Don’t let the World be Your Downfall


I know a lot of people get sick of me talking about this. God wishes for none of us to perish. Too many people are against Him in these days and times. It saddens me how some people simply don’t believe while others who claim to believe act as if they don’t. They live something opposite of what they profess. They pretend to be one way when they are actually another.

God can’t use any of us if we are “lukewarm.” In His Word He says “He will spew you from His mouth.” He despise “lukewarm” and it is going to be the downfall for many. People choose the world when everyday people are corrupting the world and it is being filled with more and more evil workings of people. People profess to love Jesus and God the Father, yet they live the lives of hypocrites. In all honesty can’t use anyone who is living this way.

Too many people make excuses for being how they choose to be. It’s all an excuse to continue to live for the world. None of us can live eternally with Jesus if we are trying to straddle the invisible fence I often mention. People who do this are only fooling themselves because God knows and sees it all.

This world isn’t worth losing your soul over. If Jesus isn’t worth a person serving with honesty and truth, then they don’t have a chance with anything else! Jesus is the ONLY way and none of us can get to the Father lest we go through the Son.

Every little thing a person who claims to love Jesus does to try an please man or hide from man is sealing their fate for sure damnation if they don’t change. Stop being a man pleaser and be a loyal Jesus pleaser. Stop trying to hide from man when Jesus sees every move you make. It doesn’t make sense and people obviously have such a profound disconnect until they think they are pulling the wool over Jesus eyes! It just isn’t possible!

If the world is who your flesh chases after then it is who you love the most. That means you’re not on Jesus side. It means you’re against Him and not for Him. It means if you don’t change you will gain the world, but lose your soul.

Our home here is only temporary. We all have a permanent home waiting and we decide now where it will be (Heaven or hell). When the curtain of life falls for the last time it is done and over; we get no more opportunities to change. We will have sealed our fate. Each day is a day to make the right decision. Each day we get is Him showing us how much He loves us; He gives us a chance to get right with Him. Still people continue to play with God.

Even if you say you choose Jesus if you’re double minded and living something other than what you profess you have NOT chosen Him. If you are living this way you DO NOT love Him. I don’t care what you say or think you DO NOT love Him and He isn’t pleased with what you’re doing! Please get right before it’s too late!!


Trust He’s All You Need


I know in life some days are easier than others. If anyone says everyday is great, they are lying. We all have good and bad days, but in the midst of the bad days, God is still good! Many people add to their problems by the choices and decisions they make. There are a lot of people who are broken and sad. Many of them want to give up, but I encourage you to hang on in there.

Although His time isn’t ours, He doesn’t think like us, He’s still an on time God. He doesn’t always come when we want Him, but He’s always on time. He didn’t say he will supply our want’s but He did say He would supply our needs. A lot of people don’t know what they want, they continue to make bad choices and decisions, but God and His Son Jesus knows what we need.

God gave His only begotten Son Jesus and He’s everything we can ever imagine or think we need. He’s love when we feel no one cares, because many don’t have support or people to love them, He always loves us. Man’s love is conditional, however; the love of God and His Son Jesus is unconditional. He’s shelter in the time of storms, which doesn’t necessarily mean physical shelter, but it means spiritual shelter/protection. He’s our water when we are thirsty, this doesn’t necessarily mean running water, but the water of life from the depth of the well of water He supplies so we thirst no more.

He’s a friend to the friendless, a mother to the motherless, father to the fatherless, and so forth. He’s our first, last, beginning, and end. He’s our all and all. He’s our wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and many great things we all need. He’s a healer in our times of sickness, He’s our Comforter through the Holy Spirit. He’s peace when things seems a little much, He’s joy, that’s why you should never let anyone take from you what they never gave you in the first place. Many people feel lonely because they get all into their feelings, but we don’t ever have to feel this way because we aren’t ever alone.

I can go on and on, but I hope you understand what I am trying to relay. He is everything we need. It is up to us who say we believe to trust, lean, and depend on Him. Everything we ask for isn’t necessarily what we need, trust that Jesus knows what’s best for you. Stop getting angry with Jesus, because when you do you’re allowing the flesh to lead. When you’re angry with Jesus you’re allowing the devil to steal your joy. Believe Jesus to be “the Great I AM, because that’s exactly who He is.

