Your Dirty Secrets Aren’t Secret to God


Now let it soak in for a moment. If whatever you do isn’t secret to God why are you trying to hide them from man? Man by the way is anyone other than God and His Son Jesus. This goes for anyone, no one is exempt! However, this post is for those who claim Him by lip service only!

It’s my duty to keep telling people the truth. How a person choose to live is their right, however as a servant I am suppose to be messenger. I’m not trying to judge, but I know those who are guilty of this will feel as if they’re being judged. I’m trying to speak life into those who are the walking dead. You’re dead if you claim Him when you know you’re living something else.

No matter how much faith you claim to have, no matter how bold you pretend to be, no matter how much you profess Him from your lips, no matter the words you use or how you act around real Saints; no matter how good you sing or preach the gospel; none of it means a thing when your living is in vain. People such as this are truly the walking dead.

Too many claim Him, but can’t love their fellowman (family members, friends, or others) smile in your face, but don’t really like you. They claim Him, but living like hypocrites outside of the church walls, (some in church). They claim Him, yet they think, speak, and act worldly (act one way around Saints and another around worldly people). They claim Him yet are full of anger and malice from past issues because they won’t forgive (God doesn’t dwell in this behavior). They claim Him yet they are doing things they KNOW are against God (stop trying to change the Word to fit your ways)! They claim Him, but they don’t want to do anything to help anyone else (we must be of service to others). They claim Him, but they are on an imaginary fences (it doesn’t exist)! They mimic the ways, but don’t actually live it (living in vain). God sees it all!

People go out of their way to hide from man. People are doing nasty vile things that are against God. They tip, dip, dodge, and anything else to avoid being detected by man when God is looking right at you! You can’t hide dirty deeds from Him. He knows all! People still think they are getting away, because they don’t think no one knows what they are doing behind closed doors. All of the pretense and faking, it is not a secret go God. The disguises and mask, He sees through!

There is no such thing as a secret to God. He knows all of our doings. He know when a person is doing worldly things that are conflicting with the Word of God. He knows the very essence of our hearts!

Time is winding up for us all. There is absolutely no time to lose!


Can’t Serve Two Master’s


People are quick to profess their love for God and His Son Jesus, yet they know in their hearts they are lying. One thing I know for sure is a person can lie all day to someone, but they can’t EVER lie to God. The Bible specifically says you can’t serve two. Many who say they love God are still trying to serve both God and their other master/s.

I saw a video where this guy says there’s no such thing as the devil. They admitted to believing there’s a God, but said there’s no devil. Hmmmmm??? It makes no sense to me. How can a person believe in one and not the other? The gentleman believed we have been programmed to fear the devil, etc. Still it makes no sense to me. People shouldn’t fear the devil, they should fear eternal damnation, which is where the devil will reside one day right along with them. The devil don’t rule hell, the devil doesn’t choose who goes to hell; people choose their own eternal place (Heaven or hell) and ultimately God places them there. The devil will be cast right back where he belongs when the time is right. The only power he has is what God has given him.

God isn’t in the business of forcing people to choose Him and live according to His Word. We all have the right and will to choose what we want. The problem with people today is they want to pick and choose when they are on the side of God and His Son Jesus. They think they can live any kind of way and still go to Heaven. It’s a lie!!!!!!! It’s a trick of the enemy. If you love Him you will live for Him and ONLY Him not sometime, but ALL of the time!

God presents to us in many ways and so does the devil. It depends on who we choose and love the most; as to how we perceive, accept, and choose to live. People think they can do some things pleasing in the sight of God at certain times in front of certain people and it makes all well. It’s a lie! God isn’t impressed or pleased. He’s heartbroken and sad at how people are not willing to give up the ways of the world. He’s sad He’s having to turn people over to reprobated minds.

People don’t want to accept chastisement from God, because they wonder how can a God allow this and that or how can a God do this and that to people. As a good parent (notice I wrote a good parent) you will implement consequences for your child’s actions. You will set guidelines, rules, etc for your child to follow. Why are people upset and angry when God chastise or answer prayers in ways other than what a person hoped for? As a parent the parent knows what’s best, why do people see it differently when it comes to God? You wouldn’t if you were on His side.

