Traditions Can Lead You Straight to Hell


I’ve written many times about people doing things out of tradition. I believe more people than not are operating this way when it comes to serving Jesus and going to church. They go to church strictly out of tradition and familiarity. It’s what they’ve known since childhood. Yet as adults many still to this day haven’t grown any closer to God, they are still “babes in Christ.”

Many think because they go to church that’s it! They think because they asked Jesus into their hearts it’s all they have to do. Don’t let the devil fool you! It isn’t so! You must be born again and you must live the life you speak of (you must be holy). People have made their pastors their Master. They have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. They go to church out of tradition, familiarity, honor, and respect for their leaders and not at all for homage and alteration to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Believe me when I tell you; all of your pastors knees will someday bend like their flocks. No one is exempt! “Every knee shall bow and every tongue must confess.”

The worst part about it is people are sitting in their churches while allowing all kinds of disorder to take place in their churches. They go along with whatever and they conform to whatever. Most churches are man’s churches and not God’s. They are started by self appointed people or man appointed leaders who are all about the money and NOT the soul. It’s all about material prosperity and not at all about spiritual prosperity! Many aren’t chosen of God; they are chosen by man. People don’t want the truth, but it doesn’t make it any less than the truth.

My recommendation is get into the Word and get it in your hearts. Know the Word for yourselves. Stop worshipping your leaders making them your god, because a whole lot of them don’t know Jesus for themselves. There’s only ONE God and you will never reign with Him if you continue to worship and praise the one you’ve made your god here on earth. The Bible says these false leaders will be charged for leading the flock astray, but make no mistake about it; you will have to pay for following!

The crazy part of it all is people live by traditions, etc, yet they are ALWAYS trying to change God to fit their traditions and lifestyles. This will never be okay. He is an unchanging God who doesn’t EVER conform to the ways of this world. He doesn’t conform to fit us or our lifestyles.

Every day we get to see is a day to open those closed eyes, clear out those plugged ears, and get rid of those dull stony hearts. If a person doesn’t choose to change they will remain the same. This is unfortunate because the Bible plainly says He will return swiftly like a thief in the night, in the twinkling of an eye. That means any second, minute, or hour. Please don’t let Him catch you serving man and not Him!!! Don’t let Him catch you with those closed eyes, plugged ears, and dull stony hearts!


Gone in an Instant


None of us knows how, when, or where! I lost an uncle and my grandson’s young father over the Thanksgiving holiday 2016. There are many of my posts about getting our lives together before it’s too late. DEATH is real and it’s coming for each of us. My uncle was quickly taken by cancer, my grandson’s dad quickly and tragically taken by being struck by 2 vehicles.

Life is far too short to not want to be the best we can be. Too many choose to live their lives as if they’re never going to die. NEWS FLASH, we will ALL someday die and unfortunately many lives will be gone in an instant without a chance to repent. If we die in our mess that’s it!! Eternal damnation will be the choice made. No one knows the day or the hour, this is why it’s so important to get your lives together while you’re able to repent and change your ways. Don’t be a person who God has turned over to a reprobated mind.

I’ve written many times and will continue to write; nothing in this world is worth losing your soul over. If we die in the midst of our sins we don’t get any do over’s. Right now is it! Right now is our opportunities to get it right and live a life that’s pleasing in the sight of Jesus. We can play too long until we’ve played out and it’s too late. Don’t let it be you!

Death is coming like a thief in the night and without warning. No matter the situation or circumstance no one knows exactly down to the sec when they will take their last breath and depart from this physical world to a spirit realm. As long as we have breath in our bodies and blood running warm in our veins it’s NOT too late to get it right.

People of today are out of control. Many are lost souls who has submitted to the works of the darkness. They are out to do harm to others for no legitimate reasons. Their minds are controlled by evil thoughts; with raw emotions and feelings behind those evil thoughts until they end up doing the unthinkable. People are doing all sorts of foolishness. It comes from what’s truly in the hearts of people. When they are full of darkness (envy, jealousy, anger, malice, strife for WHATEVER reason/s) they are overcome by this darkness and it shows in their actions. They do things, because those things are what they have been thinking about for a long while, those things are eventually put into actions. They are seeking to belong, to be loved, or something they lack. They are easily persuaded and manipulated into foolishness. This is the work of evil which is here to kill, steal, and destroy. Look around; no matter where you are, you will see and hear about the madness going on in this world. People are broken all over the world, they are lost. They are young and old. They are of all races!