No one ever said when you live for Jesus your life would be trouble free. We still go through, but instead of trying to fix your situation trust and believe Jesus got it! He can handle it if you turn it over.

Your Form of Righteousness is not God’s Form


If Jesus the Son or God the Father were like man, I wouldn’t serve them in no shape, form, or fashion. I am completely appalled at some people who call themselves followers of Christ. It’s a shame how people so easily profess their love from their lips yet they live something completely opposite. People take the parts of the Bible they want to use and apply it to their lives, but not all. You can’t pick and choose what you want to follow. As a Saint of God you must follow it all!

One thing I’m sick of seeing is some so-called pastors in the pulpit speaking words that are from them (flesh) and NOT the Word of God/Holy Spirit. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus use any vulgarity and profanity to get a point across. Nowhere did He do what the people did to get His point across. What I’m seeing across social media, etc is a disgrace! It has absolutely nothing to do with the Word of God, God, Jesus, or the Holy Sprit. The mess I have been seeing is all from the flesh!

I’ve seen videos of dance night where people are in church dancing to the devil’s music, I’ve seen videos of people fighting in church, cursing in church, in church dressing inappropriate, and many other things NOT conducive to being a Saint of God. Yet, people want to say your judging. The ONLY people saying you’re judging are those who are trying to serve God and the devil, because true Saints of God will never be okay with such foolishness. True Saints will stand firmly on the Word of God and they won’t uphold wrong!

I’ve seen far too many people claiming to love Jesus who are liars, deceivers, and plain false. They always want to say your judging. How can you judge someone on something Jesus has already set as a requirement. We can’t live any way we want and have a seat in the kingdom. Salvation is free, however that doesn’t mean people get to live any kind of way. It means Jesus already paid the price by dying for our sins. We can freely choose salvation, it’s a personal choice.

People want the notoriety of being associated with Jesus, but they aren’t willing to let this world go to obtain a true relationship with Him. They simply want others to believe they are living for Him when they know it’s a lie. You may fool someone, but you never fool Jesus! If a person can’t understand that, then they know nothing about the Word or Jesus!

I will forever believe the reason people want to pretend is because they are still in the world doing things the way the world does them. The only reason a person will play with Jesus is because they don’t believe in Him. They say they do, but they really don’t. There’s no way on earth a person truly believes yet continues to live any kind of way. No way! If a person truly believed there is a God sitting high and looking low who know all they would live accordingly. Many don’t because they really don’t believe. Bottom line!

Jesus loves us so much He wishes for none of us to perish. Each day we are above ground is another chance to get it right with Jesus. People aren’t because they are too busy doing the work of the devil. They are still thinking, feeling, and acting worldly while trying to hide it from man. How sad is that, when Jesus sees your every deed. No matter how wicked people of this world are becoming many still don’t want to be fully submitted and committed to Jesus. News flash: if you’re not fully committed you’re not committed at all. You’re either for or against Him!

We don’t know when we will take our last breath. I don’t care how we leave this world not one single person knows when their last breath will be. People still running amok as if they are here for ever. I get it when it comes to people who haven’t chosen Jesus, but for those who claim they have and are living any kind of way; I’m here to tell you that you haven’t chosen Him either. Don’t mess around and die while sitting trying to straddle a fence that doesn’t. By the way; even if it did exist it wouldn’t do you any good, because you’re either for or against Him there is no in between!

Following After the Flesh or the Spirit


People it’s time to get it right! Many people claim to love Jesus, yet they are still following the flesh. It doesn’t matter the lies people tell others or the lies they tell self Jesus knows the truth! No one can fool God the Father or His Son Jesus! The games people are playing will lead to damnation if they don’t get right with Jesus. Many choose to remain more focused on living deceitful lives full of lies rather than to commit and submit to Jesus. Sadly they are at risk of damnation/hell. Nothing a person does is hidden from God. The Father and Son knows all!

