Nothing or No One is More Powerful Than Jesus


This episode is from my podcast. It is my challenge for people all over the world to come together and unify through prayer. Prayer breaks strongholds and it makes the difference. The Bible says prayer is the key, faith unlocks the door! It doesn’t matter how bad it looks God is still in control. Keep your heads up and never give up! We will get through it, this too shall pass! Let’s pray!

Your Thoughts Can Be Detrimental


Many people are doing the unthinkable. I hate looking at the news because it is always showing nonsense. It’s always showing terrible things happening. Things never simply happen, things are done by a lot of lost and broken people. People who get to points of no return. People who get to this point are people who have premeditated their actions. They are people who took a lot of time to think about what they were going to do, before they did it.

This post isn’t just about people who do the unthinkable. It’s about people who allow the unthinkable to be done to them. It’s about people who make bad choices and decisions in their daily lives causing dysfunction and chaos wherever they go. It’s about people who are blind to their feelings and emotions. It’s about individuals who allow people and things to control them. I can go on and on. However, I hope you get the point!

I’ve stated many times how devastating and damaging it can be when people give power to their thoughts, things, or other people. Anything you give power to you can control you. The more power you give to thoughts you develop feelings behind the thoughts. The feelings will either be good or bad. When you hold negative thoughts then you will have negative feelings. The more power you give to those negative thoughts they put you in terribly negative mindsets.

Power you give to your thoughts can potentially control you giving intensity to your feelings, and your actions. People are brainwashed by others because they give power to others to control them. People are controlled by things because they give power to things to control them. People do this because they are led by their feelings and in fact are blind to the truth. They want and desire to receive something regardless of what the something is. Most of how people think, act, and feel comes from what’s inside of the core (what they lacked, how they were treated, who did it, etc).

When a person is lonely, hurt, angry, isolated, ostracized, rejected, etc they give power to their thoughts. Often those thoughts are of harming self or harming others. Sometimes people are angry due to rejection or unresolved past issues. They long to be a part of a group or to be with someone but when it fails they seek another group or someone else who WILL accept them. Unfortunately oftentimes these groups or people they become a part of are bad. They coerce the individual to do the unthinkable such as harm self, others, or both. This is the act of a person who is led by their negative thoughts and feelings. This is a person who give their power to their thoughts and other people to do the unthinkable. People play on the emotions of others. If they find the individual is at a low point they will swoop in and attack their prey with fake friendship, coercion, manipulation, lies, false promises, and deceit.

When a person haven’t dealt with their issues they are led by their thoughts and feelings. The more angry they are concerning those thoughts, the more power they will hold. When they continue to think on those thoughts it intensifies feelings which leads to actions of some sorts.

When it comes to relationships the feelings people have behind thoughts don’t necessarily have to be negative or about hurting or harming self or others. Those thoughts still lead them into negative situations due to their mindsets. Their feelings make them want whatever or whoever they want at any and all cost. People have found themselves in bad relationships because of how they feel. Thoughts fuels feelings. Some of the relationships have deadly consequences. Sometimes people find they are so unhappy in their relationships they become angry, full of resentment, anxiety, depression, some become suicidal or even homicidal. It’s because they’re unhappy people who land themselves in unhappy and unhealthy relationships.

The mind is powerful because of the thoughts it holds and the power people give to those thoughts. Thoughts leads to feelings. Feelings causes actions whether good or bad in any given situation. Individuals have the power to do the right thing, yet many of them give it away to things and people. They choose their feelings and emotions over doing the right thing. Negative states of minds is what most gravitate towards. Negativity is what they’ve become accustomed to. Many people continue down wrong and negative roads. There are always consequences!

Rewrite Your Story


Most people spend a lifetime telling their stories and showing how they’ve allowed those stories to basically destroy their lives. Although many move on in life, they remain stuck mentally. People subject themselves to life sentences of pain and dysfunction. Instead of choosing to change they choose to allow what they’ve gone through in their pasts to continue to disrupt their lives.

Anyone can choose a path different from whence they’ve came. No matter what a person has gone through or endured it doesn’t have to define or dictate the rest of their life. People have gotten to comfortable with the familiar. They want to blame their pasts for why they are the way they are. I’m here to tell you, you’re responsible for who you’ve allowed yourself to become.

Most people choose to allow the residuals of their pasts to be obstacles and stumbling blocks in their lives. They constantly resist anything resembling change. They would rather continue to blame, stay bitter, angry, and on the same paths rather then to rewrite their stories.