One day every last one of us will die, but we do not have to perish! How we live now determines how we live eternally. No matter how tragic the ways of the world are; many still don’t want to give it up. People who don’t want to give it up are the same folks who profess God and His Son Jesus in their lives. They are some of the same ones who are full of idolatry and caught up in titles and positions. They are faithful to going to church, but they are also the one’s full of envy, malice, jealousy, contentment, and other negative things. They are offended most times when you speak about Jesus and the rest of the time, they don’t want to hear it. These people aren’t fooling God, they are fooling self. They are the first ones who say don’t judge me. They are the first ones to say no one’s perfect. Please, give me a break!!! These are ALL excuses to continue to do what a person wants to do. Whether people take ownership or not, NO ONE can serve two Master’s.

People think because they are faithful to going to church they are on God’s side. It’s all lies and they are in denial. They think because they stand and testify or give their rendition of utterance to God they are safe; NOT SO! People know exactly what they are doing and they know when what they do isn’t pleasing to God. You can serve Him on Sunday and/or Bible study nights and do everything you want to do the rest of the week, it WON’T work!! God sees your every move. Unfortunately people love the world too much to completely and totally submit to God. Well, you can’t submit halfway, you have to be in it all the way!! You can’t live this way one minute and that way the next; that’s not how it works. You have to be about God’s business 24/7 and 365/a year! Many people are constantly trying to add to or take away from the Bible to benefit them. God said don’t do it!!!!! I’m saying in writing the benefit of it is NONE! The reason the benefit is none is you’re either for Him or against Him. There’s no in between and there’s no fence to straddle, PERIOD!

Your life now determines your life later. The choice is for each one of us to make. However, don’t for a second think you’re fooling God. He knows how you are living, He knows how you present yourself each and every second of the day. No one’s mannerism, charm, beauty, material possessions, titles, positions, fake gifts they learned to mimic, or fake spiritual performance will get them into Heaven. The ONLY way to the Father is through the Son. You must be, have to be, and got to be Born Again, and you MUST live Holy! There’s NO OTHER WAY!!!!!!!oanl

When Your Heart is Wrong Nothing is Right


It doesn’t matter if a person does good if their hearts are wrong. Many people put on false persona’s every day. They pretend to care and they pretend to do good when it’s a lie all along. People do this, because they are pretending for some type of gratification.

As I wrote in an earlier post, the Bible says “God knows your heart.” Many people misconstrue this in thinking no matter what they do even if it’s wrong God knows their hearts. He does; which means you can’t fool Him with anything! People seem to think by doing good they can get away with stuff or that by doing good it makes things okay. No it doesn’t at all. If your heart is wrong behind your good actions, it’s wrong period! That’s why just because a person does good doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good person. Many individuals are very deceitful and they do things to look a certain way to others. They have different no good agendas long before they commit the act of good deeds.

I write about fake people all of the time. The reason I do is because I want people to understand they are setting themselves up for failure by lying and pretending they are Holy versus truly being Holy. People are fake and put on facades for many reasons. They present themselves as good people, but in their hearts they are full of anger, envy, jealousy, malice, strife, and a host of other things. These are  people we hear who are caught on cameras doing the unthinkable. They get arrested for various reasons. They use foul language. They act and dress inappropriate. They are drug addicted, sex addicted,  and alcoholics. They are people we see or hear about who get caught up in scams and all types of busts. They are so called friends, neighbors, some family members, and other people. They come from all walks of life and they are from all races. No race is exempt! Every race has every type of bad influence you can name, just as they have every type of good influence you can name. This is why there is absolutely no superior race of people. Many of them are so called Saints. They said on podiums and pulpits, they sing in the choir, they direct the choirs, they are on usher and deacon boards, they are church musicians, they are on the finance committee, and they are a part of every possible position a church has to offer.  These people go through a lot of shenanigans trying to prevent being seen by the wrong person when all along they are seen by the right one; Jesus. How foolish are they?

People have to understand when they need to implement change in their lives. However, this can’t ever happen if people don’t first admit they have a problem/s. If people don’t embrace the fact that something is wrong they won’t ever change. This is why so many people think when they are doing wrong it is secret. There are no SECRETS in the eyesight of God the Father and His Son Jesus. It’s why many people will not see the Kingdom of God. They are too busy trying to fake and pretend rather that give up this world and get right with God the Father. People all over the world pretend to live holy lives, but they aren’t the truth. They live lies! Sadly many are those who lead their flocks.

