Obsession is Unhealthy and Dangerous


There are many people who has allowed their obsessions with people and things to get them into big trouble. Some people’s obsessions has caused them total discord and destruction, yet they choose to be powerless to it. When you are obsessed over anything, I believe you’ve lost focus which ultimately leads to loss of control.

When a person is obsessed they allow themselves to be in unhealthy states of mind. People are obsessed over many things. Anything you’re obsessed over actually possesses your mind, because it’s what you’ve given power to. You think about it all of the time.

It all starts with a thought. Anything a person constantly thinks about the thought gets stronger and stronger until most times people take actions behind those thoughts. It doesn’t matter what the thoughts are about it works the same for anyone. If you’re obsessed with anything, whatever it is has power over you and will consume you if you don’t change your mindset!

People find themselves obsessing over other’s significant others. They go after people even when they know they are in relationships with others. People obsess over how they look some to the point of depression. People obsess over harming self or harming others until they end up doing it. People obsess over food, sex (unhealthy and immoral ways), obsess over other people in unhealthy ways, obsess over substances (alcohol/drugs), etc. People obsess over their pasts, they can’t move forward, because they’re too busy looking behind.

I can go on and on. The point I am trying to make is whatever you can’t control will control you. If you give power to it that power grows and it’s never into something healthy. Fixating over unhealthy things results in unhealthy feelings and actions.

It’s very important to be aware of what you’re entertaining in your head. Too many people have done stupid things, because they acted upon those negative unhealthy obsessive thoughts. A lot of times people don’t try to resist instead they insist on following through with their obsessions. They lose control, because it is all they think about. There are things in life for which we have no control, obsessing isn’t one of them. You do have the ability to change your states of mind.

Anyone on earth can control what they obsess over. They must be intentional and conscious concerning their obsession. For example, if you obsess over food and it’s all you think of you must intentionally shift the focus to something else more positive. Whether the obsession has caused you to be overweight or underweight, neither is healthy. Think of the consequences of your obsession and what it causes in your life. Remember if you don’t have control, you’ve lost your power to your obsession. You must constantly stay in the moment in order to shift the focus on something positive. This means take ownership of what you’re thinking and re-direct those negative thoughts. Learn to face what has control over you and take back your power. Think of the benefit of your obsession, I’m almost certain the benefit is none!!

I already know some of you will say it’s easier said than done. It is if it’s what you believe. Individuals must stop making excuses to continue to be the way they are when they know the way they are isn’t conducive to a healthy way of thinking, feelings, and acting! No one can do it for you, other than you!

Instead of dealing with their situations many people will continue to allow their obsessive thoughts to creep in. When obsessions linger long enough people risk treading those dangerous waters because feelings flow and we know most are already led by their feelings and emotions. Once they are engulfed by those thoughts individuals succumb and find themselves in situations they never should have been in (overweight, underweight, jail, dead, bad unhealthy relationships, mentally unstable, and the list goes on).

Stop making excuses and make a change! Individually this is something we all have to take the responsibility and ownership for in our lives. None of us have to go through life this way if we choose to embrace change. Don’t for a second think obsessing over anything is good, because it’s not. There is a big difference in obsessing and having passion. Don’t get the two mixed up. You control your passion over something, but you lose control when you’re obsessed!


Don’t Let Your Excuses Get You in Hell


I see a very serious issue when it comes to the excuses made to do wrong. Three of the worst excuse are #1 No one is perfect, # 2 God knows the heart., and # 3 Doing it to reach the younger generation.

My brothers and sisters I am here to tell you that those excuses will not get you off the hook. They are excuses that if a person keeps using them to justify their wrongs will get them straight inside the gates of hell.

Jesus Christ left a guide for living it’s called the Bible. Inside the Bible there is specific guidance we all must adhere to and follow in order to stand inside the Gates of Heaven. Too many people want to water down and sugarcoat the truth. They want to change it in a way what they do is downplayed. I’m here in the name of Jesus to tell you your ways of thinking are wrong.

I’m not here to judge, because it is already written, there is specific guidance as to how we should live in order to make it to the Kingdom of God. We must be born and again and we must be Holy. The Bible says when you’re changed you are a new creature. Too many people want to claim it, but they know they’re liars. When you are a new creature you put off your old ways. When you’re a new creature everything about you changes.

