Stepping Stones Into Stumbling Blocks


I hope all is well. I am actually recuperating from surgery. I am doing well it’s a 6 week recovery. However, I wanted to post since I didn’t post last week.

I wanted to encourage someone today. I find through communicating with many people they have allowed their stepping stones to become stumbling blocks. People have a tendency of doing this mostly out of fear.

Stepping stones are things on your individual journeys that are meant to move you from point A to B. They are often there to set a person up for another phase in life. They are meant to be temporary. They provide opportunity for growth and they open doors. Sometimes they may not be what a person really want, however they are only temporary moments setting you up for something greater. Problem is a lot of people get frustrated because of what the stepping stone entails. Some people may feel they deserve more. They oftentimes feel it’s beneath them. Sometimes people feel it’s too much. People don’t want what comes along with it. Bottom line is people forget they’re only pumping their brakes, it’s not supposed to be a stopping point.

Stumbling blocks are things that come along which oftentimes make people want to question why they do what they do. They make people feel like throwing in their towel. They are hindrances and forms of blockages keeping people from getting to the next level. People sometimes feel defeated, they get discouraged. Stumbling blocks can knock people down and out if it’s what they allow.

Truth is stepping stones are a way to build us up for the next level. Unfortunately most people allow their temporary stepping stones to become their stumbling blocks when they were never meant to be. People get opportunities and because of fear, self doubt, lack of faith, lack of esteem and confidence they allow what is supposed to be stepping stones to become stumbling blocks. When this happens people turn down opportunities and stay in the same place. They begin to let opportunities to pass them by because they make their stepping stones their stumbling blocks.

Many people are afraid of change. People shouldn’t allow their fears to keep them stuck and afraid to maneuver through their stepping stones in life.
If a person does their stepping stones become stumbling blocks hindering them and keeping them stagnant. People who do this fail to mature and grow. They miss out on a lot in life because of their inabilities to move forward.

Never be afraid to use your stepping stones to your advantage. Your stepping stones aren’t there to hinder or knock you down. They will if you have
allowed them to become your stumbling blocks.


There is no Fear in Jesus


I wanted to talk about this, because so many people claim to love Jesus and claim to follow Jesus. However, their walk isn’t aligning with their talk. Too many people are stuck in bad situations out of fear. Not only concerning relationships, people are very fearful because of what’s going in the world today. Loving and serving God doesn’t line up with being in fear.

Don’t fear, fear is the trick of the enemy. Fear open doors to other things not of God. Don’t get me wrong; things are scary, but it doesn’t mean you have to fear. Fear keeps a person in a bad state of mind. It keeps people fixated and stuck. People must stop professing Jesus the Son and God the Father, yet are consumed with fear. These types of people are allowing what is happening in the world to keep them in bondage. They are allowing people and things to keep them in bondage out of fear.

God wants us to be brave and strong. He wants us to believe He is who He say He is (The Great I AM). He wants us to know no matter what it looks like we are never alone. He’s with us always. He doesn’t want us to fall into fear, because it is the trick of the enemy. Remember the devil’s job is to lie, fool, deceit, into killing, stealing, and destroying.

People must let the devil know he’s a defeated foe. If a person doesn’t believe they have the power and authority to send the devil on his way, the devil will continue to mess with them. Stop allowing the devil to toy and play in your life. Kick him in his butt and send him on his way! Speak to him and let him know you don’t below to him, you have no parts of him, you are the property of God the Father and His Son Jesus. Let the devil know he can’t reside with you, he has to go, in the name of Jesus! He knows how to play on your weaknesses. This is why it’s very important people strive to grow spiritually, stay in the Word, get a daily prayer life, and get a daily relationship with our Father who art in Heaven.

Far too many profess it, but don’t live. If a person is doing this they are NOT serving Jesus and the Father. You can’t live any type of way you choose and think it’s okay with Jesus; it is not! Remember it always goes back to either you’re for Him or against Him. Think about it, which side or you on? If you’re not on God the Father and His Son Jesus then you’re a dead person walking. Faking won’t help you to make it. You have to be real in your quest to see the King!!!



Many of you are sitting around still contemplating doing something you’ve wanted to do for years. It has been a thought you’ve pondered over for years. You’re allowing fear to overcome you and shadow your dreams with disbelief and doubt. This is what happens to many people.

When you continue to allow fear to keep you from accomplishing something you’ve wanted to do it means you have no faith in yourself. You’re too afraid to put one foot in front of the other to set your dreams into motion. Nothing is stopping you but you!

Change is good, but it is oftentimes a little scary to us. Although you may be apprehensive please stop allowing fear to keep you in a place wishing for something else. As long as you have breath in your body you have to opportunity to achieve whatever goal you want. It’s up to you.

No one ever accomplished a mission by doing nothing! Today is a new day, it’s another chance you have been given. Stop going day in and out merely desiring to do this or that and never having the courage to  move towards whatever it is you want.

You will have those who will be against you moving towards something you desire to achieve, but that’s life. Allow no one or nothing to stop you from reaching your highest potential. It’s in you and it’s up to you to make it happen.

Don’t allow anyone to push you into their dream, because it’s not yours. Don’t allow anyone to push you away from your dream, because it belongs to you! You know the saying “if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results.”

