Raise Your Hand If You Can Say Yes


I pray people get some understanding from this post. Please read it even if you have to read a little here and there until you read it all. I keep hearing some people take offense to the BlackLivesMatter movement. Let me be clear about something! Stop being ignorant, these people who are protesting knows all lives matter. Come on! AllLivesMatter without a doubt! The movement isn’t about wanting to be superior or racist, it’s about bringing attention to a lifelong fight of racism and inequality against the Black race! Black people would be worst than any racist if they didn’t think all lives mattered. For people who misconstrue what is meant by the movement it would be laughable if it weren’t so sad! Use common sense please!

I’ve also heard some people say they can’t support it because some gay people initiated it. That is downright ridiculous. You’ve missed the whole point of the movement? I’m flabbergasted at people’s ways of thinking. To support the meaning of the cause doesn’t mean you’re supporting their sexual preference. Sometimes people are too ignorant in their ways of thinking. Use common sense please!

I’ve heard people talk about Blacks killing Blacks as if Whites don’t kill Whites. I agree Blacks need to stop killing Blacks. I believe the Black race should protest about it with just as much energy that’s use in the BlackLivesMatter Movement. However, that’s different than what the current movement is about. The movement is fighting against racism and inequality. It’s about police brutality, equal justice etc.

Lastly yes there’s been rioting and looting. However, all eyes and blame are always on Black people when Blacks in many cases aren’t the ones who started the rioting or looting. People don’t want to face this truth. Another truth people fail to face is the terms thugs, savages, bullies are always used against Blacks when racist people to include some police officers are the ones who act like thugs, savages, and bullies. Same type of behaviors were displayed against Blacks during slavery (when Whites looted, rioted, murdered, raped, during and after slavery. They also destroyed Black businesses, communities, and stole their inventions after slavery was supposedly abolished, etc, and so forth).

Laws that weren’t meant to include the very people who help build America needs to change to include Black people, laws need to be put on the book to call hate crimes based on skin color a crime punishable under the law, the KKK needs to be labeled a terrorist group and therefore banned, equality should be across the board in all areas, racist people needs to be terminated from all positions, all racist names and antics needs to be banned, people who call the police on Blacks because they are Black for non emergency things should be held accountable and fined, etc

As I move forward with this post, I ask you to search your hearts and truly be honest and think about what I am asking. Then, please in the presence of yourself raise your hand if you can say yes! This post is for racist people who hate Blacks on the basis of their skin color.

Can you say you’re a descendant of slaves? Not all Black people can either, but you get my point!

Can you say your race of people constantly have to face discrimination, prejudices, racism, and inequalities?

Can your race of people say you get the same treatment as Blacks when it comes to the justice system?

Can you say your race of people are constantly called derogatory names such as Black, nigger, nigga, gigaboo, spook, colored, monkey, etc, because of your skin color?

Can you say your race of people are always being told to go back to Africa- a place the majority never been, just because their race of people at one point were slaves? Not all Blacks came from Africa.

Can you say your race of people at one point where slaves and to this day it’s always something to remind you of it?

Can you say regardless of the many races of people your race is the most targeted?

Can you say people think your race shouldn’t be in the United States because of their skin color, when they have every right to be here?

Can you say you’ve been denied certain opportunities because of your skin color (positions, pay, titles, access that others have, etc)?

Can you say your race has been fighting against racism and inequalities for more years than anyone alive is old?

Can you say when you’re in the store you’re followed around based on your skin color?

Can you say your race of people constantly get the police called in them for simply living their lives?

Can you say people assume you can’t afford something based on the color of your skin?

Can you say you’re profiled by the police due to your skin color?

Can you say police officers pull guns on you almost immediately when they see you?

