To Know of Him and to Know Him are Totally Different


Many people know of Him, but they don’t serve Him. Many claim to know Him, and love Him, yet are trying to serve two masters. If you know of Him, but don’t serve Him that is your choice. It is also your choice to claim to know Him, but still serve the world as well. In this case you still don’t know Him, you only know of Him.

To know of Him means you heard or read about Him (somehow you were told, normally it’s through traditional ways). To claim to know and love Him, yet still living for the world means you only know of Him. You can’t have it both ways!

To know Him and serve Him means you keep His commandments. It means for God and Jesus you live and are willing to die! It means you live for Him and you are only on ONE side and that’s the side of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. it means you have a daily prayer life and personal relationship with Him. You understand although you are in this world, you are not of this world. That’s the difference!

All of the people who are trying to intertwine the ways of the world with Jesus in ANY way are wrong and Jesus doesn’t dwell in them. No way possible! Too many are jumping on the band wagon to mix and mingle the world with the Word of God. All I have to say is this; you can do whatever it is you want to do, it won’t EVER work! God didn’t intend for it to be this way.

People are confused, therefore they fall for anything. Those in positions of power within the churches who are doing this are confused about their stance with Jesus Christ. They are telling people it’s okay to bring the world into the churches and do all the things the world is doing. It isn’t! If as a child of God I can do whatever I want to do, when and how I want to do it, why do I need to serve God? That is NOT the way it is supposed to be.

People want a burger king style life “have it their way.” This is how you can live when you’re NOT living for Christ. When you are living for Christ, your life is no longer your own and you will understand it. You don’t want to be a part of the world even though for the time being you must dwell in it. You are intentional in your comings, goings, and in your doings.

Those who trying to put one foot on both sides are TRULY only fooling self. They are delusional! If both feet aren’t on the side of Jesus, then you’re on the other side, period! You can’t serve Him when you want to and you can’t mingle and play around with the ways of the other side. You must come completely off the other side and onto the side of Jesus to live for Him. There is NO OTHER WAY!

Stop being fooled by the stuff you’re hearing and seeing and get to know the Creator for yourselves. If a person don’t truly know Him they will be easily persuaded and deceived. I was looking at the mess about Beyoncé Church Mass, I shook my head in disgust how people who claimed to live for Jesus partook in such a mockery of Christ. Trust and believe that had NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ in no form at all! You can’t mix the work of the devil with God’s work and it be okay, because it is not!

I already know people will say I’m judging, I am not! Read the Word for yourself. You cannot, I repeat, you cannot serve Jesus and be a part of the devil’s work at the same time. Bottom line, you’re either for Jesus or against Jesus, you can’t have it both ways. If you’re against Him in any way, then you’re against him, period! He’s rather you be “hot or cold” which means for OR against Him then to be “lukewarm.” Why? It’s because lukewarm is a figment of the imagination. Even if a person chooses lukewarm, they are choosing cold!


2018 Time to get it Right With Jesus


Happy New Year. I pray those of you who know the Lord our Savior and Father God that you join me in praying for the world. Things have changed so much over the years, but remember God is unchanging. I don’t care how people try to change Him, He’s unchanging. When people serve other gods they are like leaves in the wind. They change according to what’s going on. As discouraging as it can be, remember God sits high and looks low! No matter how it looks He is still in control. Don’t give up on God, because He hasn’t given up on you. The devil is on his job trying to kill, steal, and destroy as many as he can. He’s a liar and a defeated foe!

Those who say they are Children of God yet are flip floppers and double minded people it’s time to walk the talk. Everyday we live we get a day older. It’s time to be who and what you claim to be. Trust me nothing you do is pleasing to God, I don’t care if you think it is, it isn’t. We must serve Him with honesty and truth. He have no use for lukewarm people! People who are lukewarm, double minded, flip floppers, wishy washy, teeter totters, or whatever you call it; aren’t doing anything other than risking losing their souls. Their ways of living are in vain.

If it stings, it’s better to sting now then to cost you your soul later. If it’s upsetting, it’s best to check yourself now then to be checked by the Master later and bound in hell.

I’m not the judge or the jury nor am I trying to be. However, I am here to speak the truth. Accept it or not! Jesus has already given us guidance by the way of the Word and the Holy Spirit. Those who truly choose Him choose His guidance! It’s only a problem for people who say they choose Him, but their actions tell the real truth. It’s 2018 it’s time to get it right. All of the pretense, mimicking, and lies need to stop. You can’t hide anything from God, nothing at all! He knows all your schemes, tricks, and lies.

