Jesus Loves Us Despite Our Sins


This is true, but He doesn’t love our sins. People will do everything and anything and think because God loves us He will look over or dismiss our sins. Wrong! That isn’t the way it works. If you don’t believe in Jesus, God, or the Holy Ghost then living a controversial lifestyle is expected. However, when you are supposedly living for the Lord your lifestyle shouldn’t be controversial. The problem is way too many live controversial lifestyles and are offended when you tell them about themselves. It’s because they are for the world and not Jesus!

If a person thinks being loved by God means they aren’t held accountable for their sins they are dead wrong! Although He loves us He doesn’t give us a pass on our sins. We are expected to be peculiar people who live a certain type of way. We can’t say we love Him while living any kind of way. We can’t say we love Him and continue to live sin filled lives. If we Love God then we will live for Him. Our lives will change completely and totally! We won’t do what we used to do, we won’t think how we used to think, we won’t speak how we used to speak, the places we go and people we hang out with changes, etc, etc! We become new creatures in Christ. The best part about it is we don’t want any parts of the world! If as a Saint of God, a true Christian you are not a new creature; then you’re not a true Saint or true Christian. Period! There’s no in between!

Living for God means we should be walking by Faith and not by sight! It means we are both hearers and doers of the Word. We will live Holy lives. We are saved, born again, and Holy Ghosted filled. Many claim it but it’s not the truth and the lifestyles people live tells the truth of who side they are really on. Those who are pretending are imposters and their eyes are on man/their gods; NOT God the Father and His Son Jesus!

Many people lie about it, because they are man pleasers. They do what they do and speak as they do to please man. They mock and mimic God. They don’t understand the true meaning of serving the Lord; they are too busy serving man. They do many things that are not pleasing to the Lord and they make excuses for it. They are easily offended and always feel they’re being judged when you give them scripture. They often ask “who do you think you are to judge me or anyone? How is it judging when the Word of God (Bible) tells us exactly how we should live? It’s not according to the word of man, but the Word of God. A big issue is man is always trying to change God’s Word to make what they do okay. It’s never okay in the eyesight of God.

Living for the Lord is easy IF it’s what a person chooses to do. People make it hard when they are like petals in the wind. They have no roots! They go along with whatever sounds and feels good. They are neither “hot nor cold” they are “lukewarm.” Millions of people live this way and they think it’s alright because at points in their lives they talk or sing about Jesus or god. I put god, because there are many gods, but only one God! Anytime these individuals mention god or Jesus it’s to please man in some form or another. These are the charcteristics and behaviors of many who claim to be Saints of God. Their talk don’t align with their walk, period! These types of people aren’t called by God nor are they following Christ. They are following after the world and man! They are easily offended. They always want to debate the Word of God with you! They want to implement their false doctrines. They are inappropriate and they do inappropriate things. They are worldly people and they always make excuses for it! Own whatever it is you choose! You can’t serve God and gods!

These people think no matter what they do it’s okay. They believe the lifestyle they lead is okay with God, because the Bible says “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Yes, we have sinned and fallen short, but that doesn’t mean we should keep living sinful lives. If it weren’t possible to live Holy God wouldn’t have made it a requirement. If it weren’t possible to live Holy Jesus dying on the cross would have been in vain. People choose to be lukewarm out of their desires to remain in the world. To them the world has more to offer them than God. They think they’re having too much fun in the world to give it up to serve the Lord. It’s a very sad state of mind for anyone to be in.

There are absolutely no passes on doing wrong. God doesn’t EVER like the sin. He loves each of us, but if a person doesn’t give up their sinful ways they “will gain the whole world only to lose their soul.” Bottom line if you love Him you will live for Him. You will without qualms “turn from your wicked ways and seek his face.” Many people seek Him ONLY when it’s feasible for them. Yet they are red hot mad when things go wrong for them or for others. They blame God when they don’t even serve Him. If people believed in God and read their Bibles they would know we will endure both good and the bad. Sometimes it’s God’s doing and sometimes it’s your own doing. He allows it when it’s what we choose. Sometimes He allows it when we didn’t choose it in order for us to learn and grow! We can’t blame everything on the devil either, because people have free will either way! People want their lives to be trouble less and trouble free! People who feel this way are living by fantasy and NOT by Faith!