People are ignorant by thinking they can fool Jesus. A person will either follow after the flesh or the spirit. Whoever or whatever they love most it is what or who they will follow. A pretender (a talker not walker), will always talk one thing yet do another. With them anything goes, they are okay with whatever! They are hypocrites who mock and mimic true Saints of God and God Himself! However, the truth is always shown in the walk; either it will be straight or crooked. Pretenders will always be revealed by their walks, because the flesh will overcome and reveal their true character. The junk inside will come out. The truth prevails!!

A person who is about the business of Jesus will walk after the spirit through the good, bad, and the ugly! They stand boldly on the Word of God out front and behind closed doors. They talk and walk it! They have personal relationships with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! They have daily prayer lives and they read and study the Word! Their focuses are discipleship and Heaven/eternal life!

A person walking after the flesh is a pretender and they willfully and easily conform to the world. They are like ships without sails and petals in the wind. They speak and behave worldly, because they are not the new creatures they profess to be. They are double minded. They seek value and approval from man and they worship him too. They seek gratification of the flesh (sex, fame, fortune, material prosperity, notoriety, money, to be worshipped), etc.

Either you’re in or out! If you’re walking after the flesh you’re out! You can either be for or against Him. No one can have it both ways. Good or bad we will all someday be rewarded for our choice; which will be Heaven or hell. People who think they are getting away or not getting away! Pay day is coming after while!

Through it all Praise and Worship


I wanted to write a few words of encouragement for someone. Whenever you are going through; no matter what it is, the best way to go through it and to get through it is by stop focusing on self and simply give God the praise.

Sometimes we forget how to be thankful for all things and in all times. Some people have the tendency of taking their focus off of the King and putting it on self. When we do this, we lose focus altogether and then we are dwelling into the devil’s playground. The devil wants us to stop giving God the praise when we are going through, because then he gets the power you’ve given him and the victory. We must continue to give him praise and worship even when we feel we have no strength to do so, because our strength comes from Him.

There are oftentimes when people want to throw in the towel. They want to give up, because they have started putting all of the focus on self. They can’t see past their situations and it blinds them. Through it all give him praise and worship. When we take the focus off of our problems and start believing Jesus to be who He say He is we can begin to see through our storms.

I know it’s hard to do, but as Saints of God we must continue to trust Jesus and believe His Word is true. He left us the Holy Spirit to comfort, lead, and guide; and therefore we are never alone. We will have our share of problems, because no one is exempt, but if we keep our eyes on the King, they too shall pass. We have the victory in Jesus!

I felt this in my spirit and I wanted to share with someone who may be going through or someone who have gone through and forgot to stay focused on the King. I too at a point in my life became lost in my pity party (whoa it’s me). However, I began to realize and understand through the midst of it all I have to trust Jesus. I learnt to give Him praise in the good times as well as the bad. I realized the more I stop being selfish in my thinking it strengthened me when I gave Him worship.

The next time you’re going through or if you are currently going through don’t make it about you. When we get lost in our feelings it sometimes pull us away from Jesus and He doesn’t ever want this to happen. The devil rejoices, but remember the devil is a defeated foe under our feet. It’s easy to get lost in what’s happening and lose focus because people want to worry about what they are going through, they get lost in their thoughts and feelings, then other things start happening (depression, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, addictions), etc, it’s not of the King. It’s all because of losing focus.

Through your sorrows, troubles, trials, tribulations, confusion, hurt, and pain continue to keep calling, praising, and worshipping the King.

Blessing to you, you, and you!!

His Purpose was Specific


I wanted to address something I’ve seen over and over. I have written on it a little in the past. One thing some people do really irritates me is when they use their talent for singing on platforms for the world in a worldly way then think it’s okay when they switch it up and throw in a gospel song during their concerts. God has NO part in that mess! I don’t care how good you sound God still isn’t in the midst of that mess. To know Him is to love Him and keep His commandments.

Some people think because they sound good and they are very emotional when they sing they are anointed. NOT so! You can’t have it both ways. You’re either for Him or against Him. You can’t love the world and love Him too! You will love one more than the other and the one you love the most is who you will serve! If it’s not Jesus, then you’re against Him.

