Sex Offenders Have Faces Like Yours and Mine


I know I recently wrote a post on sexual predators, but due to the fact I’ve heard a lot of it in the news this very week, I wanted to write another post on it. People have the tendency to shy away from subjects such as this. Go ahead and do whatever you please, but this is a very real problem in our world today. I am going to talk and write about it. Our children should be, must be, have to be protected. Child molesters/predators/offenders/rapist/ etc they look like you and I. It’s scary!

First of all let me make it known not everyone who is labeled a sex offender is one. People lie, that’s a fact! However, fact remains any adult who decides to have sex with a minor is WRONG. I don’t care if the minor looks like an adult in every way, they are NOT adults! Now that is out of the way, let me proceed.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit across from many sexual predators. So far I can say everyone of them had a story of once being victims. Remember the saying “hurt people hurt people?” Not all do, but many has in some form or another. It is NO EXCUSE! I have absolutely no sympathy for a person committing any form of sex act towards a child.

Babies are being raped. Babies! I’m talking infants. This is sick!!!! I just saw this week where 2 males raped a 9 month old. They don’t need any time wasting tax payers dollars. They need to be put in cages without a key. Toddlers and teenagers are being raped, molested, and acts of incest committed against them. This is sad! A man or woman who does this do not deserve to see the light of day, ever! There is no excuse for it, none!! I don’t care if they were once a victim. It should be reason enough you would never want to hurt someone else. However, many have, and many will continue to do so.

To be straight up honest, there seems to be a commodity for rape and molestation of infants and young children. Many people in this world are sick, sick, sick! If a person took the time to devise a plan to victimize, they had time to think about NOT doing it! They always, always try to manipulate a way to be around who they want to victimize. If you have the sense to think to commit such an act, you have time to think about not doing it.

Sex offenders/sexual predators are everywhere. They are in every position, status, etc. Some are rich and famous. It doesn’t matter the color of the skin, the position, the status, etc what’s in a person is coming out.

I’ve seen General’s in the Army caught up in child porn triangles. People of all calibers and walks of life are caught up in child porn. They prey on the innocent helpless little ones who can’t defend themselves.

Those who are into Satanism thinks preying on infants and children is great way to become powerful. They do rituals where they sacrifice little ones either through eating or sexual contact. It’s crazy, but research it for yourself. Their mindsets and agendas are different than the normal sexual predator, although they are still are sexual predators.

Please protect the children. People living amongst you are preying on your children. Make your life about your children until they are able to protect themselves. Don’t think someone won’t do it, because of who they are, sometimes they are the mains one who will do it.

Children are afraid to tell for many reasons. Guess what? They are children and it’s understandable, but remember you must develop a relationship with your child that enables them the courage to tell you what’s really going on. Many children grow into adults who are affected by their pasts because they never dealt with what they’ve gone through. Many grow into adults with very negative attitudes and maladaptive behaviors.

Our world is filled with people who are affected by their pasts because they never developed appropriately during their stages of development. They remained stuck in whatever stage they were affected and although they got older they still kept the same mindset. This destroys many lives. If people don’t heal from their past issues it will be reflected in how they live their lives. It will show in their decisions and choices they make throughout their lifetime.


Protecting the Children


People don’t like to deal with or face this sad truth. The title is protecting the children, but this also includes little infants and toddlers as well. People are raping new born babies and toddlers too. The world we live in is full of evil and sick minded people. It’s a dark, dark world. People don’t wake up the way they are, they are made into what they have become through experience, learned behaviors, and pure choice. These people willfully and freely choose to make bad choices and decisions. They continue to live as victims who are victimizing others. The reason they are still victims is because their behaviors are fueled by memories and thoughts of their past experiences which they have programmed into their current existence. They do the unthinkable in thinking their deeds are secret.

It is a sad disgusting shame how many people in this world are sexually abusing children. There are way too many adults giving it away for free for people to be molesting, raping, and committing incest with children. It’s sad to say a lot of this happens within families. Not all, but a lot of it happens within families.

Fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, and cousins are committing rape, molestation, and incest against their own relatives. People don’t want to talk about something so important. People try to keep it a secret (hush, hush. NO, people need to talk about it! These children are being mentally messed up and many grow up to become messed up adults like the ones who victimized them! This vicious cycle needs to stop!

There aren’t hardly good strong laws to protect the children, because many of the top people are taking part in these horrendous acts. It’s awful! Many children don’t get a fair chance in life, because they are defiled and demoralized by people who should be protecting them. This is what happens when adults don’t deal with the person who stares at them from the mirror. Smashing or cracking the mirror doesn’t fix the problem.