You can rewrite your story because it is your life. You can choose a different path to something new. You don’t have to continue to be bitter and angry. Whatever you went through has no more power than the power you give to cause you pain. The past is gone forever. Stop being confined by your mindsets and defined by your pasts. You have the power to change your ways of thinking and when you do it will change your lives.

It is exhausting and draining to always be unhappy and stuck in a negative mindset. Individuals have the right to be happy. I believe one issue is people look for their happiness in others. If you can’t find happiness within yourself you won’t with anyone else. Happiness starts with you, the individual.

There are some people who are filthy rich, but they aren’t happy. They have no peace or joy within and they’ve been the way they are for a very long time. There are some people with little or no money they also have no peace or joy within. It’s because they are too bothered by issues of their pasts. It is what they are fixated on. They won’t allow themselves to be happy. They have given power to their pasts and are held prisoners to their own ways of thinking, when they don’t have to be. For many it’s easier to stay the same then it is to change.

People get used to the dysfunction and therefore think it’s normal when it’s not. They live unhappy lives by choice. The sad thing is they don’t realize they have always been in their own way. They are their own worst enemy, because they are stuck in their negative mindsets. They’ve given power to memories of their pasts and has allowed those memories to cause chaos in their lives. They make bad choices and decisions when it comes to many things in life.

We all have the opportunity to change and if we do not take it our lives will surely remain the same. Blaming others or the past does nothing to foster change. Being confined and defined by your thoughts means you’ve given power to them to keep you as prisoner. Rewrite your story. Give nothing or no one power over your life. What you give power to controls you! Rewrite your story starting right now!❤️ You have the right and the power to do it!

Life Keeps On Rolling


Sometimes you lose a loved one through death, breakup, or divorce, sometimes you refuse to let go of someone who doesn’t want you; sometimes they die, but you refuse to move on, sometimes although abused and controlled by someone due to inner issues you stay; sometimes despite it being the wrong person and wrong situation you still proceed, etc. I can go on and on. No matter the situation when a person can’t live without another person it’s time to look inward.

Regardless of what; a person must be able to move on. When a person can’t move on there is something inside blocking their ability to do so. Those who cannot move forward has other issues that has caused this inability. Most often this inability occurred long before the relationship.

There are far too many people who depend on their significant others or oftentimes other people and when they are no longer there they aren’t able to function. There have been some people so devastated they take their own lives or at least contemplate it. There are some people who fall into depression because they can’t move on. Then you have those who can’t deal with rejection and they will take the life of the person who they supposedly love/ed.

The first problem is giving your power to others. Depending on others for your happiness is the wrong choice for anyone to make. I think it’s a bad decision to sit back while your life is controlled by someone else. I don’t care who they are, how long you been together, or anything else! It’s foolish! I know people who had losses due to death and they are absolutely dysfunctional. They don’t know how to do anything on their own, because they gave all of the control to their significant other who has now passed away.

Some people give their power because they think it will make their relationships work, they think it’s love. Other times it’s because they have been bamboolzed by someone whose intent is to lure you into giving up control. It’s done subtly and because of it people don’t realize they’re controlled until it’s too late. I’ve spoken to people who are controlled like animals but they still refuse to move on, instead they stay. All of it is due to unresolved inner issues.

If you allow yourself to be controlled you have a problem. You have inside issues affecting your ability to make good decisions and choices. If you’re a person who is doing the controlling, the same goes for you. It’s a big problem whether it’s the taker or the giver. Inner issues must be dealt with in order for people to heal and receive the strength they need to grow and move forward.

A lot of people feel comfortable given their power to others. They think it’s a form of showing love. I will say again this is a bad choice any way you look at it. People treat you how you allow. If you solely depend on someone then how you’re treated is what you’ve allowed. You lay the foundation whether it leads to being controlled, abused, or whatever)! You’re your own problem! One thing you can count on is if you give your power it will be taken.

It’s okay to grieve; whether it’s because someone died or because of a separation or divorce. However, if you can’t function because of it then it is a problem. If you don’t know how to let go you’re your own problem. Life stops for no one, it keeps right on rolling. Those who won’t move on only causes self more unnecessary issues. The fixing starts within. No one can do it for you, only you can do it. People need to work on self before entering into relationships. Show me an unhealthy relationship I’ll show you unhealthy people. Period!