Can you say your ancestors for many years were hung, beaten, ostracized, murdered, stripped of everything, forced into chains, raped, forced into unpaid labor (taking care of the families, raised their children, cooked for them, took care of their homes inside and out, tended their fields, etc, built homes, built the slave owner homes and businesses, etc), homes where burned, crosses were burned in their yards, graffiti, racial slurs, and symbols were spray painted on home then and now, everything they acquired was stolen, children were taken-murdered etc, families were ripped apart, etc?

Can you say your ancestors where sold as if they were commodity?

Can you say you have faced inequalities in schools to include colleges based on your skin color?

Can you say your race of people are the only race who no matter the so called research statistics shows your race is the worst in absolutely everything such as (health, deaths, in prisons, in poverty, health issues, on drugs, on welfare and other systems, etc)? This alone tells you something when out of all of the races the Black race is the worst every single time, something is wrong with that picture. It’s a form of continue oppression, degrade, and belittling.

Can you say your race of people are constantly scrutinized, discriminated against, stereotyped, etc?

Can you say you see more police brutality to your race than any other?

Can you say there are negative signs, symbols, and monuments all around to remind you of slavery and racism in some form or fashion?

Can you say people paint their faces to mock your race?

Can you say your race built a lot of America way back when, but a lot of history isn’t in the history books? Many people still don’t want to accept this very important and profound truth!

Can you say your race of people’s true history (other than slavery) were never put in the history books even though it existed and is a part of history?

Can you say when the laws were put into place hundreds of years ago your race wasn’t meant to be a part of it?

Can you say your race at one point and time were separated and segregated from others because of your skin color?

Can you say your race experience/ed years ago and today in some towns and establishments signs saying your race of people aren’t welcomed due to the color of their skin?

Can you say your race of people is more accepted during voting, sports, etc than any other time?

I can go on and on. Moral of the post is for people to understand what the movement is about. Some Black people don’t even understand. They think because they haven’t been called a derogatory named due to the color of the skin they haven’t faced discrimination and it’s very sad! This post is for people to understand why Black people are fighting for equality and against inequalities and racism faced all of the time in some form or another. It’s not to put Blacks on petal stools or any of that foolishness. It’s to raise awareness to what has taken place for more years than anyone alive is old. Some people are over 100 years old. So what does that tell you? I hope it tells you the Black race has been fighting the same fight for years. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and many others fought. It doesn’t mean what they did wasn’t meaningful or powerful. They did some great things, but it didn’t stop racism.

Racism is learned and it’s ugly. It comes from a nasty cold heart. Racists people don’t really know what love is no matter what they think. They are embedded in every profession there is out there. It’s terrible! Racists people have negative ways of thinking and it keeps them stuck in the negativity. They make themselves modern slaves due to their own ways of thinking.

The only race God cares about is the Human Race and if He intended for ANY race to be superior He would have made them superior. He would have made a difference so profound it would be undeniable, but He didn’t!

Racist people don’t want to own up to the truth. Their ancestors came up on the backs and shoulders of the slaves. Why? Think about it, if the slaves didn’t exist how would the racist people and their families have made it? The slaves did absolutely everything for them. I heard a pastor name Giglio out of Atlanta said it shouldn’t be called “white privilege” it should be called a “white blessing” because basically of what I wrote in the beginning of this paragraph. I am glad he acknowledged that truth! However, it is never a blessing when you treat people so horrible and deplorable for your own survival. One thing about it is those slaves drew strength and power from all of those adversities and managed to rise despite it all!

I believe it should have been considered a “racist man’s lesson.” Unfortunately they didn’t learn it back then or now. The lesson was then and still is today, no matter what you do Black people will be here! When they tried to beat them down, kill them off, drag them down, oppress them, etc they still rose! Black people became everything the White man didn’t want them to become back then and today. They are powerful, resilient, strong, creative, intelligent, brilliant, and all of the other good things. Despite the tragedies they have always been loving and forgiving.