People are committing all kinds of evil acts and many are killed in the midst of committing those acts. These people have chose eternal damnation when they didn’t have to. People must stop being so easily influenced, brainwashed, manipulated, and persuaded by others. We all have a brain to think on our own and for ourselves. Even if you had a twin one was born before the other, therefore we are all birthed into this world alone. It’s great to have people who love you and are there for you, but in case you don’t have this; we ALL must be able to stand alone and make the right decisions and choices for ourselves. People must stop being influenced by others to do the wrong things.

To kill or harm in the name of ANY form of religion or hate is ludicrous. To kill or harm in the name of what a person thinks is love is ludicrous. To kill or harm, because you can’t deal with who you are is ludicrous. To live a life full of balled up pain when you don’t have to is ludicrous, because it keeps you captive by your own mind and it causes nothing but havoc in your lives.

I still believe nothing but love conquers hate. Some people are full of hate for all kinds of reasons, but it does nothing but feed the darkness they hold inside. These people don’t have a chance for eternal life if they die in the midst of their sins and darkness. We don’t know where, how, or when it will be our time to leave this world. Right now is the chance for change, but it’s up to each individual what they choose. In one blink of an eye any one of us could be gone. Think about today, how you choose to continue to live; because your life can be gone in an instant. Today is all we have, tomorrow isn’t promised, and yesterday is gone forever!






Don’t Let Your Excuses Get You in Hell


I see a very serious issue when it comes to the excuses made to do wrong. Three of the worst excuse are #1 No one is perfect, # 2 God knows the heart., and # 3 Doing it to reach the younger generation.

My brothers and sisters I am here to tell you that those excuses will not get you off the hook. They are excuses that if a person keeps using them to justify their wrongs will get them straight inside the gates of hell.

Jesus Christ left a guide for living it’s called the Bible. Inside the Bible there is specific guidance we all must adhere to and follow in order to stand inside the Gates of Heaven. Too many people want to water down and sugarcoat the truth. They want to change it in a way what they do is downplayed. I’m here in the name of Jesus to tell you your ways of thinking are wrong.

I’m not here to judge, because it is already written, there is specific guidance as to how we should live in order to make it to the Kingdom of God. We must be born and again and we must be Holy. The Bible says when you’re changed you are a new creature. Too many people want to claim it, but they know they’re liars. When you are a new creature you put off your old ways. When you’re a new creature everything about you changes.

I’m not here to change or save anyone, because I don’t have that power. I am here to inform, because the Bible says people are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge. Many get the knowledge but don’t use it or accept it. God wishes for none of us to perish, but we have to stop playing and get real about this journey. The Bible is being fulfilled everyday, yet people are still doing whatever they want to do. People are playing dangerous games with their souls.

No one is perfect: No one sure isn’t in the sight of man, but we are to God like His Son Jesus, He made us in His image, therefore to God when we walk in His light and way, He sees us as perfect. However, people want to use this excuse as if because their not perfect it’s okay to mess up over and over again. No it’s not! You have to choose for real who’s side you’re on and stay there. I don’t care what you do none of it matters if you’re not on the Lord’s side. Too many people are playing and faking without true understanding that their taking a chance with their lives and in danger of making hell their eternal home.  If you’re not on Jesus side, then you’re on the other side. Those are the only two sides, there is no in between or neutrality. The Word says you’re either for Me or against Me. People can make all the excuses they want to do wrong; it won’t work. If you truly love Him you will follow Him and live by His Word. If you don’t you’re against Him and you’re still doing what the world does. If you’re on His side, you no longer want to be a part of the other side in no shape, form, or fashion. Many want to say they love Him and are on His side, but their ways of life tells the truth. You can’t have it both ways, it’s either one or the other. You can’t fool God.