People who claim to be on the Lord’s side yet continue to live any kind of way; risk the possibility of being turnt over to a reprobate mind. That means you are on your own, God has taken His hands off of you, because you’ve refused to do what’s right! You choose to be lukewarm and NOT give up your old ways! He doesn’t like your sin at all and He will chastise us for our sins! People are fooling themselves, but never Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit! If people want the world to be theirs it’s their choice! However, we all have to deal with the consequences of our choices!

Living Your Life, But Spiritually Dead


Some people claim to be living there best lives without Jesus being in it. Not possible! Many people claim to love Jesus, yet they are seeking after houses, land, fame, and fortune, but aren’t seeking” the Kingdom of God and its righteousness.” They seek after material prosperity, but not spiritual prosperity! They don’t have a connection to or relationship with the true source which is the Father and the Son (God and Jesus). If there’s no relationship with them then there’s none with the Holy Spirit. Many people profess they love the Lord, but do not seek after Him.

Money runs out or you die and can no longer spend it, houses get old and depreciate- they burn up- or they get blown away in storms, friends come and go – half the time they are fake, family can sometimes be your worst enemy and when you need them they are nowhere to be found, cars breakdown, most times you may own the house never the land, all material things are left behind, people destroy themselves trying to climb ladders of success or trying to stay on the pedal stools people put them on, and the list goes on. Regardless, these are the things people desperately seek after!

All of the things we treasure and build up on earth will have no significance to us when we step out of life’s back door into the eternity we chose of free will. Once we take the step out there’s no turning back. We can’t blame anyone for the choices we make or have made. No one else is to blame for how we choose/chose to live our lives.

The problem with a lot of people who profess Christ is they only speak it, they don’t live it. They do what they do to please man. They praise and worship man, but not God. They desire relationships with different people while not attempting to get one with Jesus. They mimic holiness, but they aren’t Holy. They don’t read the Word for themselves nor do they seek understanding. They get mad at the truth. They fall for anything because of their double minded ways.

Everything people acquire on earth will be left behind when they die. None of it will matter. The wealthiest individual is the poorest if they don’t have Jesus. The poorest is the richest if they do! Money can buy a person many things, but it can’t buy a seat into the Kingdom of God! The seat is reserved for you and have already been purchased with a price. Yet people work feverishly building their treasures on earth. Our physical bodies will decay away, our spiritual bodies will not! Once these physical bodies are no more we move completely into our spiritual bodies. Whatever we choose while in our physical bodies has devastating consequences for us eternally. When you step out of your life’s back door you step into what you chose!

Sold Out to the Creature Not The Creator


It really saddens me to see how people are easily persuaded and deceived due to emotions. People are clearly seeking after something, the sad part is they don’t know what. Therefore they latch on to whoever is sounding good and making them feel good. People believe because a person has a sob heart felt story to tell and they can sing good or speak well they are anointed. This is a LIE from the devil! People get rapped up in the story, song, and emotions of the person until the person is who they end up worshipping. A lot of the individuals are openly living like hypocrites, but the people are sold on emotions. This is a disgrace to Jesus and the Father!

People are worshipping and idolizing people because they can see them and they are tangible. They fall for whatever they do or say. They are hypnotized and mesmerized by emotions and words tickling their ears. They begin worshipping these people. They are being led astray because they have no roots. They are following emotions and not the anointing. Most don’t know what true anointing feels like because they don’t understand the difference between the anointing and emotions. They are babes still on milk and have no real relationship with Jesus!

Being a phenomenal singer or speaker doesn’t mean a person is anointed, yet many believes it does. The first thing people will say is the person is anointed. This is foolish! Many people are babes in Christ and can’t move to another level because their eyes are on the creature and NOT the Creator! They are praising and worshipping a man or woman who’s not even living for Jesus, they just sing or speak well. If you’re well known it’s icing on the cake, people will follow them in a second.

Many people are so full of hurt they seek after what makes them feel good. They are blind due to their feelings and emotions. This is the exact mentality millions have in relationships. They miss all of the signs due to being caught up in how they feel. It’s like an addict, they seek after the high; the thing that makes them feel good.

