Cold Hearts


I wanted to write again about the hearts of the people these days. If a person doesn’t believe the Bible I am sorry for them. The Bible is being fulfilled every day. I look at the love in the world these days. Love will never dissipate. No matter if many hearts are far from God, love will never go away. However, the hearts of many has turned cold. It’s because people don’t have Jesus in their lives. They claim Him, but they are only talking out their sides of their necks. They are double minded people.

Clicks are what people are into these days. People have become very focused on their little circles or clicks and they have turned cold hearts against any others. It is true! Families are only loving and dealing with certain family members, while others they toss to the side. If you’re not a part of the click it’s like you’re not a part of the family. This is very sad! To those who have these types of family members, please don’t let it hurt you. Keep loving them even if it’s from a distance. You can’t change who other people are. However, you just have to watch how you act due to how they treat you. Don’t let the actions of others cause you pain and suffering. Accept it for what it is and give it to Jesus. Keep praying for them, outside of that, it’s all you can do.

Friends and love or the lack thereof. Many people call themselves friends. Trust me, they are not! Some people wouldn’t know how to be a friend if the word bit them in the butt. A lot of people are in relationships to get out of it what they can. They call themselves friends, but really they’re “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” I’ve come to find as a Saint of God certain people who used to be my friends aren’t my friends any longer. They didn’t walk away, I did. Sometimes you have too cut the ties, walk away, and let it go. Don’t be no one’s doormat and don’t deal with their shenanigans. People treat you how you allow. Never force yourself into the life of anyone, if they don’t love you; nothing you do will make them love you. So-called friends want to be a friend when they need something or when they can’t get in touch with the people they TRULY consider as friends. They act one way around you and another around them. Think about it! You don’t need these kinds of people in your life. You don’t need people in your life who don’t mean you any good, let them go! Love them from a distance!

The heart’s of people. This world is full of people who are full of hatred, envy, jealousy, and malice. This is straight from the devil, it is NOT of God. A lot of who people are comes from their childhoods. People think, because it’s how they were raised it’s how they have to be. It’s not true!! It’s only true if it’s what people believe. Their ways of thinking are wrong (their beliefs), which directly affects how they feel and act. They’ve carried baggage from childhood throughout their lives and it has affected their ability to love. Instead of dealing with their issues; they’ve masked and suppressed them. This doesn’t work! What’s inside will eventually work it’s way to the surface. People spend more time pretending, yet no time dealing with their issues in order to reach a point of change.

If people open their minds and hearts, they can learn to love. It’s hard to love others when you don’t know how to love yourself. Stop blaming your issues on what has happened in the past. The past is gone forever and all any of us have is right now! People are still holding on to and living in their pasts when it’s gone! Many of these people are so called Saints of God.
God is love! His love is unconditional, but He forces it on no one! It’s a personal choice to accept, receive, and embrace it!

Regardless of what people were taught early in life; things learned can be unlearned! Hate can be unlearned. It is up to the individual if they are willing to change or not! We need more love in this world. People are mean for no reason. You ever went somewhere for service and the people helping you were mean for no reason? It’s sad isn’t it? Our flesh has the tendency to make us want to check these types of people, but keep in mind God is love and patient! Everyone is dealing with something. Still it isn’t right people bring their issues to work, but we all know some people do it. Show them love and kindness no matter how sour and rude they are to you, it may help them towards change.

Spread love wherever you may go to whomever you meet. You never know when you’re entertaining an Angel of God! However, in the midst of showing love, never become anyone’s savings & loan, footstool, punching bag, dumping ground, etc. Learn to love people without being taken advantage of and getting hurt by their actions. It’s not that your love is conditional; reality is at all times you must guard your heart, mind, body, and soul. Everyone you deal with won’t believe as you, therefore, they won’t present themselves as God’s children. As true Saints keep smiles on your faces and love in your hearts for ALL mankind! Sometimes you may have to let go, walk away, and oftentimes bite your tongue, but do it all in love and in the name of Jesus! This world desperately needs more love; it starts with you and I.


Only A Changed Heart Can Conquer Hate


I know and understand love conquers hate, but before a person can love; their heart must first be changed. Look around at the world we live in today, there is so much hatred. People seemingly hate for no reason, but there is always underlying reasons as to why. Hatred is a learned behavior. It’s learned through parenting, family, friends, other people, environments, and surroundings; and it starts early in a person’s life.