Negative people are in every race. All races have crimes on the same race, murderers, poverty, people on welfare and other systems, liars, cheaters, thugs, etc. It is not limited to Black people. It affects ALL races. No race is exempt from the good, bad, and ugly. The thing is just as they did back in slavery and today racists people are still racists without a clue as to why. I was NOT a slave, neither was anyone I know. You wasn’t a slave owner nor do you know anything about slavery other than it existed. Yet people want to be racists over a history they have no clue about. If racist people knew the real history it would break many of their hearts, because they think it was one way when it was the complete opposite. Black people are a huge monumental part of history going way beyond slavery. They rose above and beyond slavery. They put an imprint in history no one can take away.

Stop the unwarranted hate. Learn how to love yourself so that you can learn to love people of all races. There is no White man, there is no Black man. Those terms were used to represent what people thought of the White race and the Black race. White signifies power, pure, superior etc. Black signified by the White man as nasty, dirty, inferior. Both are disgraceful! There is no superior race and I don’t care what people think there isn’t a pure race. We all came from the same source, therefore we all got a little bit of other races in our individual DNA. There’s nothing you can do about it!

Learn how to love and accept your fellowman and fellow woman regardless of their skin color. No one asked to be born in the skin they’re in. Some White people want to be Black, some Blacks want to be White. The problem isn’t the skin color, the problem is the individual and their wrong ways of thinking. It’s a learned negative way of thinking, feeling, and acting. It’s very sad! If you can’t love the skin you’re in it means you don’t love yourself. You can’t ever find peace when you can’t love yourself or love others. Hatred is learned, but it can also be unlearned. It depends on you!

How do you Know if you Love Yourself


It is always shown in how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat you! Sometimes people don’t realize they don’t love self. They actually think they do. When you allow foolishness in your life, there is a problem with you! You may not want to accept this truth, but it’s still the truth.

A lot of times a person don’t want to spend time with self, but they think other people should want to be with them. You must learn to spend time with self. Alone time teaches you EXACTLY who or what you are! You know you better than anyone else. When no one else is around, it leaves you with who you really are! Either you grow to be a better person or you choose to stay the same. It depends on you! It’s a decision only you can make for yourself!

You can fake and pretend with other people, but you know the real you! You can run and hide from folks, but you can’t from yourself. There are many things in life that happens to us involuntarily. We didn’t ask for it, but it happened. No matter what it is or who was involved it doesn’t define who we are or who we become unless we allow it.

We must learn to love self despite of anything and everything! When we do it changes the course of our lives. It opens our eyes to the truth. We see things differently, because we think differently. Junk you used to carry around you will let go. Junk you used to take you will no longer take.

Life is about you! It’s not about what others do, say, or act. It’s about how you let those things affect you! People can’t crush your soul if you don’t allow them too. They can’t take your power if you don’t give it. When you learn to love yourself it’s a game changer!

The problem I’ve found with many people is they lean and depend on others too much. They give people their power by seeking happiness, love, peace, and joy in those people. This can have devastating results! If you’ve lived long enough then you should know the one’s you love the most are the ones who can hurt you the most if you allow. No one can possess your power if you didn’t freely give it for them to possess. People who hurt you are also individuals who are hurting in some form or another. Like you, they too need to learn to love self.

People will always have something to say. When you give your power they will talk about you, when you take back your power they will talk about you. Guess what? Let them talk, they will do it anyways! I guarantee you that you will feel much better and the joy, peace, love, and happiness you used to seek in others you will find in yourself.

When you learn to love yourself people will see it in you. They will see the change. They will see your strength. They will know they can’t treat you any kind of way. They know they will have to move along with their shenanigans. Some will not want to be around you at all. They don’t like the change in you, because they are still unhappy with what’s inside of them. It’s okay, it’s your life not theirs. You will no longer base your happiness, peace, love, or joy on anyone other than yourself.

No one can love you if they don’t love self and you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself. It never starts with the other person, it starts with you!