Many are falling by the wayside because they aren’t yet fully connected to the true source. As I’ve said, they have no roots. They are wishy washy /lukewarm/double minded. They are seeking after the tangible while dismissing the intangible. They are following people who aren’t humble. The people they follow are broken too and can’t even live what they teach, preach, or sing about. However, because they are tangible many people worship them.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can give you a feeling no man can match. It can take you from darkness to the light if you believe it and receive it. Many folks are in their own way. They are following people God can’t use because they are too puffed up and lost. They don’t have sense to humble themselves so that they decrease so God can increase in them. They can’t see this due to pompous ways of thinking. Yet, these are the people being praised and worshipped. God isn’t pleased!

The Beautiful Presence of The Holy Spirit


It dwells in all who believes. The Bible says “faith without works is dead!” People talk real good, but they don’t walk it. We can’t simply be hearers of the Word, we must be doers as well. This is why many don’t believe miracles are happening today. They ARE happening, people must believe! Many people haven’t activated the power given to them from the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is to teach and guide us, but many aren’t connected due to their lack of faith. They are walking by sight and not by faith, because their eyes are on the world! When eyes are on the world and man, expect to be bamboozled into believing things that aren’t true! You’re blind into believing what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong! The Bible says “faith without works is dead and faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.” The only way you can understand is by walking it out through faith. Keep your eyes on Jesus and take it off of the world!

Brainwashing is a big part of today’s societies. People are coerced and persuaded into believing it’s okay to mock God and mimic the Holy Spirit. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirt, Jesus, and God the Father! A lot of people fail to see it as such, because their eyes are on man. Jesus will not trick, coerce you, or persuade you to choose Him. He wants you to come to Him of freewill. In this world they trick, coerce, persuade, encourage, entice, force etc to get you to do what is against the Lord. They will make it appear good to you, when in reality it’s not good to you or for you!

When you give your life to Christ your life isn’t the same. There is no way you can be a “new creature” doing the same old things. No way! You realize your life is no longer your own. Unfortunately many don’t get pass the milk into being the “new creature.” They choose to not move forward, because they start following man and not the Creator! They lose focus before they ever get started good, because they place their eyes on man! This causes people to lose focus and then sight of the true and living God!

The Holy Spirit dwells in us all, but it can’t work until it’s activated! The only person who can activate it is you, the individual. The Bible says we will be living in times where people will love the world more than Jesus. I see it every day! People are choosing the world over Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.
You can’t have one without the other. People are choosing their gods over the true and living God. This is why they disbelieve and have no faith in the power of healing and working of miracles in these days and times.

Jesus took all sickness to the cross. We are already healed! You must command it to be so in your lives. Those who don’t believe must activate their power through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in the Bible “we will be able to do the works He’s done and greater.” That tells you there is awesome power given unto those who believe. Isn’t that wonderfully refreshing news!!

People are walking around with their eyes on man. In other words, their eyes are wide open, yet shut closed! Their hearts has indeed waxed cold. Love has diminished. Through it all; I believe it will all turn around sooner or later. No matter what we see or how we feel; we must stay encouraged. We must stand without wavering! We must believe and walk by faith; not by sight! Jesus has given us everything we need, but it’s our choice to whether we accept it into our lives or not.

Many people are constantly searching for something (love, peace, happiness, friendships, belonging, etc). Everything starts with self. That means we must get in tune with self and Jesus! His Spirit dwells within us, because we are a part of Him! All any of us has to do is tap into the power given to us! Allow the Holy Spirit to do what it is meant to do in your lives. It will turn you into the new creature you should be in Jesus! You won’t see the world or people the same! You will see through the spiritual eye rather than the natural. If you don’t know Him I encourage you to get to know Him. If you know Him, but aren’t living for Him the way you know you should, I encourage you to do so. There is only one way! Either you live for Him or you don’t; there are no in between. Knowing of him and knowing Him is a great difference. Go on, tap into what Jesus has given to you and watch your life change!

God Loves You, You Love The World


I am not the judge of anyone, but I won’t be a party to the shenanigans or foolishness of anyone. I don’t care who it is! Just because a person doesn’t want to do right doesn’t mean I will go along with their wrong. People need to stop playing church and stop playing with God.

