When you Don’t Love Yourself


It is apparent to most people, but not apparent to the individual. Most people think they have it all together, however the truth is told in the decisions people make about their lives. People are quick to say they want to know the truth until you give it to them, then they are upset with you.

There are many people in this world who are seeking love and many unfortunately think they’ve found it. My question is how do you know what love is from someone else when if you first don’t love yourself or haven’t really experienced it from anyone?

People focus on receiving love from others, but not on loving self. Other people will treat you exactly how you allow. I don’t care how good you treat someone else people will play with your heart, feelings, and emotions for as long as you allow. Why you may ask? It’s because they too have issues they need to face. If a person don’t know what love is they will accept what they are getting as love.

This is why we see many women and men getting with people who abuse them or kill them. They also abuse or kill their children. This is why we see people getting with individuals who drain them financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Again, people do to you what you allow. What they think is love simply is not!

When a person is desperate for love they will do anything to get it. This is a person who doesn’t love his or herself. There’s no way possible a person can love his or herself an allow someone else to mistreat them or their children. No way on earth! People who love self no their worth!

You shouldn’t have to buy love. By the way it’s impossible to buy love, people think they can. They aren’t buying love, they are buying the other person. Stop giving and watch what happens! You shouldn’t have to ever deal with abuse, disrespect, belittling, controlling individuals, obsessed or possessive individuals, or people who cause you or your loved ones harm. None of it signifies love in no kind of way.

A lot of people don’t know what love is, because it’s how they were brought up and unfortunately they got comfortable with it and settled for it. What I mean is as people get older who they choose to become falls on them. We can stay the same or we can choose to change. Point blank! People who do not embrace change carry baggage from one place to another continuing to pile up the drama in their lives and the lives of others.

If a person doesn’t love his or herself they will take and take either until some tragic happen or their eyes become open and they realize the unhappy relationship they are in. If you don’t love yourself people will sense your vulnerability and many will prey on you. Other people can sense when a person is eager in their quest for love. The people who prey have their own issues as well, but the individuals who become involved with them can’t see their issues, because they can’t see their own.

Love is many things, but it’s never abusive, disrespectful, controlling, demanding, obsessive, or possessive. It can’t be brought with money or material things. If you don’t love yourself it’s time to look in the mirror and deal with you! No one can fix you, but you!

Think about why are you allowing someone to treat you the way they are. Think about why you are settling. You will find it starts and ends with you! A person may try one time, but if you love yourself, you will nip it in the bud asap! Don’t allow your feelings and emotions to blind you to the truth. If you do you will always find yourself getting in a bad situation or staying in one. As I always say; face that man or woman in the mirror and accept a change needs to occur!


Karma Will Always Find You


I hope by everything we have seen in the media people believe the bad things they do will catch up to them. People do things and honestly think because they get by for a while they’ve gotten away. They get comfortable in their wrong doings to a point of no return. They continue doing their wrong doings in thinking they aren’t touchable. At some point any and everyone are touchable, no one is exempt. Karma can be instant or it may take awhile. When it takes awhile most times this is when people think they are getting away!

People who intentionally do wrong have unresolved issues. Those issues can end up causing an array of other problems, which oftentimes lead to legal issues and public humiliation. The sad part is instead of people taking responsibility for how they are all they do is blame others. They have wrong ways of thinking; they make bad choices and decisions fueled by pain, feelings, emotions. They don’t take the initiative to change. They start hurting people emotionally, physically, sexually, and mentally. They don’t only hurt others, they continue to hurt self the most. Many end up losing all they have because of their own doings.

People must realize they can’t resolve their own issues when continually allowing those issues to cause them to lead lives hiding behind their pain while inflicting pain upon others. No one can deal with who they really are if they are using the pain as fuel driving them to put time and energy into lying, hiding, faking, and pretending. This only influence them to stay the same with the distorted mind sets of thinking they are getting away with doing wrong.

Then, here comes Karma! It slaps the person upside the head and into reality. People have to understand they can never fix self by making their issues a reason to do wrong to others or for having bad behaviors. A person’s pain isn’t a free ticket to act inappropriately or to do wrong to others. Karma doesn’t care why you did it, only the fact you did it. You will eventually “pay the piper” so to speak.

I firmly believe a person should always think before they act or react. No matter how secret or hush hush people think things are if there is another person involved the truth is bound to come to the light. To continue the cycle of inflicting pain fixes nothing, instead it eventually causes other serious problems.