There are a lot of people who think they love self, but their decisions and choices tell the truth! Most have no clue of what love is yet they seek it with passion. People do many things due to brokenness. They don’t deal with past issues in order to heal, grow, and make better choices and decisions. Things won’t change until they do. When you heal it means growth has taken place. However, it cannot happen if people continue to go through the same things over and over never making change an option! These days and times people accept how they are as if it’s how they’re supposed to be; when it’s not! Instead of seeking better they resist change, willfully choosing their unhealthy cycles. They keep finding themselves in the same situations over and over. This will always happen until the discovery of self love is made.

People don’t understand what they do to self when they give others power and control over them. It can be very debilitating, crippling, and sometimes deadly. I’ve seen it time and time again. If I haven’t seen it I’ve at least heard of it. It’s not love! It’s not love for yourself or the other person. People will do to you what you allow. Learn to move on!

The majority of people are afraid to be alone or afraid to start over. Oftentimes it’s both! It’s sad when people don’t realize when they love self the rest doesn’t matter. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying being with someone can’t be a good thing. It can!!! I am saying if its over it’s over! If you love yourself you will understand, but if you’ve given away your power this truth is hard to embrace.

If you’re going to love someone start with yourself! In loving yourself it allows you to see what’s in your face. It allows you to understand your power and control belongs to you and no matter who; you won’t give it away. It allows you the ability to move on with your life if people die or if a breakup occurs. It’s not selfish to love yourself. It’s absolutely necessary!

Addicts and the Choices They Make


This is a somewhat personal post. My uncle died just this week due to the affects of alcoholism. He isn’t the first of my family members to die due to this. My uncle repeatedly said he didn’t want to give it up, he wasn’t giving it up, and if it kills him it kills him. Guess what? It did just that! I am sad he’s gone, but he made his choice. He clearly made it.

I’ve always said people make excuses when it comes to substance abuse. First they don’t want to admit they’re addicted and second they often choose the substance over their own lives. I DO NOT believe it’s a disease. It can cause disease and illnesses. I DO NOT believe it’s genetic at all. I believe it’s a choice that turns into habit and then into a lifestyle.

I was upset at my uncle because we had many conversations about giving it up, but he strongly refused to although he’d been drinking 50+ years. He said he liked it and he didn’t want to stop. He said to me many times “I know it’s a choice and it’s what I choose.”

It’s beyond sad to know people give all of their power to substances. This isn’t genetic. If it’s genetic so is over eating, smoking weed, shooting up drugs, popping pills, snorting drugs, etc. No it’s not genetic it is a choice turned into habit. There’s absolutely no good in it.

People may get upset at me, but it’s okay. The truth is still the truth! As I’ve said many times anything you don’t control controls you! That’s anything! If you give your power it will control your life. It’s a choice to do it or not to do it!

If alcoholism was genetic then surely I should be one. It’s nothing I ever chosen. I never done a recreational drug in any form. I’ve always been too fearful of things like that. I never entertained the thought. NO matter what I went through I never chose it.

I know we all go through things differently in life, but at the end of the day whether good or bad; everything is about choices. Many people make excuses but those excuses doesn’t negate the fact the decisions are choices people make. Excuses keep people stuck and as prisoners to their wrong ways of thinking.

No person alive has to die due to alcoholism or any other form of substance, but many will if they continue to partake in the substances. The liver can’t take all of the abuse and the substance will eventually start to affect other organs within a person’s body.

People don’t realize once they develop the habit it will remain until they choose otherwise. This habit forms into a lifestyle which then controls a person’s day to day functioning. If you don’t have control the substance will have control over you! Addicts seek self gratification and when people are in this frame of mindset they have tunnel vision. Their main concern is for self. They don’t care how much it hurts them or their family and friends many addicts will still chose the substance.

Once it takes control individuals then find it difficult to resist. They give into it over and over not realizing the more they do the more it controls and consume their lives. I will repeat; NO ONE has to live with this issue. People can choose to let it go. It make take some effort, but it’s doable if it’s what a person chooses. Substances can’t miraculously enter into a person’s body, a person has to willfully take it. They have to consciously pick it up and ingest it. No matter what method it’s consumed it will enter the body. This CANNOT happen unless a person is a willing participate. I’m talking solely about an addict.

Life can already sometimes be rough, but when people choose to allow substances to take over their lives they make things even harder. It doesn’t only wreak havoc in the life of the individual it wreaks havoc in the lives of their loved ones as well. Addicts only see what they want! Sadly it’s about satisfying self no matter the cost. It leads to all types of problems (physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relationships, work, etc).