It really saddens me when people don’t realize how they are risking their souls by the lifestyles they are living. People are too busy worrying about what their leaders and other people think of them when half of those people need to be working on self as well. They worry about shining so man can see when man has to stand before God too!

The world is full of people pretending to love the Lord. What people fail to understand is if you love Him you will live for Him, period! There is absolutely no way you can love Him and live any kind of way. You can’t love Him and live a lifestyle against Him. There is no way you can live for Him and be the same! No way, no way, no way! When you live for the Lord everything about you changes. You don’t think, feel, or act the same about anything!

The problem with many people is they do a lot of lip service, but as the Bible say their hearts are far from Him. It shows in their ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. How people choose to live shows who they are really serving.

You can not live a life doing things that are against God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and think you’re serving God. You are serving god, but it’s the other one you’ve made your master and not the Master Himself! People have fooled themselves into thinking their wrongs are right. Your wrongs will never be right in the sight of God! I don’t care if man follow you; your wrongs are wrong! They will always be wrong until you decide to choose right over wrong!

I will never stand for, support, or follow anyone who professes Christ yet live a life against Him. I will not condone your wrong in no shape, form, or fashion. I can love you, but I will never love your wrongdoings and I will not support what you do.

If you’re going to live for Jesus; live for Him! If you’re not then don’t, it is your choice, but stop acting as if you’re living for Him to please man, because God sees and knows what you’re doing. He’s the Author and Finisher of your fate. He wishes for you to live for Him and so do I, however, the decision is yours. Just because you preach or teach about Him doesn’t mean you’re living for Him. Just because you sing about Him or talk about Him doesn’t mean you’re living for Him. To serve Jesus is a lifestyle change and it’s 24 hours a day. It’s not a part time or sometime thing, it’s a 24 hour thing. You know why? If you’re doing it sometime then you’re against Him and not for Him. Living this way puts you at risk of losing your soul. He’s “coming in the twinkling of an eye and like a thief in the night.” If you’re caught in your state of pretense you will have lost your soul to the world. Nothing or no one in this world is worth it!

A lot of what people do is out of a learnt behavior. They mock God when He is not to be mocked and they mimic the true Saints. They learn how a true Saint conduct His or Herself and they mimic it. They mimic the spirit in all types of ways. They do what they think is pleasing in the eyes of man. Problem for these types of people is God sees it all and it’s not pleasing to Him. He’s weeping at the falling away of people who claim to be servers of Him. No matter how bad things in this world has become, people are still choosing the world.

I pray people turn their lives over before it’s too late. Stand up and on the Word of God without fear and with honesty and truth! I don’t care what it looks like or feels like God is still in control and in charge. The road isn’t always easy nor is it always rough. We are never alone! The Bible says “for the race isn’t given to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end.” You can’t stay in a race you’re not in! All of the picking Him up and putting Him down don’t work and won’t work! All of the sometimes serving Him don’t work and won’t work!

You can’t be double minded, or lukewarm; either getting your ears tickled or tickling the ears of others. You only fool yourself NEVER the Father, Son, or the Holy Spirit. We can’t be just hearers of the Word, but we MUST be hearers and doers of the Word. Stop being brainwashed and bamboozled into serving man, because every man’s knee must someday bow.

If you’re trying to straddle a fence then you’re being lukewarm. If you try to live for both the world and Jesus; truth is you’re only living for the world! I’m telling you without regret or doubt you can’t love the Lord and serve the Lord if you’re still a part of what the world has to offer. In your mind you may think you, but in reality you can’t! You’re fooling yourself! Sometimes people will not tell you about yourself. They will talk about you behind your back. I am telling you and the world if you are living this lie that is exactly what it is; a lie! You’re lying to yourself! God is not pleased with lukewarm people. He’s already told us He will “sprew” you from His mouth.

Please don’t be one He turns away and tell you to “depart from me you worker of iniquity for I know you not!’ This moment right here may be your last chance to get it right! Get it right with Jesus, get a daily prayer life, get a personal relationship with Him, love Him above all, and most importantly live for Him; in Jesus name I pray! You can’t get to the Father unless you go through the Son. You can’t get to the Son if you don’t have a personal relationship with Him. Romans 10:9 is only the first step, but it’s the most important first step!