It doesn’t matter if a person is a so called Saint if they are faking and pretending they are someone with  deep seated issues they need to face and work on. When people fake and pretend the truth comes out sooner or later. No one can live their life this way without ever being found out. The truth eventually prevails in some form or another. Their walk doesn’t line up with their talk. It is what it is, but they must know they aren’t fooling God. As the Bible says and as I have repeated over and over “you’re either for or against Him. There are no in between.” Pretending in any essence of the word plainly means you’re not for Him. People don’t want to accept it, but it’s the truth.

Many people are adamant in thinking they are for Jesus. They think because they go to church every Sunday or whatever they are doing in relations to Jesus; they are on His side. No it’s not the truth! They don’t want to hear the truth, because they feel they are serving Him when they show up for church or when in church they are performing in whatever position they hold. No, it doesn’t matter! If you’re not living what you speak and you’re doing things against the Word of God then it’s against God Himself and it means you are against Him. It may hurt to read the truth, but the truth is what it is!

You can’t be on His side when you are doing things you know are wrong. You just can’t do it. When you choose God the Father and His Son Jesus together they make one. Whatever you do against the Son you do against the Father. You can’t live a Holy life being a hypocrite, it’s impossible! I don’t care what a person think they are, if you’re not living what you speak then you’re against Him.

I’m trying to make people realize they must take responsibility of how they are living. There is no way on earth a person can live Holy with a hypocritical lifestyle. So called Saints must understand there is consequences for their actions. “To gain the whole world is to lose your soul.” If the ways of the world (fornicating, lying, cheating, committing adultery, stealing (can be done more than by taking material things), killing (can be done in more ways than taking a life) are more important; then people must be prepared to face the repercussions and consequences of their choices and decisions. The decision is made while we yet live. We get no do overs!

God Will Separate the Real From the Fake


You best believe He will do it. I’m talking about the God with the big G and not the little g. Time is at hand, but many people are still playing church. Look around at all of the tragedies that are happening day in and day out, things are getting worse each day. Still; it is not enough for people to want to give up the ways of the world.

My message is to encourage those who claim to believe to reexamine their lives. There’s nothing man can do other than kill your body, they can’t harm your soul. Who a person chooses to serve while they live determines where they will live for eternity. Man can’t do anything other than bow before the King. Man includes everyone!!!

All the mocking of God and Jesus is damnation. All of the mimicking is a simple form of acting with no relevance towards getting into Heaven. The old saying we’ve all heard “fake it to you make it” is shenanigans. If a person keeps faking it they won’t make it at all.

There are many leaders in the churches. They go by many titles, but not one title means nothing if they’re not called by God. Many are called by man and it shows in their walks. They do and say things not becoming of a person who is walking with the Lord. It shows in many of their shortcomings. God will reveal these people! Nothing you think is a secret is a secret!!!!

Many people claim they are on His side ONLY to be man pleasers, doing any and everything against God. The sad part is they act as if God doesn’t know. They take on a form of godliness, but they aren’t truly Godly. If you’re not for Him you’re against Him, period!! You can’t serve two Gods, period!! There is only ONE God, but many other gods!

Too many are using Him like a pawn. They pray in the church rambling on using eloquent words they think are beautiful to the ears. They fake the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongue. None of it will provide a person a seat in the Kingdom. A person must be born again and they must live Holy. Perpetrating and pretending will get a person nowhere but in hell.

Too many are running to the church house for show. It’s all a form of performance, fashion, and showboating. It’s all too appease and please man. People faithful to man in all their doings but NOT to God and His Son Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, yet many still choose sin when salvation is free. For many they act as if His dying was in vain, because of how people STILL choose to live. They claim to live for Him when they really don’t. I’m very thankful His dying wasn’t in vain, because He chose me and with honor I choose Him!

We have to be transformed completely. Many claim to live for Jesus yet they live any kind of way. We can’t do all of the things we once done and think it’s okay; it’s not! The Bible speaks of false prophets, teachers, leaders, and people in general who are professing living for Him and doing His works; yet are lying and living hypocritically!!

My prayer is that people seek Him while they can. I pray for those who don’t know Jesus in the pardoning of their sins. I pray for those who claim to know and live for Him, because IF they don’t change they will lose their souls.

Man has nothing good enough for me to be willing to give up Jesus and turn back to the world, NOTHING!! Nothing and no one is worth it and anyone who knows me, knows this is how I feel. He’s first in my life and I stand on His Word. I want Him to tell me “well done my good and faithful servant.” Nothing on this earth is worth me missing the mark!