I can’t begin to tell you the children I’ve met who have been molested, raped, or were victims of incest by those who were supposed to protect them. A child can get past anything if they receive the appropriate help. In life when people don’t get help for their issues they continue in life compiling problems upon top of problems. People grow older but are unfortunately stuck in previous developmental stages. These types of people lack maturity even though they grow older.

If no help is received affected children become affected adults who do to others what was done to them and the cycle continues. This is why millions of people are into child pornography and many other horrific acts against children. They were more than likely victims at some point in life. Instead of changing their course in life they continued being victims who now victimize. The BIG difference is what they are doing is by CHOICE.

People want to avoid this topic, but avoidance doesn’t make it go away, it doesn’t fix the problem, and it certainly doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. I still wholeheartedly believe children should be taught the signs and behaviors of perpetrators in order to be aware of their approaches and tactics. I believe it should be a curriculum in school. That’s only my opinion. Many children won’t learn it at home, because it’s happening at home.

Pedophiles, sex offenders, or whatever you want to call them are embedded in all walks of life. They are neighbors, family,  friends, friends of the family, and others.  They are of all races, they are of all genders and ages. They are embedded in all populations, cultures, and positions possible. They are in the prominent sectors and less prominent sectors. They are groups of people who are intentional in seeking their victims.

Children are innocent, they don’t deserve to be victimized. There are other children who victimize children, because it is what they experienced and it is what they were taught. Hurt people hurt people, period! This madness must stop!

Good parents must be careful who they bring around their children. Parents must be vigilant of who are in the lives of their children. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Talk to your children. I don’t care how trustworthy someone acts it doesn’t mean they are. Protect your children!

Parents committing the act (shame on them). They need to seek help for their ways and learn to cope with whatever happened to them. Stop destroying the lives of their innocent children. Stop doing to their children what was done to them. As parents you’re supposed to protect your children NOT hurt them.

Societies all over the world fight for a lot of good things, but they also fight for a lot of foolish things that don’t matter. Why don’t they fight as hard or harder for protecting the children in this world. Without children there are no adults. If children are continuing to be victimized what types of adults do you think society is getting?????? They cycle continues. This day and time the world is a terribly scary place to live.



I’ve watched the local news lately and in one week there has been two Teachers who have been arrested for doing inappropriate things with their students. This happened in the same city. One actually had sex with a sixteen year old and the other was texting and sending inappropriate pictures to her student. I’ve mentioned in several previous posts how people present themselves as one thing when in fact they’re another. No title, position, status, or amount of money changes what’s truly dwelling within an individual. Unfortunately many children are at risk at the hands of adults who are supposed to protect them.

There is so much going on in this world today. Every single time I look around there’s news on television of children being abducted, found dead, raped, molested, beaten, etc. etc. If you watch the news, I am sure you’ve seen it too. For some of you it may hit home harder than for others. I’m going to do what I normally do and that is write what’s on my mind. As usual some of you will like it and some of you won’t. I will still write what I believe needs to be written.


I’m so sick of these scandalous and sick women who are in the school systems molesting and raping children. They get into the school systems so to have easy access to children. Nothing just happens! These women know the issues they have inside. I’m sure although they got caught this isn’t the first time they’ve done something inappropriate with children. Something is wrong with a full grown women becoming aroused or attracted to a child. I don’t care how mature he acts, how cute he is, or how grown he looks. HE’S A CHILD! These individuals are people who represent themselves as Educators but who end up betraying students and parents who trust them.

Young school aged children don’t understand the true essence of what is really going on. They have hormones raging, some have issues at home so they fall prey to the “good teacher.” Why? They’re so attentive to the child’s need, they give them the attention they desire, and they feel cared about. The adults in these situations know in their hearts what they’re doing is wrong, but the will to do it over powers everything.  A lot of the adults have children and are married. Yet, due to lives they lead (chaotic, lonely, depressed, desperate, etc), they willfully choose to do the unimaginable. We always hear about female teachers who commit these acts, but male teachers do it as well. They most certainly do. It doesn’t matter who does it (male or female), it’s absolutely WRONG!

I think our society is so focused on certifications and licensure, they’re failing to distinguish what true character means. Way too many people are slipping through the cracks. No license, certification, nor any type of title tells the truth about a person. It doesn’t define who a person is and it doesn’t give merit as to how they will perform. It only shows proof of their academic ability to obtain their degree and the ability to past tests. This is why we see children being molested, raped, etc by people who are from of all walks of life.