God knows the heart: He most certainly does, but this doesn’t mean you’re off of the hook. People get this so confused. A person can do the greatest good, but at the same time be absolutely NO good at all. The truth of who they are lies inside. This is why we see so much racism in this world, it comes from the hearts of men and women. God knows the heart, you can’t shuck and jive Him. He knows there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. He knows people can do good in the eyes of man, but in their hearts they are horrible individuals. So for people to think by them saying God knows their hearts is a way to get off the hook, you’re sadly mistaken. He knows the heart and he knows whose hearts has changed and whose hearts hasn’t, you can’t fool Him. People do good deeds to please man, but God knows the truth. Having good intentions, but do bad things isn’t getting you off the hook. If you’re a new creature your hearts and minds will be in sync. You will think good things as well as do them.

Doing certain things to reach the youth: Show me anywhere in the Bible were God changed who He was to minister to anyone. Show me where He looked like the people He was around in order to minister. Show me where He did what they did to minister to them. You can’t find it and you won’t find it, because it’s not in the Bible. God is an unchanging God. Although He set amongst thieves, publicans, etc. etc., He did not do anything other than minister and teach them. He didn’t do what they did, look like them, or speak like them. He didn’t change for anyone to include the children. Too many people are clearly still worldly and so in order to justify how they look, speak, or act they use the LIE and excuse they’re doing it to reach the youth. These people are still in the world doing what the world does. When you are a new creature you certainly don’t want to look like the world. There is a newness and distinctness about you. For those who are saying they are doing this or that to reach the youth, these people are false. It doesn’t take any of that to minister to the youth. Matter fact people should always and with honor present themselves as if they were before God. Would they stand before God looking the way some of them look or behaving the way some behave? People don’t understand God can’t be fooled and you can’t get to Him lest through the Son, Jesus! They see and know it all! Stop trying to fool man, it’s not doing anything but pushing you closer to hell. If you’re reaching the youth, then you should be teaching them God is an unchanging God and you don’t have to give nothing but the unadulterated Word, period!

I’m writing this today and I hope it speaks and resonates in some hearts today. I’m not condemning or judging, but I’m writing what thus saith the Lord. My prayer is people get it right before it’s too late. People falter, waver, and change in an instance, but God doesn’t; EVER! I love you in the name of Jesus and I pray people make a true decision to get and stay on the Lord’s side. Nothing you gain in this world will benefit you when you die. You can gain the whole world and lose your soul. The world isn’t worth it!!





Me, Believers and Deceivers


I know some people don’t like it when I write about the Father and His Son Jesus, it is okay. I’m not here to convert anyone or save anyone, I don’t have that power. I’m only here to inform, uplift, motivate, enlighten, encourage, etc. If you don’t believe that is your choice. There was a time in my life I didn’t have a personal relationship with the Father. I lived to please man, I cared what man thought or what they saw me do. I grew up in church, but it wasn’t until years later I developed a personal relationship and connection with God and His Son Jesus. There are many things I done back in the day, that I am not proud of, but when I think about how God kept me, I can’t do anything but thank Him.

I’m a living witness that no matter what you’ve gone through the choice is yours as to how you face it and deal with it. I know that God the Father and His Son Jesus can keep you through anything if you believe. I’ve gone through storms, I’ve been tried by the fire, but here I yet stand. I cry out with tears of joy to the Father for keeping me when I didn’t realize that I was heading for a life of eternal damnation. When I think of the foolish things I did and how it could have been me in a LOT of situations; I thank God it wasn’t me. Why He chose to keep me when I wasn’t even honoring Him, I don’t know, I’m just glad He did.

I’ve gone through things some people wouldn’t have a clue about, I’ve dealt with things most wouldn’t or couldn’t believe nor understand. Yet, I am still here. I’m here only by the grace of the Father. Years ago the verse “God loves conquers all fear” got me through some tough times. I dealt with things no one but God could have brought me through and He did. I can’t thank Him enough.