Substances aren’t your friend. They don’t do anything other than wreak constant havoc in your life. The abuse will ultimately kill you if you do not choose to change. Substances have killed many and has ruined the lives of many, yet people still choose them. People give substances power to control their lives, it becomes their kryptonite. Substances are pathways for demons to enter the body and most people don’t understand this. It magnifies existing problems while causing new ones. The biggest kicker of it all is substances can’t do anything without the help of a willing participate. Substance will lie wherever they are placed until picked up by the individual.

No one on earth can make me believe a person doesn’t have the ability to quit using a substance. If they want to they will, if they don’t they won’t. I don’t even care why a person started using; because ALL reasons are excuses. People want to blame their reasoning’s on everything other than the truth (it was their personal choice). I don’t care what was done to you, who done, or anything else; the choice to start using substances was/is a personal choice. We’ve all gone through tragedies and we all have stories we can tell but we all DID NOT choose to turn to substances. Some of us dealt with those tragedies and kept on moving through life. It’s all about choice, period!

If you can’t stop on your own then at least have the sense to seek help, because if you don’t it can possibly put you in your grave. My uncle knew it was killing him, yet he chose the alcohol. He had many chances to choose otherwise, but he did not. He chose the alcohol and ultimately it took him from this world. Please, please don’t let this happen to you. You have the ability to take back your power, you must believe it, and you must want it! You only have one life to live; allowing substances or people to control your life isn’t living. Only you, the individual can change this before it’s too late!

Power Given is Always Taken


I was recently talking to a group of people and it never ceases to amaze me the things people are going through. Most of what people go through they’ve actually caused by allowing it in their lives. You, me, nor anyone else when in a relationship has to take anything you don’t want to take from another person. Without a doubt people will always get what they allow.

There are many people who will take anything from someone in the name of their versions of love. The people I was talking to are actually allowing their significant others to control them. They have gotten into their relationships and lost self, because self was never priority. They think it’s love to relinquish their control and power to the individual’s they are with. This way of thinking is definitely caused by some type of brokenness.

As I’ve always stated, people who don’t heal from their issues which has caused their brokenness will continue to affected by what lies within. What’s inside is always stronger, therefore it interferes with what’s happening outside. It affects all facets of an individual’s life.

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want you is a horrible one to be in. Being in a relationship and in love by yourself is no love at all. Being in a relationship with someone who’s cheating on you, abusive to you, disrespecting you, controlling you, manipulating you, isn’t communicating with you, their only taking from you, etc. etc, is a terrible relationship to be in and it’s NOT love! Love has nothing to do with it!

People seek love in others when they don’t love self, which causes further discord in their lives. They give up their freewill and therefore are subjected to ill behaviors at the hands of those who claim to love them. Significant others mistreat who they’re with because they know it’s allowed.

No one has power and control over you in a relationship unless it’s the foundation you’ve laid. If you don’t think you’re deserving of real love you will never have it, because you won’t know it when it comes. True love starts with loving self. People who mistreat their significant others are people who have their own issues. What’s in you is always coming out!

Allowing your significant other to control you says a lot about your confidence and esteem. Many people who are going through it don’t believe it, it’s still true. It’s a great indication you should re-examine yourself because something is most definitely wrong. Not only with you, but also with the one you think you love.

You must learn to love yourself first. Loving yourself teaches you about yourself and it teaches you about others as well. You become careful of who you allow in your life. You’ll know your power belongs to you and no one else. You will know you never have to lose yourself to be with someone. You will learn that to love someone doesn’t mean losing self. You will know love isn’t controlling, obsessive, abusive, or possessive. You won’t settle and you learn spending time with yourself is awesome!

To anyone who’s dealing with this type of relationship; it will always be the same unless you decide changing is the only option. Find yourself through self love. Deal with your issues so you can heal from them. This will change your mindset and your life!

The Beautiful Presence of The Holy Spirit


It dwells in all who believes. The Bible says “faith without works is dead!” People talk real good, but they don’t walk it. We can’t simply be hearers of the Word, we must be doers as well. This is why many don’t believe miracles are happening today. They ARE happening, people must believe! Many people haven’t activated the power given to them from the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is to teach and guide us, but many aren’t connected due to their lack of faith. They are walking by sight and not by faith, because their eyes are on the world! When eyes are on the world and man, expect to be bamboozled into believing things that aren’t true! You’re blind into believing what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong! The Bible says “faith without works is dead and faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.” The only way you can understand is by walking it out through faith. Keep your eyes on Jesus and take it off of the world!