False Teachings and Part-time Relationships


I heard a very famous radio host talking last weekend and it sickened me the false information he was giving. One thing I have learnt is if you’re well known you can say “boo” and people will latch on, like it, love it, etc; all because the person is famous or well known. I think it’s the dumbest and most shallow thing people do. We see it all of the time. A well known person gets to speak at graduations, in the schools, on TV etc. They get all of these different platforms simply because they are well known. This doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. I’ve seen and heard it a million times.

Okay, back to the reason for this post. This radio host was telling the listening audience they need a relationship with God. He said it doesn’t matter what they are doing in their lives they need a relationship with God. He went on to say how he’s off the mark, etc, but he still has a relationship with God.

I don’t care who you are or who you think you are. You can’t do whatever you want and think God is okay with it. If you think because you reference God in your speaking or you say God every now and then it’s cool and you’re on His side you are dead wrong! Throwing God the Father and His Son Jesus in your conversations every now and then doesn’t mean you’re living for Him or that you have a relationship with Him.

If your relationship with Jesus isn’t personal and 24/7 then you don’t really have one. A relationship with Him should always be personal and constant. It means changed ways! If a person truly loves Him then the person will live for Him. You’re either in or out. I don’t care what you THINK; there are only 2 options (for Him or against Him). As Saints of God we MUST turn from our old ways. We can’t be a lukewarm, double minded person, thinking it’s all good with the Lord. We can’t serve Him when we want to be see by others yet lifestyles are against Him. As Saints it isn’t part time, it’s a full time position. Those who try to do it part time are only fooling self. Part time means you’re lukewarm. I won’t apologize for the truth!

People can follow up behind folks who are leading them wrong and find themselves in hell right along with those folks. You must have a relationship with Jesus, because you can’t get to the Father unless you go through His Son Jesus. Jesus made it possible for the Holy Spirit to be with us leading and guiding our steps. This can’t happen when people are choosing their own paths and aren’t willing to give up their old ways. Individuals who serve Him part time are at risk of losing their souls. They are at risk of hell!

Knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus are two different things. Many people know of him due to being taught by parents, friends, loved ones, and others, but to have a personal relationship is different. It means you know Him! A person MUST love Him and if you love Him you will live for Him, this nurtures the relationship daily. It helps a person to move from milk to meat!

A person can have a relationship with anyone, it doesn’t mean it’s personal and it doesn’t mean you love the individual. This is the relationship many have with Jesus; which isn’t truly a relationship. To have a true relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus it must be because of the love you have for them. It must be personal, constant, and intentional. To live for Him means you have become a new creature. Those who do it part time find they fall for anything and they are easily enticed, persuaded, brainwashed, etc to do as the world do. They conform easily to the ways of the world. They have their eyes on man and not on Jesus! They go along to get along and they shut up instead of standing up. This way of living puts people at risk for hell!

People live all of their lives in and out of relationships, yet they don’t try to truly develop that relationship with Jesus, because they don’t want to give up their old ways. They are people pleasers and are not trying to please the Father which art in Heaven!

What you do is up to you! What anyone does is up to the individual, however, as well known individuals or leaders in general please stop giving wrong information to others. If you don’t want to give up the world then that is on you, but don’t try to persuade others to be like you! There is absolutely no comprising when serving the Father and the Son!

About Man’s Business


I’m about to step on toes and make someone mad. I already know people will say I’m judging, I am NOT! My mission is to tell the truth and to be what God has me to be. People must stop playing church! I’m not talking about going to the church house. I’m talking about the 24 hour church within us. If a person is about the Father’s business they know you’re churching 24 hours a day.

I will go out on a limb and say most people talk a good game, but they aren’t really living what they talk about. People are living for man’s approval. They are worried about what man thinks about them and not at all about what Jesus the Son or our Father God sees and knows. They miss nothing and when a person is pretending with man, Jesus already knows the truth.

This includes those in the pulpit to the back door. People are professing one thing while living another. They ARE NOT about the Father’s business they are about the business of man. They live to impress man!

Some pastors will have an attitude with you if you don’t address them as Dr., Apostle, Bishop, etc. It’s ridiculous, because the Bible says we can’t take any of it with us. Titles and things means nothing to Jesus. People do what they do to be seen by man. They want the biggest houses, best cars, jets, etc, only to be seen by man. They love to be worshipped, praised, and put on pedal stools. It’s all a show for man. This is why we are seeing them in scandals. They are in drug scandals, child porn, adultery, theft, and you name it. They are depressed, suicidal, homicidal, and you name it, because they are not truly connected to the Lord.