I remember the times I used to sing in church on Saturday nights and hit the club right after church in the clothes I wore to church. I did some dipping and tipping, ducking and dodging from man while God saw everything I did. Although I know I’m forgiven, I am ashamed when I think of all He saw me do or heard me say. I’ve gone through many hurtful situations, but not once did I turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, stealing, killing, immoral acts, selfishness, cheating, etc. etc; instead of entertaining any of those things I chose Jesus. I re-dedicated my life and I did it freely and willfully. I gave up this old mean world and I chose the Lord’s side. He cleaned me up from the inside out.

For me, I can’t really tell you when I completely changed, but I do remember repenting of everything I did and telling God I no longer wanted to be the way I was. I asked Him to make me over. When I gave up all that I gave up, I never went back to it. The devil tried to tempt me here and there but I called him out every time and I still call him out to this day when he tries to sneak around. I know a person can be holy and live a holy life. The problem with most is they talk a good talk, but they fail to live what they preach, teach, talk, etc. The Bible says “you must be born again and you must be holy.” Many want to claim it, however, what they claim is a lie. They don’t want to give up this world and their old ways and it shows in the things they do and say.

People think because they come to Christ they are no longer bothered by troubles, but as I’ve said many times before the ONLY trouble free people are in the cemetery. You will have troubles, they will come and they will go. They aren’t to do anything other than to make you strong. Too many want to isolate themselves or give up when they are faced with adversities. God want us to believe and to lean and depend on Him in the good as well as bad times. People also think to be born again they are considered lame and boring. This is so not true! You can still have fun, but how you do it and what you do is different.

When you give yourself completely to God you change. If you think, act, dress, go the same places, talk the same, hang with and around the same people,  etc then something is wrong! When you’ve submitted and committed to the Father your life is no longer the same, there’s NO WAY it can be. You will live as if God is watching you, therefore OLD things will be no more. Your ways of thinking change, what you thought was important is no longer important as it once was. Your focus definitely changes! You do what’s pleasing to the Father and NOT man. You won’t fall for all of the brainwashing going on today. Those who are ONLY pretending to believe will ridicule, persecute, scorn you, talk about you, lie on you, and can even take your life; yet they can’t harm your soul. Your spirit belongs to the Father! Man is jealous, angry, bitter, envious, spiteful, manipulative, dishonest, and a lot of other things. They can’t understand how anyone can live holy. They question your walk, because they haven’t accepted it for themselves, so to them it can’t be real. They base it on how they know they are living. I encourage true believers to stand strong and firm!

I’ve learned to lean and depend on God in everyway. I’m not trying to sound perfect; I’m not, but I know my walk is real. I’m trying to encourage someone. My prayer is people stand on the Word of God. If you say you believe and you love Him, then you should be willing to give up this world and your old ways. Many people claim to love Him, yet they are still getting drunk, clubbing every weekend, speaking defiled words from their mouths, fornicating, committing adultery, lying, stealing, killing, and you name it. NONE of it is pleasing in the sight of the Father. It’s all against Him. You can’t do these things and still have a seat in the Kingdom. I’m not trying to judge ANYONE, God left the ground rules and it is written in His word. There is definitive descriptions as to how we should conduct ourselves. Those who don’t want to follow it aren’t following Him, point blank and period!! People can play all they want, but one day the game WILL BE over!!

It saddens me so many pretend to be on the God’s side, yet their walk tells the true story. You can’t serve God and the devil. I used to say people are straddling the fence and metaphorically they are, but in reality there is no fence, because if you’re not on the Lord’s side then you’re on the devil’s side!!! A person can get by, but they sure can’t get away! What side are you on? Time is winding up, everyday we get is a chance to get it right, one day there will be no more chances. A lot of people don’t believe and that’s there choice, but for those who claim to believe yet are living any kind of way, my prayer is you get it right before it’s too late!

If You Claim Jesus, Live It


This post is for those who CLAIM to believe in God and His Son Jesus. The day we were born we begin to die. Some act as if they are going to live forever here on this earth. You’re not! People claim to be on the Lord’s (Jesus) side, but their walk is totally different from their talk. People like this are only fooling the person staring back at them in the mirror.