Some people are so bitter; you can see it in the way they speak and act. They are mean, cruel, and unhappy people. I’ve dealt many people who are in their places of business but they are mean and have no customer etiquette. They are plain rude. This anger comes from the inside; the true essence of who we are. It comes from years of learned behavior. People get used to acting a certain way; they don’t even realize how they’re acting. That doesn’t make it right!!

Nowadays killing another human being means nothing to some people. These types of people have deep rooted issues they’ve not faced. They’ve carried these issues around for years and it has made them into very sad and angry people. They hate themselves and they’re mad at the world. Through the media we’ve seen many have committed murder. People have taken the lives of many they don’t even know out of anger and rage build up over the years.

No person on the face of this earth is exempt from troubles in life. We will go in and out of our valleys, up and down our hills and mountains, but life goes on. How we deal with those ups and downs is indicative of how we will weather those storms. Problem is many don’t even try; they go through those periods of life complaining, but never trying to change to become better people. They continue to do the same things. They hold in anger not realizing it’s affecting the very essence of who they are. Anger turns into hate and hate into violence in some form or another IF it’s not dealt with.

Over the years anger has built up in these angry people and as mentioned earlier, this anger has turned into hate. It sabotaged their lives and it affects them mentally, physically, and spiritually. It makes some people into the walking dead. They are alive, but they are dead inside. They have no peace, joy, or happiness. A lot of these people project this hatred onto others and oftentimes the outcome is deadly. Things never have to get this way if people would stop downplaying what’s ailing them. If they would face things and deal with them, and stop holding it all inside. Bottom line is nothing but a changed heart will conquer their hate.

No one can receive love if their heart isn’t changed to embrace it. Unfortunately many were never shown or taught what love is, but this doesn’t mean a person can’t learn if they choose to. I am praying for peace of minds all over the world. Showing love is something people seem to have a hard time doing these days. It seems that families are against one another and people hate folks they don’t even know. It’s all very sad and disturbing. So please join me in praying for peace across our world.

Addicted to Pain


Today someone asked me why did I name the post “Addicted to Pain.”  This was my answer! The reason I named it as such is because I’m trying to help someone. You can’t help anyone if you try to give people what they want to hear versus the truth. My intentions are never to put down or hurt anyone in anyway, but I won’t sugarcoat anything to make someone feel better about their situation. The sad truth is many are addicted to pain and it’s why many are living the same way and going through the same mess. If you don’t like it  then you change it. Most won’t try to change, they don’t have time for that! They think it requires too much work. Others say they don’t know how to. I’ve said it a million times, if you’re living a negative life, because of a negative way of thinking, you must change the way you’re currently thinking  and when you do it changes your life. You change negative thinking by replacing it with positive thinking. If something bad has happened to you, IF it’s from your past; understand that your past is no more, it’s gone forever. The only thing left of it is what you bring along day in day out (your memories of it whether good or bad). Stop allowing those memories to fester into negative thoughts about people who are probably not in your life anymore, dead, gone on with their lives, or who aren’t thinking of you. Stop giving them power over your life.

No matter what or who you must make up your mind that you won’t give it power over your life. Regardless of how bad, you don’t have to let it ruin the rest of your life. You get to choose, you really do! Life goes on with or without you. If you’re stuck, life will still go on.

If you keep getting into bad relationships or doing bad things believe me; this stems from somewhere and more times than not it goes right back to past issues. It’s all in your ways of thinking. Change your wrong way of thinking and you change your life. It’s only as hard as you make it. I know many think I say it or write it so easily. I understand change is difficult, but that’s because it’s something new. If you want it you work on it until you get past whatever has you in captivity by your state of mind. With that being written, I hope you enjoy the post. If any of you have personal questions you’re more than welcome to email me personally and not comment openly. I will always respond.

Many people in this world are obviously addicted to pain, yet they don’t even realize it. I’m not speaking of physical pain although mental/emotional pain can affect a person physically. I’m speaking of pain resulting from people’s inability to let go. Millions are walking around hurting because they won’t let go of things that are keeping them trapped in negative states of mind. A lot of what people carry around with them completely corrupt their lives. It affects them in every way; and this is the pain I’m referencing. People have become comfortable and content with heartache and pain.

You can believe it or not, but the truth of the matter is many are in this dark place of free will. I can’t change anyone, you can’t change anyone; the person who needs changing must want change for his or herself.

