okay to bring the world into the churches and do all the things the world is doing. It isn’t! If as a child of God I can do whatever I want to do, when and how I want to do it, why do I need to serve God? That is NOT the way it is supposed to be.

People want a burger king style life “have it their way.” This is how you can live when you’re NOT living for Christ. When you are living for Christ, your life is no longer your own and you will understand it. You don’t want to be a part of the world even though for the time being you must dwell in it. You are intentional in your comings, goings, and in your doings.

Those who trying to put one foot on both sides are TRULY only fooling self. They are delusional! If both feet aren’t on the side of Jesus, then you’re on the other side, period! You can’t serve Him when you want to and you can’t mingle and play around with the ways of the other side. You must come completely off the other side and onto the side of Jesus to live for Him. There is NO OTHER WAY!

Stop being fooled by the stuff you’re hearing and seeing and get to know the Creator for yourselves. If a person don’t truly know Him they will be easily persuaded and deceived. I was looking at the mess about Beyoncé Church Mass, I shook my head in disgust how people who claimed to live for Jesus partook in such a mockery of Christ. Trust and believe that had NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ in no form at all! You can’t mix the work of the devil with God’s work and it be okay, because it is not!

I already know people will say I’m judging, I am not! Read the Word for yourself. You cannot, I repeat, you cannot serve Jesus and be a part of the devil’s work at the same time. Bottom line, you’re either for Jesus or against Jesus, you can’t have it both ways. If you’re against Him in any way, then you’re against him, period! He’s rather you be “hot or cold” which means for OR against Him then to be “lukewarm.” Why? It’s because lukewarm is a figment of the imagination. Even if a person chooses lukewarm, they are choosing cold!

Traditions Can Lead You Straight to Hell


I’ve written many times about people doing things out of tradition. I believe more people than not are operating this way when it comes to serving Jesus and going to church. They go to church strictly out of tradition and familiarity. It’s what they’ve known since childhood. Yet as adults many still to this day haven’t grown any closer to God, they are still “babes in Christ.”

Many think because they go to church that’s it! They think because they asked Jesus into their hearts it’s all they have to do. Don’t let the devil fool you! It isn’t so! You must be born again and you must live the life you speak of (you must be holy). People have made their pastors their Master. They have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. They go to church out of tradition, familiarity, honor, and respect for their leaders and not at all for homage and alteration to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Believe me when I tell you; all of your pastors knees will someday bend like their flocks. No one is exempt! “Every knee shall bow and every tongue must confess.”

The worst part about it is people are sitting in their churches while allowing all kinds of disorder to take place in their churches. They go along with whatever and they conform to whatever. Most churches are man’s churches and not God’s. They are started by self appointed people or man appointed leaders who are all about the money and NOT the soul. It’s all about material prosperity and not at all about spiritual prosperity! Many aren’t chosen of God; they are chosen by man. People don’t want the truth, but it doesn’t make it any less than the truth.

My recommendation is get into the Word and get it in your hearts. Know the Word for yourselves. Stop worshipping your leaders making them your god, because a whole lot of them don’t know Jesus for themselves. There’s only ONE God and you will never reign with Him if you continue to worship and praise the one you’ve made your god here on earth. The Bible says these false leaders will be charged for leading the flock astray, but make no mistake about it; you will have to pay for following!

The crazy part of it all is people live by traditions, etc, yet they are ALWAYS trying to change God to fit their traditions and lifestyles. This will never be okay. He is an unchanging God who doesn’t EVER conform to the ways of this world. He doesn’t conform to fit us or our lifestyles.

Every day we get to see is a day to open those closed eyes, clear out those plugged ears, and get rid of those dull stony hearts. If a person doesn’t choose to change they will remain the same. This is unfortunate because the Bible plainly says He will return swiftly like a thief in the night, in the twinkling of an eye. That means any second, minute, or hour. Please don’t let Him catch you serving man and not Him!!! Don’t let Him catch you with those closed eyes, plugged ears, and dull stony hearts!

Making Your Pastor Your Master


Yes, I’m on this again! Too many people in today’s churches have made their pastors/leaders their Master. They have put them on pedal’s acting as if they are God. Stop praising and worshipping the creature and start praising and worshipping the Creator! Your pastor’s knees has to bend like yours, they are servants just like you; NOT the Savior! They may be some of your god’s, but they aren’t the God Almighty, the Master, the Great I am, the Savior, at all!