In the Bible God said “I rather you be hot or cold, if you’re lukewarm I will spew you from my mouth.” Time is out for playing! Look around at what’s going on in this world today. People are killing like it’s nothing, mother’s against daughters, fathers against sons. People are doing whatever they want to do. They are worried about being caught by man, while Jesus sees it all. For those who are claiming one thing from their lips but are living another, one day you will no longer have an opportunity to choose.

You’ve seen me write straddling the fence many times, but in reality there is NO straddling the fence, you’re either for Him or you’re against Him. People can continue to live their lives for man, not understanding that man has to bow too. In the Word, God says “every knee shall bow.” It didn’t say a few or some; it says EVERY knee shall bow.

While we yet live, we live according to what we believe. If you say you believe but live something else  you’re a liar and you’re straddling the fence. You may claim Him, but how you live tells the truth. I’m not talking about how you portray yourself to the world, because most already know that’s pretense. I’m talking about how you live when no one sees you. God always sees you. Anything against Him is not pleasing to His sight. People are more worried about pleasing man. They are still in the world doing worldly things. They look, talk, dress, act, and think worldly. They only give reference to God on Sundays as if that will get them into Heaven. By doing this you’re choosing a side even without knowing it. If you’re NOT for Him, you’re AGAINST Him; point blank!

We are created to live forever! If a person die in their sins when they die they are dead; meaning they have lost the opportunity for eternal life with the Father. They chose the road of eternal damnation.  It’s the life they chose to live forever, because they chose their god (the devil) while they were alive. It’s ALL a personal choice. People can shuck, jive, dip, dodge, fake, pretend, and play all the games they want, but there’s ONLY one way to the Father and that’s through the Son. If people think they can dip their feet on both sides; WRONG! In other words, what I am saying is by trying to play both sides, in reality you’re only playing yourself, because it’s either one OR the other. People are trying to play both sides of the fence, but by NOT submitting completely and living according to God’s Word, you’re automatically choosing the other.

There’s nothing hidden under the sun to the Son! God wishes for NONE of us to perish, but at the end of the day the choice is personal. For those of you who know you’re not doing right. You know exactly what you’re doing, thinking, feeling, and how you’re acting. If you read the Word, then you know whether it’s pleasing to God and His Son Jesus. A person can be saved, but not living a Holy life.  However, the Bible says you must be Born AGAIN and you must live Holy. That’s the bottom line, the point, and the period! Stop playing with God, because He’s NOT playing with you! Stop playing Russian roulette with your life.

We see so many tragedies every single day we live, yet people still don’t want to do what they know is right. As I’ve said before, everything wrong, the world is trying to make right, and everything right the world is trying to make wrong. This is not the way of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There are consequences to how we live. There is no way around it,  how we choose to live determines where we will spend eternity.





I know this post will step on many toes and I’m hoping it hurts enough that someone will want to change. I wanted to write about this, because this is happening all over the world to so called people who are professing Christ in their lives.

People are very faithful to many things and many people. They go out of their way to show their faithfulness and will not waver from it. They are faithful and true to those things and people.

Millions are faithful to their name brand material things. They will not walk out of their homes unless they’re matching from head to toe with their named brand clothes and accessories. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with looking good and there’s nothing wrong with purchasing what you can afford, but when it’s an obsession, then that means it too far. Some women carry named brand purses, but don’t have any money to go in them. This is sad, because what a person has doesn’t define who they are and for many it’s a camouflage to cover something else.

For many bigger is better. There are many who have big homes and big cars but no money for gas for those cars. As far as the homes they don’t burn their heat in the winter or air in the summer, because it’s too expensive. This makes no sense, if you can’t afford it why have it? It’s  sad people freeze in their homes or burn up in their homes because they can’t afford to burn their heating and cooling systems.

As for sports, wow! People go crazy for sports teams and memorabilia. Millions are spent on items to include tickets, etc. People go bonkers to keep up with their teams, etc. They spend hundreds and thousands to see their favorite teams play. It’s like they’re possessed or obsessed by these things.