We The People or We The Particular People


It is sad and embarrassing the ways things are going in our country. I thought everyone had the same goal; which is caring for and loving America. Instead, people care more about tearing one another down. I feel American is being torn apart because of those who aren’t standing for American, they are standing for a Party and skin color. This is very sad!

This country is divided and people are filled with hatred. Sadly many are racist and don’t have a clue as to why. Racism is ignorant, but the icing on the cake is to be racist without knowing why. People are going along to get along. They hate people on the basis of their skin color because of what they were taught somewhere down the road by someone. They don’t try to change the negativity or break the negative cycles, they continue with the same negative mindsets. It’s more prevalent today than ever. Sad part is no matter what anyone thinks or how badly they wish it were so, there is no pure race, we’re all mixed with something either a little or a lot! It’s a fact!

The country is divided from the top down. I don’t understand why it’s about the Party and skin color and NOT the people of America as a whole. United We Stand Divided We Fall is very true and it is clearly seen. We are too busy bickering, back biting, pulling down, pushing down, and tearing down one another. It’s horrible!

This also proves what I’ve said and written for years. No matter what position a person holds, what’s in the heart will come out. It’s evident today. We don’t seem to be able to show love to one another in order to get along in peace and harmony. The devil is definitely busy, but people are willfully allowing all of the chaos. They are accepting the chaos and getting on the band wagon of foolishness!

No one race is better than any other race, all races have a certain caliber of people. No political party is better than the other. All parties should be about uplifting America instead of division and breaking it down. People should be ashamed of what they are showing the world and the younger generation. We should come together and stop the bickering! That is the ONLY absolute irrefutable way to truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! It will not happen the way things are going. There is too much division. There is too much hate and not enough love. Love will always conquer hate and fear, but sadly many have lost their way by trying to following people who are clearly showing them things other than love. People are at all cost too fixated on trying to be a part of a particular group versus trying to spread love so we can all come together as one. Loving others is the greatest Commandment! <

We must do better. We can't do it until some mindsets change. When people change their mindsets their hearts will change in the process. We need more love, peace, and harmony. There is foolish, selfish, and senseless killings every day. We need more love! If things continue as they are things will only become worse. I pray for our country. I hope you do too!

Your Inside Issues Causes Chaos Outside


This post is intended for anyone who can relate regardless of status. People must learn not to worship others. All the time and energy put into loving, praising, and worshipping other folks, a person should put into learning to love self. One thing most fail to realize is the people they worship have their individual issues too! They aren’t perfect and they seek the same things everyone else seeks (whatever they consider as peace, love, and happiness). It’s crazy how individuals are worshipped because of who people think they are!! Just because individuals are followed, researched, worshipped it doesn’t mean you know them. As I’ve said before, sometimes people want so badly to be someone when that someone they want to be wants to be someone else.

Many people will do anything to become known. People chase the fame, then they can’t handle it once they get it. People will do anything for what they think is love, only to find themselves in unbearable relationships. None of it it won’t or don’t change what’s inside. What’s inside always comes out if it’s not dealt with; and despite who you are it will ruin lives and relationships.

This is why many people succumb to drugs, alcohol, and a host of other things as a way to cope. People already have issues inside, yet they are chasing fame or trying to maintain their fame, recognition, approval, or most of all love. A lot of people become known only to find out it does absolutely nothing to change their life long issues. It’s the same with people chasing after love, they get what they assume is love and realize it’s not love at all. All of the pressures add to the issues they’ve already been dealing with. The notoriety or relationships doesn’t take away the pain inside. It doesn’t fill the void inside. What’s inside spoils everything else if it’s not attended to and will always affect an individual’s life.

People allow themselves to be put up on pedal stools they shouldn’t of ever been on, when they see it’s hard to stay on those pedal stools they can’t deal with it. They can’t deal with maintaining their pedal stools, rejection, or ridicule from the world, so they turn to different ways to cope. This normally intensifies their current issues.

People who are chasing after love find that trying to maintain their relationships is much harder than they ever imagined. It too intensifies their current issues causing them more stress and more problems.