God is going to do the separating of the Saints from those who are ONLY pretending (the aints). In His word He has already told us to separate ourselves, but too many who claim to have separated themselves have not. They are trying to play both sides when it’s NOT possible. Either you’re for Him or against Him. If you’re not 100% for Him then you’re against Him.



Yes, I’m at it again. I pray that people get it. If you read my posts and you know someone who can benefit from them, please tell someone about them. I am addressing several situations, because we hear about them so much, but what I am going into detail about can be applied in any situation.

Too many people are getting into serious trouble because they are allowing what they’re thinking and feeling to lead them into bad situations. I promise you if you take the time to think about situations you’re involved in with CLARITY you will STOP making bad decisions.

Many across the world are finding themselves in bad situations due to those bad decisions. Emotions are powerful. They come from our thoughts and they can cause debilitation if we allow. If you ponder and ponder over something, you will keep whatever the thought is; fresh in your mind. You will get anxiety and other issues because of your negative ways of thinking. When thoughts are negative or plain WRONG this is when you should resist those thoughts. Don’t allow the feeling you’re experiencing to lead you in the wrong direction. You resist them by being responsible, honest, and straightforward with yourself. If it’s wrong, you must accept that it is wrong and you must think of the consequences from those negative ways of thinking and feeling. If you keep thinking on whatever it is, you will probably eventually act upon those thoughts and feelings.

People need to get a tight grip on reality and stop making senseless decisions based on their emotions. Stop getting into unhealthy and dead end relationships when the truth is right in your face. Too many people get into abusive (all forms) relationships and then wonder how they got there. You got there by ignoring the signs that presented before you. You were filled with emotions about the person and because of it you ignored the truth. People believe because of what THEY feel for the other person the person will feel the same about them and change. This is NOT the truth! Face reality and deal with it, make decisions that are good for you. Know your value and self worth, if you don’t you will forever make bad decisions.

The same goes for people who get caught up in sexual relationships with underage individuals or child porn. They have allowed their thoughts and feelings to cause them to act on things they KNOW are wrong. Although wrong, they keep allowing their twisted distorted ways of thinking to get them into deep trouble. People get into this warped sense of thinking, because a lot of times they were sexually abused. Regardless no one should EVER do to another person what was done to them. Learn positive ways to deal with those thoughts and feelings. You can’t do this by trying to hide them. You can pretend and try to hide those thoughts and emotions from other people, but you can’t pretend or hide them from yourself. If you have these ways of thinking and feeling, and you haven’t properly dealt with those issues you will eventually act on what you’re thinking and feeling.

The same goes for people who are contemplating hurting themselves, other people, or perhaps both. These people didn’t think about it one time, they have been pondering over those thoughts and they have been feeling some kind of way about it for a long time UNTIL they were consumed and overtaken by those negative thoughts and feeling. They end up doing the unthinkable. Again, this is what happens when people allow those negative thoughts to run free in their minds. They develop all of the emotions from that negative way of thinking.

Anyone and everyone who has the mental ability to understand or comprehend can change their ways of thinking about any situation by removing their self from it mentally. What do I mean? It’s not really anything hard to do, but people make it hard, because they don’t want to give up their old ways. The only way to grow is by applying it to your life so that change can occur. To remove yourself mentally is to take notice and ownership of those negative thoughts. You can’t deal with ANYTHING by pretending NOTHING is wrong. You must take ownership and responsibility of your negative thoughts. I don’t care what happened to you or who did it to you. You MUST take responsibility and ownership of your own life and the negativity you’ve come to embrace.

Once you take true ownership, you can then begin to think with a conscious determination. What I mean by that is; you must become fully aware of what you’re thinking. You must realize in order to foster change that you have to accept the fact that the thoughts are negative. For the purposes of this post, I’m talking strictly about how you feel about someone or something. Example; If you’re feeling all jolly about a man or woman who’s physically abusing you or mistreating you in ANY way, this is a negative way of thinking. You must accept it as such and not be lead by your emotions. If you do you’ll see clearer and have the sense, strength, and ability to move away from people and things that aren’t good for you.

The more you are aware the more you will alter your way of thinking by replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones and ultimately doing the right things. Don’t fool yourself in thinking because YOU feel good about something that it’s right. This is a distorted way of thinking, ESPECIALLY when what you’re thinking is wrong. This happens when people are going off of their emotions. Accept the truth, take ownership and responsibility that your thoughts and feeling have blocked your ability to think rationally. By doing this you’ll become conscious of those thoughts so you can bring about change.