Those who go to church go faithfully, they pay their tithes faithfully not even understanding what tithing is truly about, who it was initially intended for, and how it was performed. They have no clue in Malachi when it talks about a storehouse that there were storehouses intended for keeping crop and meats fresh (like a modern day refrigerator). They are brainwashed by the church leaders of today. They go to church every Sunday and when they miss they feel guilty. This is because they are praising and worshipping their church leaders and not God the Father and His Son Jesus. Many churches of today are business oriented and not about gaining souls for their heavenly home. They are too worried about losing souls from their church homes. If you lose members then you can’t finance the sanctuaries, those nice homes, cars, and the lifestyle period! I know someone is mad and all I can say from the heart is if it hurts then it hurts for a reason. Take a closer look at why it bothers you. If it doesn’t pertain to you at all, then it shouldn’t bother you. People don’t get hurt by the truth unless it’s the truth! Get it????

Millions are faithfully engaged in things that are not of God the Father and His Son Jesus, but they profess them in their lives. They are committing adultery, fornicating, idolizing, stealing, killing, lying, involved in drugs, drunken with alcohol, deep into gambling, lovers of themselves, sexual immoral, and you name it. None of it is of God, at least not God the Father and His Son Jesus. Anything you do that dams your soul is a sin. If it has a hold on you, it’s a sin. The biggest problem in these situations is people want to say no one is perfect. Well, don’t the Word say “we are made in His image? When we surrender our lives to Him, then we take on His ways, because our ways aren’t His ways. We become new creatures and our old filthy ways are no more. That is; if you truly surrender. You won’t think, feel, or act the same and you will know without a doubt that you can live Holy. You can’t enter into the Kingdom of God unless you live Holy. Many leaders don’t live Holy, because although they’re leading their flocks, they themselves haven’t given up this world. The things they’re doing behind closed doors is no secret to the Father. To say no one is perfect is an age old excuse to keep doing what one wants to do, but as mentioned in an earlier post it can’t be used as a get of hell free card!

There are many things I could mention, but the last thing I want to write about is how people are faithful to worshipping other people. This is one of the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. People seem to lose their minds over celebrities and other people of status, when the only difference between them and those people are money and lifestyles. They still have the same issues in life (relationship issues, emotional issues, mental issues, self esteem and confidence issues, sickness, and death etc). Yet many go out of their way to worship them, (literally).

You can’t accept what you don’t know. You can’t receive what you don’t believe in. However, when you profess to believe and you live something else, then you are a liar. This post is intended for those types of people. You don’t realize that nothing is hidden from God. The playing and perpetrating will get you no where but damnation. The Bible  says “gain the whole world and lose your soul.” My question to you; is it worth it? It may seem so while you are living and breathing, but one day you won’t be. If heaven is your goal, then you must live now while you have the chance, so you can have a seat at the welcome table in Heaven.

Where is your faithfulness? Many of you abuse your temples (bodies), your sanctuaries by doing things in them that’s not of God, and you’re too worried about your earthly homes and not enough about gaining access to your heavenly home. None of us knows the day or the hour that our time on earth will come to an end. If you’re not ready, then it will be nobody’s fault but yours. This is an individual thing, no one can do it for you and you can’t do it for no one.

If you’re faithful to everyone and everything else, then you can’t be faithful to God. Well let me rephrase this statement. You are being faithful to your gods, but not God the Father and His Son Jesus. You probably wondering why I keep stating it as such. I write God the Father and His Son Jesus, because you can’t get to the Father less you go through the Son and together they make one. Another reason I phrase it as such is because many worship gods, but not the one that begins with the big G (God the Father and His Son Jesus). They profess it, but the truth is in their daily walk which reveals who they really are and what side they’re really on. Remember you can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool God none of the time. Where is your faithfulness??? If you’re above the ground and not beneath it then today is your day to get it right, you may not get another one!





This post can be for anyone, but it’s mainly intended for those who CLAIM to love Jesus and CLAIM to live by His word. This message will slap many of you across the face (a slap many of you need). It’s not a physical slap, but a spiritual one).