Many folks who go to the church houses are gong out of tradition. In this case tradition can land people in hell. Hearing about Jesus and living for him are two different things. If people continue to go out of tradition it keeps them from developing the relationship they need with Jesus. The Bible says you can’t get to the Father lest you go through the Son. Many people sing out front, but living lives not pleasing to the Lord, they are on boards, they are musicians for the church, leaders of choirs, etc, but they aren’t living lives pleasing to the Lord, because they aren’t actually serving him.

People do what they do because they know others are watching, but they forget Jesus is watching too! You can’t serve the world and Jesus too. If you’re not all in for Him then you are all out against Him. There is absolutely no in between. You can’t be lukewarm! People are living the life of sin and therefore they are blind to their sins. Their concern is doing what they do even when they know it’s wrong. This is because they aren’t connected to the true source.

Individuals learn how to mock God not understanding it’s very wrong to do. He is a God that shall not be mocked! It’s not cute, it’s absolutely wrong! I see people doing it a lot. It’s not funny to me at all. Another thing many have learned to do is mimic the Holy Spirit! They learn how they think they should behave. Their behaviors are learnt by seeing and mimicking what others are doing. I’ve seen little kids on up to the elderly do it. It’s terrible! Salvation is FREE, and sadly many still do not choose it! It’s because people do NOT want to give up their ways. They don’t want to give up the wrong, for the right. They are too concerned with what mans says and thinks.

I’m not judging anyone, but one thing I know for sure is if you’re not 100% for Jesus then you’re all the way against Him! The choice is up to the individual. If you choose the world, then it also means you’ve chosen hell! Only you; the individual can decide it is not what you want. My prayer is that people realize the same men and women they are worshipping, praising, and following knees has to bow before the Father just as theirs will. Man has no Heaven or Hell to put you in. Wake up before it’s too late!

I Challenge You, You, and You


I made a post on Facebook about how people will quickly try a challenge from a movie, from something else, or someone else. Many times the challenges are dangerous and ridiculous, yet people will attempt them. Look at the Birdbox challenge. People it is a MOVIE! Some of you are hurting yourselves trying to do something that was done on a movie set under controlled conditions. How ridiculous is that?

It goes to show you how easy people are influenced and will follow the ways of the world. Honestly I get it. When you are worldly you do worldly things. Sadly many people who profess Christ gets on the bandwagon of these challenges else well. Listen, one foot in the world risks your soul to hell. You can talk about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all you want, but if you still have a foot in the world you are worldly. You can’t be lukewarm.

My challenge to you, you, and you is to try Jesus. If you’ve never tried Him try Him. You try everything else, why not Jesus? For those of you who say you love Him, but you’re doing things against Him, truth is you don’t really love Him. Not sorry, it’s the truth! To love Him is to live for Him. There is no other acceptable way! Therefore, I challenge you to surrender it all. I challenge you to give up the ways of this world. The only way you can live for Him is to surrender. If you do you will change and never be the same. No way you can love Him, live for Him, and be the same! No way possible! A lot of people think they are living their best lives living worldly. You’re not living your best life if you’re not living for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

If you haven’t asked Him into your life read Romans 10:9. If you already have, but know in your heart you’re not living for Him, go back and re-dedicate your life to Him. Repent, be changed, and live for. You can still have fun and excitement serving the Lord!!

We all will die. Everyday we get to live is a chance to repent and truly serve the Lord. It’s your choice whether you will or will not. I would rather lose the world and gain Heaven, then to lose my soul to the world and gain a place in Hell, where the very master the world serves will also reside. When you give up the world living doesn’t stop, it begins.

That’s all I’m going to say other than will you take this challenge?

Excuses Won’t Matter or Work


This past weekend I was looking at some videos sent to me on some so called pastors. Yes, I will say so-called, they are the ones who call themselves pastors, but they aren’t called of God. How do I know? I know because when you’re living for the Lord and you’re called you won’t be doing what you once did and on top of it; making excuses for what you’re doing. Those who are on Jesus’s side are not trying to please man and they certainly don’t use excuses for why they are still doing worldly things. Only people who are still in the world display such behavior. It won’t get you off the hook. You will pay for the choices you make.