People who say they are children of God yet are living something else. Your living is in vain!! Stop seeking richness and fame and start to truly get your hearts and minds on Jesus the Son, God the Father, and allow the precious Holy Spirit to guide you! There’s no greater richest than to be a part of the one and ONLY true Royal Family!! Some of the wealthiest people in this world have NOTHING, because they don’t have Jesus. Fame, fortune, or material things has no place in the Kingdom of God. People need to get it right before it’s too late!

If you made it to 2018 and you see today, this is another chance to submit and commit completely to the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. This could very well be your last chance. On what a person think is a healthy day they could die. No one is exempt!

Immeasurable Peace


This is not for everyone to understand. The true understanding comes when you really have a everyday connection with Jesus the Son, God the Father, and the precious Holy Spirit. This peace is available to those who are about the Father’s business and not our own.

Personally the first thing I started noticing was how people no longer affected me negatively. It didn’t happen overnight; it happened over time. I didn’t stop loving them, I simply took back the power I gave them to hurt me or cause confusion in my life. Sometimes it means separating yourself and in the midst it definitely means putting up personal space, emotional, and mental boundaries against all others. When you stop making things about you or other people and focus on King Jesus, things begin to be quite different. I stopped allowing others to take from me first what they didn’t give and secondly what belongs to me; which is my peace, joy, and happiness.

To obtain this type of peace a person must be sincere, honest, and consistent in their walk. You may fool other people, but you will NEVER fool Jesus! Anything less is vain talking and walking. NO ONE can truly serve Jesus if they are double minded, wishy washy, lukewarm, or trying to straddle a fence that doesn’t exist!

You can not and will not grow spiritually if you have a relationship with Jesus when you feel like it or when it’s convenient. A person can’t ever receive what He has for him or her when they are living this way. People choose to live an on and off relationship with God when He’s forever unchanging with us! Every last one of us knows we do not like people who constantly flip flop. They are untrustworthy, inconsistent, and unstable when it comes to loyalty and commitment. What do you think God feel about people when they are constantly this way with Him? He leaves people to do their thing, my prayer is they don’t die in the midst of doing their thing!

We can’t be indecisive people when it comes to whom we choose to serve. We must be very decisive and consistent in our choice until it becomes a lifestyle. Too many want to pick and choose parts of the Bible to live by. You can’t, you must live by it all! People want to pick and choose when it’s feasible to act Holy. No, you must live the life 24/7, day in and day out! We must keep our hearts and mind stayed on Jesus. We also must keep on the full Armor of God.

People who don’t believe they can live a Holy life; won’t! As simple as that! I know without a doubt we can if it’s what we choose. In striving to make it to Heaven it’s not always easy, but I promise on this journey we become stronger and stronger. Our troubles will come, but they will also go. As we grow we become these new creatures in every way! Things begin to fall off, because we shed the old ways and thank God things become new! This is will we begin feeling this “peace surpassing all understanding.” When the people of the world seems to running amok we know God is still in control.

As people we bring a whole lot of our problems on ourselves by the choices and decisions we make. Although many claim to live for Jesus they are still being led by the flesh. You can’t have it your way and do it God’s way! It doesn’t work like this. None of us will EVER reach the potential He has for us until we surrender all! Then and only then can we experience this immeasurable peace! Love to all!!!

Stop Trying to Make God What He Isn’t


Many people try to label Jesus everything other than what and who He really is to us. Jesus is the Son of God who was given to us by God the Father. He was God’s only begotten Son who died for our sins. He’s everything! He’s love, peace, and joy! He died for our sins so we don’t have to die, but unfortunately many are still on a road of death and damnation due to their choices.

There are many who try to make Him things He is not and has no part in or of. People want to do everything they want to do even when it’s wrong and still claim they are living for the Lord. He’s the Author of Peace not drama, chaos, or confusion. He’s love NOT hate, hate has no part of Him. He’s peace and joy NOT unhappiness, worry, doubt, etc. He’s everything that’s good and holy and acceptable to the Father. He’s not the many things some of us try to make Him to be to appease self.

In these days and times people want to label Jesus as things He’s simply not! They do things and throw the name Jesus in it and think by this it makes it right. Not so! People want to do any and everything out of order, yet they think by putting the name Jesus in the mix it gives them a pass. Not so! People think it’s okay to do whatever they want and then add a little Jesus in it to make it valid. It does not!