People are familiar with their ways of life. They either outwardly show their suffering or they tried to hide it unknowing that it will eventually show in their actions. I’ve seen it over and over, time and time again. People become comfortable in whom they’ve become. They often complaint and cry about it or they keep it inside; either way they ultimately become dysfunctional individuals.

I wish everyone in this world could understand that no matter the situation or circumstance we can live healthy lives full of peace. Unfortunate things happen to us; some are out of our control, while most are in our control. However, how we accept/perceive those things determines how we will go through the events. If people could only grasp that concept, the lives of many would be better. It’s hard for people to believe this when their lives seem so chaotic to them. This is because, they have failed to properly deal with their situations. If we don’t properly deal with our troubled times, the effect of those troubled times will deal with us. We see the affect it has on lives through people’s actions.

Some people seem to relish in pain, they keep putting themselves in the same situations with the same people or similar people. The sad part is they find themselves right back at square one wondering why and how they got there. It’s simple if you get on a merry go around; you will go around and around until you choose to get off. The same analogy applies to life. You keep doing the same things; you will continue to have the same outcome. It’s the bottom line!

Before a person tries to point a finger to blame someone else, check those three that are pointing back at you! Yes, look at the man in the mirror. People will put you through whatever you allow them to put you through. If you take it, they will dish it out. If you’re gullible they will prey. If you’re eager and/or desperate they will sense it and prey upon your weaknesses. You have control of your own life. If you think you’re weak, have low esteem, or lack confidence; guess what; it will eventually show.

A lot of what people have gone through has traumatized them. I of all people get it, but we as individuals must learn to use every bad situation for our good. There’s good that can always come out of bad. Unfortunate things that happens to us can teach and strengthen us IF we allow. Every bad situation I’ve ever endured  taught me something I didn’t know. It opened my eyes to something new. It alerted me and made me aware. Most of all it made me wiser and stronger. Anyone who chooses can experience life this way!

No matter how bad the situation, how we choose to take it in is how it will affect us. I accept life as it comes, the good with the bad. I’ve learned so much and have grown in leaps and bounds. I’m thankful for everything I’ve gone through. Some things I’ve endured would have been a lot for most to handle, but I’ve always chose to see things differently. I’ve never accepted feeling sad or unhappy no matter the situation. If you allow things in life to get you down, they always will do just that. The difference is when you really learn from the choices you make; you always make better choices.

The world is full of toxic people. People are full of toxicity due to experiences they have allowed to taint them to the core. This is why we see so much hatred in this world. People are taking the lives of other individuals as if life means nothing. They are killing the ones they supposedly love; we’re seeing senseless road rage, and other senseless killing. Why? It’s because these people are full of toxicity. There is still racism in the world when most don’t have a clue as to why they hate; it’s a learned behavior, but people are too clueless to even realize it. Yet, they continue to show hatred for no reason at all just because of the stories that have been told and passed down from generation to generation. There are many other examples I could write, but the moral to the story is these types of people are filled with all types of junk. They have junk from their pasts that has caused them to become toxic people, who live toxic lives. Junk is toxic to us! It affects us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Junk in is junk out! Period!

People are so addicted to pain. They hold on to it as if there’s a benefit from it. It causes hatred, anger, jealously, envy, strife, malice, etc. It leads to depression, suicide, homicide, pedophilia, sexual immorality, many types of addictions, and the list goes on. What is so sad is that people don’t understand how their whole lives would change IF they would change their old ways of thinking. People don’t want to change, because it takes work. It takes effort, consistency, time, commitment, and most of all the will to want to change. Many find it much easier to continue living as they have lived for so many years. They’re content, but unhappy. However, rather than choose to be become better people living better lives, they choose to continue to inflicted pain on themselves and others while afflicted by all of the pain they’ve grown accustomed to.

The only way people will change is if they want to. We all must learn how to love ourselves and by doing so we will learn how to love others. If you hate anyone, it’s because you’re not happy with yourself and that’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Like it or not! We change by first changing our ways of thinking which in return change the way we perceive things, feel about them, and act towards those things (no matter what it is). We change negativity by changing our ways of thinking and if we do this, we learn how to let go of those things that has us in bondage and addicted to misery and pain.



I feel such a need to talk about all of the ignorance going around in our world today. I wrote a little about this in a previous post, but I feel I should revisit this subject.