People think the change of scenery, new people, new places, new positions, new statuses, money, relationships, etc, etc, will help. No, it won’t! You can have everything brand new it will not work when you’re still the old you!!!!!

I encourage anyone who is dealing with lifelong issues to work on resolving them before they pursue love or anything else in life. No one can hide from self. If the old you hasn’t changed, no matter what happens in your life your issues will spill out and wreak havoc. You can’t love anyone effectively if you don’t love yourself. You can’t be happy in any situation if you’re not happy with yourself. Those issues will always manifest and show up in your life whether famous, successful, average Joe, rich, or whomever or whatever you may be!

When You Need a Break Take One


As I like to sometimes say Superman and Wonder Woman do not exist! None of us are exempt from stress overload. We must listen to what our bodies are telling us. Sometimes people try to push through only to find themselves on the brink of breakdown. No one is exempt!

Stress can cause a lot of things to go wrong within the body if left uncontrolled/managed. Uncontrolled stress will cause havoc in your life. It can mess with the entire body if not managed. If it’s not handled it will surely handle you. If it gets to this point, then it’s gone too long unmanaged.

I know some people think they can do it all. Let me tell you; no one can do it all! You may think you can, but it catches up to you. No one is exempt from experiencing stress. We all do! However, how much you have can become unhealthy. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through if you need a moment to breathe; take it! Sometimes people tend to go and go, because they think life stops if they stop. They think their homes, families, jobs, etc can’t function without them. I say, mess around and die and see what happens!! Life goes on! Stress is real and it can cause us harm if not managed.

We all deal with stress to some degree. A lot of it is unnecessary stress people do to self due to bad choices and decisions they make. Another reason for stress is the inability to say no! Some people run themselves raggedy day in with the hustles and bustles of life; until they run out of steam (mentally, emotionally, physically). There are many stressors in life which can be good or bad things (promotion or demotion, new job, marriage, relocation, divorce, medical issues, relationship issues, your environment, your social circle, etc). People have to alleviate those things which are causing them stress overloads. To help reduce or alleviate stress sometimes may mean walking away from people or things. It always means taking time for self. You must know when to re-charge!

There are many people who exist, but aren’t living. They don’t enjoy life. They work themselves to death never enjoying the fruits of their labor. It’s crazy! All they care about is work, work, work! They neglect their relationships with everyone to include self. They don’t take time to “pick or smell the roses.” If people aren’t working at a job, they are busy trying to take care of and please others in some facet. Bottom line they run themselves to points of exhaustion.

Take time for you! When things seem a little tough take a breather. Always take some time for yourself! Take a moment away from it all in whatever way you can. Start today by setting boundaries and allowing absolutely no one to cross them (family, friends, others). This could mean something simple as quiet time for you and only you (long hot bath, walk in the park, long drive, reading a book, personal get away or whatever you need to do to get time for self). It’s very important to do and for goodness sake don’t feel guilty about it! If you set boundaries and do not waver, people will respect them!

It doesn’t matter if you have children, husband, significant other, job, or whatever; you’re no good to them when you’re no good to yourself. Learn to take care of yourself! Learn to take the breather you need! You only have one life to live.

Praying the Least When it Should be the Most


There are a lot of people who get discouraged and want to give up on God, because they don’t see their prayers being manifested. When some people can’t see a breakthrough they become discouraged. Jesus knows what’ best for you and I assure you, He may not come when we want Him, but He’s always on time! His time isn’t ours, His ways isn’t our ways, and His will for us is different from what we want for ourselves. He knows what’s best for us, because He knows what we need! He knows most of us are led by the flesh, (because many speak of Him, yet hearts are far from Him), therefore they seek after the flesh, versus the Spirit of God. People declare they are strong, yet they are week, because they aren’t walking by Faith. We must walk by Faith and not by Sight! We must love Jesus more than the world!