I’ve seen people do this time and time again. They want to in their words “go to church” while they are doing concerts for the people of the world. Lie, lies, lies! Jesus has no part in that mess! This is how people of the world think. They think they can switch it up when they sing. Well, you can’t! You can’t be double minded in ways of doing and thinking. One minute you’re worshipping the devil, then you want to stop and worship the Lord. Get out of here! I don’t care who you are what you’re doing is a mockery in the face of the Lord. He isn’t pleased or impressed.

Many people honestly think they can do anything or live any kind of way and it is alright with God. It isn’t! He has given us guidelines for living. He didn’t say we can have it our way. We must live a particular way, no other way will work. I didn’t say it or make it up, it’s in the Word of God!

People get caught up in their talents and their emotions and start to believe they are anointed. No sir, no ma’am! It is NOT the anointing. I don’t care how good you feel or how good you make other people feel, it is NOT the anointing. As I’ve said, when Jesus went out amongst the people he did it for a specific purpose. He didn’t do it to partake in what the people were doing. He did it to minister every single time. His heart and mind was always on God and nothing He saw or heard made Him waver.

These people I’m referencing in this post are people who intentions are to party it up and enjoy the world and NOT to bring people to Christ. However, because they can sing and get very emotional while singing they always have the tendency to use Jesus name in vain during their performances. You CAN’T serve both Jesus and the world! Period, point blank! Stop thinking because you call His name or you sound “churchy” it’s about Jesus. It is NOT! Stop all of the faking and pretense, because if you were about our Father’s business you wouldn’t be singing in the devil’s house for those who aren’t on the Lord’s side. Stop fooling yourselves and stop letting people fool you to believe you’re anointed. The thing is; we can do what we want to do, we can surely have it our way, but we certainly have a price to pay for it!

Stop playing with God! A few months ago a very young man I knew of (32) died during a concert. He was singing at a gospel concert and died right there on stage. When I heard about it all I could say is I pray he was living what he always sung about. He’s coming back for us all, He didn’t say how or when. If we are about His business we have to live it and not just talk about it. We can’t be double minded in our doings. People must get right with God before it’s too late. Time is running out! Many call on His name so the ears of others can hear and their eyes can see, yet; they aren’t living for Him. Guess what? It’s all in vain. It will be too sad, if He catches you with your work undone!

Relationships With Everyone Other Than Jesus


People make every relationship they are involved with more important than having one with Jesus. Every day people are getting into relationships with individuals many of which aren’t good for them. They go above and beyond for their relationships, yet they have no relationship with Jesus. People are concerned about relationships with their bosses, co-workers, creditors, significant others, family, friends, and others in general. Yet they have no concern about having a real relationships with Jesus.

There are many people who have lived this way for so long until it’s habitual. They focus on their relationships with everyone else, but don’t give time or thought about having one with Jesus. Sadly many of those who say they are Saints of God are guilty of this! They don’t know Jesus, they don’t have prayer lives, and they don’t give Jesus any of their time.

Many people go to church faithfully. Matter of fact I’ve heard many say how guilty they feel if they miss church. It’s sad how concerned people are with what others say about them missing church, yet have no concern about their relationships with God.

People go faithfully to church Sunday after Sunday without ever developing a relationship with God. Many don’t even know Him. A lot of people think because they go to church that’s all it takes. They are very wrong! Before anything at all a person has to accept the Lord as their personal Savior (Romans 10:9). No man or woman on earth can save a soul. They can usher those who choose to Christ, but Jesus does the saving.

We all must read the Word for self. The Bible doesn’t say try the spirit by the spirit. It says “try the spirit to see if it’s of God.” Those who don’t know Jesus or have a relationship with Him won’t understand this, because their eyes are on the creature and NOT the Creator. Many are being deceived, because they lack a relationship with Jesus the Son and God the Father. Instead of the Holy Spirit leading; people are being led by the word of man and NOT the Word of God. They are led by the feelings of their hearts. They are moving on emotions.

There’s nothing wrong with having a good relationship with the other people. However, when individuals are living to please others and are worshipping them they are wrong. It’s more important for many people to have these relationships then for them to have one with Jesus.

Nothing a pastor, boss, friend, significant other, family, or anyone else do or say will stand. The ONLY thing that will last and stand is the Word of God. If people don’t understand then they are liable to fall for anything and many have, because their eyes are closed. There’s no greater relationship then having a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!