Those pedal stools some people have put them on will cause them to tumble right into the pits of hell. The reason why is these leaders act like they are God. They are not!!! They act the way they do, because this is how hey are treated. Many have become puffed up and vain.

God isn’t pleased with what is going on in the churches today. Some things are completely out of order and totally against God. If your pastor is doing the right thing they would not allow any ole thing in the church. The stuff going on in some of the churches are the same things going on in the world.

Some pastors are ruling and controlling their member’s lives. They are telling them what they can and can’t do. They are telling them where they can and can’t go and who to socialize with. When pastor’s are controlling the lives of their members they have been allowed to go to far. People are brainwashed by their pastors. People need to read the Bible and seek understanding for themselves.

Most pastors are living way above their members. Some member’s are struggling giving their last while their pastors are living good lives. Something is wrong with that picture. Many of the churches don’t help their members when they need it and really don’t do anything for the community if they can’t make a profit. This isn’t the way the church should be.

Although they go to church faithfully, many members are still babes in Christ. They haven’t grown since accepting the Lord as their Savior. Most people in today’s church are still on milk. They haven’t grown because they aren’t seeking the Lord for themselves, instead they are seeking it all from their pastors. The meat they are being fed isn’t to help their spiritual growth, but instead it’s to edify their Pastor’s because it’s coming from them and NOT the Word of God. Therefore it can’t be ingested into their spirits, because they are still babes. How can a Shepherd lead his Sheep, when He isn’t truly a Shepherd of God? It’s impossible when God’s not in it! The Bible says ” the blind can’t lead the blind, less they both fall in the ditch.” People really need to seek God’s face for themselves if they TRULY want to make it to Heaven.

It’s disgusting and sickening to see how most of the pastors are being praised and worshipped. People are too busy trying to please their pastors until they can’t focus on God, because it’s NOT what they are being taught. They aren’t being taught how to live holy, how to activate the powers within them that God has given to us all, they don’t know demons and the supernatural is real, because they aren’t being taught any of this in today’s churches. God is still in the healing business and He’s still a miracle worker, the problem is people don’t believe, because people are walking by sight and NOT faith. Their eyes are on their pastors and what they can see with the natural eye, because it is what they are being taught.

Pastor’s today are too busy building up what they have made their kingdoms which are their churches/sanctuaries. Churches are trying to out do one another. They are too busy preaching material prosperity, but not at all focused on seeking souls for the Kingdom of God. They are too worried about their kingdoms down here on earth.

When you go to a church and they have ATM’s in the church, they are asking for bank statements and check stubs, they are blasting you for the amount of tithes you pay, they are charging you to sit in particular places during service, etc THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE SENSE ENOUGH TO KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG! THIS ISN’T ABOUT GOD’S BUSINESS, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHURCH BUSINESS OF MATERIAL PROSPERITY. Pastor’s have made it all about money.

Jesus is coming back and He’s going to charge Pastor’s many times over for leading their flock astray, but He’s also going to charge the people for praising and worshipping their Pastors as if they are God. If someone doesn’t make it in it’s no one’s fault, but their own. It is up to each and every last one of us to get to know Jesus for ourselves, develop a daily relationship with him, and to live according to His Word. The same Pastors being praised and worshipped have to live according to His Word like us all. As I’ve said before and it is from the Bible “we can’t get to the Father unless we go through the Son.” The Son isn’t your Pastor, He’s the Son of God!

Gaining Bodies, but not Souls


I already know some people won’t like this post, that’s good! If you don’t like it then it means it’s touching you for some reason. I’m going to tell the truth, period!

I’ve seen it over and over again in today’s churches. Leaders of SOME churches of today are not trying to win souls for the Kingdom. They are trying to win souls for self gain. It’s the truth! I rarely hear leaders of churches invite people to be saved. Being saved is the first step. You can’t move forward without being saved. Romans 10:9 tell you what you need to do in order to be saved. A person doesn’t have to go to any church to receive Jesus! This is why it’s extremely important to read the Bible for yourself.