When someone do you wrong for no reason don’t allow it to stunt your growth by holding in anger, being revengeful, full of malice, or anything unhealthy. Don’t give your power to the person or the situation! Everything comes to the light at some point! Trials come and they go. If you hold on it lingers,when you don’t it has no power over you!

Emotional and Physical Connections


I don’t claim to be something I am not, however, there has been a great change in my life since making Jesus my choice. I don’t believe in fornication, adultery, or any form of sexual immorality, but I know many people live differently than I do, therefore as a writer, I have to write about what people are dealing with.

There are women who are attached emotionally to the men they want to be with which almost always leads to physical. Then there are men who are attached physically, but doesn’t necessarily mean they have the same type of emotional ties to who they’re with.

A person can not leave the decision to be drug along to the person who is doing the dragging. The  decision to be emotionally and physically connected to someone who’s only tied physically to you is a personal decision. Ladies, learn to value yourself more than this, because if you don’t; you will continue to find yourselves in relationships that are unhealthy for you. Some men find themselves in these types of relationships same as women.

We’ve all heard “women are emotional and men are physically.” I think this pertains to those who aren’t mature enough to handle a relationship. They aren’t ready for the commitment; they have too much baggage affecting how they deal with relationships (it’s all about sex/physical connection or it’s all about being with someone despite what you receive; a lot of women fall in this position, but oftentimes so do some men). All of the bad decisions, wrong choices, etc., comes from baggage festering inside, it corrupts the ability to make good sound decisions and choices.

If the truth be told, we are all physical and emotional creatures. It doesn’t mean a person has to be lead solely by one or the other. Those who are need to deal with their baggage and they need to mature (grow up)! If a man is lead solely by physical attraction, he needs to grow up. If a woman is lead solely by her emotions, she too needs to mature (grow up). In life mature men and woman know and understands no healthy relationship is built solely on a physical attraction or emotions. It will crash and burn!!

Women ARE in fact physical creatures! Before a woman wants to be with someone she has to have that physical attraction and what seals the deal are the emotions she feels from the total package. This can lead to a train wreck when who she’s with doesn’t feel the same in return. The problem is some women fall too fast for men who hasn’t fell for them. Many men are lead by what they see and it is also what drives most to seek after what they see. For men, there is always some type of emotional tie, but if he isn’t looking for a committed relationship he is able to disconnect the emotions from what he wants physically. Unfortunately a lot of women become too emotionally tied to men who don’t feel the same connection to them. This is why it’s important to get to know who you are with. People must learn to effectively communicate and know when they’re on the same accord.

Some women have a lot of drama in their relationships when they try to get something from the other person that the other person isn’t ready, willing, or able to give. It causes havoc in relationships! Too many people set themselves up for disaster from the start of their relationships. First of all, many get into relationships for the wrong reasons and in all of the wrong ways. There are many women who out of emotions believe  the men they are with really want to be with them, when the truth of the matter is their men only want to get with them on a physical level. These women feel because the men keep going back they feel the same way about them. This isn’t the truth, the truth is these men are able to separate any deep emotional feelings, from what they want physically. This makes him easily able to keep going back.  Some women continue to give themselves to these men in hoping they will change the minds of the men they are with. It doesn’t work! Why lose your mind wanting to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you? He wants what you have, but he doesn’t want you! Get it!!

Bottom line is these types of relationships will never be healthy or lasting unless some serious change occurs. Remember I always say you teach the one you’re with or want to be with EXACTLY how to treat you. A person will continue to get from you exactly what they want if you freely give it no matter what IT is!




Many are walking around mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained. Believe it or not to be this way is a personal choice. I’m sure some of you won’t agree and you have that right, however it’s the truth. Whatever power a person give to people or things determines how it affects them. If a person allow people or things to drain them, it WILL happen! This ultimately causes problems, because everything works in sync and when person is torn down in one of the areas (mind, body, spirit) there’s disruption in that individual’s life. It changes a person and most time not for the good.

RELATIONSHIPS – Far too many people give too much of self to things and people. A lot of times some people don’t love themselves yet they pour all they can into trying to give and receive love from someone else. They will take all kinds of foolishness in order to receive some type of love. In their heart of hearts it’s love they seek and they will settle for a little something rather than having nothing at all. These people end up lonelier than when they began and normally filled with regret and even more sadness.

