Free Untouched Gifts


It saddens me how people get extremely caught up in the Christmas holiday and make it all about giving and receiving gifts. Most people don’t even know where the idea of Christmas came from. Nowhere in the Bible does it says Christ was born on Christmas day. It gave a time reference to the approximate season of the year, but not the actual date. Most people never acknowledge it as His birth anyways.

Christmas is actually a pagan celebration, which has nothing to do with God. In Jeremiah 10: 3-4 is talking about idolatry. Sounds familiar doesn’t it (decorating the tree, etc)? Although the season is supposed to be about Jesus, why do people make it about everything else, other than, Jesus?

I can’t lie or deny; for many years I celebrated Christmas, but when I knew better I did better. I still enjoy the season, because a lot of people seem to be better people doing this time of the year. They turn into people they should be all year long.

I think about the hustle and bustle of people and how they are willing to go into debt or at least extend their budgets to purchase gifts. I want to remind all of the people who profess Christ in their lives the most important Gifts they could possess they can’t be bought with a price. In fact they are free, because Jesus paved the way and paid the price so that we may have these beautiful Gifts.

The Gifts I’m referencing are the Gifts of the Spirit. If you don’t know what they are, please take some time and study this for yourself and get in down in your hearts. These gifts are priceless. Many haven’t even attempted to tap into these Gifts. Therefore they are untouched. This is one reason people possess no spiritual power! They haven’t tapped into their Spiritual Gifts through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus gave us power of the Holy Spirit which is for all who believe and choose Him. We must pray and activate the gifts within us through the Holy Spirit. Tap into your Gifts of the spirit, unwrap them, and then activate the power Jesus has given you! People can’t do the work of God if they don’t possess the power they need. It is why we don’t see healings, rebuking of demons, working of miracles, etc. etc. Many don’t believe they can do these things when Jesus says we can.

This is simply a little food for thought. Be Blessed, keep on the complete Armor, keep your hearts and minds on Jesus, always be a Warrior for Christ, “walk by faith and NOT by sight,” and remember “faith without works is d-e-a-d.” Love ya!