I would love to challenge individuals on the issue of skin color and racism. If you’re one of the people who are hating someone because of their skin color or race; my challenge is for you to take a look in the mirror and honestly deal with the person staring back at you. How you think, what you feel, is completely ignorant. You’re  the problem!!!

As I mentioned in an earlier post not ONE SINGLE person alive had a chance to say what skin color they got to be born in. NOT ONE SINGLE person had the opportunity to say what family they wanted to be born into. No one’s skin color or race is better than the next, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OR FEEL ABOUT IT.

Hating someone on the basis of skin color or race is ignorant and a LEARNED behavior. No one was born this way. Somehow, somewhere down the line this way of thinking formed from a seed planted into people who hate on the basis of race or skin color.

I break this into two, because they’re actually two different things. There are people who hate and discriminate on the basis of skin color; which means a person is discriminated against because of their skin shade (light, medium, dark). Discrimination or hate on the basis of race means it’s happening to a particular race.

The Black race isn’t the only dark skinned race other nationalities have very dark skin as well. This post relates to the Black race. If you’re hating someone because of the color of their skin YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU ARE IGNORANT.

Now if you’re going to get upset, go ahead. However, if you’ve never been told to think this way is ignorant, I’m here to tell you that it is! This is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR and a very  DISTORTED way of thinking. Why do you think YOUR RACE or YOUR SKIN COLOR makes you better when you breathe, eat, pee, crap, cry, hurt, a host of other things, and DIE like ANY person whose skin is darker than yours?

More than not racism and hatred is most often directed towards the Black race. However, sometimes it’s Black on Black. In all of my years, I’ve yet to see a Black person. I’ve yet to see a White person. I would probably faint if I saw either. I believe people are called Black as a way to degrade and put down. Blacks are called African American’s although millions were born and raised in the USA, just like many other races. I think it’s a way to degrade. SOME White’s think white is superior or supreme, but it’s NOT!

Blacks who hate on one another due to the shade of skin color  are IGNORANT. This too is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR and these types of people are just as ignorant as any other group of people who hate another race or hate on the basis of skin color.  ANYONE who’s stuck on the color of skin is a SAD, CONFUSED, AND IGNORANT person. The behavior was learned, but this type of individual has the CHOICE to change their way of thinking, feelings, and acting.

In slavery days Black people were put through hell and back, yet they stood. Many lost their lives, but those who didn’t; stood. Although many stood; many were mentally oppressed; and developed an unfortunate way of thinking. A way of thinking that has been passed down. Just as some Whites learned to hate Blacks, Blacks also learned to hate their own race, due to the shade of the skin (if it was too dark some hated it back then and today).

Blacks have been proven to be a very resilient group of people. A group of people who still fight against so many injustices in this world; yet still stand! This ability has caused the hatred to deepen. It was thought that the Black race should have been down, depressed, oppressed, and OUT! Yet, they still stand tall and have become equally successful as any other race. As long as the world remains Blacks of ALL shades will remain.

This world doesn’t belong to one single race or one shade of skin. It belongs to a host of races and shades of skin. In reality we all are from one. I don’t care if you don’t believe in God you have to have common sense to know even if the first person came from a frog, every other frog after that came from the FIRST frog, which makes all of them of the same origin, but of course as time goes on and this group breeds with that group you get different shades and different looks, etc.. BUT, ultimately we all came from the same FIRST one, which ties us ALL together. You don’t have to like it, but fact is fact!

To hate someone because they’re Black is plain ignorant and that’s the bottom line. Face your ignorance and ACKNOWLEDGE where it comes from then make a conscious decision to lay down those ignorant ways of thinking. Face your ignorance and UNDERSTAND that it is ignorance. To hate someone because they’re not of your race is one of the most ignorant things a person can do. To hate someone who is of your race, because they’re skin is darker than yours is equally as ignorant.

Blacks have been called niggers, spooks, negroes, colored, and a host of other names only to settle for being called Black or African Americans. Although born in the USA all Blacks are called African Americans. Why do you ask? I believe it’s a way to degrade, to keep reminding Blacks that HEY you were slaves at one point and from Africa AND don’t forget it. Not all Blacks come from Africa and certainly not all know about that form of slavery.