People are so consumed with finding love they fall for anything. People are trying to save folks who are oftentimes so toxic or tainted until they become like the very people they’re trying to save. They develop mental health issues trying to save someone they love; and lose themselves in the midst of it all. I’ve seen this over and over. You can’t change anyone unless the individual wants to change his or her life. To try and do so is a personal choice. People are in this saving or fix it mode because they’re fueled by what their thinking and feeling about a person versus the truth of the situation.

EMPLOYMENT – Some people put everything into their jobs never receiving recognition or any gratitude in return. I believe we should always put forth an effort to be the best we can be. However, kissing someone’s butt (brown nosing as they call it) is not the way. For many individuals this is their way of life to get through life, they kiss up to everyone; especially at work. Some of these individuals get talked about and still never make it to the next level. They are left feeling bad and sad. In reality they think more of what the people around them or what their employers think of them, then what they think of themselves. It’s a very sad way to be. It’s depressing and draining.

Then you have those who give all of their energy and time to their jobs, because they are workaholics. They put their loved ones on the back burner until they realize it has caused separation in their relationships. People must understand they go to work for a reason and then they go home. Home is where you lay your head, if things aren’t right at home there will always be a riff in the relationship. People shouldn’t put their work before their loved ones. Stop allowing your work to drain all of your energy or take all of your focus, then you have nothing left for your loved ones. It’s not fair to them! If you’re blessed to see another day the job will be there. Learn to better manage time and most importantly always have time for your loved ones. It’s insane to work like a mad man (woman or man) to get ahead, but have no one to share it with, because you’ve pushed them away.

THE DARK PIT – I could of list many other things, but the reason people are this way is because of things they’ve previously endured. People don’t understand the core of who they are lies within them. It’s a dark pit that contains all of the mess they never got over. People carry so much unnecessary baggage around which causes them to act or react to situations in their lives based on thoughts and emotions.  This leads to bad choices and decisions, because they seek approval, comfort, and gratification at all cost. People are sponges taking in everything from everyone until becoming drained is all there is left. Think about a sponge it can only hold so much water before it begins to leak. This is what happens to people, because they give and put so much into people or things they become drained emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. It affects them as a whole.

My prayer is people honestly face their issues, deal with them, and move on to become stronger individuals who understand that it is a choice to give people their power, peace, joy, and happiness. I pray people learn to stop desperately seeking approval from others, because once you do your best that’s enough! Either people will accept it or not, if they do great, if they don’t great! Most importantly I pray people understand that no matter how much you love a person, you must love yourself first.! Love you; first; when you do you will NOT allow anyone or anything to take the power that belongs to you!  No one or nothing will have to the ability to drain you.





This post is dedicated to anyone who can relate. There are many people in this world who are in mental distress and emotional pain due to many different things, but it all boils down to what’s held inside of us. One thing I’ve learned in life is that people don’t understand the power and control they have to be happy, instead they willfully give that power and control to others and to objects/things.

Millions walk around unhappy and plain miserable with life. Listen, no matter what life throws at you (believe me it will throw some stuff at you), it never has to be as bad as it seems. It may be a bad situation, but how you perceive it determines the how you will go through it/deal with it. We make things far worse than they have to be. People unnecessarily stress themselves out over things. This causes emotional, mental, and physical problems.

One of the main problem with people is they haven’t dealt with self. This is the biggest factor! If a person doesn’t deal with whom they really are (the true core), then they can’t appropriately or effectively deal with other people. People will  carry the same heavy baggage every single place they go. It will affect every aspect of an individual’s life and it’s seen through the decisions and choices people make.

As children; we grow into adults who are dealing with the same childhood issues if we don’t break the cycle; then we go on to become parents bringing other children in this world who we raise like we were raised and the cycle starts all over again.

Another major problem with humanity is, people are bringing children into messed up situations. People are having children that shouldn’t have them. They have them but aren’t ready, can’t afford to take care of them, or they simply don’t provide the nurturing and love a child needs. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth, some people simply aren’t fit to be parents, but they have children. They’re messed up and then they raise their children who end up like them. Why? It’s because it’s all they know. Guess what? The cycle continues on, because their children eventually will have children and more than likely will do the same exact thing. Breaking the cycle is a choice, but people can’t understand this if they don’t realize what they’re doing to themselves. You must first realize it’s a cycle and then work on breaking it.