Judging, this normally comes out of the mouth of those who are still in the world, but always making excuse for self and those like them. When serving Jesus, you’re either in or out. There’s none of the other stuff. If people are trying to give people encouragement, enlightment, motivation, insight, etc to do a self examination it is not judging. It is not judging to call people out on their bull, especially in relation to the Word of God. Only those who are not doing what thus saith the Lord complains it’s judging. Those excuses will not give you a go for going to Heaven. It will give you an exit the other way!

He’s still a man. This irks me! It has nothing to do with a man being a man when serving God. Flesh is flesh, period, and it’s what most are led by. People want to make excuses for men and women who are still doing worldly things. Listen, if you’re on Jesus side and you really love Him the way you profess, then you will do what’s right when that ole devil try to make you do wrong. You will not be led by your flesh. Those who are easily led by their flesh makes excuses for what they do. Accept who you really are when you’re still doing worldly things. You do it because you’re still in the world, point blank! Those who are making excuses for people doing wrong by blaming they are still flesh and bone are people who are also in the world and doing worldly things. Children of God know better! They don’t allow the flesh to lead them. They know they have a certain criteria they must live by and they won’t allow anyone or anything to hinder their walk with the Lord. It’s sad when people make excuses for themselves or for others who are outwardly doing wrong with no regards of their salvation. You can’t serve God and do what the world does, you just can’t!

Another excuse will land many in hell is “no one’s perfect.” This is an excuse to keep doing wrong, but I tell you one thing it won’t work when standing before the Lord. We are made in His image, therefore we are capable of doing right, making right choices, and living holy lives. It’s not forced, but if you live for Him you must want it and you must take on the characteristics of a changed individual. There’s absolutely no other way! You have to be born again, you must be changed from the ways of the world (the ways you used to be). People can’t continue to use the crutch of not being perfect, they will find themselves hobbling and wobbling right on into hell (you and your crutch). This crutch will not save you from hell!

I don’t care what anyone says if you’ve made up your mind and you are on the Lord’s side than your life will be a reflection of it. No one or nothing will influence or coerce you into going against God the Father, His Son Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. ALL aspects of your walk will change. Honestly I don’t know what the problem is that prevents people from living right other than THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO! I’ve never ever once looked back into the world. I’ve never wanted to. I’ve had plenty of temptations, but I’ve never succumbed to any. I live to live again. I live to see my Jesus face and not just for when I stand before Him, but to reign with Him forever, that is my goal! I don’t give in to my flesh, because I know the tricks of the enemy. I call ole satan out for who he is, every single time! I don’t care how he comes, you have to put him in his place! The more you do this, the stronger you will become and the more power and anointing you will have in your life. You have power and authority by Jesus Christ, use it!

The Bible says “He’s coming in the twinkling of an eye.” We’ve seen it over and over in the lives of others, yet people are still acting as if it doesn’t apply to them. It applies to you, you, you, and me! No one is exempt. He’s coming back for each and every one of us. If your house isn’t in order then you’ve made your choice. If He catches you with your work undone, then you made your choice. If He comes and you’re still doing what the world does, then you’ve made your choice. If He comes and you’re still using people are judging you as an excuse, then you’ve made your choice. If He comes and you’re still using not being perfect as an excuse, then you’ve made your choice. If He comes and you haven’t chosen Him, then you’ve made your choice. The decision is up to each of us, it’s not forced. We have to want to serve him of free will! Remember, your excuses won’t matter or work!

The Sun, Universe, Life, and Death


I hear a lot of people give all praises to the Sun and those who give all praises to the Universe because they don’t believe in the Father, Son, or the Holy Spirit! I really feel sad for these people.

I don’t understand how people do not believe. The mystery and amazement of the sun; it sits perfectly round in the sky without falling. It gives out bright light in the day and it warms the earth and helps with all types of necessary things pertaining to all life on earth. Do people think the sun put itself in the sky? All of the benefits and the many different aspects of the sun was made this way by God. He made the sun be what it is to us and for us.

