Red Flags of a Catfish Scheme


I know people are looking for love where they can. That is partly the problem, people are looking for love in all of the wrong ways, with all of the wrong people, and in all of the wrong places.

I realize online dating works for many people, but you MUST use common sense when online dating. People truly show you who they are whether it’s behind a computer screen or face to face. The main reason people miss the signs and cues is because they are allowing their hearts to lead. They are being led by feelings and emotions. They look past all of the imminent signs present, because of what they are feeling. They are consumed by what they perceive is love and it’s all they see.

Online dating isn’t the problem. The problem is the people who are partaking in the online dating. If you are led by what you’re feeling, you’re being led by the flesh. This means you’re led by your feelings, emotions, desires, and wants. If you thought about what you truly needed you would think twice about your situation.

No matter how many people have lost their lives or been affected in some way through online dating, people still are doing it. I’m not saying online dating is all together bad. It works for some people. What I’m saying is use common sense and caution. If you go in with your eyes wide shut, you will be consumed by your feelings and emotions. You will have to deal with the consequences!

Anybody who has been dating a person for months and years without ever seeing the individual this is a red flag! If every time you want to meet up with them, skype, Face Time, Facebook messenger, or see them in some way in person and they’re always unavailable, this is a red flag. There are many ways to see a person through different apps if not in person. If you decide to meet up and they don’t want to in a public area, this is red flag. Never invite someone to your home nor give them the address.

If you’re having to send them money, this is a red flag. A lot of scammers ask you for money right away. They always claims deaths or accidents. I don’t care what excuse they give, you should have common sense not to send a stranger money. It’s a scam. They know you’re vulnerable and they are playing on your emotions. They know, because many of you tell your life history and all they’re doing is building a solid case to deceive you with the ammunition you freely provided to him or her.

If you google their name and someone else pops up, this is a red flag. If you’re going to use social media online dating, there are many ways to see if you’re dealing with who you think you are. You have to put in the time to research. You can google images, accounts, and other things to see if something fishy is going on.

If you never get to talk to them it’s a red flag. Sometimes it could be an indication it’s someone you know or they simply don’t want you hear their voice for some reason. Sometimes people are foreigners and they know you will hear the accent.

If they are telling you they love you and whispering all the sweet nothings to you right away, this is a red flag. They are telling you what they know you want to hear. They are giving you exactly what you told them you wanted. They give back to you in a very deceitful way what you freely provided to them. They use it against you to manipulate you into believing they really care for you to get out of you what they want.

If they want information from you about personal things, yet never provide you with any, this is a red flag. They are fishing to find out as much about you as they can to play their game right.

I’ve always said and written, when an individual love his or herself, they will be very careful who they allow into their lives. They aren’t eager or desperate for love. They aren’t controlled by their feeling or emotions. They see things for what they are and they have the sense to get away from a relationship that has red flags!

Unfortunately many miss the signs because they are caught up by their feelings and emotions. Being led by feelings and emotions put many in dire situations, they shouldn’t of ever been in. If people do not open their eyes to the truth they will continue to be victims of the Catfish scheme!



Alright, before I get started let me say although I don’t think online dating is a good way to meet someone, it does occasionally work well for some people. Let’s called those people the “exceptions to the rule.” Okay, now that’s out of the way. This post is about people who fall head over heels for individuals they’ve never seen or know at all. You ever seen the television called “Catfish?” It’s based on a real event. This type of thing happens every day.

There are many people who go online to meet others. The scary part is you don’t know with whom you’re communicating. I think anyone who goes online to meet someone should first consider the consequences of their actions. There is no telling what or who you will encounter. It’s taking a major risk and most times someone ends up with a broken heart or worst (dead). You set yourself up for absolutely anything.

I think the worst part of it all is how many give their entire hearts and souls to individuals they don’t know at all. The world is full of mess. There is a lot of craziness going on and a lot of crazy people doing it. When you sit behind a computer and converse with another person you have no clue who you’re conversing with. You could be chatting with a murderer, rapist, pedophile, lunatic, among a host of other types of people. Yes, it happens.

Your intentions could be good, but you don’t know the intentions of the other person. Often times you’re not conversing with who you think you are. People lie! They lie in your face, imagine what many of them do behind computer screens. For anyone to give their heart to someone behind a computer screen before ever meeting the person and getting to know them in my opinion is immature and ridiculous.

Some people are online like it’s a job. They’re at the computer from sun up until sun down conversing with someone who’s posing to be someone they’re not. People are providing their entire life stories while the individuals on the other end are soaking it up for their own personal gain. People have been raped, murdered, robbed, identities stolen, and you name it behind meeting individuals on the web.

I’m not dissing the sites or the people who use them, I’m only trying to bring awareness to those who go on these sites. Some of you are too desperate and eager for love and you’re seeking love by any means necessary. This isn’t a good thing. Some of you are pouring your hearts out to complete strangers who are seeking loopholes to prey on you. They listen to your stories and make you feel connected to them, but the whole time they’re trying to figure out how to gain something from your weaknesses.

Too many of you are giving out far too much private information, when you really shouldn’t be giving any. This is a big risk, especially in these days and times. There are many out there sitting back waiting for someone like you to come along. Someone who’s lonely, sad, unhappy, depressed, needy, etc..etc. You’re opening your lives up to these strangers whom you can’t see or most times talk too; as if you’re an open book. You talk with individuals but it’s not with whom you think. You get pictures, but it’s not from whom you think. Next you think you’re in love. This is sad and absurd!!!

Some of you send money to people on the other end of the computer screen. If someone asks you for money, that alone should be a red flag. Unfortunately too many of you doing this are oblivious to reality. You’re only out for self gratification. You think you love the other person when you have no clue who the other person is. Red flag! This is a red flag not only concerning the other person, but also concerning yourself. It’s a major sign something is wrong with you!! You’re falling in what you think is love and when the truth smacks you in the face and into reality you have the audacity to be heartbroken and distraught. What do you expect? You seek out and fall in love with someone you don’t know at all. The person you’re conversing with make excuses as to why they can’t see you. You believe everything they say. They make themselves available online, because they’re seeking whom they can devour. Oh yes, it’s true!

Some of the individuals on the other end of the screen are confused individuals who’s seeking love, just like you. Think about this; you’re falling in love with a complete stranger who you desperately want to meet, but can’t. Unbeknown to you they’re carrying as much; if not more baggage than you. What do you have? A big hot mess!

I know some have done this and it has worked out, but more have and it has not. As I said in earlier post, if you don’t know yourself how do you think you’re going to figure out someone who will not meet you or in some situations you can’t talk with. THIS IS SIMPLY FOOD FOR THOUGHT.