Another problem in this world is because of how messed up people are due to their inner issues they try to hide; they are seeking love in all of the wrong places and ways. Oftentimes they end up marrying people they don’t really mesh with and probably shouldn’t be with, (through lust of the flesh, peer and family pressure, because of children, money, what someone has, who someone is, how someone looks, wanting someone to love period, etc). They don’t have a clue what love is or what real loves feels like, therefore they are motivated by the emotions they feel about someone. They can’t see the truth; they only go off of what they feel and because of it they end up abused, misused, unhappy, miserable, lonely, etc and sometimes dead. This all comes from emotions of that inner man, this is what lead and guide them through life.

People must be willing to acknowledge the fact that they need a change in their lives. If a person does not do that, they will continue to live their lives as is. They will never progress. These people are stagnant; not moving at all and it shows in the lives they lead. Too many have grown completely content with the way their lives are and they do not try to improve anything. They keep doing the same things and making the same bad decisions. This WILL NOT change if they don’t do something about it. How a person really thinks about his or herself shows in the way they live their lives. Many portray themselves as one thing when they’re another. They’re hiding secrets, trying to live beyond their means (trying to keep up with the Jones’s when you don’t know how the Jones’s got what they have and the fact that sometimes the Jones’s you’re trying to keep up with is trying to keep up with someone else, because they’re just like you), pretending to be happy when they’re completely unhappy and the list goes on and on. People think they can hide the truth, but it always shows in some form or another through the decisions/choices that are made.

In life when individuals don’t deal with their inner issues they turn to other people, they latch on to others not only in love relationships but to other people trying to form friendships. They’re quick to befriend people and call them their friend when they barely know them. They are followers and they’re easily manipulated and persuaded.

Everything about us derives from the inner man in all of us, which is who we really are. This is why we see so much foolishness in the lives of people. You see them making the most unimaginable choices and decisions. Many embed themselves amongst people in thinking they can hide, but they can’t. Everyone can run, but no one can hide. You can run to the highest mountain, but guess what? You’re still stuck with you. The only thing that will make a difference is dealing with that inner man. In doing so you learn about you and what you need, want, and desire. No matter what; you’re you and you have to embrace the good, bad, and the ugly; then deal with it all.

You will learn about yourself and in doing this it teaches you how to allow others to treat you. You learn that no matter what; you CAN break the cycle in which you were born and/or have become accustomed too. You can break the chain and start something different for yourself, but you must want to do it. Looking at the man in the mirror is where it all begins for us all. I understand it may have started with your parents and overall environment, but as individuals we all must take responsibility of our own lives. We have to decide for ourselves do we stay what we’ve become or do we become better by doing better.

Many people will not progress in life because they’re too busy giving power to their pasts. They’re holding on to hatred and grudges. They aren’t willing to forgive the other people/person; not understanding that forgiveness isn’t for the other person it’s for self. When we forgive we can get on with life instead of being held prisoner by all of the hate, bad memories, etc.

I pray you make the choice today to change. If you will take an honest look at your life and see that you’re still on the same cycle of life and haven’t make any movement (just going around in a circle, existing but not living), it’s time to break the cycle. The only person who can make a change in you is you. The decision is yours to make. I pray you make it. I believe wholeheartedly that the world would be a much better, loving, and safe place to live if people would deal with the inner man and drop all of the baggage that’s causing stagnation and disruption in their lives; which has kept many filled with anger, hatred, malice, strife, eny, jealousy, lust, selfishness, manipulation, the inability to love or show affection, depression, abusive, co dependency, emotional-mentally-physically-and spiritually drained, suicidal, homicidal, addicted to things not good for them (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc) and a host of other things.

Today is a new day, it’s a day to break the cycle. I pray that you do.



Negative thoughts can come from a million things. I believe predominately it begins in childhood. When people don’t deal with their issues they grow older, but they don’t mature and develop healthily. They get older, but maturely they fail to progress. It’s why you see so many make the same mistakes over and over. It’s also why you see people make bad decisions or do the unthinkable. Their actions comes from the negativity they hold inside making them into who’ve they’ve become. IE: (angry, bitter, raged, desperate, evil, devious, malicious, depressed, suicidal, homicidal, plain confused about life, mean, seeking self gratification at any cost, manipulative, addicted to substances – sex- and other things, etc, etc) and a host of other things.