I’m not here to change or save anyone, because I don’t have that power. I am here to inform, because the Bible says people are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge. Many get the knowledge but don’t use it or accept it. God wishes for none of us to perish, but we have to stop playing and get real about this journey. The Bible is being fulfilled everyday, yet people are still doing whatever they want to do. People are playing dangerous games with their souls.

No one is perfect: No one sure isn’t in the sight of man, but we are to God like His Son Jesus, He made us in His image, therefore to God when we walk in His light and way, He sees us as perfect. However, people want to use this excuse as if because their not perfect it’s okay to mess up over and over again. No it’s not! You have to choose for real who’s side you’re on and stay there. I don’t care what you do none of it matters if you’re not on the Lord’s side. Too many people are playing and faking without true understanding that their taking a chance with their lives and in danger of making hell their eternal home.  If you’re not on Jesus side, then you’re on the other side. Those are the only two sides, there is no in between or neutrality. The Word says you’re either for Me or against Me. People can make all the excuses they want to do wrong; it won’t work. If you truly love Him you will follow Him and live by His Word. If you don’t you’re against Him and you’re still doing what the world does. If you’re on His side, you no longer want to be a part of the other side in no shape, form, or fashion. Many want to say they love Him and are on His side, but their ways of life tells the truth. You can’t have it both ways, it’s either one or the other. You can’t fool God.

God knows the heart: He most certainly does, but this doesn’t mean you’re off of the hook. People get this so confused. A person can do the greatest good, but at the same time be absolutely NO good at all. The truth of who they are lies inside. This is why we see so much racism in this world, it comes from the hearts of men and women. God knows the heart, you can’t shuck and jive Him. He knows there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. He knows people can do good in the eyes of man, but in their hearts they are horrible individuals. So for people to think by them saying God knows their hearts is a way to get off the hook, you’re sadly mistaken. He knows the heart and he knows whose hearts has changed and whose hearts hasn’t, you can’t fool Him. People do good deeds to please man, but God knows the truth. Having good intentions, but do bad things isn’t getting you off the hook. If you’re a new creature your hearts and minds will be in sync. You will think good things as well as do them.

Doing certain things to reach the youth: Show me anywhere in the Bible were God changed who He was to minister to anyone. Show me where He looked like the people He was around in order to minister. Show me where He did what they did to minister to them. You can’t find it and you won’t find it, because it’s not in the Bible. God is an unchanging God. Although He set amongst thieves, publicans, etc. etc., He did not do anything other than minister and teach them. He didn’t do what they did, look like them, or speak like them. He didn’t change for anyone to include the children. Too many people are clearly still worldly and so in order to justify how they look, speak, or act they use the LIE and excuse they’re doing it to reach the youth. These people are still in the world doing what the world does. When you are a new creature you certainly don’t want to look like the world. There is a newness and distinctness about you. For those who are saying they are doing this or that to reach the youth, these people are false. It doesn’t take any of that to minister to the youth. Matter fact people should always and with honor present themselves as if they were before God. Would they stand before God looking the way some of them look or behaving the way some behave? People don’t understand God can’t be fooled and you can’t get to Him lest through the Son, Jesus! They see and know it all! Stop trying to fool man, it’s not doing anything but pushing you closer to hell. If you’re reaching the youth, then you should be teaching them God is an unchanging God and you don’t have to give nothing but the unadulterated Word, period!

I’m writing this today and I hope it speaks and resonates in some hearts today. I’m not condemning or judging, but I’m writing what thus saith the Lord. My prayer is people get it right before it’s too late. People falter, waver, and change in an instance, but God doesn’t; EVER! I love you in the name of Jesus and I pray people make a true decision to get and stay on the Lord’s side. Nothing you gain in this world will benefit you when you die. You can gain the whole world and lose your soul. The world isn’t worth it!!







Listen ladies. I don’t know how many times I have to talk about this, but whatever the case I will continue on until people get it. If you’re in a relationship and the other person show you signs of who they are, “please” believe it! It’s no fluke, accident, or any of that, it is what it is. It’s a sign of what’s to come. If you accept it the first time it’s will happen again.