Brainwashing is a big part of today’s societies. People are coerced and persuaded into believing it’s okay to mock God and mimic the Holy Spirit. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirt, Jesus, and God the Father! A lot of people fail to see it as such, because their eyes are on man. Jesus will not trick, coerce you, or persuade you to choose Him. He wants you to come to Him of freewill. In this world they trick, coerce, persuade, encourage, entice, force etc to get you to do what is against the Lord. They will make it appear good to you, when in reality it’s not good to you or for you!

When you give your life to Christ your life isn’t the same. There is no way you can be a “new creature” doing the same old things. No way! You realize your life is no longer your own. Unfortunately many don’t get pass the milk into being the “new creature.” They choose to not move forward, because they start following man and not the Creator! They lose focus before they ever get started good, because they place their eyes on man! This causes people to lose focus and then sight of the true and living God!

The Holy Spirit dwells in us all, but it can’t work until it’s activated! The only person who can activate it is you, the individual. The Bible says we will be living in times where people will love the world more than Jesus. I see it every day! People are choosing the world over Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.
You can’t have one without the other. People are choosing their gods over the true and living God. This is why they disbelieve and have no faith in the power of healing and working of miracles in these days and times.

Jesus took all sickness to the cross. We are already healed! You must command it to be so in your lives. Those who don’t believe must activate their power through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in the Bible “we will be able to do the works He’s done and greater.” That tells you there is awesome power given unto those who believe. Isn’t that wonderfully refreshing news!!

People are walking around with their eyes on man. In other words, their eyes are wide open, yet shut closed! Their hearts has indeed waxed cold. Love has diminished. Through it all; I believe it will all turn around sooner or later. No matter what we see or how we feel; we must stay encouraged. We must stand without wavering! We must believe and walk by faith; not by sight! Jesus has given us everything we need, but it’s our choice to whether we accept it into our lives or not.

Many people are constantly searching for something (love, peace, happiness, friendships, belonging, etc). Everything starts with self. That means we must get in tune with self and Jesus! His Spirit dwells within us, because we are a part of Him! All any of us has to do is tap into the power given to us! Allow the Holy Spirit to do what it is meant to do in your lives. It will turn you into the new creature you should be in Jesus! You won’t see the world or people the same! You will see through the spiritual eye rather than the natural. If you don’t know Him I encourage you to get to know Him. If you know Him, but aren’t living for Him the way you know you should, I encourage you to do so. There is only one way! Either you live for Him or you don’t; there are no in between. Knowing of him and knowing Him is a great difference. Go on, tap into what Jesus has given to you and watch your life change!

Toughest Battle Is Against Your Mind


Everyone of us have mental battles we fight. It DOES NOT mean you have a mental illness. Society always call every incident a mental illness episode when it’s farthest from the truth. When a person doesn’t heal from their past issues those things can lead to forms of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, ptsd, sleep disorder etc. These can lead to suicidal and homicidal ideations or completions.

Mental battles are completely different from mental illness. As stated in the beginning we all have our mental battles. We all fight mental warfare, but in doing so a person must know it’s mental warfare. Knowing thoughts will come means you have the control to dismiss it or accept it. A lot of people struggle between doing right and wrong. It’s because when broken people haven’t allowed themselves to heal they hold in negative things which completely affects their lives. Those things affect how people think, feel, and act.

The power of the mind is something! However, a thought is only as powerful as the power you give it. I’ve seen people sabotage their lives over and over, because they can’t get past things. They dwell on old things and they allow those things to hold them back mentally. They may grow old, they may become successful, or they may have no ambition at all, regardless of what they become the way they are because they’ve chosen to hold on to junk. You can fool others but you can’t fool yourself. These people often don’t want to change because they are familiar and comfortable with their pain despite the destruction it has caused.

Our mind is a powerful thing. Yet, in writing this, I must say thoughts only have the power we give to them. The refusal or inability to let go keeps people stuck in wrong mindsets. Those wrong mindsets may ultimately lead to mental issues. If you consistently hold negative thoughts those thoughts will take over your life. They will cause chaos and dysfunction in your life. Negativity leads to stress, which when unmanaged leads to other things. Whatever you give power to can control you!

Dangerous Thoughts


People don’t realize the power they give to their thoughts. It can be very dangerous. It has proven to lead to unthinkable situations. We all think about things, sometimes those things causes fear to rise up. If people succumb to those thoughts then fear can take over.

