Taking Credit That’s due to God


A lot of people who profess Christ have gotten too big headed and high. They are always doing things to be praised and glorified by people. When you do things for folks stop broadcasting for the world to praise you. If you’re not doing it from your heart it may matter to the people you’re doing it for, but it’s vain in the eyesight of God, because he Knows the true intentions behind your giving. He knows you’re not doing it out of love, you’re doing it to get recognition and praise from people. It’s all about you.

The same goes for people with certain gifts, they lose focus and start allowing it to be about them and not God. They start to love the recognition more than the gift itself or Who gave them the Gift. This is one reason why people fall away, they begin to see themselves as God, because they have been elevated and pumped up by man. They begin to believe they are doing things on their own. They lose sight of God and ultimately losing their way.

Saints of God you must be humble! Nothing you do is about you. All you do should be about the business of the King. Always give honor to the Creator for all things He’s blessed you with. Our work isn’t about us. Some people get caught up in the accolades instead of being humble. When people begin to think they are doing things on their own; they have made it about them. God can’t use anyone who has begun to act this way.

Stay humble! No matter what God has blessed you with, stay humble! We can’t ever get the increase if we don’t decrease and allow Him to use us the way He wants to. If you ever begin to feel you’re something, you’re nothing!!!! It’s not about you, it’s all about the work for the Kingdom. Don’t lose your way trying to chase fame and fortune or feening for recognition from man/the world. When it’s all over nothing gained here on earth is worth a thing. This is why we must be about our Father’s business. There’s no greater reward than Heaven!

Anointing and Emotions; Gifts and Talents


I wrote about this a couple of years ago. Time goes fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Therefore, I wanted to revisit this topic. I’ve mentioned before that I am a gospel singer/songwriter and the things I see and heard by people who profess to be Saints of God made me want to revisit this topic.

A lot of people think because they can sing or speak well they are supposed to be pastors, etc. This isn’t true. The only people who are supposed to be pastors are those who are called by God. As Saints of God, we should all be messengers, but definitely NOT pastors. In my personal opinion, I believe that is one of the biggest problems in churches today. People are preaching God’s word who aren’t called to do so. If a person is called from God they will be qualified to do what they do, they would stand on the Word of God, and they will certainly TRULY live the life. A lot of pastors are about their business, but not God’s business and it shows in how they run their churches and by what they allow in their churches. Too many people who are becoming leaders in the churches of today are elected by man and NOT God. This is a big reason a lot of shenanigans are taking place in churches today. Worldly people are becoming pastors allowing worldly things in their churches. People who are sincere and going for the right reasons can’t get what they need, because too much of the world is now inside the churches of today. This isn’t the work of God!

I’ve seen many people who sings beautifully and it touches you. However, it is NOT the anointing! It is emotions! People are able to relate to the words of a song which moves them to tears. It is not because of the anointing of the person singing the song. How can a person be anointed when they are doing everything against God. Sounding good and being able to motivate a crowd doesn’t mean a person is anointed by God. It appalls me when I hear people say he or she are anointed singers, when they are hypocrites! I’m only writing on what I’ve seen personally. I know the lifestyle these people lead and therefore I know no way it’s the anointing. I’m not judging, I’m telling the truth!

The same with gifts and talents. People use the words loosely, but don’t have the true understanding. A person may be gifted by man’s definition of what being gifted means, but it has nothing to do with spiritual gifts at all. In the Bible it speaks specifically of 9 Gifts of the Spirit and 9 Fruits of the Spirit. There is nothing wrong with people saying someone is gifted, however people need to understand it is a talent they are very good at, but it isn’t a spiritual gift.

I won’t list the Gifts of the Spirit or the Fruits of the Spirit. I think if a person doesn’t know what they are, this is great opportunity to study the Fruits of the Spirit so to apply them in your life. Pray for the Gifts of the Spirit and walk in them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We can either go through life ONLY receiving what is being taught in the churches or we can develop our own individual relationships with Jesus the Son and God the Father. We must know Jesus and God for ourselves, and the Holy Spirit will keep us as we walk daily in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Your leaders can’t get you into Heaven and they can’t save your soul. Stop worshipping the creature and start worshipping and praising the Creator. Individually we must develop a personal and daily relationship with Jesus the Son and God the Father, then allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide. Remember the Word says, the ONLY way to the Father is through the Son!

Study the Word of God for yourselves it will enlighten you to what is and what isn’t lining up with God’s Word in churches today. Unfortunately a lot of what is taking place in today’s churches isn’t lining up with God’s Word. No matter what or who, the journey is an individual journey. We all must individually stand before God for ourselves, no one can do it for us!



Many of you must stop allowing people to block your progress. When a person allows others to limit them to a point where they’re unable to show their true potential this is a problem. A person who allows this has some issues they need to face such as a lack of confidence and self esteem. Stop being afraid. Stop standing in the shadow of others. God has given us all gifts and talents. No one can have yours and you can’t have another person’s.