Please stop getting deeper into these unhealthy relationships. All you’re doing is putting yourselves in jeopardy and perhaps those around you in jeopardy as well. Haven’t you all seen the countless amounts of stories where significant others (ex, current, etc) have harmed or killed the individuals they were with and those who were around the person they killed? Wake up! Please stop getting in and/or staying in unhealthy relationships. It’s not good for you. It drains you and will break you down if you stay attached to this unhealthy lifestyle.

What’s really even more disturbing is that you’re bringing these men around your children. You’re showing your sons and daughters how to treat people and how to allow others to treat them. You’re teaching them this unhealthy lifestyle is acceptable when it’s NOT! Children do NOT ask to be born. They shouldn’t be subjected to such chaos. Your children should be priority NOT the man you’re with. Get your heads out of the dirt. Stop making excuses and stop accepting excuses.

It’s so sad to see young women who think they’re in love only to find themselves in bad situations that many have a hard time leaving and some who never leave because they are murdered by the ones who were suppose to love and cherish them. The big problem here most times the love is one way, but because people get quickly caught up in their feelings they fail to take notice of how they’re being treated. They are too worried about what they’re feeling, showing, and doing for the one they think they love. When you’re with someone you can’t see the truth if you’re being led by your emotions. If you’re blind by emotions you will end up in a lion’s den. Trust me! I’ve seen it and heard it over and over.

I don’t care how cute he is or what he has, it matters none at all. How he treats you is what matters. If he is up in your face crying and saying he can’t live without you or that he loves you to death. You need to move away from that relationship. You need to move on before it gets to that point. If he’s clingy and wants to always be with you or monitors your coming and going; something is wrong with this picture. If he controls what you’re doing; you’ve let it get too far. Listen, it’s NOT cute, it’s not him showing affection. It is clear signs that there could be potential danger to come.

Ladies, you must open up your eyes and stop being led totally by your hearts alone. You MUST see the truth and you must use your brains. Stop being foolish! A man who is mature and loves his significant other will treat her with respect and love. He isn’t  controlling, demanding, disrespectful, overbearing, or abusive.

Good looks are great, but they will not keep a relationship together. Sex is just sex and flesh taking control when it’s done outside of a marriage. Stop allowing your flesh to guide you into things you later regret. Many of you foolishly get pregnant in thinking he will change, but he won’t! If he’s a lazy bum when you met him it is not likely to change. Only difference is later on you will get tired of it and finally see the light, but by then it will be hard to get rid of him, because he will have gotten used to you taking care of him. If he’s abusive in any way at all whether physical, emotional, or verbally the time to leave is with the first episode. Stop giving first, second, third, etc chances when he doesn’t deserve the first one you gave him. He will continue to be abusive, he will more than likely not change, don’t risk it.

A man will do what you allow him to do. If you accept him any kind of way, any kind of way is what he will be and any kind of junk is what he will give you. It is no one’s fault but yours. These are avoidable situations, but women continue to get into these unhealthy relationships.

Work on you, because there’s obviously something wrong with any woman who feel she doesn’t deserve better. There’s something wrong with any woman who thinks she needs a baby with every man she gets with. Something is wrong any woman who allows a man to treat her any way he pleases. Something is wrong when any woman accepts any and everything from her man. Something is wrong when he’s rolling in your car and you’re stuck someone and can’t get home. Something is wrong when she’s getting out of bed for work while he’s sleeping in, because he doesn’t have a job. I can go on and on.

Ladies if he doesn’t have a job and isn’t trying to get one, RUN! You can’t survive on his looks unless he’s a working model. Otherwise looks doesn’t amount up to a hill of beans. Sex gets old and when you’re sick of it, then you get sick of him and by that time he’s gotten use to you taking care of him and will have a problem leaving. Stop raising these grown men!!

Stop getting into these unhealthy relationships. You’re your own problem and before you try to get into any relationship you need to work on you. If you work on you and figure out who you are, you will never allow just ANY old man in your life simply to say you have a man. Learn what’s important and what’s not important in a relationship. Stop being led by the emotions of your heart.

I want men to know that although I wrote this to the women, some of you fall into the same situations. Some of you are treated exactly like some of the women I’ve written about. A good man deserves nothing less than a good woman and vice versa; bottom line!!!