Millions are addicted to sex and don’t even realize it. However, anytime you’re not willing to give something up, you’re addicted whether you believe it or not. Addiction is ANYTHING that has a hold on you. There are many forms of addiction.

Many, many make bold professions to man to love God and His Son Jesus. In reality they know that because of how they’re TRULY living that this is farthest from the truth. They live trying to camouflage and fool most until they’ve actually fooled themselves as well. To really love Him means you’re willing to live according to His Word.

Back to the topic at hand. I want you to REALLY take in what this message is saying. It will show you EXACTLY what side you’re on. The Word says “if you’re not for Him; you’re against Him.” That’s point blank, no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it!

If you’re acting out sexually with anyone that’s NOT your spouse it is sexually immoral and it’s a sin against God. Some of the things spouses do sexually are also sins against God. Millions are seeking sexual gratification in some form.What does sex mean to you? Is it worth your life? Meaning are you willing to lose your souls to sex.

Do you feel you can’t go without sex? Do you use it to get who or what you want? Do you hold it as a ransom to get what you want? Do you give it out like it’s candy to anybody who will take it? Do you make a living doing it? Do you feel you have to have it? Do you commit the act as soon as you meet someone? Married couples do some of you cross the line during this act by doing immoral things to include involving others in your bedrooms?

The answers to those questions and many more I could have asked doesn’t really matter. I was just trying to get you to think. You can’t; let me repeat, you can’t live for God and His Son Jesus and partake in sexual immorality. You’re right out lying to yourself.

Far too many are so engulfed with satisfying their sexual appetites, they’ve lost focus on the truth. It’s damnation! If you’re not willing to give it up, then it’s obvious you’re willing to gain this world and lose your soul to eternal damnation.

Listen, I get it. I know how you feel, I’ve been there and done that. However, when you know better you should do better. When I was in the world I did it too, BECAUSE I didn’t have the understanding of what it meant. Most importantly I didn’t have a true personal relationship with God. I pretended like most are doing. I was focused on man seeing and not considering at all what God saw me do. This was because I WASN’T reading the Word and walking daily with the Lord. I didn’t have a daily prayer life. It makes all of the difference in the world and without it you can’t grow spiritually. I thought I was living right, because of some of the things I wasn’t doing, but I was very wrong.

Once I decided to re-dedicate my life to Christ I started living according to the Word. I got into the Word by reading and studying and the more I studied the more I understood (I prayed for understanding). The more I understood, the more I began to live it. The Bible says “you become a new creature, you put off the old ways and all things becomes new.” It is FACT! You change!! Everything about you changes. You will gain and lose some friends and family too. Many will not get you, because they can’t fathom living this way. If they can’t fathom the thought of living this way, then they can’t understand you nor do they believe that you are living what you speak. They will criticize you a lot. They did/do it to Jesus and we’re certainly not better than Him.

Sex leads people into places they don’t want to be, but yet people are still addicted to it. Marriages and other relationships are destroyed due to the sexual immorality. The love many have for sex has destroyed many of lives in one way or another. However, there’s nothing more tragic then to gain this world and lose your soul.

God is sadden when He sees people speaking about Him so boldly yet living something totally against His teachings. This is a CLEAR indication a person isn’t living what they profess. You can pretend all day, but God knows the truth. Anything you’re NOT willing to let go is something that has a hold on you and therefore you’re addicted.

People who aren’t married don’t understand the soul ties they forms or the many things they’re subjecting themselves to during sex. I don’t want you to think I am saying sex is bad. It’s not when it’s with a person you’re married to and done in a moral way. It’s a beautiful thing, but it’s NOT everything. I know many can’t imagine going without sex, but it’s completely possible. Stop focusing so much on it and get into the Word of God, by doing this you will get the true understanding and in return you will get exactly what this post is saying. You can’t simply read and study the Word, you must live it.

I can’t make any of you do anything, but I have to plant the seed. I pray that you take it, cultivate and water it so the seed can grow in your life. If God is truly important in your life, you will be willing to give up and let go of anything that is against Him. It’s up to you, my prayer for you is that you do.