Stop being afraid to step out. Stop being afraid to dream and move towards your goals. People try to limit you for many reasons such as jealousy, envy, sad, unhappy, depressed etc about their own lives. They see something in you and they’re afraid of what you may accomplish. They will try to make you think what you want is unattainable. They will say discouraging things, they will act disinterested, and oftentimes they’re unsupportive. Don’t lose sight of your dreams!

There are also those who are afraid of letting go. They try to keep you at a place you really don’t want to be so that you can remain in arm’s reach. This can sometimes kill your ambition. Don’t let people do this to you. Just as a person who allows this to happen has issues, any person who tries to block another person’s progress has issues else well.

There are many situations where people don’t show their true abilities and potential. They know they’re being hated on for whatever reason, so they try to remain low key. Stop it! Don’t let no one prevent you from giving your all every chance you get. Don’t continue to stand in the shadows. Step out and let your light shine!



I know I write a lot of things you may not like and on the other hand some of you may like, but don’t want to be the first to hit like. Either way it’s fine with me. All I care about is giving the message. I refuse to die and go to hell, because I am trying to appease man and not tell the truth. When you speak on the truth it normally rocks the boat. I’m going to rock it and turn it over if necessary. I have to give what is given to me. In saying that, this topic is concerning the upcoming holiday (Christmas).

I know that we all know that it’s not recorded in the Bible that Jesus was actually born on December 25th. The Bible speaks on the time of season, but not the actual month or day. Christmas was actually originated through Pagan’s worship and it’s why I don’t get into it like that, because of that reason. If you don’t believe me, research it for yourselves. When I was younger and didn’t know any better I did, but I don’t now. We aren’t to celebrate or worship anything or anyone more than God and His Son Jesus. However, each to his and her own. In saying that, what I want you to understand is since millions celebrate it for Christ’s birth then remember THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.

I’ve seen so many go into debt for Christmas. It’s only ONE day out of the year and the next year they’re paying off credit cards, etc. I think this is nonsense simply because people shouldn’t cause themselves stress over it. Christmas is too commercialized and people are doing crazy things in order to supply their family and friends material things when it’s supposed to be about the birth of Christ.

During the holidays people also become more depressed and suicidal. Did you notice I wrote become more? The reason I say more is because those who do have always struggled with the issues of depression and suicidal thoughts; it doesn’t just happen. Unfortunately during the holidays the thoughts and feelings are more prominent. People are depressed because they don’t have the money to get the things they want for others. Others are depressed and/or suicidal over past events that have plagued them all of their lives for instance; the loss of loved ones through death or breakup, and many other things. They feel lonely and alone during the holidays.

Christmas is ONLY one day out of the year. Once the day is over that’s it, it’s done until the next year. This is why people shouldn’t go into debt during this time of the year. When people go into debt, steal, become more depressed, etc it is CLEARLY not about the birth of Christ. This is why I say remember the reason for the season.

I recommend Jesus today for those who don’t have a TRUE relationship with Him and for those who don’t know Him at all. See, you can profess it all day, but it will always show in your thoughts, feelings, and actions/behaviors. The only way we can make it through it all is by having this personal real relationship with Jesus.

When you know who Jesus is and you truly love Him, you will understand that all of the hoopla isn’t what the world portrays it to be. You will clearly see how the world has twisted and commercialized THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. People celebrate it for self and family/friends; but the truth is, if you’re doing it for the birth of Christ, it should be about that and not made to be about celebrating everyone and everything else. This way you will not go into debt, depression, or become suicidal. Celebrate that the world was given Jesus for the forgiveness of all of our sins. No matter what; He loves you and He wants you to welcome Him into your lives. He don’t want any of us to perish. I’m so glad about it.

I’m not in anyway trying to spoil it for anyone. What I am trying to do is help you to understand that most of you have been brainwashed by society when it comes to Christmas. You lose your minds trying to get gifts for everyone and it shouldn’t be this way. If you don’t have it, why go in debt to get it. It really isn’t that serious, but society has made it this way.

It is your choice what you do, but it’s still my duty to tell you so you’re more aware of what’s really going on. Please don’t get bound down in anyway because of the Christmas Season. Though I don’t celebrate it like that, I will admit it is a magical time of the year, because people show more love during this time of the year. I also think it’s sad, because people should show love that way all year around. I pray that you focus on showing more love all year around. I pray that you do not go into debt this year over Christmas. I pray that those who are depressed or suicidal know that things will be alright. If you get to know Jesus you will know that you’re NEVER alone. Being physically alone is the best time to get really close to God. It is also a good time to realize who you are. You’re uniquely made and you shouldn’t give your power to love yourself and your life to anyone or anything. Many waste years giving power to others over their lives, when those they gave power to are dead or at least gone on with their lives. Your life belongs to you, learn how to let go of things that are over, no matter how bad they were. You can get past it, but it is you who have to let go of it so you can get on with living your life. I pray a special healing to your hearts and minds. God bless!