There are people who think about their pasts and they allow those thoughts to control their lives. The actual experiences are no more, they no longer exist. However, due to the power people give their memories they allow the thoughts of those experiences to keep them bound to them for a lifetime. They live unhappy chaotic lives due to the power they’ve given to their thoughts. They can’t seem to let things go, instead they hold on to the negative thoughts as if there is a benefit to it. These thoughts are so real and present to them, because of the power they’ve given to them. The thoughts produce anger, bitterness, hatred, etc.

Many people meet individuals they are attracted too, but they don’t look at the whole picture. All they see is their interest. Most times they don’t care if the person is married or with someone. All they care about is the interest they have in the individual. They begin to think about the person, the more they think about the person the more power they begin to give their thoughts. They don’t think about the whole situation and this is why people find themselves in mess! They can’t see past what they are feeling, because of what’s inside of them and the power they give to their thoughts.

We all have heard many times of people committing unthinkable acts such as homicide, suicide, and a host of other things to self and to others. Do you think they woke up and said I’m going to do this or that today? Nooooo, they do not! It is something they have thought about for a long time. They probably talked themselves into and out of it over and over until they finally succumbed to it. Sometimes people are coerced into things. Other people put the thoughts into their heads, but they are the one’s who chose to let it fester into powerful thoughts that eventually take over.

Bottom line of this post is this; we all have thoughts. If I sat here and said we all didn’t get off the wall thoughts sometimes; I would be a liar. I get them like everyone else. However, I’ve never ever thought to kill myself, kill someone else, or harm anyone. People who go that far have unresolved issues which has either led them to be coerced or the issues have caused them to be angry, bitter, depressed, etc. Something caused the thoughts, but the individual is the one who fueled the fire giving power to those thoughts.

I thank God, when I get an off the wall thought, I know it’s off the wall and I put the devil right where he belongs. I never entertain any foolish thoughts. I instantly say that is foolish or stupid and I dump it as quickly as it came. What people fail to understand is they can’t control what will come, but they can control whether they entertain those thoughts or not! You can control the power you give to your thoughts. You can choose if you allow other people to put negative thoughts in your head. If you know it’s wrong then you shouldn’t entertain it or the people who try to plant them in your head. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for many. Many people are easily coerced, persuaded, and influenced to do wrong. People who choose not to control the power they give their thoughts, the power of their thoughts control them.

No Relationship No Power


A lot of people talk about loving Jesus the Son and God the Father, yet they have no relationship or real connection to the source. How do people think they will have the power given unto us without a real relationship with the Creator? It’s not possible!

There are plenty of people in this world who profess Jesus and the Father from their lips, yet they are living something else! Talking just to talk won’t get it. Doing things or speaking just to be seen and heard won’t get it. No one can have the power God has given us if they don’t have a relationship with Him.

Many people are missing out on their God given power and gifts, because they choose to gamble with their lives. You can go to church, read the Bible, be nice to people, love folks, tithe, give, go to Bible study, sing in the choir, etc, etc NONE of it will get you into Heaven! You can’t get to the Father without going through to the Son and you can’t get to either if you don’t have the necessary relationship.

Learning to mimic and mock won’t work! Matter of fact it is wrong to mock God. The very people you’re fronting/faking for has to stand before the Father on that Great Day just as you and I! The Bible says “every knee say bow to Jesus and every tongue shall confess to the Father.” That means no soul is exempt.

We are living in a satanic, demon, evil infested world. I don’t know why people still want to gamble with their souls. This world has nothing to offer but death.

Too many people are too busy trying to pretend to be something they know they are not. Sad part is the same people you’re faking in front of they are faking in front of someone else. Senseless! People are too busy trying to please man when man has no Heaven or hell to put them in. Yet, people still try to act one way in front of certain people when they know they are something else.

Time is winding up. It’s winding up for you, me, and everyone else. Every day we live to see we die a little bit. I mean physically! Everyday we are a step closer to death. We may transgress back to acting like children, but these bodies don’t go backwards they progress forward.

What do people need to gain from the world before they are ready to go all the way for the Father and the Son? Seeking after everything or anything else other than God leaves you with nothing, but being a lost soul.

Many people get emotions confused with the anointing when they are completely different. Many people get gifts and talents confused. Gifts are from God, talent is a whole other story (something innate or learned). Many people are led astray by their churches, leaders, and others; because they don’t have that personal relationship for self. They are too busy following everyone and everything other than God the Father and His Son Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is here to lead and guide, but it can’t when people aren’t willing vessels. You can’t walk in the Spirit with the Spirit when you don’t acknowledge the Father and Son. People must be all the way in; if not then they are out. Plain, simple, and to the point!