Some of you are so desperate and eager until you allow your men to have their way with your children. Some children end up dead at the hands of the men you bring into their lives. You as the parent shouldn’t EVER allow a man to abuse your child (IN ANY WAY AT ALL). This has to stop! Too many children are being harmed by the men you’re with. Open your eyes and see what’s going on in your faces. Stop ignoring it! To allow it means you’re as guilty as he is. Some of your so called men are molesting and raping your children. Many of you know what’s going on, but taking a blind eye to it. IT’S WRONG!!!!!! These children deserve much better than what they’re getting. They don’t deserve to be abused by the sick men you’ve allowed into their lives.

Some women know from the start the type of men they are with. They know from the start he’s a sex offender. SEX OFFENDER are you kidding me??? This is very sad, but it’s true. Why on earth would a woman bring a sex offender in her home PERIOD, but especially when she has children? This is a major red flag something is wrong with these types of women. They take their desires, wants, and needs and put them above the safety of their children. This is sick and women must wake up. I am not trying to bash women. I am a woman, but I’ve seen it far too much. I can’t tell you how many situations I’ve ran across where this is happening. The women act oblivious when in fact they aren’t. Our children are being born into and put into horrific situations. It’s a terrible thing!

Not only are children raped and molested, they’re beaten to death or they’re raped and then killed. It’s bad enough to violate them, but then they are murdered on top of it. People don’t want the truth, especially in it’s rawest form. Why sugarcoat or downplay the truth, when it’s the truth? This society is messed up in a great way. Everything meant for good is bad and everything bad is now meant for good. It’s what the devil wants. The devil wants confusion and everything opposite of God.


For parents; when it comes to your children you don’t have to suspect in order to inspect. Check your children, ask them questions. It’s terrible to say or to even think, but unfortunately it’s true; no one is exempt. Anyone is capable of doing the opposite of what you thought.

Some of you don’t want to deal with the truth especially pertaining to this type of post, but it doesn’t make it go away. Many of you don’t want to fathom the thought or accept the fact that parents are molesting, raping, and killing their children. We also know grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunties, cousins, friends, others who are supposed to be protecting them are touching children. As I’ve said over and over again, you don’t have to take my word for it, please research it for yourself. I stand for reality and truth. It’s not a figment of my imagination it’s really happening. I’m not afraid to speak or stand on the truth; regardless of how ugly it may be. A lot of children are harmed, because people don’t want to believe the unimaginable. Well it exists. It’s happening around us and to our families.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to  ask your children questions about their private parts, etc. Make sure they know it’s safe and completely okay to tell you what’s going on. Always tell them if someone says it’s a secret for your child to tell you anyway. Teach your child what inappropriate behavior is when it comes to others and how it’s NOT okay for someone to touch them inappropriately.

As for older children (teenagers). Talk to your sons and daughters about the reality of it all. Some parents are too embarrassed, but it’s a conversation that needs to take place. Children are being taken advantaged of in the school, at camps, in the churches, etc. etc. It’s happening by individuals you entrust to care for your children while they’re in their care.


I’m not going to go on and on, but I will say this; the things happening to our children today is a travesty. There are so many sick grown people in this world who looks at children in ways they shouldn’t. They’re all around us and it’s why we must stop holding our heads in the sand in disbelief. It happens every single day and it’s happening somewhere as I type this very post.

We wonder why our children are killing themselves, getting drugged out, and all sorts of things. It’s because of what they’re being exposed to. Some have no guidance at all. I realize we all were children once upon a time and some of you probably went through being molested and raped. As adults you must protect children from the VERY thing that happened to some of you. Unfortunately some people turn around and do to children the EXACT same thing that happened to them. Why? Because many although now adults still choose to be stuck in the victim mode. They keep re-living their past experiences and therefore they afflict pain upon children around them. They are individuals who are dealing with unresolved issues. There need to be tougher and better laws of protection for children of today.

We must join together to better protect our children from hurt, harm, and danger. This doesn’t always pertain to sexual or physical abuse. It’s through manipulation, coercion, scams, by others. It also involves protecting them from embracing others and things that could influence and lead them down roads of destruction (gangs, drugs etc). We do this by being good mentors who lead by example.

I’m praying for this world, seems like people all over the world are doing the unthinkable when it comes to our children. Join me in prayer, that this world turn from it’s wicked ways!



( accused of molesting grandkids