To Know of Him and to Know Him are Totally Different


Many people know of Him, but they don’t serve Him. Many claim to know Him, and love Him, yet are trying to serve two masters. If you know of Him, but don’t serve Him that is your choice. It is also your choice to claim to know Him, but still serve the world as well. In this case you still don’t know Him, you only know of Him.

To know of Him means you heard or read about Him (somehow you were told, normally it’s through traditional ways). To claim to know and love Him, yet still living for the world means you only know of Him. You can’t have it both ways!

To know Him and serve Him means you keep His commandments. It means for God and Jesus you live and are willing to die! It means you live for Him and you are only on ONE side and that’s the side of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. it means you have a daily prayer life and personal relationship with Him. You understand although you are in this world, you are not of this world. That’s the difference!

All of the people who are trying to intertwine the ways of the world with Jesus in ANY way are wrong and Jesus doesn’t dwell in them. No way possible! Too many are jumping on the band wagon to mix and mingle the world with the Word of God. All I have to say is this; you can do whatever it is you want to do, it won’t EVER work! God didn’t intend for it to be this way.

People are confused, therefore they fall for anything. Those in positions of power within the churches who are doing this are confused about their stance with Jesus Christ. They are telling people it’s okay to bring the world into the churches and do all the things the world is doing. It isn’t! If as a child of God I can do whatever I want to do, when and how I want to do it, why do I need to serve God? That is NOT the way it is supposed to be.

People want a burger king style life “have it their way.” This is how you can live when you’re NOT living for Christ. When you are living for Christ, your life is no longer your own and you will understand it. You don’t want to be a part of the world even though for the time being you must dwell in it. You are intentional in your comings, goings, and in your doings.

Those who trying to put one foot on both sides are TRULY only fooling self. They are delusional! If both feet aren’t on the side of Jesus, then you’re on the other side, period! You can’t serve Him when you want to and you can’t mingle and play around with the ways of the other side. You must come completely off the other side and onto the side of Jesus to live for Him. There is NO OTHER WAY!

Stop being fooled by the stuff you’re hearing and seeing and get to know the Creator for yourselves. If a person don’t truly know Him they will be easily persuaded and deceived. I was looking at the mess about Beyoncé Church Mass, I shook my head in disgust how people who claimed to live for Jesus partook in such a mockery of Christ. Trust and believe that had NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ in no form at all! You can’t mix the work of the devil with God’s work and it be okay, because it is not!

I already know people will say I’m judging, I am not! Read the Word for yourself. You cannot, I repeat, you cannot serve Jesus and be a part of the devil’s work at the same time. Bottom line, you’re either for Jesus or against Jesus, you can’t have it both ways. If you’re against Him in any way, then you’re against him, period! He’s rather you be “hot or cold” which means for OR against Him then to be “lukewarm.” Why? It’s because lukewarm is a figment of the imagination. Even if a person chooses lukewarm, they are choosing cold!


Not Cold, Not Unconcerned, it’s Called Growth


If you’re not there you won’t understand. If you’re not trying to get there you won’t understand. If a person has given their life to Christ and are no longer in the world they aren’t the same. Many individuals claim it, however the truth is seen through their walk.

People don’t understand when you grow you don’t see things the same. What once worried you or even got on your nerves no longer fazes you. It is called growth! You know the importance of life, you understand your needs versus your wants, and you don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders any longer. You understand once you lay your burdens at the feet of Jesus you don’t go back to pick them burdens up again. You “cast all of your cares on Him.”

There are people who will think you have become cold and unconcerned. That isn’t the case, you simply have the understanding of what is and what isn’t important. Don’t be fazed by what people say about you, because they will talk no matter what. We certainly aren’t greater than Jesus! Not only did they talk about Him, they persecuted, beat, lied on, scorned, and crucified Him. If they did it to Him, someone who knew no sin; they will do it to us for sure. Stay encouraged and keep on the full armor of God. Sooner or later they will find someone or something else to talk about.

Remember a truth Saint is not their own person. They belong to Jesus Christ! When you’re a child of the King, nothing looks or feels the same. That’s just how it is. You will still go through trials and tribulations, but how you see them and go through them will be different.

There are a lot of people still thinking, feeling, and doing the same things they have always done. As a true Saint you shouldn’t be the same even if you’re going through similar trials and tribulations. Your outlook on things should be different. If you’re still worrying, being bothered, or trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders something is wrong!

A lot of people are trying to please others by continuing to do what they once did or by trying to do what others do. This isn’t the walk of a true Saint. You can’t be a person who is neutral for there is no neutrality in this walk. Being neutral means you don’t want to take responsibility. To be a true Saint means you take total ownership and responsibility of how you live. Your mind and heart is on Jesus. It means you do things pleasing to Jesus and God, NOT man.

People of the world are doing any and everything. The ways of the world are getting worse day by day. Although it is alarming you don’t fear, because you’re not a part of the madness. Your faith and trust lies in God Almighty, not man. You learn not to fear for God is with you through it all! You should feel at peace. People don’t understand it, but they don’t have to!

The more a person follow Jesus, the more change will occur. When a person is sincere about their journey they will turn away from all of the other things they once did. They do not partake in anything the devil will try to throw at them. They know satan when he rears his ugly head! They learn to resist the devil; therefore they are resisting temptations coming their way. All of it is possible when you make Jesus your choice.