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts and I’ll mention it in this one. Every single thing we do starts with a thought. Although people may not talk about it, who they really are (yet try so hard to hide/contain) and what they feel is shown through their actions/decisions they make. Most people think they’re good at hiding it, but oftentimes then not it will show at some point in their bad decisions. You can pretend for only so long, before the truth shows up in some form or another.

People hold on to negative thoughts for years without understanding what they’re doing or without realizing how it is destroying their lives. They continue to go through the same things and make the same mistakes; with no understanding as to why they’re doing it.

These negative thoughts fester and lay dormant, the whole while people lives are being destroyed without individual’s understanding why. It’s because they hold on to things that have hurt them instead of learning something from their experiences and moving on. People are emotional because of the pains they’ve endured; which keeps them in unhealthy places in their lives (mentally, spiritually, and physically).

No matter how tragic a person’s life may have been life doesn’t stop for tragedy, it continues to move. People continue to drag  memories of those unfortunate events in their lives carrying the thoughts and feelings in and out of relationships and other situations. This behavior sabotages and destroy lives.

None of us can change what happened to us in our pasts, but we can change how we allow it to affect us in our here and now and ultimately our futures. Many continue to embrace the negativity as if they’re prospering from it. They don’t face their situations and they certainly don’t take into account where they are at in their lives. Instead they keep going in and out of bad situations; all because of what they’ve gone through and how they continue to let it affect them. If you’re an adult with these issues, what do you think you teach your children? The cycle begins all over again. As a parent you may not put our child through what you went through, but how you react to what you’ve gone through will show in your actions and therefore affect your children. This is why you see kids doing the unthinkable and making all types of bad decisions. It’s starts at home.

This doesn’t have to be you. It’s completely your choice to let go of the negativity that has kept you in such a bad place in your life. It’s all in your way of thinking and no one can make the decision to change it but you. In order for change to occur you must first realize that change needs to occur and then make the decision to change. People make life much harder than it has to be, because they continue to pile  junk on top of junk. They complain and cry woe it’s me, but never attempt to face the man in the mirror. Regardless of where it derives from, to live a life time holding on to unnecessary negativity fosters nothing but a life time of pain. No one has to live this way. Unwillingness to change will keep you trapped in the state of mind you’re in thus altering your life forever.

I wrote a poem once titled “Peace Starts Within.” This is true! Your peace belongs to you and it’s there for the taking, but if you give power to people or things it is those people and things that will rob you of your peace. We aren’t born this way, we learn these behaviors through the power we give others and the power we give to things over our lives. Individuals want to blame everyone else for the way they are. No matter how unfortunate it may have been you have the power to change. You can release those bad memories/thoughts and stop allowing them to cause you pain today. You’re still in it, because you keep it at the forefront of your mind. You’re holding the negativity near and dear to you when the benefit is absolutely NONE. You’ve learned to become this way. Anything you’ve learned; you can unlearn.

Blessing to each of you!

Boundaries for A Peace of Mind


It seems there are many people who really don’t understand what setting boundaries in their lives mean and how empowering they can be to your life. Individuals allow others to invade and dominate their space and lives. I believe boundaries should be set between an individual and everyone that is involved in their life despite of the extend. If you don’t set boundaries sometimes people have the tendency to do whatever they want to you or at least they will give it a good try. I firmly believe in “nipping things in the bud”, not later, but right away.

This is my belief and what I think helps keep me grounded. We must have sense to learn how not to allow others to cause us unnecessary stress. This means husbands, wives, children, the job, friends, family, and any and everything. DO NOT RELINQUISH YOUR PEACE. Learn how to step back and away when it seems you’ve allowed stress to take up too much space.

Boundaries Against Your Children

My mom always said, “toddlers steps on your toes, but teenagers and adult children steps on your heart.” She sure didn’t lie about that! In saying that, it taught me that I had to build a boundary where my two adult daughters are concerned. I’m not saying they’re not good children, but they have their own lives and sometimes it doesn’t include me. I had to grow tough skin when it comes to that fact.

I initially built boundaries when they were little ones. I had to let them know who the parents were in the household. Sometimes children will try you, so you must lay boundaries and do not let them cross those boundaries.

Some parents have no control in their homes or over there children, because they have no boundaries, discipline, or structure in their homes. The children invade their space and privacy at will and they basically do what they want. Children play parents against one another and they can sometimes be quite manipulative. SET BOUNDARIES while they’re young and it will teach children about tolerances, limitations, respect, boundaries, and a host of other good attributes.

