Repercussions for Idolizing


Every single thing people idolize is of no value for the Kingdom of God. People are obsessed and therefore possessed by many things to include other people. People channel others to feel their spirits (how ridiculous)? Many of the people you idolize are unhappy with themselves, because they too are worshipping other people (both dead and alive). They too are changing their faces and bodies to resemble others. Sad, sad, sad! Who many of you are wishing to be, are wishing to be someone else.

If people would worship Jesus the way they worship other people there would be much more love in this world. If people would seek after Jesus with the passion and drive they have for others it would be wonderful! Unfortunately they are too busy making other people their god/s. When you idolize people you make them your god. Some people are beyond crazy when it comes to other individuals. They are obsessed by them and by what they think they know of them. They cry, faint, sling snot, and bow down to these people. EVERY single one of the people being worshipped will have to bow down to the King someday. Yet people are making them their gods here on earth! How foolish!!!

Not only do people worship other individuals they also worship objects and other things. People idolize almost everything possible. They are only making the rich richer (celebrities or others of status, sports teams, name brand items, and other things) while many struggle to stay afloat. It makes no sense at all. Many of the self proclaimed saints are leaders of the pack, when they know idolizing of any kind is against God.

You can serve man if you want, but it’s a waste of time and energy. It can be damnation for your soul if you don’t stop it. Don’t you realize some of the very people you worship are miserable and unhappy with their lives? Many of them put on masks and pretend everyday, yet you think because they are of some type of status they are worth worshipping and idolizing! Jesus has the greatest status of all times; dying for our sins, yet many would still rather worship man. Very sad!

Many choose the way of the world. The devil has no heaven or hell to put anyone in, because he too will be bound in hell when it’s time. People choose freely the ways of this world. Don’t blame the devil, because people have free choice to serve him just as they have free choice to choose and serve God the Father. If people don’t change their ways the repercussions for their actions will be death. For whatever reason people would rather have this world than Jesus!

Free Untouched Gifts


It saddens me how people get extremely caught up in the Christmas holiday and make it all about giving and receiving gifts. Most people don’t even know where the idea of Christmas came from. Nowhere in the Bible does it says Christ was born on Christmas day. It gave a time reference to the approximate season of the year, but not the actual date. Most people never acknowledge it as His birth anyways.

Christmas is actually a pagan celebration, which has nothing to do with God. In Jeremiah 10: 3-4 is talking about idolatry. Sounds familiar doesn’t it (decorating the tree, etc)? Although the season is supposed to be about Jesus, why do people make it about everything else, other than, Jesus?

I can’t lie or deny; for many years I celebrated Christmas, but when I knew better I did better. I still enjoy the season, because a lot of people seem to be better people doing this time of the year. They turn into people they should be all year long.

I think about the hustle and bustle of people and how they are willing to go into debt or at least extend their budgets to purchase gifts. I want to remind all of the people who profess Christ in their lives the most important Gifts they could possess they can’t be bought with a price. In fact they are free, because Jesus paved the way and paid the price so that we may have these beautiful Gifts.

The Gifts I’m referencing are the Gifts of the Spirit. If you don’t know what they are, please take some time and study this for yourself and get in down in your hearts. These gifts are priceless. Many haven’t even attempted to tap into these Gifts. Therefore they are untouched. This is one reason people possess no spiritual power! They haven’t tapped into their Spiritual Gifts through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus gave us power of the Holy Spirit which is for all who believe and choose Him. We must pray and activate the gifts within us through the Holy Spirit. Tap into your Gifts of the spirit, unwrap them, and then activate the power Jesus has given you! People can’t do the work of God if they don’t possess the power they need. It is why we don’t see healings, rebuking of demons, working of miracles, etc. etc. Many don’t believe they can do these things when Jesus says we can.

This is simply a little food for thought. Be Blessed, keep on the complete Armor, keep your hearts and minds on Jesus, always be a Warrior for Christ, “walk by faith and NOT by sight,” and remember “faith without works is d-e-a-d.” Love ya!

Are you Serving Your Pastor or Jesus


I wanted to write about this, I experienced an incident this weekend where someone I know needed someone to talk to. I was flabbergasted at what I heard. I believe her story, because I see this very thing going on in churches today.

I know some people will get mad about this post. Good!!!! If you’re mad then it means it sparked something within. All I pray is people wake up before it’s too late. People must stop worshipping their leaders. I believe you give honor where it is due, but I don’t believe in worshipping no man.

The Pastor of this particular church has instructed his congregation not to speak to or be involved with this person for any reason and he openly talked about her during service. What? This is ridiculous and what is even more ridiculous is people are obliging this Pastor. It stemmed from the fact she didn’t make it from out of town in time enough to do a church chore, she was running late. The Pastor and his crew called her in and gave her the fifth degree about it. She was very hurt by the things they said to her.

He told his congregation don’t speak on anyone lives unless he judge it then they can or can’t. He told his congregation working for this church is their entire life, they don’t do anything or go anywhere else unless preapproved. Who does he think he is? He’s a modern day Jim Jones.

People better wake up to this nonsense. Pastor’s are leaders of their churches. They are over the church and are to set examples for their congregations, but they aren’t there to command and control them. These types of Pastor’s are out of line. They are completely out of order.

Who does a Pastor thinks he is telling people they don’t have the gift to prophesy, he’s the one doing that and no one else better do it unless it is first judged through him? Who is a Pastor to tell his congregation they bring everything to him and then he will pray about it and let them know the result? God gave us all gifts and the ability to pray for ourselves and over other people. He gives power to us all to work and walk in the anointing, it doesn’t come from man! People aren’t supposed to praise and worship their Pastors. They are supposed to praise and worship God the Father and His Son Jesus.

The problem with the churches today many leaders are abusers. They groom their congregations setting them up to be brainwashed. They are taking advantage of their congregations. They are preying on their congregations and they are brainwashing them into treating them like they are God. Well, they aren’t!!! People need to wake up and realize their Pastor’s knees will bow and their tongues will confess too! Stop making these Pastor’s your god’s and stop exalting them as if they are God. It’s a form of idolatry they are being idolized. These Pastor’s know exactly what they are doing. They know they’re being put on pedal stools. They know they are being praised, worshipped, and exalted. They love it. They love the power and control. Sadly their flock don’t get it. You worship no man, you ONLY worship the Father and His Son Jesus!

People who allow Pastor’s to control their everyday lives are people who aren’t connected to Jesus. I don’t care how much they think they are, they are NOT! Stop allowing your church Leaders to control your life, it is NOT theirs to control. People need to get their relationships with God and start worshipping the Creator and stop worshipping the creature! Time is running out.