I guarantee anyone; the more you are aware of your negative thoughts and begin to implement positive self-development the negativity will change into positivity. The only way you can do this is by saying no to yourself and embracing the positive thoughts (every time). You MUST be determined, dedicated, and most importantly CONSISTENT. The more you do this, the stronger you will become and you will begin to see a change in the way you’ve been thinking and allowing your emotions to control you.

I won’t lie and say that you won’t become frustrated, but know that anytime you’re trying to change something this will happen, because you’re implementing something new into your life. This form of self-development and growth will change you into a better, stronger person. It’s like anything else you want to learn, the more you practice this; the stronger you will become.

It doesn’t matter what happened, when it happened, who was involved in shaping and forming your negative ways of thinking, etc. Change ONLY starts with you! If you want to do it you can and you will. If not, you will still live in a world of lies and deceit. You will continue to lie, hide, pretend, etc until you’re caught in the act and the world has found you out or until you’re in a bad situation, and/or until you’re dead (mentally, spiritually, and oftentimes physically). Those are the outcomes of acting on negative thoughts and feelings. They make you feel good when they are not good. No one can be truly positive by living such a negative life.

My prayer is that you choose to change!!!



One thing I learned long ago is that people will hate on you. It’s done by those you know and those you don’t know. Matter of fact some of the very people who claim to love you (too include some family and friends), and have your back are some of the same one’s who are stabbing the heck out of you and hiding their hands. Yes, I said it, because it’s the truth. Everybody claiming to be for you are not for you; they’re talking out the sides of their necks.

Stop getting upset or becoming stressed out because people hate on you. People who hate on others are people who are unhappy with themselves. They see something in you that they don’t possess and because of it they can’t be genuinely happy for you. They can’t genuinely embrace you. The real problem is they’re upset at themselves, but they project it outward towards others. Don’t let it get to you or let it get you down. If you’re experiencing this, know that it’s NOT your problem or your fault. It’s them dealing with their own issues, the best way they know how.

As long as you live people will hate on you. You can’t ever be good enough. They will hate no matter what. If you’re the best they will hate you for it. If you’re the worst, they will hate you for it. Some people will always have something to say about you, because they are jealous, envious, and plain mean. Don’t let it get you down. When you allow what others think of you cause you stress, it means you’re giving them entirely too much power over your life. No one deserves that type of power over you. Hold your head up and continue to be the best you that you can be. It’s your life NOT there’s!

Don’t be mad at them, through it all love them and pray for them. Pray that they will feel better about who they are so they won’t feel it is necessary to exert the time or the energy in being envious, jealous, spiteful, or hateful (openly or secretly) on any other individual.



A lot of what I write about is related, because it involves how people think. It’s because maladaptive behaviors derives from distorted thinking. Distorting thinking is evolved from how we choose to take in the events we encounter in life. Unfortunately many take them in inappropriately and hold on to the negativity for a lifetime. Instead of dealing with what’s truly the core of who they are, people choose to take what they think is the easy road. They lie, deceive, and pretend to be something/someone they’re not.

The true essence of any individual is what lies within. There are millions of people who present themselves one way, but in fact are something totally different. They put fake smiles on their faces trying to hide the hurt, pain, and mental warfare they’re feeling inside. They’re masking the many issues that’s causing them to lead dysfunctional lives. The problem is many are stuck in places they don’t necessarily want to be, but they have become so familiar with dysfunction most don’t want to exert the effort to change. Their lives are chaotic and in disarray due to personal tragedies, turmoil, horrible experiences, etc..etc; that they haven’t been able to get over and they allow to keep them stuck. This has changed them completely and has become the true driving force in their lives causing them to live with negative thinking, negative feelings, and negative behaviors.

People are co-dependent, psychotic, low esteem, dependent, anxiety, sex addicts, pedophiles, suicidal, homicidal, angry, stressed out, unhappy, depressed, and many other things. All of it come from some form of negative thinking and because of some event they held on to in a negative way or never dealt with. As life goes on these things are exacerbated by other events that are dumped on top of what they’re already dealing with it. These experiences are taken in and held on to. It’s like already being weighed down, yet you continue to load bricks onto your lap.