In my opinion it’s because people don’t want to give up their ways or the ways of this world. They want to pick and choose what they to consider as holy and righteous. They act this way in front of one person, that way in front of another, and so on. As I’ve written and said many times before this will get a person nowhere, but a ticket to hell.

If a person is going to be a true Saint of God, be a Saint. It’s either that or the other choice, those are the ONLY two options. The sometimes Saint won’t EVER get you into the “Glory land!” The sad part is if people die while they are in the midst of being “lukewarm” hell will be their eternal home.

One thing for sure is as true Saints we must keep our hearts and minds stayed on Jesus. We must walk daily by faith and NOT by sight! We must without a doubt believe Jesus is who He say He is and that He is the Son of God. We must decrease so He can increase in us. Until a person completely surrenders there is no place in Heaven for them! It sounds harsh, but it’s better to sound harsh now, receive it and change; then to die and live the realization of hell.



Today I am writing about each of us. I am writing to help someone understand something important. For those of you who believe in God, but know you’re not truly serving Him this is for you. Many in this world believe that because they go to church Sunday after Sunday, sing in the choir, work on the usher board, pay tithes, preacher, teachers, motivational speakers, bishops, are deacons in the church, holding different positions under different titles etc. etc it will help them to make it into the Kingdom. I’m here to tell you it won’t.

Stop believing you will get in because of what you do, because most people are doing it to be pleasing in the sight of man. Nothing matters if your heart and mind isn’t right. If your mind and heart isn’t changed nothing you do or have done will make a difference.

People must stop fooling themselves. Every single thing you do God knows. Everything you do in the dark or in what you think is secret; God knows. He knows your heart and He knows your thoughts. I don’t know why people continue to think they’re hiding. You’re not!

Your heart and mind must change. You can be saved all day, but if your heart and mind isn’t right, you being saved has no merit. I’m not trying to judge, and I didn’t make it up, God said it. He paved the way and He told us how to live. Many glorify man and they live to please him.

When your heart and mind has been renewed a change has taken place. You don’t desire to do the things you once did. The things you do will be from your heart and no longer to please man, they will be to please God. Your thoughts of everything will be different. You will constantly stay focused on being pleasing in the sight of God, it is what will keep you on track. You will be conscious and aware of your doings, sayings, comings, and goings. Until your heart and mind change you will profess Him from your lips but your hearts will be far from Him. It is why people will continue to live any kind of way and think they will have a seat in the Kingdom. To think this way is clear indication a person’s heart and mind aren’t right.

When your heart and mind is right your focus will always be on Jesus first. I’m not saying you will be reading the Word all day long, but you will be committed to reading it. I’m not saying you will be crying hallelujah all day and saying praise the Lord all day, but you will have a praise in your heart all of the time. I am saying there will be true conviction and true change. You won’t see or do things the same. There will be a change in you. You can’t do what you once did and you won’t have the desire to. You will understand everything against God will have to cease. You will look back and realize how God has kept you through your mess. You will cry out to Him, because although you didn’t realize it; He was there all the time. He protected you from dangers see and unseen when you know you were deep in your mess.

Too many want to do any and everything they choose, but they want to say they’re living for God. Lies! There’s no way. You can’t go to church on the Sunday and drunker than a dog on Monday through Saturday. You can’t continue to satisfy your fleshy desires (adultery, fornication, etc) or partying like a rock star up in the club and going to church on Sunday and say you’re dancing for Jesus. Some of you could get Emmys and Grammys for your church performances. You can’t be singing for Jesus and the devil both; that’s not serving the true and living God. Many of you claim you do it to reach the younger generation, etc. Lies! You do it because you’re straddling the fence. God isn’t listening to that excuse. It doesn’t work that way. You’re fooling yourselves. Not one time did God bow down and do what man did to get His point across. Not one time did He change to please man. Man do it, because they are straddling the fence.

God said “if you’re not for me, then you’re against me.” Point blank, there you have it! It’s in the Word, I didn’t make it up. You can keep fooling yourself if you want to. No way you can have a true personal relationship with the true living God and doing things against Him at the same time. You’re fooling yourself but when your heart and mind has changed you will see the light and you definitely will get understanding.

The bottom line of it all is I’m praying that you get it right and seek God while you can. Get on His side and stay there, because the ways of this world is going to become worse. Nothing but the Word of God will stand. If you don’t know if for yourself and have it in you, so sorry for you. If you read this and get mad, it only means I’m talking to you; about you. If it hurts, good! I’m trying to help somebody. I can’t save no one, but I can tell you about a Man who can save EVERYBODY. He doesn’t want anyone to perish.