Afraid or Ashamed, Then you Don’t Know Him


As a true Saint oftentimes you will have to stand alone. If you’re afraid to stand alone, then you should check your walk. If you’re afraid to speak the truth, then you should check your walk. If you’re afraid now, I feel sorry for you, because what’s coming will shake people to their core, so if you’re unable to stand now, you won’t be able to stand when your faith is truly tested. This is why many will fall away! Things in this world are not going to get better, they will only become worse.

Many people will walk away, because they aren’t ready for your lifestyle. Let them walk! No matter how hard it seems, how it looks, how it feels, stick and stand on the Word of God! Those who walk away are supposed to walk away, they aren’t good for you anyhow. Those people will sometimes be family and friends. You all know I’m an advocate of loving them from a distance. You help them if they need help, but you keep it moving. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Keep praying for them!

People must learn to activate and work the power Jesus has given to us all, if we believe, accept it, and use it. It’s like anything else, the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. Don’t worry about what those around you will say or is saying. Live your life in a way knowing without a doubt you’ve secured your seat in the Kingdom! People will do all kinds of things against you; still stand on the truth and the Word of God!

Times are at hand! God is showing us signs and wonders He promised would be coming. People still are choosing to act as if it’s all a big game. It is not a game, yet people are playing games with their lives they will NEVER win! People freely live their lives against God, yet for the devil; when the devil cares nothing about them. The devil is doing what he’s here on earth to do (kill, steal, and destroy). He already knows his seat is designated in the pits of Hell and his plan is devised where many will foolishly choose to accompany him there. He can’t put people in Hell, people choose hell on their own. The devil just trick people into it! He is the father of lies and deceit. He’s seeking whom he can devour and he’s doing exactly that! He make things appear good, but ANYTHING against God isn’t good or good for you!

The Bible says “watch and pray and it also says “guard your heart.” My prayer is Saints of God stand on the Word of God and live for the truth! Don’t be afraid, because there is no fear in Jesus. Don’t be ashamed, because He said “if you’re ashamed to own me before man, I’ll be ashamed to own you before my Father in Heaven. Bottom line, either you’re for Him or against Him. There’s no such thing as a closet Saint. If you think there is, then THINK AGAIN! If you’re sugarcoating, watering down the Word, and pretending for man, then you’re NOT a true Saint of God! “A house divided against itself will fall!”


Tricks of the World or the Treat of Jesus


I’m writing about my pretend saints. People are playing a deadly game with their lives. They are constantly talking about how much they love the Lord. They are good at quoting scripture, but not living by it. They seek the pleasures of life, but what they are failing to understand is living for the pleasure and not the treasure; the consequence is death.

People are still in bondage even though they are faithful to going to church, paying tithes, and holding positions in the church. They are still in bondage because they aren’t living the Word. They are hearers, but not doers of the Word. They are playing the game of trick versus treat with their lives. They want to do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and with whom they want to do it. They don’t fully grasp the consequences for their playing is death.

The trick is the games people play for their pleasures in life. They are influenced by the tricks of the enemy, because Satan wants as many souls as possible for hell. He can’t put you there, but he can influence you enough to go against God to do all you want to do even when it’s wrong. The outcome is death and hell. Sadly this includes many people claiming to love Jesus and claiming to be Saints. They do anything for self gratification and satisfaction of the flesh (sex, fame, fortune, money, addictions, titles, etc). The sad part is if they don’t change and give up this ole world, they will miss the greatest treat of all; which is Heaven and seeing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

People have the right to choose what they want, but they must know it’s one or the other, it can’t EVER be both. They can continue living for the trick or they can start TRULY living for the treat. How these people are living doesn’t fool God, He knows and sees all the tricks played. There are NO secrets under the Son!!

Any person NOT living according to the Word of God knows they’re not living according to the Word of God. People know what they are doing when they are doing things against Jesus the Son and God the Father. If they are cracking open the Word and reading it OR if they are hearing it through a sermon they know what the Word says. You can’t serve two Master’s.

I don’t care how much people think they are doing right, if they are doing things against God, then they are NOT right! You can’t party with the devil then party with Jesus. People think they can sing gospel and sing R&B or whatever too, NO you can’t and I don’t care what singer says you can they are liars and NOT living by the Word of God. It’s not right and it’s against God. You can’t intertwine, Saints must completely separate themselves. It is not okay to be a someone who sleeps around or commits adultery and think you’re a Saint, you are NOT! You can’t say you love someone when in your heart you hate them or can’t stand them, it is not the heart of a true Saint.

I truly can write pages and pages. I already know many will think I’m judging, I’m not!!! I am trying to get someone to open their eyes to the truth. You simply can’t live worldly and be Godly, you just CAN’T do it! I don’t care if you’re a person in the congregation, pastor, apostle, bishop, evangelist, minister, reverend, or whoever; you CAN’T do it!

Today there are way too many people playing and pretending. They’re doing it for man. They are playing and pretending to be Holy in the sight of man. They get mad when you call them out, they say you’re judging. When the truth stings; it’s because it hits home. People feel you’re judging, but in their heart of hearts they know they’re doing wrong. They love the world more than they love God. They don’t want to give up the ways of the world. Instead they want to mix, intertwine, mingle, etc the world with Jesus when Jesus specifically says in the Bible this can’t be done. They are focused on satisfying man and his will, instead of satisfying Jesus and His will. Those whose concern is what man knows, sees, and hears INSTEAD of what Jesus and God knows, sees, and hears are against God, period! I don’t care how upset the truth makes people it doesn’t negate the fact it is the truth! I’m writing this because in love you in Jesus name! People can continue living to get their trick, but they will definitely miss the greatest treat EVER!

Do I think I’m perfect, no, I don’t. However, one thing I know that I know, that I know is I’m living for Jesus and I am making Heaven my home. I’ve lost people along the way who say they love me, because I don’t do what I once did, it don’t make me sad at all. My focus is Jesus for real, all of my games and playing is over and has been for about 10 solid years. I got saved at age 12, but I completely gave up the ways of this world 10 years ago. There’s nothing that would make me want to turn back. No matter what is before me I pray daily Jesus keep my mind and heart on Him. Everyday we all get to live is a new day we have to get it right with Jesus and our Father God. Don’t miss the opportunity and please don’t let it be too late!