Boundaries Against Significant Others

Sometimes our significant others try us too. They want to see how far they can go with certain things. Boundaries must be set with them too. Sometimes they want to push you into things you don’t want. They may do things to you that is uncomfortable. You have every right to “nip it in the bud.” In setting boundaries in this area you can’t act as if you’re good with something today and tomorrow you have a problem with it. You have to set boundaries and stand firm on them and be consistent.

I can’t tell you what particular boundaries you should set against your significant other, but I can tell you if you don’t at some point something will happen that makes you uncomfortable and it’s because you never set a boundary against it. You must make it known what things can’t be crossed.

Boundaries in relationships are set according a person’s individual need. I think everyone should have a few.

Below are boundaries I believe are important to set against everyone in order to keep your peace and joy. I added them to a book I wrote and thought I would share some of what I wrote about with you.

Physical Boundaries These are boundaries we should set up against other people (everyone). If not, people will easily invade your personal space. When you have physical boundaries set and someone crosses them, if you correct a person right away, everyone will know exactly what you will and won’t allow. Some things you may let some people get away with while others you won’t. That’s normal, but regardless you should have them set with everyone.

Simple examples are:

Some people get too close to you or touch you (while in contact with you). This may be something that makes you uncomfortable. For some it’s a habit for others it’s a test to see how far they can go. To avoid any issues from it, set physical boundaries.

You may have friends or family who comes to your house and they go through your things, eat your food, use your things; etc. all without asking, (this happens with co-workers, etc. as well). If you have your boundaries up they will no that behavior won’t be tolerated by you. This boundary should apply to everyone you come in contact with. If not you make everything about you free game when it shouldn’t be.

Friends or family who like to be too chummy with your significant other or vice versa. You have to set boundaries in your relationships with friends and family by letting them know just because they’re friends and family some things you still won’t tolerate from them.

I think you get the idea. Setting boundaries can prevent or eliminate conflict that surrounds this issue in your life.

Mental Boundaries are boundaries you set against others to prevent you from becoming stressed to a point of dysfunction. Many people allow the problems of others along with their own issues to weigh them down to a point of disturbance in their mental states. This is a bad way to cope.

You can’t take everything in and hold it in. You have to learn how to relax and calm your mind. Problem is too many people in this world carry too much on their shoulders. They take and take. They give and give. It becomes too much for a person to bear. Then it causes dysfunction. People end up on medication to help them function day to day.

You can’t live life for anyone else. Life was designed that you live your own, I live mine own, and the next person lives theirs. When a person tries to fix everyone else’s problems, they end adding more to their very own. It’s great to be there for people, but when it comes down to it, each of us has to take ownership of our own individual lives.

Trying to do it all for everyone becomes exhausting and overbearing. When it becomes too far gone it can cause mental imbalance. Learn to set mental boundaries in your life so you do not lose focus and/or your mind. Some people have let it go too far and now can’t go day to day without taking medication. It is unhealthy state of mind.

Emotional Boundaries these are boundaries that can help you to stop getting so emotionally involved and drained over everything you see and/or hear. I believe when people are always going off of their emotions it is what leads to mental breakdown. It’s too much stress and strain on the body to constantly have emotional melt downs over any and everything.

People must learn how to take things as are and as they come while understanding life is designed with good and bad. We will have good days and certainly bad. Good things will happen and so will bad. No matter what we go through we mustn’t constantly give into our emotions in a negative way.

Both Emotional and mental episodes affect the mind. If the mind isn’t healthy nothing else is. It’s my thought that an over abundance of emotional instances lead to a broken mental status. This can be avoided by learning how to control your emotions and not allowing them to control you.

Spiritual Boundaries these are boundaries set against those who want to trample on your beliefs. I can’t tell you what you should believe. It’s your right to believe whatever you choose. Don’t let anyone shake your faith. We’re living in very trying times and our faith is what keeps us standing.

Your faith may be in something other than God. I recommend Jesus to all. But the bottom line is, it’s your choice as to what you believe. Be true to you. I can’t beat my faith into you, it wasn’t beat into me by anyone or God. However, I stand firmly on it. People around me can say and do what they want, it doesn’t shake my faith. I live my life for me and no one else.

We must have a wholeness about us. That means we must be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. When one domain is disturbed is affects the others in some way.

Stay strong and stay encouraged!!