No more what if’s. Today is your chance; go for it! To achieve all you have to do is believe! I truly believe this to be true. Don’t do it for NO ONE, but you! I pray that you no longer stand in your own way! Blessings to you!!



The reason I chose the title for this post is because it’s the truth. The unfortunate part is that most don’t realize it. I challenge anyone to think about their current situation and then relate it to this post to truly understand what I’m writing about.

Many people find themselves in places they don’t want to be. They feel unhappy, trapped, lost, hopeless, confused, controlled, and afraid, yet, they won’t do anything about it.

I want you to understand that your life can be snuffed away in the twinkling of an eye. In a nano sec! It’s real! People are going to sleep and not waking up. Leaving their houses never to return, etc. etc. The point I’m making is this; stop living in unhappy situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, job/career, or whatever. Stop making excuses to remain steadfast when you know you’re not happy. Many of you have been in the same exact place for years. It’s sad!!

People spend most of their time complaining about their situations rather than doing something about their situations. Complaining does nothing but give you heartaches and headaches; along with more reasons to remain where you are. NO ONE can change your situation but you. People around you may provide advice, empowerment, guidance, encouragement, etc, but it’s you who have to do the work. It’s you who has to want to change your situation.

Oftentimes people blame everything on their significant others. I’ve said many times and will write again today; your significant other and other people ONLY do to you what you allow. If you’re in a bad relationship, you’re there because for whatever reason you choose to be. Point blank! Any reason you can come up with will ONLY be an excuse.

Excuses stems from fear, it holds you down and back. Those of you who are in bad relationships can contest that significant others can use your fear against you to keep you where they want you to be. It’s YOU who gave them the power to do it. Don’t be afraid to move on and away from bad situations that make you unhappy.

Starting over or doing something different is ONLY as hard as you make. If you complain, be afraid, doubt, or worry you will never gain the courage to move forward.

It’s your life. I don’t care if you have a significant other, this is YOUR life. No one deserves the right to control it or deserve the right to have power over you. Nothing can control you or take your joy unless you freely give it.

If there’s a different career move you want to make, do it! If you want to start a business or invent something, do it! If you simply want to try something different, do it! If you really want to get out of a bad unhappy relationship, do it! There’s nothing to fear, but YOU. You’re in your own way. Blessing to you!



I’ve been on vacation and purposely away from computers etc. I’m back and it’s time to write. Something have been on my mind. First, let me say that by sleepwalking, I me to let your life pass you by without trying to improve your current situations. You’re going along every day with no motivation for change. I see too many people who are settling in every aspect of their lives when they don’t have too.

There’s more to life than work, work, work (for those of you who are working). Some of you NEVER get to enjoy life. All you do is work, but never enjoy the “fruits of your labor.” It’s sad, but many of you don’t even like your jobs. You work because you have too, but you’re unhappy with what you’re doing. You go to work every day, but you are miserable. The problem for a lot of you is the fact that you’re afraid of change. You are afraid of something new, etc. Although it may be new it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hard; it’s simply brand new. You can learn anything you want too. Stop allowing fear to keep you stuck and basically sleeping walking through life. Go for something new, something that makes you happy. “NOTHING BEATS A FAIL, BUT A TRY.” Stop thinking and dreaming about it; and do it!

Then there’s those who are so complacent. They don’t want to try anything new. They are content with the way things are going in their lives. However, they’re always asking for something from someone else (always), but they don’t exert any effort to change their situations. I believe fear may have a part in it, but I believe being lazy, complacent, and content has a lot to do with it too. It’s time to wake up and stop sleepwalking through life. Nothing changes unless you make an effort to do something different.

Some people never go anywhere. They don’t do anything enjoyable. They do the same things day in and day out. This is a sad way to live. It’s time to stop it and start enjoying your life. Make an effort to do something enjoyable a couple of times a month. Some of you don’t want to spend a dime. Well, you can’t take it with you when you die. You may as well enjoy some of it while you live (sometimes). Some of you may feel you don’t have it to spare, but remember it doesn’t always take money to do something enjoyable.

Many of you are settling in many areas of your lives. You’re stuck in dead end relationships. You keep going around in circles, yet getting absolutely nowhere. Instead of trying to fix things, many of you are making them worst by doing nothing. Although married many of you live separately in your homes, because you don’t communicate. You keep doing the same ole things which boils down to (separation and avoidance). You tell others what’s going on and how you feel instead of talking to your significant others. This doesn’t fix anything, it makes things worst and only causes more separation, envy, anger, resentment, regret, and misery. Stop sleepwalking through life your lives. It’s time to wake up and get it together. You deserve to have peace and happiness, but you will never have it if you keep doing what you’re doing. Wake up!

Whatever is causing many of you to sleepwalk your lives away, it’s time to WAKE UP! Try something new, stop going around in circles, and make decisions to do something about your current situations. Stop allowing things such as complacency, fear, laziness, contentment, etc., to keep you stuck in places you REALLY don’t want to be. Stop sleepwalking! Wake up and smell the flowers, because one day you’ll be dead and gone. The flowers you get then; YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO SMELL. Start enjoying your lives, change whatever you need to change in order for it to be better. Peace and love to you!!