The mystery and amazement of the universe; where do you think it came from? People want to believe in cosmic eruptions or explosions and this and that. Man will never ever know the mysteries until it’s time. I believe we will all someday know, but not before time. Scientist can come up with all of the mumble jumble they want to it’s okay, but they will never ever know the truth. There is a reason for the different constellations, stars, the moon, the milky ways, black holes, the many other planets, etc. We don’t know what it is and no matter how people pry and probe, they will never ever unlock the mystery.

The mystery and amazement of child birth; the world may use IVF to make multiples births happen, but they can’t ever make the miracle of life itself. It will always take a woman and a man. It will always require an egg and sperm. People can manipulate and do whatever they are trying to do, it won’t work! God made it specific and unique, it can’t be done by no man! It is so unique and beautiful. It’s amazing how a tiny egg and sperm forms into a fetus and grows into an infant. I am blown away every time I really think about it. Not only that, but think about a baby living in fluid 9 months, how it gets nourishment, etc. It’s amazing!

The mystery and amazement of death; death shouldn’t be scary to anyone. As sure as we’re born we will die. When we depart this world, I believe we go on someone else according to the life we lived until Judgement. I don’t know, but it’s what I believe. No one on earth knows what really happens. I know people have had their near death experiences etc. However, no one can tell exactly what happens to us when we die. I believe our bodies possess a spirit that leaves us. Where it goes is beyond any of us. I believe there is life after death and according to how we lived while in the flesh determines how we live after death into the new life we are given by the Creator.

It’s all fascinating for me to think about. People have postulated, assumed, presumed, experimented, etc. Years on top of years on top of years they’ve tried to figure it out, yet no one has been able to. There is something to it, if no one has figured it out in thousands of years. That alone is proof enough God exist! It’s proof enough for me! I know without a doubt the spiritual world is alive around us, because I’ve had unexplainable experiences. That let me know something more is to follow this life. It may sound outlandish or crazy to some of you, but I know what I’ve encountered.

People don’t want to believe in the Bible. They come up with every excuse as to why the Bible exists. Some say the White man made it up. All of it makes me further believe in God the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. NO MAN has the answers, not one single man on this earth or who has been here. This proves to me there is something magnificent to it. It is the most controversial book in the world. It upsets people and make many outraged. Why?

They want to say we evolved from apes. Really? God made apes very close to the human DNA. Why, I have no clue. He made animals with the ability to procreate like humans and guess what? It STILL takes a male and female for it to happen. He made us and them very specific and unique. We all are connected to live. The sun helps us, plants, and animals to continue the cycle of life. It’s all intertwined in a special way. It is all a part of the perfect plan!

People say man wrote the Bible. Yeah, men who were anointed by God! All I know is the Bible is good to me. It’s real and things written in it is sure coming to pass and has come to pass. In my opinion no man can do this other than one who is anointed of God. To me it also proves the world existed before, because we are living exactly what it talks about in these days and times. It’s accurate about families, children, this generation, homosexuality, sexual immorality, people choosing the world, people falling away, and a whole lot of things. I believe it to be true! Come on, there’s something to it! It’s the most controversial book in the whole entire world. There is a reason why, we just don’t know what it is! We have these amazing scholars and scientists yet not one single soul has been able to figure out the mysteries.

No one or nothing will make me not believe in Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit. If you don’t believe in Jesus you don’t believe in God. At least not God the Father, the true and living God. People worship many god’s, but they are different from God the Father.

People know it’s all a mystery this is why for more years than any of us can imagine they have been trying to figure it out. God intended for it to be this way. Read the Bible it talks about it. No man will ever figure out the mysteries of the creation of the world, life, or death until it’s time.

All I can say is to live life as if there is Jesus and God won’t hurt you, but to live life as if they don’t exist will. It’s each individual’s choice as to what they choose to believe. However, just know there is consequences for your choices. God gave us the will to freely choose. I’m not trying to convince you to believe if you don’t. I pray you would believe, but if you don’t it’s your choice.

There is more proof out there to believe than there is not to believe. People want to worship the sun and give all honor to the universe when God created it all. Sad, sad, sad! Don’t get upset about my beliefs, I’m free to have them just as other people are free to have theirs. I choose to stick, stand, and stay with the Word of God!