In today’s churches the problem with many people is they are following their leaders and not the Word of God. They are focusing on the person rendering the message and NOT the actual Word of God. Too many people are caught up in pleasing and satisfying their leaders at all cost. The Bible does speak of taking care of our leaders. However, to the extent church members are taking care them are way beyond what is required. Sadly many churches are ran strictly as businesses and not for winning souls.

In churches of the day it’s like the world; anything goes! People are walking in with anything on, these women and men don’t have a real connection with God therefore their hearts are not convicted enough for them to see they are inappropriately dressed. In a post last year I wrote “come as you are” doesn’t mean with boobs out, dresses jacked up high, see through clothes, tight revealing clothes, sagging pants, etc. etc. It means broken hearted, down, depressed, sad, or whatever is ailing you; bring it to the alter and leave it there.

The leaders of today’s churches are selling things in their churches when clearly in the Bible Jesus said this was forbidden. Jesus Himself went in and turned over tables when people were selling, etc in the church. Leaders are allowing all kinds of foolishness to gain money and more money. This isn’t of God.

I’ve even noticed that leaders rarely ask do people want to join the church. They don’t care whether you join or not, they just want your money. It’s not about winning souls for the Kingdom or making sure people have a church home, it’s about if you like it keep coming and bringing your money. Jesus isn’t pleased with this!

I believe this is why people are falling for everything and standing for nothing, because they aren’t being lead according to God’s Word. From what I’ve seen, leaders teach what they want from the Bible and the rest comes from them. They always bring tithing from the same Book (Malachi), which is under the law of the Old Testament and not applicable today. People are too brainwashed to know what the truth is concerning tithing. They believe what they are told, because they don’t read for themselves or have a personal relationships with Jesus the Son or God the Father.

Every leader isn’t from God and I would go out on limb and say most leaders of today aren’t called from God. You can tell by how they lead their flock. You can tell by how they accept anything in their churches. You can tell by how things are ran in such a business like manner with all of the bells and whistles in place. Today, the smaller churches want to be affiliated with the mega churches to some degree and many are. People are going to church for notoriety and being a part of the click; not to be a part of the Kingdom. How foolish is this! The clicks will go away the Kingdom is forever!



The term Church Folks


What people do is associate church folks with  individual’s who are living according to God’s Word. This is furthest from the truth! You can go to church all day, every day, it won’t get you into Heaven. People go to church out of tradition. They are dedicated to their leaders and their churches, but nothing else and most importantly NOT to Jesus and our Father God!

The pews are filled on Sunday with individuals who know they’re living like hypocrites, but they are playing the roles of devout saints on Sunday. That won’t get a person nowhere near the Kingdom of God! The many people criticized will get in before a whole bunch of people who claim to be living the life according to God’s Word. It’s because too many are talking out the sides of their necks. They profess one thing and live another. These people stand in the pulpits and they sit in the pews. They are  claiming to live one way when they know they are living another. What they do they do it to please man, putting God really nowhere in the equation, when He should be first.

God and His Son Jesus aren’t puppets who people choose to show off at will! Jesus don’t show up just on Sundays,  they dwell 24/7 within those who accept and believe. All of the pretense will some day cease and if you’re not TRULY on His side then TOO SAD and it will be TOO BAD!

God cleans up whomever He qualifies and elects. You can know the truth in how people live. Too many are called by man and it shows in the actions and bad choices and decisions people are making. I wrote a song that says “Everyone Talks About Heaven, but Don’t Want to Do Right to Get There.” This is sad, but true!

Technically you can call anyone who goes to church “church folks” but they certainly don’t all fall in into the same category as one who is living accordingly.  You got those who are going out of tradition and have no thoughts of giving up this ole world. However, you also have those who are going out of passion and love for God and His Son Jesus. They have made the personal decision to give up this world and submit to the True Source (Jesus)! Many talk it, but few walk it.

People are so confused both men and women will say they want someone in church. If you know what I know you better be specific when you pray, because having someone in church means nothing! The devil is sitting to your left, right, front, or back every time you go to church. A person can sit in church Sunday after Sunday, but living like a straight hypocrite. So be specific when you pray!

If you are a person who know in your heart you aren’t living what you profess the time to get it right is right now, tomorrow isn’t promised. The ways of this world are forever changing and not for the good. Choose you this day whom you will serve and own it, period! You can’t serve both, no matter what people choose to believe, if you’re not living what you profess you’re not on His side, you’re on the other side.