These types of people allow the memories of their events to control their entire lives. All of the negativity affect them in every way. Many try to hide it, but find it’s very difficult to do so. So many live lives they know others would shun them for or simply not believe. They’re living in the dark in ways totally different from what they present to others.

I believe what’s inside has formed the foundation of who we are. Our thoughts affects every aspect of who we are. Whatever the foundation was built upon dictates how people will become unless they choose to change any negativity. What I mean by this is the foundation is built from many sources. It comes first and upmost from our parents, then all others (friends, family, etc). Whatever a person goes through (no matter what it is), that person will either go through it and not allow it to affect their life to the point of disruption or they will go through and hang on to the bad memories of the experience (the past or present). Negativity will cause a person to live a dysfunctional life. These types of people will forever live a life of lies unless they choose to change. Anyone can change the way they think, because it was once learned. Change the distorted way of thinking it will change your life.

People hide behind masks on a daily basic. However, if those around them would take time to look closer there will be some kind of sign. When we see or hear about someone acting inappropriately or doing something unthinkable most are shocked. I don’t believe nothing simply happens. There are always signs. They may be subtle, but there is always something if acknowledged.

There are many in high places and many who are our average people who are doing awful things in the dark (figuratively speaking). You have preachers/pastors (whatever they call themselves) sleeping with their members, teachers sleeping with students, police officers sleeping with citizens or molesting children, doctors on drugs or sleeping with patients and taking more drugs then what they give out, I saw on television a Judge was pumping himself off while serving on the bench and rendering sentences (google it, I saw it on the news), military soldiers (all ranks) into child sex rings and child pornography, priest molesting and raping kids, people with the most sick fetishes, Lawyers, getting DUI’s, individuals getting together only to have one to molest, rape, or kill the other’s child and sometimes their own. People engaging in sex with animals (zoophilia). The list goes on and on. All of these people and countless others like them hide behind lies.

There are those who are depressed, sad, unhappy, just plain miserable, but manage to go to work everyday and put on a front. You have those who think of suicide or homicide everyday, because of what’s ailing them from the inside pouring out. They struggle daily to fake being happy and keeping sane.

I can write a book on this topic. Most people you see everyday are living a lie. They’re faking it everyday. They are dealing with things inside which are causing them to have daily mental warfare going. They’re struggling trying to keep things at bay, but many succumb and those are the one’s we see on the news, etc. Society reacts in a surprising way EVERY time, but the fact is, it’s a surprise to society, because people in society has a blind eye to the truth.

In this world things happen right under our noses, but many choose to take a deaf ear and blind eye to it UNTIL the worst happens. Nothing surprises me. I know there’s things I haven’t heard of or seen, but I don’t believe it would surprise me regardless of what it would be.

Change, change, change! It’s the ONLY thing that will make the difference in anyone’s life. You must be willing to face the demon inside (no matter how ashamed, embarrassed, or guilty) you may secretly feel. Unfortunately some of you doing the unthinkable don’t feel any quilt. The only time you feel guilt is when you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

Face the person you see in the mirror. Acknowledge what you’re dealing with. I don’t care what it is; acknowledge it for what it is. Then and only then can you begin the healing process to allow change to occur. Lying, being deceitful, ducking, dodging, creeping, peeking, sneaking, suffering silently, drinking, popping pills, sticking stuff in your veins or up your nose (or both), crying your eyes out on a daily basis, because you’re just that unhappy, and on and on. None of what you’re doing in secret fixes you, it only enables you to continue to do whatever it is you’re doing.

The negativity you hold inside will affect you and your entire life. You will cause turmoil for yourself and those around you. You can fake out some people, but you can’t ever fake out yourself. You have to constantly live with you. The one person you can’t run away from is YOU. Stop thinking you’re okay, because you’re good at faking it. Deal with the core of who you are no matter how bad you secretly believe it to be. Until you do you won’t be willing to invite change into your life. You will continue to live a life full of secrets. Aren’t you exhausted at trying to keep the real you hidden? Today is the day for you to acknowledge the real you and to begin to deal with the truth about you. Stop beating yourself up and start cleaning yourself up. It’s time to remove the debris from your spiritual house, which has clogged you up with things that have bogged you down spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I pray you understand what I’m trying to say. I am always willing to answer any questions sent to my personal email. Once you face the truth and deal with it, you will feel as if a big weight has been lifted from you. Your life will change. Isn’t change what you need?