Repercussions for Idolizing

Every single thing people idolize is of no value for the Kingdom of God. People are obsessed and therefore possessed by many things to include other people. People channel others to feel their spirits (how ridiculous)? Many of the people you idolize are unhappy with themselves, because they too are worshipping other people (both deadContinue reading “Repercussions for Idolizing”

Free Untouched Gifts

It saddens me how people get extremely caught up in the Christmas holiday and make it all about giving and receiving gifts. Most people don’t even know where the idea of Christmas came from. Nowhere in the Bible does it says Christ was born on Christmas day. It gave a time reference to the approximateContinue reading “Free Untouched Gifts”

Are you Serving Your Pastor or Jesus

I wanted to write about this, I experienced an incident this weekend where someone I know needed someone to talk to. I was flabbergasted at what I heard. I believe her story, because I see this very thing going on in churches today. I know some people will get mad about this post. Good!!!! IfContinue reading “Are you Serving Your Pastor or Jesus”