Most people want things to happen right away; it’s the human part of us. However when you’re a Saint of God, you must know “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; evidence of things not see.” No matter what; we must believe deliverance and breakthrough will happen.

The Bible tells us to “pray without cease.” When some people are going through they become more overwhelmed by their situations. They become consumed by their problems allowing doubt to set in. This is only a trick of the enemy whose job is to kill, steal, and destroy. As a Saint of God we should never doubt God; for He’s a God who can’t lie!

As Saints of God we must hold on, because the Word says “the race isn’t give to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end.” We must stay in the race. We should always pray (morning, noon, and night). I believe through the tough times we should pray even more, because the devil knows when we are struggling and he’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to mess up your mind. If you let him in, he will definitely try to take over.

Personally I know the struggle is real. It gets hard sometimes on this journey, because it can be lonely. Remember, when friends and family walk away, Jesus the Son and our Father God will never leave or forsake us. Keep pushing towards the prize!

I can truly say when I feel some kind of way, I start praying in the Spirit and not once have the Holy Spirit forsaken me. Every single time the Holy Spirit shows up and make me feel better. We have to trust Jesus and God to be who they are!

The devil don’t want us to feel peace, because we are against him. He wants to attack us left and right, because he’s the author of confusion. It’s alright, because whatever he does to us, God has us through it all. We all will go through, but remember our struggles come to make us, not to break us! We must stand firmly on the Word of God. Don’t give in to the enemy. Trust Jesus. Pray, pray, and then pray some more! Tell yourself it will be alright, “this too shall pass!” The trying times makes us stronger and stronger if we don’t give in to the struggle.

Love Isn’t Love When it’s One Sided


Why are you crying over someone who doesn’t want you?????????????????????????
Why are you taking up space in your mind pining over someone who has let you go?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I guess I’m made different from many others, because I don’t want anyone who doesn’t want me.

There are a lot of men and women who are stuck, because they are still messed up over someone who walked away. If a person wants to walk, let them walk! We all have the right to do so! When a person is caught up in their feelings they forget they’re not in a relationship along. They only think about how they feel, what they want, and desire. They never think about what they actually need. This is why people find it difficult to let go.

You can’t force anyone to be with you. If a person wants out let them go. There’s nothing you can do to keep your man or woman with you if they really want to go. People cheat because they want to. They cheat because of what’s inside of them. No matter the issues a relationship has, cheating individuals will cheat because they want too! Stop crying and losing control over someone who doesn’t even care.

If people get out of their feelings they can see the truth. Love yourself enough to not allow people to dictate your happiness. Love yourself enough to be able to stand alone when the one you love doesn’t love you. No matter how much you love a person or how much you give a person, if they don’t love you nothing you do will make them love you. They may love what you do for them, but it doesn’t mean they love you!

Many people render themselves powerless to people who don’t care less! Individuals must learn to look past feelings to see the truth of what is really happening. It’s a wonderful thing to be in love with someone, but if that someone isn’t in love with you you’re treading treacherous waters.

Life goes on! Loving yourself gives you the understanding of what love is. It empowers you with the ability to let go anyone or anything from your life that is trying to take your peace, happiness, and joy. Stop trying to run in the direction of someone who is running in the opposite direction of you!

As I’ve always said, “people get in relationships and stay in relationships for the wrong reasons.” Your love is null and void if the person you love doesn’t love you. That isn’t a relationship! A person will stay with you for the benefits you offer (security, sex, material things, etc, etc). However, it doesn’t mean they love you. Stop trying to buy people’s love, because you will NEVER have enough money to do so! You can have Steve Job’s or Oprah Winfrey’s money, but if the person you’re with do not love you, no amount of money will make them love you or stay with you.

As for cheating, there are always signs. Anyone who says there aren’t are blind to the truth. I don’t care how subtle, the signs exist. People can ignore them, but they still do exist. When a person is caught up in their feelings they are blind to the truth. Yet, the signs still exist. As humans, we put ourselves in bad and unhealthy situations for lack of self love. When a person doesn’t love his or herself they fall into many unhealthy situations because fact is they can’t see beyond their feelings and emotions.