Blacks who hate on their own race have been taught this warped way of thinking and have embraced this negativity. I have so many different races in my family and EVERY one of my family member embrace them all. I thank God my family NEVER taught racism, prejudices, or discrimination against another race or prejudice or discriminatory towards anyone on the basic skin color period. If they had we may as well all drop dead, because in my family we have it all. I’m glad and I love all of my family no matter the shades of their skin and I love all people no matter the race.

It’s NOT about a flag, it’s about the individual BEHIND the flag. A flag can do anything but lie or fly wherever it’s placed. It’s the people who are behind the flag. STOP IT PEOPLE, PLEASE, STOP THE NONSENSE. Learn to love your fellowman and woman no matter the skin color. Skin color; despite of Black or White  or light or dark, it doesn’t make you one single bit better than the next person.

The truth of who you are lies within. Many are prejudice and discriminatory in their hearts, but they hide because of the positions they’re in etc. You don’t want the truth to be known, but the truth always peeks it’s head to the surface at some point.

Any and everyone who hate or discriminate on the basis of skin color or race, please STOP IT! You are wrong and you have a wrong way of thinking. Channel that energy to learn about why you feel the way you do so you can change. Stop wasting your life, time, and energy to hate, dislike, discriminate, or whatever it is. Most people who feel this way today MOST have not one clue as to why. They are going off of what they learned from someone else, something that has been passed down. STOP it! It’s time to change! Get to know people. For those who are of the Black race yet feel negative towards your brother or sister based on their shade of skin. Shame on you! You too need to change your way of thinking, because your behavior has been learned as well.

You have negative people and bad things in ALL races NOT just one and NO race is exempt. Give people a chance based on who they are, NOT based on the shade of their skin or what race they may belong to.



I felt a great need to talk about anger today. I am seeing and hearing about horrible things people are doing out of anger. The reason most people continue to do the things they do is because they NEVER face the root of their issues. Anger is a learned behavior that creates hatred in people.

People think they go from 0 to 100 right away, but although one’s reaction seem so, people really don’t. Everyone has a moment to reflect, but most don’t take it. They go off instead. People like to blame the next person for the decisions they make to react negatively in situations.

It’s not the next person’s fault as to how you act it is your own fault. If people would take a few minutes to think before they react they wouldn’t be in the predicaments many find themselves. The root of anger lies within and as mentioned earlier in this post, it is a learned behavior.

The biggest problem is, many do not face whatever it is causing this anger. Instead, people act or re-act without taking the time to think. They live their lives pushing away those who love them and most don’t like who they are as individuals. People become angry due to things they’ve experienced ( all types of abuse and mistreatment, neglect, abandonment, lack of attention, lack of nurturing, bad surroundings, etc. etc).

As children many have seen anger in their parents (parents are angry for whatever reason) or whoever brought them up. Behaviors are learned and although children learn a lot from people outside of their home, much starts early in life and in the home. As children many are raised in chaotic homes/environments. When children don’t know how to deal with negativity it all goes inward. It messes them up and they carry this into their adulthoods. They carry the anger inside (suppressing it) causing problems throughout their lives. They become adults who don’t know how to handle this anger.

I’m praying people learn to deal with their issues by facing what has gotten them to the point they’re at. No one can do this by constantly being self destructive. This behavior not only ruins their lives it causes destruction in the lives of those around them. Many of these people are in jail or dead. They weren’t able to deal with their anger and because of it they end up doing things they couldn’t undo. Others are unhappy and instead of trying to deal with their issues they continue on the war path while living in misery.

It’s unfortunate, but many have killed themselves as well as others. I keep telling people “we only have one life to live here on earth.” No status or amount of money will change that fact. It’s terrible that people live their lives being angry when they can choose to change by facing their ways of thinking.

People are trapped by their ways of thinking. How we think about things is what influences our behaviors. People have allowed their thoughts and feelings of their pasts and other situations they’ve experienced to keep them in bad states of mind. They lose focus over their situations because there’s no control over their anger.

To change takes a person’s willingness to change. It takes the belief you can change. Unfortunately many make a million and one reasons for not changing. Look around at the destruction left behind by people who can’t control their anger. They do unthinkable things out of their uncontrollable anger. They are full of hatred. Anger leads to hatred and rage when it’s allowed to build up and is carried within year after year. If a person don’t deal with it they continue to live their lives in unhealthy ways.

I pray that those with anger issues stop acting out prematurely and learn how to deal with their issues. If they do it will change their lives for the better. You deserve peace!!