Trust He’s All You Need


I know in life some days are easier than others. If anyone says everyday is great, they are lying. We all have good and bad days, but in the midst of the bad days, God is still good! Many people add to their problems by the choices and decisions they make. There are a lot of people who are broken and sad. Many of them want to give up, but I encourage you to hang on in there.

Although His time isn’t ours, He doesn’t think like us, He’s still an on time God. He doesn’t always come when we want Him, but He’s always on time. He didn’t say he will supply our want’s but He did say He would supply our needs. A lot of people don’t know what they want, they continue to make bad choices and decisions, but God and His Son Jesus knows what we need.

God gave His only begotten Son Jesus and He’s everything we can ever imagine or think we need. He’s love when we feel no one cares, because many don’t have support or people to love them, He always loves us. Man’s love is conditional, however; the love of God and His Son Jesus is unconditional. He’s shelter in the time of storms, which doesn’t necessarily mean physical shelter, but it means spiritual shelter/protection. He’s our water when we are thirsty, this doesn’t necessarily mean running water, but the water of life from the depth of the well of water He supplies so we thirst no more.

He’s a friend to the friendless, a mother to the motherless, father to the fatherless, and so forth. He’s our first, last, beginning, and end. He’s our all and all. He’s our wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and many great things we all need. He’s a healer in our times of sickness, He’s our Comforter through the Holy Spirit. He’s peace when things seems a little much, He’s joy, that’s why you should never let anyone take from you what they never gave you in the first place. Many people feel lonely because they get all into their feelings, but we don’t ever have to feel this way because we aren’t ever alone.

I can go on and on, but I hope you understand what I am trying to relay. He is everything we need. It is up to us who say we believe to trust, lean, and depend on Him. Everything we ask for isn’t necessarily what we need, trust that Jesus knows what’s best for you. Stop getting angry with Jesus, because when you do you’re allowing the flesh to lead. When you’re angry with Jesus you’re allowing the devil to steal your joy. Believe Jesus to be “the Great I AM, because that’s exactly who He is.

No one ever said when you live for Jesus your life would be trouble free. We still go through, but instead of trying to fix your situation trust and believe Jesus got it! He can handle it if you turn it over.

Immeasurable Peace


This is not for everyone to understand. The true understanding comes when you really have a everyday connection with Jesus the Son, God the Father, and the precious Holy Spirit. This peace is available to those who are about the Father’s business and not our own.

Personally the first thing I started noticing was how people no longer affected me negatively. It didn’t happen overnight; it happened over time. I didn’t stop loving them, I simply took back the power I gave them to hurt me or cause confusion in my life. Sometimes it means separating yourself and in the midst it definitely means putting up personal space, emotional, and mental boundaries against all others. When you stop making things about you or other people and focus on King Jesus, things begin to be quite different. I stopped allowing others to take from me first what they didn’t give and secondly what belongs to me; which is my peace, joy, and happiness.

To obtain this type of peace a person must be sincere, honest, and consistent in their walk. You may fool other people, but you will NEVER fool Jesus! Anything less is vain talking and walking. NO ONE can truly serve Jesus if they are double minded, wishy washy, lukewarm, or trying to straddle a fence that doesn’t exist!

You can not and will not grow spiritually if you have a relationship with Jesus when you feel like it or when it’s convenient. A person can’t ever receive what He has for him or her when they are living this way. People choose to live an on and off relationship with God when He’s forever unchanging with us! Every last one of us knows we do not like people who constantly flip flop. They are untrustworthy, inconsistent, and unstable when it comes to loyalty and commitment. What do you think God feel about people when they are constantly this way with Him? He leaves people to do their thing, my prayer is they don’t die in the midst of doing their thing!

We can’t be indecisive people when it comes to whom we choose to serve. We must be very decisive and consistent in our choice until it becomes a lifestyle. Too many want to pick and choose parts of the Bible to live by. You can’t, you must live by it all! People want to pick and choose when it’s feasible to act Holy. No, you must live the life 24/7, day in and day out! We must keep our hearts and mind stayed on Jesus. We also must keep on the full Armor of God.

People who don’t believe they can live a Holy life; won’t! As simple as that! I know without a doubt we can if it’s what we choose. In striving to make it to Heaven it’s not always easy, but I promise on this journey we become stronger and stronger. Our troubles will come, but they will also go. As we grow we become these new creatures in every way! Things begin to fall off, because we shed the old ways and thank God things become new! This is will we begin feeling this “peace surpassing all understanding.” When the people of the world seems to running amok we know God is still in control.

As people we bring a whole lot of our problems on ourselves by the choices and decisions we make. Although many claim to live for Jesus they are still being led by the flesh. You can’t have it your way and do it God’s way! It doesn’t work like this. None of us will EVER reach the potential He has for us until we surrender all! Then and only then can we experience this immeasurable peace! Love to all!!!

Standing on Your own Oftentimes Means Standing Alone


I wanted to encourage someone this morning who may be going through their moments of feeling alone. I realize for some it seems like a lifetime, but I’m here to tell you you’re not alone, there are many people who feel like you. I’ve been there myself time and time again. However, for me I know who stands with me through it all. I know to the natural eye I look alone and if a person is caught up in that, they will feel alone. I know I’m never alone because spiritually I’m always surrounded my God’s love. I know the Holy Spirit is there as my comforter and my guide. It’s hard for a lot of people to comprehend and really I don’t expect them too, especially if they aren’t on that type of spiritual level.

Remember, no matter what you’re going through do NOT lean to your own understanding. No matter what it look or feel like do NOT lean to your own understanding. Trust Jesus to be exactly who He say He is, and when the going gets tough; keep right on praying, trusting, and believing! We wasn’t put on this earth to have a peaches and cream day everyday. We are going to have some hard times. During those times hold fast and strong to your faith in God and in yourself!

I’ve been different all of my life, I’ve felt an outcast all of my life in many situations to include work, church, family, and friends. I love all people, but all people don’t love me. I honestly don’t care who it is I have NEVER ever allowed it to hinder me or cause me any form of stagnation. I haven’t always been as close to Jesus the Son and God the Father as I am now, but even when I wasn’t and was too immature to know it; He had me covered! He kept me time and time again! Through my darkness times, He was there for me, loving me, and keeping me strong EVEN when I didn’t know it was Him.

If I was the type of person who relied on others for my joy, peace, and happiness I would have given up a long time ago. Thank God Almighty He made me the way He did. I thank Him for given me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding even when I didn’t know what it was He had given me. I only sensed being different.

I’ve been around people from all walks of life both in country and out of country, yet I’ve never been one to conform to others to be a part of the group. If you like me fine, if you don’t fine. I don’t give anyone or anything the power to cause me pain and suffering. I know exactly how to let go and let God work it out for me. Trust and believe I’ve gone through enough to be angry and full of pain, but thank God Almighty at an early age I had this something inside of me that kept and made me strong.

To anyone who may need this on today, stand tall and know that NO MATTER what you’re going through you’re NEVER alone. If being alone is what you’re focused on and if it’s what’s always on your mind you will most definitely begin to feel some kind of negative way about it. It will cause other issues for you, issues you don’t need.

I think it’s VERY important people do not lean and depend on others to a point of breakdown if the support isn’t there. Individually we must learn to stand on our own and believe in self. There will be many let downs by others. There will be many days we aren’t supported by others. If we don’t allow others to dictate our happiness, joy, peace, then they certainly can’t take it from us!! Stand, EVEN IF IT SEEMS YOU’RE STANDING ALONE!